tagNon-EroticI'm a Beast Ch. 06

I'm a Beast Ch. 06


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Now I add Techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes." I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without Techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I have no editor so all mistakes are mine. I welcome any and all feedback to improve and appreciate. The story is finished and submitted one chapter a day.


A Meeting of the Minds

The next morning before our walk I stumbled down the stairs to check if my inside contact had e-mailed me. If he replied with the information I needed the walk-talk would prove interesting indeed. My heart skipped and my breathing stopped as I read his reply. The sensitivity of the situation increased dramatically and threatened to derail all of our progress towards my fantasy. How to approach this development weighed heavy on my mind as I prepared for the upcoming walk.


We had walked about a half of a mile when the perfect opportunity presented itself. I tentatively broached the sensitive situation.

"Trista ... there is something I need to know about yesterday. Is there something you haven't told me that I should be concerned about?"

Trista skipped and laughed, "Of course there's a lot I haven't told you and there's more to come ... if you're lucky."

"Lucky is what I'm hoping for. Yesterday you were awesome but when I got home last night you seemed a little apprehensive. After the show you gave me I expected a bubbly greeting but what I got was the cleaning routine. Maybe we were just being coy with each other but I didn't get bubbly until I confirmed the afternoon events. Then there is the question of timing."

"Timing," Trista questioned before answering, "Yesterday afternoon was a pretty big step for me. I didn't know what ... wasn't sure of your response. I was so glad once I knew that you enjoyed it. Now what's this timing thing?"

"I think you could be reasonably sure of my response. Are you sure that you weren't sure it was me ... at least in the beginning?"

Apprehension returned and her eyes went to the pavement before us. When our eyes locked I confirmed her fears by nodding my head 'yes'. Trista softly asked, "What did you mean by 'in the beginning'?"

"Well ... that's were the timing comes in. You saw the camera light and held the teddy up to it. I came on line about a minute or two before you bent over the coffee-table with your head up." I watched the look of recognition dawning on her face but the words were still coming. "How many minutes between that and the light? I think to many."

Trista's face was red and flushed and I knew that was not because we were walking up hill at the moment. It was because she just had her suspicions confirmed. I suspect her concerned look last night when I mentioned 'bent over the coffee-table' was because she already suspected.

Trista's next statement surprised me, "Damn ... that's not what I'd call lucky. We... I had so much more planned. Yes I suspected something but I dismissed it after some rationalization. The answer to your question is, 5 or 6 minutes and yes that's to long."

Regaining my composer I asked, "Who is we and did you give someone our password?"

Her hang dog look said more than her conflicted, "Well ... Devilish-Darcy ... yes and no."

I closed the gap between us and took her hand. She said, "You know, don't you."

"Some things but not all. From the network logs and Rick at the ISP I pretty much know who has the password but not how. Why don't you just start at the beginning."

Trista relaxed visibly and started the Devilish-Darcy saga.

"I found your old book mark for the webcam site. It seemed like a good idea to investigate your webcam fantasy ... You know ... Chat about it anonymously with someone. This one woman looked familiar ... Not like someone you know but like a face in the crowd, Kind of like the girl next door but not the girl next door. Do you know what I mean ... Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand ... Like you know you know someone but you cannot for the life of you figure out who or remember where."

"That's it exactly. Well there was this familiar looking woman with the username Devilish-Darcy and I thought that it was ironic that I had chosen Angel for my username when I signed up to the website. It was like destiny or something. We started chatting as she continued chatting with the group of woman that she'd been chatting with. I told her about your webcam fantasy and asked about her flashing of breasts previously."

My eyebrows raised considerably and it did not escape Trista's attention.

"What," she asked in mock indignation.

"I'm sorry. I was trying to envision the girl next door but not the girl next door and when you mentioned breasts ... I imagined Lori's. You know ... the girl next door."

Trista's face reddened slightly and she said, "You can get Lori's breasts out of your mind. Devilish-Darcy's were much bigger. Much!"

"Oh ... So you've noticed Lori's pert little breasts with their eraser sized nipples and tiny little aureoles."

"No I've not noticed but you can't miss tiny little," she said as she hefted her own breasts pumping up her ample cleavage.

"No, not tiny little breast ... tiny little aureoles ... a pert C cup ... "

"Okay, okay ... Enough about Lori's breasts. I asked Devilish-Darcy about flashing her breasts and she said her boyfriend had dared her to flash a guy on the net and so she did. She said that it was going to be a great evening from the looks of the comments they were getting. I asked her what she meant exactly and I think she said they were going to fuck the hell out of each other ... That both of them were already turned on. We chatted a little more before she introduced the other girls in her click. They were very friendly and we've been chatting off and on for about a month."

I asked, "On and off for a month ... what have you been chatting about for a month?"

Trista gave me that 'It's so obvious' look and said, "Yes" and I finished with, "terday. Yes of course. Sorry for interrupting you, please continue."

"Well, Devilish-Darcy helped me with my confidence and suggested some ways to ease into it. The private webcam show for you was one of her suggestions. She convinced me to try it and see how things went ... and now," her voice faltered, "It was all for you and now God only knows who else saw me."

I stopped and took her into my arms to comfort and reassure her.

"For one thing we do know who it was and it was only one person."

I suppressed my inner indignation and said with as much conviction as I could muster, "Remember the couple of times on our vacations when someone walked in on us. You never stopped screwing and told them to come back later. You explained that they were strangers and you would never see them again so modesty was optional. This is not too much different but the big difference is that this wasn't an accident. It does raise the question of what the differences would be, you know, what's acceptable and what's not and why. Try thinking if someone saw you naked and truly admired and desired what he saw, knowing that he could never possess you, who would you choose to see you. I know that you believe me when I profess my love for you but I'm sure you discount it somewhat as routine. There must be someone you'd like to impress. Just relax, picture it in your mind and think about the differences."

Trista looked up at me and said emphatically, "I do believe you love me and it's never routine. It's nice to turn heads at the Junction, seeing their desire is good for my self esteem but ... "

"But what," I inquired.

"There isn't one of them that sparks desire in me. You're all I desire but I will think about it."

With the groundwork laid for the ultimate revelation to come I tried to steer the conversation back to Devilish-Darcy.

"That's all I can ask for but the question we're trying to answer now is how did it happen. Can you tell me how Devilish-Darcy helped with your confidence?"

Trista turned from me and we resumed walking, "I was complaining about my weight and she asked for my height. I knew why she wanted it and when I told her she bet that curvy was probably a better description than over-weight. She was reassuring and said I was probably gorgeous and that it was too bad that I didn't have a webcam. She directed me to the cams of some of the friends she was chatting with. She said that all of them had gotten naked in front of the cam for some private exhibitions. Sweetheart ... except for maybe Devilish-Darcy I looked as good or better than all of them. I was feeling better about my self and more confident. Maybe I was craving more compliments ... maybe just enough to follow through on your private show ... but as the friendship grew I eventually gave her the password. When she saw me she said 'damn girl ... I knew you were gorgeous' and I was hooked. After the yesterdays show started I began to think that you came on line early. Before long I was wondering if maybe Devilish-Darcy logged on and I was hoping it was my imagination. As soon as I finished the show I checked with Devilish-Darcy and she swore that she hadn't logged on or gave the password to anyone. So, yes I gave the password to Devilish-Darcy and no to anyone else."

"You mentioned Devilish-Darcy's boyfriend dared her to flash her breasts. Did she say his name or ever mention him again?"

Trista's pace unconsciously slowed as she delved deep into her memories before saying, "She once said that she couldn't answer for a while because she was at her boyfriend's house and he had to answer someone in the chat room. Just after that a guy said 'yeah, she's waiting' and start rambling on. I remember backtracking to see whose question he was answering. When I found them I saw Devilish-Darcy mentioned so I assumed they were talking to her boyfriend. I'm not sure but I think his username was 'Snake69'. No, it was 'Snake96' because I remember thinking 'Snake69' must have already been taken."

My coughing fit halted her trip down memory lane. I had damn near choked thinking, "That asshole Jake 'the Snake' couldn't even get that right." Now I knew the 'whom and how' but not the 'why'. I had a good idea why and it might work to my favor in the upcoming revelations. It also occurred to me that it could just as easily backfire, as these were uncharted waters. When I regained my composure I said,

"That and your previous comment 'Devilish-Darcy looked familiar' reminded me of something. Back in my webcam viewing days I too found someone that looked familiar. When she was doing one of her performances I finally realized who she reminded me of. Then I checked her out closely and couldn't eliminate my suspicions and in fact they were strengthened. I just knew she was someone I had desperately wanted to fuck before I met you and I'm afraid I fucked you silly that night. You never knew but it was so hot and honestly I was wishing that it had been you on the webcam. Anyway, do you think Devilish-Darcy looks familiar because she's kind of local but not in town local?"

Trista animatedly replied, "Oh no you don't go changing the subject. Who was this girl you desperately want to fuck and were thinking of while fucking me silly?"

"Wanted! Wanted to fuck, not want to fuck and it was from before. Also I tried to tell you I was fantasizing about you on the webcam. It's almost a mute point now that you've started this fantasy and I do hope we can complete it."

"Okay, point taken. Now tell me who she is, or was."


Trista's body language and expression conveyed her jealousy as she said, "But she's ... I mean was married to," and suddenly stopped. I almost ran into her and heard her muttering, "Rick ... local ISP ... Jake ... Snake." She turned to me and asked, "Was it someone local yesterday?" I nodded yes and she stated, "Please tell me it wasn't Jake."

"Okay, it wasn't Jake."

"No really, was it Jake?"

"Okay, it was Jake."

"That SOB, so you think Jake is Devilish-Darcy's boyfriend?"

I edged forward to look at Trista and said, "It would explain a lot. I do know that it was Jake's IP address yesterday but I couldn't figure out an innocent explanation as to how he got it. I'm mad at him but I can understand why he did it in the context that I would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed."

"They were reversed and you did do the same thing."

"No, I just told you that to illustrate how easily something like that can happen and to get you thinking along the lines of Darcy and Jake." Stunned by Trista's withering glare I continued, "I'm sorry, I really didn't do it but I would have. I wouldn't hack or steal passwords but I would look."

"That sucks, I was feeling a little better thinking I could face Jake knowing that you had already done the same to him before. Now I just feel violated and want some kind of revenge. No not revenge but justice."

We rounded the final bend of our walk and with our house in sight I said, " Well I have some thoughts about that and I think Sue could help with some of the planning and execution."

"Sue? Sue at the Junction. What can she do?"

"Well recon for one thing and ... Why don't we wait until I talk with her. We can finish planning then. Besides, we're home now. I'm glad we sort of worked out what happened so we can plan to move on. Devilish-Darcy's private show plan was great, except for Jake. I'm dying to see the rest."

"Yes there are more plans but doing them remains to be seen."

We stopped on the front porch and kissed. When Trista broke the kiss I said, "I do love you and this will work out, trust me."

Trista said, "I do trust you, maybe to much," as the door closed.


The plan evolved over the passing days. While we were waiting for the opportunity to act random ideas would come up and we would fit them into the plan. Eventually we received Sue's call and we arrived at the bar shortly there after. She soon demonstrated how good she was at breaking the ice in situations like this. When we were seated beside Denny and Jake she brought us our usual drinks.

She leaned towards Trista and spoke to her in a low voice that we could still hear, "I'm a dirty little whore." I'm sure that Denny and Jake had the same reaction that I had, instant attention. After a pregnant pause and a prodding "Well," from Trista she continued, "My neighbors husband was bugging her for ... You know ... Anal. She told him he could get that for $100 at the truck stop. Turning it back at her he asked if she would do it for $100. To make a long story short he paid her $100. She started joking by listing all the things she could buy if she did that once a week. He shut her up with 'You're just a dirty little whore'. They knew they were joking and it really is hilarious."

Trista laughed with the rest of us following suite. When she finished laughing she asked Sue, "So ... How does that make you a dirty little whore? Didn't you say they're your neighbors?"

"Well," Sue continued, "When I told my husband the story he talked me down to $50. Actually he said I enjoyed it too much so he was only going to give me $50. So now the neighbor and I are trying to decide who's the dirtiest little whore, the $50 one or the $100 one."

Trista broke in with, "The cheapest one would be ... At least at the truck stop. More money means better there. Although; charging your husband more would be dirtier." She turned to me as she finished.

I took this as my chance to speak a thought and said, "Now don't you go turning Trista into a dirty little whore."

Sue giggled at Trista and I continued, "So ... it's charging for anal sex that makes a dirty little whore? It's not the anal sex, right?"

"Oh no ... it's the charging for it. That's what makes you a whore."

"Okay," I said, "If you don't charge your husband and you're not a dirty little whore then the dirtiest would charge the most. Doesn't that make sense?"

Sue said, "Sounds right to me. So that means my neighbor is the dirtiest little whore unless Trista can get more than a hundred dollars."

"Now wait a minute. That's why I established what made a dirty little whore. I don't want her to be one or to feel like one."

I stopped talking to let the implication of what I said sink in. Finally it dawned on Sue and she said, "You little vixen, you let me ramble on like I was blazing new territory. I thought I was adventurous but you just sat there with that smug knowing look ... "

Trista responded, "I felt bad for your neighbor and glad for you."

"Why is that?"

"Because you played the game and enjoyed it but your neighbor is just a dirty little whore."

I broke in with,

"Speaking of what constitutes a dirty little whore, Do you think those Internet webcam women are whores? You know ... married couples screwing and single girls masturbating on a webcam/chat site. They're not whores are they?"

I knew I had Jake's attention when he choked a little on his beer.

Sue said, "We have dial-up. The video is so slow that I never look at those sites. Besides, watching girls masturbating isn't my area of expertise. Maybe you should ask those guys," pointing at Jake and Denny.

She provided the perfect opportunity to redirect the conversation and zero in on Jake. I went on to explain how Trista found my old bookmark for the webcam site. How she had chatted with a group of woman about my webcam fantasy and they readily accepted her into their chatroom click. I looked to Denny while keeping Jake in my peripheral vision and said.

"They've helped her confidence and suggested some ways to ease into it. They told her some things to try and some things to avoid. The only problem is one of them may not be a stranger."

I paused for effect and before I continued Denny asked, "What happened? What makes you think one's not a stranger?"

"Well I'm getting there. One of the click's suggestions was to do a private webcam show for me and see how it went. It went great but we discovered that it wasn't exactly private."

A gasp came from those assembled before us and I continued, "So much for our privacy, we'd been violated and we're were upset. I did a little investigating and what I turned up was quite interesting. It seems we've had an uninvited guest for a month or so."

Denny said, "Excuse me, but what's an uninvited guest?"

I replied, "Well ... suppose I invite you somewhere and specify that Pat isn't invited. If she showed up anyway because you left the address out she would be an uninvited guest. So ... Trista gave our address and password of our network camera to an online friend and we think her boyfriend stole it. She denies giving it to anyone and Trista believes her."

Denny turned to me and asked, "How well does Trista know this online friend?"

I replied, "She has chatted for a while and I guess she knows her as well as anyone can. The really interesting thing is that we know for a fact that her boyfriend is local."

The time of revelation had arrived when Denny asked, "Who the hell is this online friend?"

Swiveling on the barstool to optimize the view of both Denny and Jake I answered, "Her username is Devilish-Darcy and her boyfriend is Snake96. We're sure Snake is local and suspect Devilish-Darcy semilocal."

Denny looked with realization at Jake who paling at this point. He asked or rather stated, "Darcy, Marcy ... Jake, Snake tell me that Darcy isn't Marcy."

He was caught, knew he was caught yet he pondered the consequences of lying while not knowing how much we knew. His silence spoke volumes. I pushed the tipping point further, "Another thing we know for a fact is that Jake was the intruder."

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