tagErotic Poetryi'm that chick

i'm that chick


ranging from princess to whore
i’m a pleasure connoisseur
i can keep it gritty and grimy
or innocent and pure

i suck ass
and eat cum
take all four fingers
plus the thumb

fuck my tonsils
making drool drop to my tits
if your dick’s too big
just keep shoving ‘til it fits

eat my ass and pussy
both from the back
devour my fur burger
like a motha fuckin’ mcdonald’s big mac

make my pussy as wet
as the atlantic and the pacific
there’s no need for drugs
sex gets me lifted

do me from behind
in a choke hold so i can’t run
tell me your darkest perversions
i’ll fulfill every one

my clit on throb
your dick on swole
i’m ridin’ yo’ shit
like cruise control

there is no mistaken
i desire to be taken
fucking is always on my mind
my sexual beast has been awakened

be forceful with me
fuck me with a passion that’s raw
i have no inhibitions
so the sex never gets dull

i have no qualms with keepin’ it kinky
i can be sick and twisted
bet you didn’t think
girls like me existed

my cunt, mouth, and ass
equal a sexual trifecta
if you were my chick or dude
know that i’d never neglect ya

piss down my throat
pussy on my tongue
dicks in my ass
sizes from tiny to hung

let me be your tawdry tramp
let me be your seductive slut
for those who don’t like this
so the fuck what

when your twat gets that tingle
or your dick gets that twitch
i know it makes you wish
that i was your bitch

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