"Thank you everyone, excellent work. Rehearsal is tomorrow at 7, get some rest. Ann could I ask you to stick around a minute," Paul Simon said.

Ann said, "Sure," and said goodnight to the others in the play.

Ann was a cute 25 year old who had joined the community theatre on a dare about a year ago, and found she had a true talent for acting. Ann now had her first lead in a play about a rape survivor. Ann was pleased to be working with Paul Simon, she knew he had worked as a professional actor, and was very good at getting the most out of his actors. Paul was in his late 50’s, and quickly going bald. He was a short man, but could be very intimidating. Paul locked the theatre, and then sat down next to Ann.

"Tell me about what happened to your character," Paul said.

Well," Ann said, "She is a victim of date rape, the most common type of rape."

Yes," Paul said, "but what happened that night."

"He attacked her and took her against her will, but no one believed her."

"Have you ever been raped Ann?" Paul asked.

"No," Ann said.

"That is what is missing, you have all the words, but the underlying feelings are not really there," Paul said. "I would like to improve a scene involving what actually happened that night."

"You mean act it out?" Ann asked.

"Yes," Paul said, "If you wouldn’t mind. Then you would have more to draw on."

Ann had always fantasized about being taken against her will, so this sounded like fun.

"Alright," she said, "How do we start."

"We have just returned to your Apt. from a dinner date, and we make it up from there." Paul said as he stood up and walked onto the stage.

"Alright," Ann said, as she stood up and walked toward Paul. " Thank you for a wonderful dinner." Ann said.

"I think we can do better than thank you," Paul said as he suddenly kissed Ann.

Ann pulled back and her eyes were wide with shock. Paul grabbed Ann and kissed her once again. "Stop this Paul," Ann protested as she tried to free herself from his grasp.

"I spent a lot of money on you tonight, and now it is time for you to pay me back."

"What do you think you are doing?" Ann said, as her arms were jerked behind her back.

"Just giving you what you want, what all women want." Paul said.

"I don’t want to do this anymore Paul, Ann said as she continued to struggle.

Paul kissed her again, this time forcing his tongue down her throat. Ann bit his tongue, and Paul yelped in pain as he pulled back, and released his grasp on her. Ann tried to kick Paul in the groin, but got his thigh instead. As Paul bent over in pain, Karen ran to the front door, but found it locked. "Help me," Ann said, "For God’s sake, someone help me."

Ann’s head was suddenly jerked back by her hair, and a piece of duct tape slapped across her mouth, as Paul said, "There is no one to hear you, you stupid cunt. I tried to do this nice, but I can see you like the rough stuff." Dragging her by her hair, Paul took Ann back into the theatre, and threw her on a couch on the stage.

"I like a woman to put up a little fight, it just makes it more fun." Paul said, as he got on top of her, pinning her down on the couch. Paul kissed Ann, as Ann continued to struggle and silently protest. Ann now felt his hand go down the front of her jeans, and his hand roughly explore her pussy.

"NO," Ann screamed, or tried to anyway.

Paul just laughed and said, "This is going to happen, so you might as well enjoy it."

Terror now filled Ann, as she realized this was really going to happen, she was about to be raped. Paul pulled Ann to her feet, spun her around, and quickly used more duct tape to secure her hands behind her. Paul turned her around again, and started feeling her up through her T-shirt.

"Nice tits, very nice tits," Paul said as he reached under her T-shirt.

Ann started to cry now, and Paul said "I hate to see a woman cry," and with that he jerked Anns T-shirt up and over her head, covering her face and exposing her breasts. Paul unfastened her bra, and started fondling and kissing her breasts. Ann started to sob louder now, which only seemed to please Paul. Paul started biting her exposed breasts, as he unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down. Ann was then pushed down on the couch and her legs lifted in the air, and her jeans and underwear roughly removed. Ann was panicking as she realized once again now how helpless she was against Paul's attack.

"Now that is what I call a pretty pussy," Paul said, as Ann tried to keep her legs together. Paul pushed her legs apart, and Ann felt his tongue entering her exposed cunt as Paul started teasing her clit with his fingers. Ann bucked and fought, but it was no use, there was nothing she could do. After about ten minutes of this, Paul picked her up, lowered the T-shirt from her head, and said, "turn about is fair play bitch." With that, Paul lowered his pants, exposing an 8" rock hard cock. Paul pushed her to her knees, and removed the duct tape from her mouth. Ann kept her mouth closed as Paul tried to force her lips open with his cock. Finally Paul used two fingers to close Ann's nose. Eventually, Ann had to open her mouth to breath, and when she did, he stuck his cock in her mouth. After going deep into her throat, Paul pulled out. Paul then suddenly stopped the attack, and pulled up his pants. Paul then lifted Karen up, turned her around, and released her hands.

"Now you have much more to draw on in that scene," Paul said in a calm voice.

Ann just stared at him in stunned silence, and then she put back on her pants.

Finally Ann said, " I don’t know what to say."

" Live is filled with many experience Ann, some of them horrible. You don’t have to really go through them, but as an actress you must know what your character is really feeling," Paul said.

" Well," Ann said, as she removed her jeans, "My character really was fucked you know."

Paul smiled, and as he slowly undressed he said, " I can tell we will improve and play out many such scenes."

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