tagIncest/TabooIn Kitchen With Mom

In Kitchen With Mom


When I asked my mother to teach me how to cook, I had ulterior motives. I wanted her to teach me how to fuck, too.

At twenty, I'd had a couple of encounters with girls by that time, but none of them had ever told me I was a really good lover - and I longed to hear those words. For some reason, I never felt that I was able to give more than my body to any of them, and something was lacking.

I had very little feeling beyond lust for any of them, which might explain their lack of enjoyment. I wondered if my problem wasn't tied up with my deep feelings for my mother, who raised me alone after my father left us when I was less than a year old. It's been Mom and me against the world since then, and no matter what happened in my life, she was always there for me. She's a beautiful woman, only in her early forties, very slim and classy, with ash-blonde hair, humor-filled blue eyes and a big wide, wonderful mouth. I've imagined that mouth in so many forbidden places - sliding into my mouth, kissing my balls, pressed deeply against my asshole in a long French kiss.

Mom had put a pot of water on to boil and was standing there, stirring dry spaghetti into it with a wooden spoon. I came around behind her, slid my arms around her waist, and pressed an erotic kiss on the back of her neck. I her laugh, felt her take my hands and slide them from her waist up to her generous tits. "Touch them," she murmured. "I know you want to. No woman, especially not a loving mother, could miss the way you've been looking at me lately. It's all right. I don't have a problem with sharing my body with my handsome son!"

I gave a most childlike whoop, lifted Mom up in my arms and danced around the kitchen with her, holding her high above my head. She laughed down at me and whispered, "I love you so much." I let her slip down to the floor, but kept her within the circle of my arms. I kissed her mouth as I so often had in my waking wet dreams, and when I felt her tongue bounce out against mine, I groaned with anticipation. "Ma, will you fuck me?" I asked between slurpy wet kisses. "Go ... all the way with me?"

"All the way to my pussy," she said, rubbing her body erotically against mine. "Everything you want to do, we'll do. I always had a feeling you'd want to get back into the hole you once came out of. Maybe we can even make a little brother or sister for you. Would you like that?"

The idea that my own mother not only wanted me to fuck her, but get her pregnant, too, turned me on so much. I felt my hard-on bulging to be freed from my jeans. Mama kneeled in front of me and quickly obliged. When my cock sprang out into her caressing hand and she began rubbing up and down its length, massaging my pre-cum into my cock skin, I almost pushed her away. "Oh, Mom," I warned, "I'm so turned on, I feel like I could come any second, and if you want me to knock you up ..."

She immediately stopped diddling my shaft and fell onto her back right on the kitchen floor. She was wearing a blue silk nightgown and nothing else, so when she lifted that to her waist, her pussy, a red, wet slice, looked as ready for fucking as I felt. "I do, Son, I really do want your baby," she said softly. "Fuck you mother. Right now!"

She took my cock into her hand and guided it into herself. I groaned gutturally when I made first contact with her pussy, and she moaned in response when I pumped in, burying it root-deep in her with one spasmodic stroke. Her cunt drew me in and down, all the way down, like a slick, tight, loving glove snapping closed around my dick lit never wanted to let if free.

Gasping, I stared into her eyes, finally feeling I was about to make love to the right person, the only woman for me. I raised my ass, eased my cock back, pulling it out almost to the tip. I hung poised above my mother for a few wondrous seconds, then plunged my prick back in to the hilt. "Oh, Son!" she crooned, grabbing my asscheeks in both hands. "This is wonderful! It doesn't get any better than this, Darling, so perfect, oh yes, keep fucking your mother!"

Mom clamped her legs around mine for leverage and began fucking me back with an urgency that ignited my own passion to higher flame. There were wet, smacking sounds as our bodies moved towards a delightful culmination; and soon I felt my mother's first come race through her pussy as I drove my dick home. "I'm coming, Son!" she cried, hurling her body fiercely into mine. "Yes, coming!"

I felt something incredible whirling in my brain, my cock, an orgasm of intense proportions. If I did this right, I could be creating my own sibling. Saying a prayer that the right sperm would crack that egg, I plunged my prick in as deeply as I could, muttered, "Coming, Mama!" and deluged her womb with sperm-teeming scads of baby gravy.

I'm going to be a big brother - and a daddy - in seven months. I did good, didn't I?

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