tagAnalIn the Heat of Summer Sun

In the Heat of Summer Sun


I had been floating in the 'in-between' for what seemed like hours. The heat of the sun had melted the bones in my body; I was liquid, with the hot breeze lulling me, making even the simplest of movements impossible. Even with the sun sinking low in the sky I was in no rush to move, and it was through half opened eyes that I watched the last of the sunbathers walk through the sand dunes and away from the beach, leaving me alone. I knew the tide was on the point of turning, but the quiet roar of the waves hitting the beach was like natures lullaby. I was enjoying the luxury of time and the promise of the kiss of the cool seawater on my toes.

When the water reached me, I knew that my time was drawing to an end, but I wanted to hold on until the last possible moment. I managed to gather the energy to flip over onto my stomach, resting my head on my hands, inhaling deep on the salty air. Daydreams beckoned yet again and I was teetering on the edge when I felt the first feather-light touch on my back, which I instantly dismissed as being the sand being blown by the breeze. Again it happened, but instead of stopping, it just lay there, the barest of weights, gently stroking. Too shocked for a moment to do anything but pull in a breath, I turned over quickly, finding myself looking into a face from my past, one that was only too familiar.

"Do you often go around touching up strangers?" I bit down on the inside of my lip and remembered exactly what he used to do with strangers, years before.

"Strange possibly, but you're no stranger to me Nikki. I didn't think you'd mind too much." He said. A grin lit up his face; a face that didn't seem to have aged much in the ten years it had been since we had last laid eyes on each other.

We had gone to school together, that had been just about all that we had done together. Although at the time, I remembered with more than a little embarrassment, I had harboured a crush for him of gigantic proportions. He had never looked at me in that way, and I had watched as he had gone through all my friends, being there as they were all thrown over in the relentless pursuit of the unattainable. I was also pretty sure that even if he had suggested that we get together back then, I would have declined. That's what I thought at any rate. I had often wondered over the years if he had settled down, and daydreaming sometimes the way a person always does about the one that got away. Ten years later though, standing in front of me as though time had barely moved on, he still had the power to make my stomach jump with nervous excitement.

"Well I guess I know why you used to wear all those huge sweaters in school." His eyes were focused on my breasts and there was no look of apology on his face.

"The big sweaters gave me a quiet life, I'll make no excuses for them." Unfortunately I didn't have a bulky school sweater to cover myself. There was no need to look down, I already knew that my nipples had formed tight aching buds under the very brief bikini top I had on. There was just something inside me that hit high alert every time I saw him and I recriminated myself for it silently.

If I had been thinking properly when choosing my outfit for the beach I might have chosen something a little less revealing, but I didn't think for one moment I would need the armour of clothes. I wondered if the dampness I could feel between my legs was visible through the bottoms I was wearing, but didn't have the nerve to look down, I didn't want to give him any more ammunition. But just as my body had betrayed me, his was doing no better; the bulge that was clearly visible in his shorts had grasped my full and undivided attention, at least I knew now that he was far from indifferent.

"I only knew it was you when I saw the hair, I don't know anyone else that has a red mop of hair quite like yours." I knew he was trying not to laugh as he spoke.

The sting of a thousand childish taunts suddenly came to the forefront of my mind. I had left school with the nickname 'duracell' ringing in my ears but luckily he made no further remarks about my hair.

"You haven't changed have you Dan?"

"Well, isn't it good to come back home after ten years to find that some things are comfortingly familiar?" He said softly as he crouched down beside me.

"Everything changes at some point, nothing can stay the same way forever; as much as you might want them to." I replied, not with him specifically in mind, I was generalizing.

The water had risen quite considerably and I made a move to stand up, but not before I managed to flick a handful in his general direction.

"At least we're both wet now Nikki." I felt myself choke and glanced down quickly to the apex of my thighs.

"Oh God..." A wave of heat surged up from my neck.

"Made you look!" He teased, but as I looked up at him defiantly, I saw the teasing light disappear from his eyes.

"You haven't changed have you Dan. You're probably still nailing every woman you can without a care in the world." I shook my head and prepared to walk away, but was stopped as his hand gripped my arm, holding me still.

"If it pleases you to think the worst, then who am I to stop you?" He gave a careless shrug, but I could see a flash of pain in his eyes, leaving me wondering briefly about whether or not an apology would be in order.

"I lead a quiet life and that's the way I like it." He sounded sincere.

All the insecurities I had had at eighteen came washing over me; I was laying my soul out in my face, plain for him to see and there was nothing I could do to stop it happening. There was a dawning comprehension there in his eyes, as he finally understood.

"We're both different people now. Ten years is a long time to dwell on what went on in school, we all have to move on, dump the baggage."

"Dan, you went through my friends with the speed of an Olympic sprinter." I was fighting a losing battle with my mouth; I had to know one more thing before I wedged both feet into my mouth though. "Why them and not me? Not that I would have ever said yes, you understand." I was genuinely curious and crossed my fingers behind my back as I spoke.

He released a deep sigh as his fingers stroked my arm absentmindedly, sending tiny shockwaves off inside my body.

"You used to act as though you felt nothing for me but contempt and I have to admit, that in a sad sort of way, I found that a bit of a turn on. I knew you'd have turned me down flat, so I reckoned maybe childishly that even if it was bad attention, you were still taking notice of me." Ten years really was a long time, and I wasn't entirely sure if dragging up the past was going to make me feel any better, it was time to let go and move on.

"Well we're both grown ups now, but I have to say that I used to think you were a first class snake, and for years I thought I honestly hated you."

"What now then?"

"I don't know Dan, I don't think I could muster up the energy for the verbal sparring we used to share sometimes, the heat has me sapped." I smiled almost apologetically.

"So here we are, all our emotional baggage dumped. Would you not like to know if there is a physical connection between us, or if it's just all been in my head; all I know is that I want you and if there isn't someone else in your life that would object..." He trailed off.

"There's no one." I whispered softly, crossing my fingers discreetly behind my back once more.

The heat emanating from his body eclipsed the heat on the breeze; I started to shake. At that moment I couldn't decide whether to keep on walking or to just give in and fulfil the many daydreams he had featured in during the time it had been since we'd last seen each other. The water was beginning to swirl above my ankles and I had the vague thought that if I didn't move quickly, the clothes and towel I had left at the high-tide line might not be so safe after all.

My mind turned to mush as I felt him push my hair to one side, planting a soft kiss on the nape of my neck, using a fingertip to trace the length of my spine making me arch involuntarily towards him. My resolve was fading fast, the water rippled around us as he came in close behind me, the scattering of coarse hairs on his chest tickling my back. I knew in that moment that I wasn't going anywhere.

As his hands massaged my shoulders gently I wondered about the years that I deprived myself, cursing my willpower.

"You know, freckle-face, that sometimes you just have to give in to the inevitable." He whispered. "Stay."

I answered him by turning round, sliding the palms of my hands up his broad chest, skimming my fingernails over his flat nipples and stopping only when I had his face cupped between my hands. I stared at him for seconds that seemed to drag on forever, committing every last feature to memory. My fingers moved to the sides of his head, pulling him down slowly for our first kiss, his arms holding me close as my mouth opened up under his. Our tongues stroked tentatively to begin with, he tasted to sweet and all I could smell was the tang of the salty sea air and the musky smell of man. It was like a drug; we seemed to feed of each other and his touch was like fire, I wanted more. When the kiss was broken, we were both left gasping for air, hands and lips hungry to explore each other's bodies. His hands reached around behind me, undoing my bikini top, letting it fall into the water.

He caught his breath as he stared at my tits, and it was all that I could do not to tell him to get sucking on my nipples right there and then; they ached for the warm wet cavern of his mouth. Cupping each breast in his hands, he used his thumbs to stroke the sides before brushing back and forth over the rosy tipped nipples, dropping his head down quickly to suckle on each one. As he guided us into deeper water I used my hands to clutch his shoulders; deep enough now that the water laps against my pussy, ice where my fire burns. The coldness is shocking and I moan, trying to bring my legs together but he moves to stand between them and the continual lapping drives me insane. With shaking hands I grasp the waistband of his shorts and push them roughly down, desperate to feel his cock in my hands, but once he is naked, he pushes my questing hands away.

His hands move lower, fingertips tracing their way down my stomach, hooking in the elastic of my bottoms. He drops down low, breath hot on my stomach, swirling his tongue around the inside of my belly button; suddenly dipping beneath the water as his hands drag my bikini bottoms over my hips. His deft fingers undo the sides underwater and his tongue plunges straight into the swollen folds of my pussy, finding the nub of my clit with unerring accuracy. I manage to reach down with my hands and find his head, pushing myself onto his tongue, my hips bucking, hoping he can hold his breath a bit longer. His hands start to stroke up the inside of my thighs, spreading me open before spearing his tongue deep inside. My legs are like rubber as I start to cum, only the seabirds hear me cry out as I ride his tongue.

Suddenly his hands are at my waist, he's breaking the water, holding me up high, raking my body with his eyes; I see hunger and it's mirrored in my own. I wrap my legs around his body, hooking my ankles at the small of his back. His hands cup the cheeks of my ass, holding me poised above the head of his cock. The water is around our waists now, buoying me up slightly.

"I can't wait Nikki its got to be now or I'm explode right here!!"

My fingers dig into his shoulders as he pulls me down hard, his cock driving all the way inside me in the first thrust; my mouth forming a small 'o' of surprise, realising that he was everything that the rumours had suggested, and more besides. His answer, a faint chuckle as he raises me up so that only the head of his cock rests inside my pussy. I start to press my heels into his back urging him on and trying to push down but his hands hold me firm, he's in complete control. His head lowers to one of my tits, clamping a nipple between his teeth, biting gently as he thrusts for a second time. The feeling of his cock nudging against the neck of my womb sends a white-hot pulse of electricity right through me, which leaves me sobbing for his release.

One of his hands covers mine, bringing it from his shoulder down to where we are both joined together, just watching each other as his thick cock pistons in and out of my pussy. I use my muscles to clutch around the base of his cock and for my efforts, feel his hands tighten on my ass, his next thrusts pushing me higher out of the water as his cum spurts deep inside me. As his spasms subside, he lifts me he lifts me off his cock, letting my feet rest on the sandy bottom, supporting me with an arm round my waist as we start to walk out of the water. Coherent speech is impossible.

We reach my towel and I sink down on to it gratefully, stretching out, not caring that I am completely naked. The evening breeze is cool on my wet skin and it soothes me while I collect my thoughts. I watch as he lies on his side facing me, his cock lying spent between his thighs, the wide mushroom head anointed with a bead of glistening moisture. My hand goes to his shoulder, pushing him onto his back quickly.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

"Tasting." I mutter as I lick my way down his chest and onto the flat planes of his stomach.

"Teasing." I whisper as I brush my lips back and forth across the head of his cock, letting my hair tickle his belly.

"Tasting." I murmur, stealing a glance at him before taking the head of his cock into my mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" The sound is released with a whoosh of air from his lungs, but I reach up his body with one hand, pressing a finger against his lips, silencing him.

The head of his cock feels like velvet under my tongue as I lave it in lazy circles, taking my time and dragging each movement out. His hands tangle in my hair as he pushes his hips up to my mouth, forcing more of his cock inside. I start to suck hungrily, taking more, moaning at the back of my throat when I feel him start to harden again. One of my hands grasps his shaft firmly, stroking as my head bobs up and down. His hand pushes down harder and the head of his cock hits the back of my throat; I still for a moment, relaxing myself, steadying my breathing before letting it push past. His hips buck underneath me, fucking my mouth hard, my cheeks are bloated for a moment before he hauls me off.

"Sorry honey but I don't want to cum in your mouth just yet, I haven't finished exploring." I was being denied, but I raised no objections, especially when the alternative sounded more than a little interesting.

Quickly I am rolled onto my stomach and it takes me a moment to steady my breathing. His hands part my thighs, his fingers stroke lightly from knee to the curve of my ass and back again with excruciating slowness. I feel more than a little wet, the slippery wetness of his cum oozing out of me but his fingers avoid any contact with my sex. His fingers splay across the cheeks of my ass, spreading them gently, he can see all of me now, his breath hot as he lowers his face down, his tongue licking me from pussy to ass and back again, over and over until I am grasping the corners of the towel tightly, panting hard. I manage to raise myself up onto my elbows as his knees force my thighs further apart. He concentrates on my ass, something I have never experienced before, something I'd always thought of as strange; I couldn't get enough. His fingers dive deep into my pussy, squelching in his own cum, coating his fingers; he strokes me till I am screaming out my release, pushing myself down hard onto his face and fingers. Even after I've cum he still works me, this is too much, I try and bring my thighs together but it's impossible, he won't allow it.

Suddenly he pulls himself up the length of my body, placing his hands over mind, intertwining our fingers as the bulbous head of his cock pushes against my puckered little hole. I twist my head to the side and he takes my mouth with his, swallowing my screams as he eases his cock into my ass, working steadily, pulling back slightly then moving ever deeper. His fingers squeeze mine reassuringly and I scream as I feel him pull right back, I have never experienced this before but I know instinctively that he will thrust balls deep inside me; and he does. I feel like I am being torn apart as he starts to flex his cock inside my ass but he lets me adjust for a few seconds before he starts fucking me ass with a deep and steady rhythm. His tongue imitates our coupling and my screams turn to moans of pure pleasure as I push my ass back up to meet his downward thrusts.

His hands release mine and he brings himself up to his knees again; hands under my waist haul me to my knees, his cock never once slipping from my ass. One of his hands strokes the length of my spine and he grabs a handful of my long hair, pulling it hard as he fucks me harder, his balls slapping against me with each thrust. I grip him tightly with my ass, as he moves one hand round me, cupping my sex with it and sliding a finger into my pussy, rubbing my clit over and over. I force myself back onto him harder with each of his thrusts and now all that can be heard on that lonely beach is our shouts as we try to destroy each other. My cries are high and keening as my pussy explodes under his hand, my body shakes and all my muscles tense up; he leans far over me, his forehead resting on my shoulder. He pulls out of me quickly and I turn to watch him take his shaft in his fist, holding it towards me, I flip over and feel the salty gobs of his cum land on my stomach and tits.

I smile at him while his cock jerks in his hand and I start to rub some of it into my tits, licking my fingers slowly, loving the unique taste of him. Closing my eyes I lay back, feeling him lie down behind me, his hands caress me gently, pulling me close, letting me doze off in his close embrace.


"Nikki sweetheart, will you wake up, you've been out of it for ages." The voice nagged me softly, but I felt like someone had substituted my bones for lead weights.

"Please, not again so soon, I don't think I could move if I tried." I murmured sleepily.

"Nikki, you're going to want to wake up when you see who I've got with me."

"Hmm... okay, surprise me." I turned my head to the side, my eyes lighting on my husband Craig's familiar form, squinting slightly to make out the person who stood just behind him.

"He says his name is Dan and that you both went to school together. He's got one of the houses that overlook the beach; spotted you the moment you came onto the beach. Isn't that great honey, even after so long away from home, someone still remembers you?" I drew in my breath sharply as Dan's face came into focus.

The last thing I remembered was Craig leaving to go back to our holiday cottage for more film for our camera, but it surely hadn't been that long. I looked down at my body and even although I seemed to be wearing my bikini once more, I knew something had happened, there were faint bruises on my thighs and I ached in places where I had never ached before. Dan's eyes held mine, but there was no way I could come right out and say the words that were teetering on the edge of my lips.

"It's been a long time Dan." I ran the tip of my tongue along my bottom lip and held my hand out to Craig to help me to my feet.

"I don't know Nikki, it feels like no time at all to me." As Dan lowered his head to brush his lips against my cheek I caught his musky scent and knew right there and then that it had been more than a daydream.

"Grab you're things sweetheart, Dan's invited us both back to his house for drinks, and I can show you both some of the pictures I took from the dunes. Great things these digital cameras, eh?" Craig's voice gave no hint that he knew what had happened, but that wasn't to say that he hadn't accidentally captured a picture of me with Dan, only time would tell.

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