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In The Minivan


"God,I could use a cigarette!" Randi thought to herself. She had quit smoking nearly twenty years ago but still got the occasional urge when she had too much to drink of her nerves were on edge. She hadn't been drinking but she was plenty edgy as she waited in her Honda minivan for Marcus. She still couldn't believe she was doing this.

Marcus was a co-worker, nearly half of her forty-two years, and drop-dead gorgeous. A light-skinned black man who had been a college athlete, Marcus had been flirting with her the past few months. At first Randi thought nothing of it, most of the salesmen and a few of the younger want-a-be muscleheads at her gym had hit on her a time or two. A petite woman with light brown shoulder length hair, big blue eyes and prominent cheekbones, Randi kept in shape by running and doing yoga. Her breasts were on the small side but still plenty firm, even after two children, and her legs and ass were smooth and tight.

One day, Marcus was alone with her in her office when he bluntly made his feelings known. Randi was flustered, told him she was flattered, but that she was married and not interested. Marcus didn't push, said he understood, but told her if she ever changed her mind , just give him a call.

That was less than a week ago. Randi couldn't get Marcus off her mind after he had propositioned her. Randi enjoyed her sex life with her husband, but had to admit that after Marcus had left her office, her pulse had risen significantly and that her panties were moist.

A few days later, she talked herself into calling Marcus when she knew he was out of the office. Marcus didn't seem at all suprised to her from her. When he suggested that they meet for drinks after work, Randi declined. Her home schedule wouldn't allow for it and her husband would certainly wonder why she would be out drinking. Marcus then suggested meeting over lunch at a large park near their work and Randi quickly accepted.

Now as she sat in her minivan, Randi was having serious second thoughts. Maybe they would just talk and she could explain that they would have to settle for being close friends. She even considered driving away a time or two when Marcus suddenly appeared in his gold Mercedes SL 550. She caught herself smiling as she watched him get out of his car. "Jesus" she thought to herself " He IS gorgeous!"

Marcus was glad to see Randi as well. Marcus loved everything about her; especially the fact she was older than he was, white and married. Marcus had slept with dozens of married women and enjoyed the sport of taking the ones least likely to stray and seducing them to the point that they would do anything to be with him. The more married they professed to be, the more interested he became. The fact that he found Randi Boehmon sexy as hell didn't hurt either. Marcus had been in this situation numerous times before and knew that he had to stay aggressive to keep Randi from reconsidering.

"Hey!" he said brightly as he climbed into the van. Randi's body began to hum from him being so close to her as she took in the earthy scent of his Armani cologne. Marcus quickly leaned in and kissed her on the lips, his tongue seeking entry into her warm mouth. Randi, though initially caught off guard, found herself kissing him back , her tongue dancing with his, their mouths opening and closing in unison.

After a few short moments, Randi placed her tiny hand on his muscled chest and gently pushed him away.

"Wait . . .um . . . Marcus, I think we need to talk, I mean . . .I'm married and . . ."

Marcus kissed her again this time running his fingertips lightly down her jawline to the hollow of her neck and beyond. He cupped one of her breasts through her white, long-sleeved silk blouse feeling her nipple begin to harden. Randi kissed him back hungrily, her hand creeping up to the back of his head.

When Marcus broke the kiss, Randi looked up at him breathlessly and again tried to take control of the situation.

"Marcus . . .Please . . . I've never done this type of thing before and I'm not sure . . ."

Again Marcus cut off her objections by kissing her, driving his tongue deep into her open mouth. He felt Randi shudder slightly as he ran his hand up her thigh and under her charcoal skirt. When Randi shifted to allow Marcus to get his hand between her legs, he smiled as he sucked on her tongue which was probing his mouth.

Marcus noted with satisfaction that Randi was wearing a thong and he could feel that her panties were already wet. He easily slid the thin strip of material aside, and gently slid his thick index finger up her wet tunnel. As he began to work the topside of her pussy walls, his finger found her G-spot and he began to rub it vigorously.

Randi began to moan and she instinctively reached down between his thighs. Randi's hand found his dick straining against his pants and as it crept upward , she found that she was well past his waist band when she finally settled on its bulbous head.

"Jesus!" she thought "He is huge!"

At work, she had found herself glancing at his fat crotch when he done a sales presentation and now she could hardly believe that she would soon be holding him in her hands.

Marcus broke their kiss with a quick dart of his tongue and leaned back in passenger seat looking at Randi smugly and expectantly. Randi quickly realized what he wanted and was eager to please. She bit her pouty lower lip as she undid his pants, her hands trembling slightly. Marcus pushed his pants down to give Randi better access as she took his long, hard cock into her hand for the first time. Randi looked at it with a mixture of awe and approval.

"Ohhh . . . Marcus . . .!" she said slowly , running her hands up and down his shaft. Marcus got a fresh jolt of excitement when her felt her wedding bands as she worked the head of his cock.

Quickly, Randi leaned forward over his lap, taking in the musky scent of his manhood, kissing the tip of his dick lightly. She began running her tongue under and around its purplish dark head before dropping her jaw and taking his length into her warm, wet mouth. Randi tickled his ball sack with her french manicured nails as she blew him noisily, moaning and slobbering over his thick manhood.

After several minutes, Randi removed her mouth from his dick with a loud pop. She looked up at Marcus as she started to lick up and down his shaft before she began sucking each of his heavy balls into her eager mouth. When Marcus began to squirm in his seat, Randi returned to sucking his cock, jacking his shaft furiously with both of her hands. Wanting to get his cock in her married pussy, Marcus laughed harshly, and lifted Randi up from his lap.

Suprised, Randi sputtered " Um . . . It's okay . . . we don't have to stop."

"I think we need more room for what I got in mind." Marcus told her.

Randi led Marcus throught the front row of seats, the two bent over and stepping lightly around her children's books, DVD's and action figures, to the rear of the van. Randi laid back on bench seat, one leg bent on the seat itself, the other flat on the floor, and lifted her skirt up around her trim waist. Marcus knelt between her outstretched legs and slid his hands gently up her thighs where he hooked her thong with his fingers. Randi lifted her hips as he peeled her panties off revealing her moist bush.

Randi grabbed his long, hard cock in both hands and guided it to the opening of her pussy. There, Marcus stopped with his cock head resting on her lips and said:

" You gotta tell me what you want, Mrs. Boehman"

"Make love to me , please Marcus. I want to feel you inside me!" Randi urged pleadingly.

"I'm not your husband and we're damn sure not making love. Tell me what you want." Marcus replied forcefully.

Randi's husband enjoyed it when she talked dirty and she was somewhat suprised that her young co-worker liked it as well, but she was plenty game. Looking up at Marcus she purred seductively:

"Marcus . . .I want you to take your big . . .hard . . .BLACK . . . cock and fuck my pussy! C'mon . . .I need a nice hard cock in me NOW!"

Satisfied, Marcus leaned forward and slowly pushed the head of his cock into her hot, wet tunnel. Randi inhaled sharply, her head thrust back as she felt her pussy being stretched to its fullest. Marcus pushed his entire length into her and began to slowly fuck her as Randi's hips began to roll on the seat.

"Ahhhh . . .That feels so good! Keep fucking me like that!" she muttered as Marcus kept up his steady pounding of her previously faithful pussy.

After several minutes, Randi's breathing became labored as she felt her orgasm building.

"OHHHHHHH . . . SHIT . . . I'm gonna cum Marcus . . . I'M GONNA CUM! FUCK ME HARDER BABY! FUCK ME HARDER!!!"

Marcus braced himself with one arm outstretched against the van's interior, the other around Randi's bent leg. Better positioned, he began to piston his cock faster and faster into the older woman.

"AAHHHH . . . UMMMMMMM . . . FUCK!!! Randi screamed as her orgasm hit. Her head thrashed back and forth on the seat as her body spasmed beneath his bulk.

Even after she started to recover, Marcus continued his assault, banging the soccer mom's head uncomfortably against the van wall.

"Wait . . .Marcus . . . Baby . . .Let me get on top of you!" Randi offered placing her hand against his thick chest and pushing him up off her.

Marcus slid to the middle of the seat holding the base of his rock hard cock. Randi straddled him, lifting her skirt above her waist. She raised up over his lap and on top of his thick head then slowly lowered herself upon him, savoring inch after inch that slid into her eager pussy. Once she had his entire cock in her, she ground her hips against him, thrilling at the sensation, before she began riding him up and down.

Randi looked down through lidded eyes as she fucked her young lover.

"Does that feel good Baby?" she asked seductively.

In response, Marcus grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to his waiting lips. Their tongues dueled as Randi continued to ride Marcus, her swollen clit rubbing deliciously against his hard belly.

Marcus slid his hands between their straining bodies and unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling her bra down, his thumbs began to work her breasts. He leaned forward taking one of Randi's hard nipples into his mouth. Randi arched back and pulled Marcus against her chest as he continued to suck on her.

Randi felt herself building to a second orgasm and desperately wanted to feel her lover cum inside her. Remembering his reaction to her earlier dirty talk, Randi laid her head on his broad shoulder and whispered:

"Ahhh Marcus . . .you feel so good! I love your cock baby!" she began.

"You like fucking married ladies, don't you. You like it when married ladies spread their legs for you . . .Don't you baby!" she continued.

"AHH . . .Yeah . . .Baby. I love your tight pussy. I love fucking you!" Marcus gasped.

Randi felt his dick get even harder.

"I"m yours now. . .I'm your whore! Your married slut!! That's what you want, isn't it? Me to be your whore?!"

"Ahh . . . fuck yeah! That's what I want!" he managed as he felt on the verge of exploding. He grabbed the older woman by her waist and slammed her forcefully down on his cock.

"Then cum in your whore baby! FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME!!!!!!"

Randi felt her lover's first jet of cum hit deep inside her womb causing her orgasm to ripple through her body. She locked her mouth onto Marcus as they continued to fuck, Marcus shooting rope after rope of his sticky jism into her very married pussy.Randi groaned loudly into his mouth

as she ground her hips on his lap, overcome by the sensation she felt inside of her.

Randi pulled her mouth from her young co-worker's lips and laid her head on his shoulder, each of their chests rising and falling as they caught their breath.

Neither said a word until Marcus glanced at his Rolex.

"Ahh Shit! I'm gonna be late!"

With that he lifted Randi up off his lap, his thick cock falling with an audible slap across his muscled thigh. "I got a meeting with Phil at 1:00." he explained.

The two co-workers straightened up the best they could and made their way back to the front of the van. With his hand on the door handle, Marcus kissed Randi quickly on the lips and as he climbed out of the van said:

"Call me."

Randi watched him wordlessly as he climbed into his car and backed out of the parking space. With a brief wave, he accelerated quickly away from her van.

Randi surveyed the damge in her rearview mirror. She noted that her hair and make-up were a total mess as she ran her index finger over her puffy lips.

"Call me?" she said to herself, irritated at his sudden departure, the gravity of the potential consequences of her actions settling over her like a thick fog. After nearly twenty years of being a loving and faithful wife, bearing her husband two children, she had risked it all by what she had just done with a man half her age.

"Call me?" she said out loud as she applied her eyeliner, worry and doubt evident on her face.

"Call me?" A wry smile crossed her beautiful lips. Who was she kidding. Of course she would call him.And soon.

Randi started her minivan and headed back towards work. She had appointments to keep as well, but first, she needed to stop and buy a pack of cigarettes.

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