tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 19

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 19


It was a festive occasion as we entered home. Pamela was very happy to be an aunt and was dancing with joy. SIS was very weak and exhausted. Mona and Pamela took her to her room. I was out in the T.V lounge and was feeling a bit low. I was just beginning to realize that what risk I had put SIS in by not talking proper precautions, and how I endangered her life as well as the baby's.

BIL came over and sat by my side. He was very relaxed and calm. I got myself composed too and congratulated him once again.

Me: I'm feeling really bad. I should have thought about Sis's condition before going to that deserted place. It could have gone very bad. . . .

BIL: But it did not go wrong. You got it under control. It all went well. I'm even more thankful to you now.

Me: Oh BIL! You are the best.

BIL: I think celebrations are in order.

Me: Of course they are Prem. What do you have in mind?

BIL: Well I have a plan and you'll like it. Well I'll throw a party for all friends and family. I think you'll agree to that idea.

Me: Of course. It is a great idea. But don't you think you should have a bit of a party now?

I said that with a meaningful smile and he understood my massage.

BIL: Really?! With mom and Pamela home and probably awake?

Me: Oh come on Prem. Nobody will know.

I got up and went to my room. BIL followed me there soon. He locked the room behind him. I was in the bed. BIL quickly started to undress. He was nervous but his cock was hard already. He snuck up in the bed and kissed me passionately. I let my tongue wander around his mouth as he got my cock out of my trousers. Then I suddenly remembered that I hadn't washed or bathed after having my cock out of Sis's ass.

It turned me on to know that BIL was about to suck my filthy cock out of his wife's ass. As he let go of my lips and came down to my lap, my dick was already in its prime state. He let his mouth slide down on it until I could feel the back of his throat at the tip. He came up and said: "hmmm. . . That's some taste you got there on your dick"

But he did not demand any explanations and went back to suck it. I was enjoying it immensely. It did not take long for me to shoot my sperm in his digestive system. As always he did a very good job of licking my dick clean. Immediately I went down on all fours and presented my ass to him. He did not waste any time and straight away started to lube my hole with his tongue. Then he spat on his dick and pushed it inside in one single thrust. I muffled my shriek in a pillow and to be honest I could not tell you that if it was a shriek of "pain and pleasure" or just pure pleasure.

He began to move in and out with a steady pace and I was thrusting my hips back with each stroke. He came after a good fifteen minutes and I could feel my intestines filling with semen. He collapsed onto me and lied there with his cock still buried inside me. After a few minutes he took out his flaccid member out of my dilated sphincter. I got up kissed him and went to take a bath. When I returned BIL had left and was feeling too sleepy. I did not wait a moment further to go to sleep.

I slept till next day noon and was woken up by my parents' call. They were very happy and congratulated me. After the call I took a bath again and then came out to the living room. Everybody but BIL was home. Moreover a couple of women from the neighborhood had also arrived to see the baby. Pamela fixed me a meal. I turned on the TV whilst eating. I was in a light relaxing mood. So I put a movie in the DVD player and began to watch it. It was a typical Hindi masala movie which took almost three hours to finish. As the movie neared its climax, the neighborhood women had decided to leave. All of them came out of the room at once. I greeted them politely. They congratulated me on becoming an "uncle" and mention how the baby took its looks from its Mamoo (maternal uncle). Pamela told me that she had a few things left at the hostel and she wanted to pick them up. I offered her a ride but she said that Aunty Salima (one of the neighbors who just left) was going the same way and she would give her a lift. Moreover she will go to a friend's place after that and her dad will drive her back before dinner.

She left hasting after aunty Salima. I resumed the movie and it was over in about ten minutes. I switched off the TV and stretched on the couch.

Suddenly I found Mona standing by my side. What surprised me was the worried look on her face. I asked her what was the matter and she replied almost sobbing.

Mona: Sahil beta what have you done to me?

Me: Hey Aunty relax! What is the problem?

Mona: I know the meds you've been making me to take. Aren't these fertility meds? I know because I just bloody had my FIRST PERIOD since I was pregnant with Pamela. Why Son? Do you want more children? Your sister will again have a kid anytime you want her to. Why me?

Me: Hold on Mona! Please put yourself together and listen to me. Yes I gave you fertility meds. Yes I want you to have more children. But you have to trust me with this. I have a plan.

Mona: But son. . .

Me: Relax Mona. You know that I won't do anything to harm the family?

Mona: Yes I know that but. . . .

Me: Please just give it time. Okay? Trust me you'll not regret any of it.

Mona: Okay son I do trust you completely. But you must know that it's very weird for me.

Me: I know. I promise I'll make it up to you. I pulled her by my side and ad put an arm around her. She kissed me gently on the lips and then placed her head on my chest. I began to stroke her hair.

Mona: I'm sorry I doubted you. You've been too good to us. Too bad it's my period. Would you like a blow job?

Me: No thank you. And please tell me why everything has to be about sex. Can't we just spend some quality time together without having sex?

Mona: of course we can. What do you suggest?

Me: Why don't you put on a movie while I go check on sis?

Mona: That's a great idea.

I went to sis's room. The baby was sleeping in the cot by sis's bed. I stared at the baby's adorable face for sometime. Sis was asleep too and looking very frail. I kissed her forehead and I noticed that milk was leaking from her breasts. As I was about to walk away, I saw sis stirring. She opened her eyes and found me. I smiled at her which she feebly returned.

SIS: Sahil please see if the baby is awake.

I told her that baby was still asleep.

SIS: Good thing you are here then. My breasts are killing me. Please release some pressure.

I immediately pulled up her shirt. My GOD! I hadn't seen her boobs bigger than that before, ever. Both the nipples were oozing milk. I did not waste any time and began to suck both nipples alternately. The milk tasted even better now. I heartily drank as much milk I could get. Sis was relived and drifted off to sleep again. I drank some more of the delicious milk and then I arranged her shirt back and left.

Needless to say, my cock was rock solid. So, when I reached the living room, I called, "Mona! I think I'll take that Blow job".


A few days passed by without any special events. BIL was a different man now. He had found a new fervor to live. He was active in business and was succeeding in everything he put money in. He even invested in stock market and doubled his initial investment in just 20 days. And the most notable change was that he was happy. His happiness was not only a mental satisfaction for me but also a material one. BIL frequently brought gift for all of us specially me. He bought Diamond necklaces for Mona and Pamela and a complete diamond set for SIS. And as I had no interest in jewelry, he bought me BMW.

He was waiting for SIS to get her 40 day bath so he could throw a Party. In some parts of our country there is a tradition that the mother is under a ritualistic period for 40 days after giving birth. After 40 days she takes a bath and her normal life begins.

It was almost a month after the baby was born when SIS came to me. She was looking stunning in a black saree. She was not back to her original skinny self but she was left a bit fuller by the pregnancy. I liked that much better. She was looking so sexy. But I could see that she was worried. I asked her the cause and she began.

SIS: Sahil I think we have big problem. You know Mom and dad are coming here for the Party. Though the Party is in a week or so but they are coming tomorrow so that they can spend time with us and baby.

Me: So it's a good thing isn't it?

SIS: I made a huge mistake. I always suspected your BIL's homosexuality and although he tried to satisfy me sexually, usually by oral means, I knew he could never make me pregnant. Now the problem is that I shared almost all my concerns with mom. In fact I told her outright that I'll never give her a grandchild. Now ever since I got pregnant, she's been asking me who the father was. I tried to avoid her but now I don't think that it can be done. She has to confront me sooner or later. We have to come up with a plan."

Now you might be thinking that why could we not lie to her. Well let me explain the reasons.

Firstly, we could have told her that SIS was having an extra marital affair. But doing so, we knew for a fact that we would be announcing a death sentence for SIS. Why?

Because, mom was a member of an extremist "Hindu" political party. The party (lets say X) was a group of hypocritical morons who did whatever they liked in the name of religion. They believe that the influence of west on the Indian culture was ruining the Traditional Hindu Values and any person who carries out western deeds must be executed. Adultery was their favorite conviction and they flogged and sometimes even killed the felons. I had no doubt that if we told her that sis had committed adultery, she would gladly turn over her own daughter to the maniacs in the party.

Secondly we could have told her that we got BIL treated and fit for producing a child, but SIS had blown that cover too because when mother asked her that if BIL could have had any medical help, she had told her that he does not want to undergo any treatment.

We were in a seriously tight spot.

Me: That is indeed bad. We have to shut her up otherwise she will have us all arrested or even killed. Do you have any ideas?

SIS: Absolutely none. That is why I came up to you. Otherwise I could've shut her up myself.

I began to think. How can I get out of this one? And then it suddenly hit me. It was a risky plan but it had worked for me once. If things got out if hand, I'll have to have sex with my mother. . .

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