tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 13

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 13


She had first day of college the next day, a Monday. She was tied up all day with that until well after 6. Danny had gone home that morning. She was adamant that her relationship with Ryan would end that day. She also knew that the very sight of him made her melt. So why fight it?

She was at her strongest after a good hard fuck. Hell, after two good hard fucks she would have even more control, more resolve. So why not end things with a bang?

It was twisted logic that gave Charmaine a sense of control that day: if she were to let Ryan fuck her a couple of times, she would then have the strength to dump him. After all, it’s not like it was any more infidelity if she cheated 101 times as opposed to 100 times!

By the end of the school day, she had decided to make it as incredible as possible. She would bring some sexy lingerie, wear it for him, give him the sex of his life, and then let him down easy. That’s how all guys would want to be dumped, right?

She threw her lingerie in her school bag and left the house to go to Ryan’s. Her hair was down, just past her shoulders, and she was wearing tight jeans, a violet blouse, and sandals with no socks. She arrived at his place some time after seven. He answered the door when she knocked.

“Hi!” she said, smiling. She was nervous for the first time in quite a few visits. Not sure if it was the lingerie part, or the dumping part, but her heart was pounding and her face was flushed a little. He greeted her and gave her a peck on the mouth. She walked into the living room and was very disappointed to see John, Holly’s boyfriend, sitting on the couch.

After a few minutes, it became quite clear that John was not going to leave any time soon. Charmaine ended up sitting with them and having a couple of drinks and sharing two joints. At that point, not only was she highly aroused, but she wasn’t thinking clearly either. Those joints were more potent than the guys let on, and she was very fucked up before 8:30 rolled around.

When John went to the bathroom, Charmaine took advantage of her brief time alone with Ryan. She turned to him, placing her hand on his crotch over his jeans.

“I’m really horny, Ryan.” She said, looking at him. “When is John leaving?”

“Not sure.” He replied, growing hard beneath her hand. “I think he’s staying for awhile.”

“I can’t wait awhile.” She pouted, her hand squeezing his growing member through the denim.

“Well you’ll have to.” He said with a smile.

“I brought lingerie.” She said softly. She felt his cock twitch. She was so wet! She needed him inside her immediately!

“Well,” he said, thoughtfully, “go put it on!”

“No!” she said loudly, chuckling nervously.

“Why not?” he asked, “Who cares? It’s lingerie! It’s no big deal!”

“I’m not wearing lingerie in front of John!” she stated, giggling drunkenly. She had trouble wearing it in front of Danny, let alone TWO guys!

“Relax, Charmaine.” He persisted, “you look incredible! Who cares if John sees you wearing it! He has a girlfriend, anyway!”

Charmaine wavered a little, something that would not happen if she wasn’t high as a kite.

“It doesn’t come with panties.” She whispered. “And I’m not wearing any!” At that, Ryan was as hard as he could get. Now it was a mission for him to get her into that lingerie right away! He had to keep pressuring her. He had some momentum and he had to use it.

“Well, go put it on, and just sit down on the couch. Nobody would be able to see anything!” He said. She looked at him with her beautiful dark eyes, pondering. She picked up her third drink which was still half full, and chugged it. She set it down. If she did this, he would be apt to get rid of John quicker, and then they could fuck. Drunken logic, but it worked.

Smiling nervously, she picked up her bag and went into his bedroom. John passed her in the hallway on the way out, and wondered why she blushed as she stumbled by.

“John!” Ryan whispered excitedly. “It’s your lucky day!”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“She’s going to put on lingerie that she brought!”

“What?” John was confused.

“She’s really horny right now and I convinced her to put on her lingerie! You up for a threesome?” Ryan asked.

“Sure!” John replied quickly. “Do you think she would tell Holly?”

“No way, man. No way in hell. Just let me work on her, and I’ll let you know when you can move in!”

And so the plan went. To describe John: He was a smaller man, about 5’8, 160 pounds, and he had long brown hair past his shoulders, and a goatee. Completely opposite from Ryan’s huge, clean cut image.

At precisely 8:30 Charmaine emerged from the bedroom. She was wearing a tiny blue teddy that barely made it halfway down her ass. Her hands pulled it down further as she entered the living room so that it was just able to cover her furry mound. There were thin blue straps over her shoulders, and her cleavage was easily seen since she was pulling down so hard. Her heart was pounding nervously, and her face was flushed. It was only because her pussy was so wet that she was able to continue.

The guys broke into huge smiles and showered her with appreciative comments. Neither one of them could stop staring at her smooth, tanned legs which were completely exposed. She could NOT believe she was doing this! Her head was buzzing with the high, and perhaps her arousal as she sat on the couch between them. Ryan had another drink on the table ready for her, and they had just sparked up another joint. He needed all the tools he could find to do what he was about to try and do.

So, Charmaine sat in a room with two men wearing a skimpy top that didn’t even touch the seat of the couch. Her legs were crossed, otherwise her pussy would be exposed.

After a couple of drags of the joint, she had to decline any more of it. The room was starting to spin. She didn’t have any more than a couple of swigs of her drink, either. She was relaxing a little, and the men were great at making her feel that way. They carried on a conversation with her as if she were fully clothed.

“I’m really horny.” She whispered to Ryan. John noticed that she raised her ass a little off the couch as she leaned toward Ryan. He caught a brief glimpse of the side of her tanned ass. He grew hard. Charmaine had been sitting out there for fifteen minutes in her lingerie at that point.

Ryan took that as a cue to make a move. He pulled down the zipper of his jeans and undid the button. She watched him, not convinced that he would carry it any further. Her crotch tingled at the thought, though.

She could not believe it when he pulled that big beautiful cock out into the open in front of her and John. The buzzing in her pussy grew more persistent at the sight and her jaw dropped in surprise.

“Here you go.” Ryan said, smiling confidently.

“Ryan!” Charmaine laughed as her small hand reached to grab it. Her intention was to put the big member away – as if something so large could be hidden easily! When her fingers wrapped around his thickness though, she didn’t want to release it, let alone tuck it back into his underwear. She was so horny! Why wouldn’t he get rid of John?

She suddenly realized that she was stroking that wonderful cock. She had also stopped laughing, and her breathing was growing laboured. She didn’t know if it was her arousal or the drugs or the alcohol but she realized that her eyes were locked on that huge dick in her hand, and she had no idea how long she had been staring.

Ryan put his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her towards him. She was halfway down to his lap before she remembered that there was someone else in the room. But now that cock was two inches from her face. That big, fat, wonderful cock that she had been thinking about all day. Suddenly, her lips were squeezing over the head and she was easing it into her mouth.

He moaned, arching his head back as more and more of his mighty penis became warmed by her mouth. John watched her as she slowly leaned over, and that beautiful, tanned ass of hers raised off the couch little by little. He could just make out the crack of her bum. He was hard as a rock.

Charmaine slid her lips as far as she could down his hot pole. She could feel it touching her throat. She began to bob her head up and down it slowly, soft slurping noises began to emerge. Ryan opened his eyes, watching the dirty blonde hair on her head move up and down on his lap.

He reached over the small woman, placing a hand on her naked thigh. He slid his hand up her smooth skin, noticing how hot it got as he approached her treasure. He wanted to see how wet she was. He wanted to know if she was in the state he needed her to be in to do to her what they wanted to do.

As she sucked his cock, she subtly opened her legs a little wide, feeling his hand approach. He touched her.

“Mmmph!” she moaned softly around his organ. Her pussy was absolutely soaked. She was as ready as she could be! He dipped a finger inside her hot tunnel, and she moaned again. She began to bob up and down even faster, hungrily gobbling up that incredible cock. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ the sucking noises became louder.

Ryan looked up at John and nodded, subtly. He pulled his finger out of her vagina and placed his hand on the outside of her far leg. He slowly ran it up to her ass as she continued to gobble on his cock eagerly. He was reaching beneath her ass and she raised it a little for him, leaning over further so he could touch her.

In full view of John, his fingers caressed her slit, sending bolts of pleasure up her spine. John was ready to cum in his pants right there! How often did he get to see new pussy? Right in front of him was a gorgeous woman, a friend of his girlfriend’s, wearing next to nothing! He slowly reached forward and as his hand drew close, Ryan took his hand away. John replaced it with his own, cupping her ass cheek with his hand.

He ran his fingers gently over her slit, and was surprised at just how wet she really was! “Mmmph!” Charmaine moaned around the fat cock that was in her mouth. ‘slurp slurp slurp’ she didn’t miss a beat. She assumed it was Ryan that was teasing her horny slit.

John slowly ran a finger up and down the lips of her moist vagina, and she shifted a little more. She was almost completely on her side now, her ass was almost completely in view. She ran her foot up her tanned leg a little, opening herself up to allow more access to her needy hole.

He dipped a finger inside and her pussy gripped his digit eagerly. “Mmmmm…” she moaned again as her pussy finally got the attention it wanted. She still didn’t realize, in her drunken haze, that it was John that was fingering her. Her lips continued gliding up and down that fat cock of Ryan’s, the one that she obsesses over.

John leaned closer, getting a better view of his finger sliding in and out of her wetness. He could tell that his fingers were absolutely coated in her juices every time he withdrew. He loved how the dark curls of her pubic hair framed the pink lips of her swollen pussy, and how his finger looked sliding in and out of there.

He squeezed a second finger inside, and Charmaine hesitated in her blowjob, closing her eyes, holding Ryan’s cock halfway in her mouth for a moment. She began to bob her head up and down even more eagerly, her pussy being fucked by two fingers now. She could feel her orgasm rising, those fingers were feeling incredible.

Suddenly, John slid his fingers out of her twat. She was so close! She was breathing heavily through her nose, as aroused as she could possibly get. John gently slid a hand underneath her, holding the side of her ass and gently eased her up onto her knees.

At this point, Charmaine came to the startling realization that someone else was playing with her back there. By that time, however, she was too far gone. She allowed herself to be positioned onto her hands and knees, never taking Ryan’s dick out of her mouth (like a good girl).

John caught his breath. There it was. How often had he stared at that very ass, dreaming of seeing it naked? Her smooth, tanned skin was gorgeous, and her ass was the perfect size and shape. And it was now sticking up at him.

He kissed her ass cheek reverently. He kissed her other one. His hands grabbed her cheeks, spreading them apart. The pink lips of her pussy were pressed together tightly. He kissed them softly, tasting the wonderful nectar of his girlfriend’s friend for the first time.

She sucked hard on Ryan’s dick, feeling a mouth kiss her treasure and sending bolts of pleasure up her body. Her heart was pounding nervously. Her fuzzy condition was enough to set her at ease, but not enough to take ALL the nervousness away!

John buried his face in her ass, sliding his tongue into her horny pussy, tasting her. She moaned around Ryan’s cock as she felt a tongue wiggle around inside her needy cunt. John stretched his tongue far out of his mouth until the tip was able to reach her clitoris. He tickled it, shaking his tongue back and forth across it sending violent tingles of electricity up Charmaine’s body.

Suddenly, he sucked as much of her pussy into his mouth as he could, holding it there. He ran his tongue over her slit as fast as he could as he sucked her tasty juices.

Ryan, meanwhile, had one hand on the back of Charmaine’s blonde head, urging her to continue sucking him off. He occasionally glanced at her ass, which was sticking up in the air in John’s direction. Her mouth felt so incredible on his penis. She was really sucking hard!

John couldn’t take it anymore, and as he lapped at the helpless girl’s cunt, he undid his pants. He forced them down, along with his underwear, freeing six inches of hardness. He raised up, tearing off his shirt and kicking off the rest of his clothes.

He knelt behind that beautiful ass, his knees pushing her feet a little further apart. Heart pounding, he aimed the head of his manhood underneath her ass, touching her hot slit.

Charmaine was breathing laboriously, still sucking on Ryan’s cock when she felt something touch the entrance to her treasure – and it wasn’t a finger this time.

The full impact of what she was doing finally sunk in. Now was her only chance to stop this. She continued to slide her lips up and down that shaft. She needed to be filled up, and that need was preventing her from finding the strength to stop this.

John looked down at that ass, and the pussy underneath. He pushed forward, watching as those pink lips opened up for him and made the mushroom head of his penis disappear. He sighed, her vagina was so hot!

“Mmmmph!” she gasped around one penis as she felt another one slide into her treasure. As John was entering her, she was entering uncharted territory – two penises inside her body at one time! She felt so dirty! She was supposed to have one more fuck with Ryan for the road, and then return to fidelity!

Charmaine tried not to think about it, concentrating instead on that beautiful cock that was in her mouth, and the feeling of another sliding into her inch by inch.

John watched as his entire penis slowly disappeared inside that warm, comforting pussy. In one stroke, his groin was pressed against her tanned ass. His member was engulfed in moist, snug heat. He was inside another woman! He held himself inside her, hands caressing all around her smooth cheeks. He slowly pulled his rock hard member out of her, cherishing every moment.

He slammed back into her, hard.

“MMMPH!” She moaned as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. John gripped the sides of her ass tightly and began to fuck her doggie style. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ his groin slapped hard against her ass, making the cheeks ripple with each impact.

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” Charmaine was finding it difficult to concentrate on her blowjob, and the giant cock just sat there in her mouth. Ryan began to hump his hips up off the couch, fucking her mouth. He could feel her breath coming out of her nose and mouth, she was hyperventilating. He was trying to be gentle, sliding his big cock in and out of her mouth without banging her throat.

She could not believe it. She had two cocks in her body at the same time! What had she become? Ryan hit her throat too hard.

‘cough cough’ she pulled his big penis out of her mouth, face wincing as she gagged. ‘cough cough cough’ she was holding that big fat dick in her tiny hand as she tried to regain control.

‘slap slap slap slap’ John was really fucking her hard, getting lost in his lust. He has jerked off about this woman before. A few times, actually. She was hotter than he’d ever imagined. And seeing that beautiful bum of hers shaking before him…it was HIS groin that was doing that!

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohh! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Charmaine moaned, stuffing that beautiful organ back into her mouth. She gobbled it up as much as she could, getting a good six inches inside. She had twelve inches of cock inside her! She slid her lips back up that veined tool, slurping loudly as she moaned. That dick that was banging her cunt was gonna make her cum soon.

He was ramming her lightening quick. ‘slapslapslapslapslap’ John’s fucking almost sounded like a jackhammer! She pulled Ryan’s cock out of her mouth, losing it.

“OHHHHH…OHHHHFUCK!” She was holding Ryan’s manhood against her cheek as she came. Ryan was holding her hair back out of her face a little roughly, loving how small her head looked when placed next to his member. With his other hand he grabbed his penis and rubbed it all over the front of her face, running the head over her lips again and again.

Charmaine’s heart was pounding, her pussy was convulsing around John’s dick, and now Ryan was rubbing his own cock all over her face as she came. She had enough wits about her to open her mouth, and he eagerly poked his organ inside.

She didn’t have the strength to suck him, and he was forced to just fuck her mouth. He could feel her teeth a little, but he understood that she was in the midst of an orgasm. He looked at her pretty face. His cock was half in her mouth, her hair was pulled back by his hand, her eyes were closed and she was wincing.

‘SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP’ John was using long, hard strokes now, slamming against her ass as hard as he could, not giving the helpless girl a chance to recover.

Ryan’s gaze left her face and moved to her ass, which was sticking up in the air. Her cheeks were rippling as John smacked into them hard. Ryan could take no more. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” He suggested. As he stood up, he noticed that John was still fucking her from behind.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Charmaine moaned as she let her friend’s boyfriend fuck her hard. Ryan tore off his shirt and took off his pants and boxers, becoming naked. He grabbed Charmaine by the arm and gently pulled.

“Let’s go.” He repeated. John reluctantly pulled his penis out of Charmaine’s vagina. Ryan helped her up and, taking her hand, he led her down the hall. John followed behind, quite close to an orgasm. He watched Charmaine walk ahead of him, that blue teddy only covering the top half of her ass as she walked.

Once in the bedroom, Ryan spun her around roughly, taking her in his arms. He kissed her hard, and she pressed her near naked body against him.

She loved feeling that big, hard rod pressing against her stomach. She wanted it inside her. It was so much bigger, it would go so much deeper. He reached underneath her, grabbing her sexy ass in his big hands, squeezing it tightly. Her tongue explored his mouth eagerly. She wanted nothing more than for him to shove her onto the bed and slide his dick in her. She had forgotten all about John.

As if reading her mind, Ryan broke the kiss and shoved the poor girl roughly onto the bed. Charmaine landed, smiling. Her legs were open and her feet were in the air, her teddy had risen to her belly button, completely exposing her wonderful bush.

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