tagMind ControlInheritance Ch. 01

Inheritance Ch. 01


He woke up to a morning like any other, the sun was streaming in through the windows of his apartment and it was well past noon. Sleeping in to late had become something of a habit during the summer since he didn't have to work until 5 it left me plenty of time to be lazy in the mornings. My life had kind of been puttering along at a snails pace recently but that was all about to change. He looked around trying to determine what had woken him up, he thought he had heard knocking but he was still in that in between stage where everything was kind of confusing. The pounding came again and he groggily pulled himself out of bed.

"I'm coming, I'm coming hold your horses" he said

Moving to the door he drew back the latches and opened it, coming face to face with the delivery man.

"Trent Alexander Steel?" enquired the delivery man

"That's me" he responded yawning

"Please sign here." the delivery man instructed

Signing quickly Trent picked up the medium sized box closing the door behind him. Moving into the main room he set the package on his kitchen table, hunting around the room for something to cut through the capacious amounts of packing tape which had been used to secure the box.

"I wonder who could be sending me something?" he asked himself, as far as he knew he couldn't remember buying anything online and his birthday wasn't for another couple of months.

Finely locating a box cutter in the bottom drawer of his kitchen counter he carefully sliced through the tape. Prying open the top of the box he sifted through the packing peanuts rummaging around for whatever was inside. Finely finding a small metallic object at the bottom of the box he pulled it out.

A small metal ring sat in the palm of his hand. Skillfully cut the ring appeared to be made out of a silvery metal but it was much to heavy to be silver or platinum, a small red stone adorned the top of the ring and strange runic writing scrolled down its sides catching the light and glimmering in an odd fashion. Trent noticed a note tapped to the underside of the box and pulled it out, unfolding it he paused to read.

"Dear Trent

My name is Alexander Fulton and I am the executor of your late uncle's will, since you are the last surviving member of your mothers side all of his positions and assets will be transferred to you. In addition to the sum of four hundred and eighty six dollars and seventy six cents, which will be transferred into your account on the first of the month, it was his wish that this ring be transferred to you since it has been in your family for more then two hundred years. Sadly your uncle was not a wealthy man and the majority of his property and assets needed to be liquidated in order to pay off his debtors and my not insignificant fee. Please enjoy this ring and I am deeply sorry for your loss.


Jacob Holland"

Trent paused surprised, he hadn't been aware that he even had an uncle. His mother had died when he was just a baby and his father hadn't really known much about his mother's side of the family. Still it was a good deal that he got something basically for free and he had wanted to buy an Xbox so this money was perfect timing. He considered the ring critically, though it wasn't really his style to wear jewelry but there was something compelling about the ring and it had been in his family for a long time. He slipped it on his index finger, it fit perfectly like it had been made for him, and it seemed to catch the light just right giving the stone the appearance of glowing from within. Trent felt light headed for a second like he had stood up to fast followed closely by the sensation in the pit of his stomach like he was falling. As quickly as these sensations started they were over leaving him a little confused and disorientated.

Trent glanced at the clock, seeing that he still had 5 more hours until he had to leave for work he decided that going back to sleep was the best choice he could make


A woman with dark brown hair steps out of the shower, reaching for a near by towel she starts drying herself, she is about 5'6", her hair is cut to just below the shoulders and she is pulling it into a pony tail. She has C cup breasts and has the lean look of someone who works out continuously, her pussy is shaven to all but a thin strip of hair leading from the top of her slit to just under her belt line. Standing in front of her mirror she primps and preens herself trying to decide what to wear to work today.

"maybe I will go with the thong today..." she thinks to herself, picking her thong out of the drawer she holds it in front of herself trying to decide if it looks right on her today


Trent snapped awake. He had been dreaming about a girl, a girl he recognized as his next door neighbor Kim, while he had always found her attractive he had never dreamed about her before and certainly not like this. His dream had felt odd it was like he was standing in the room next to her, watching her go about her business. Other then the fact that she had been nude, and had quite a good body, there had been little about his dream that had been sexual which he would have expected in a dream with a naked girl. But there was more to it then that the dream had felt weird like it was actually happening.

He got out of bed, heading towards the bathroom to shave and brush his teeth and other such mundane things as that which need to be done before he could go to work. As he got closer to the bathroom a strange feeling grew in the back of his mind getting stronger with every step he took. It felt almost like there was a window in his mind, through it he could see another person. He mentally approached the window in his mind and looked through it. The room around him shifted and reformed he was no longer in his apartment but back in Kim's and she was still standing naked in front of her mirror deciding on what to wear. He cried out in shock apologizing for walking in on her naked and tried to come up with an excuse before noticing that she had given no sign of being aware of his presence despite his blustering. He walked closer to her slowly waiting with every step for her to notice him. He stood right in front of her glancing in appreciation at her well toned body.

"Nothing seems to look right today." she said

Trent looked at he in surprise, he had clearly heard her speak but her lips hadn't moved she was still looking at the mirror this time holding a skimpy skirt up over her hips.

"Maybe the black dress?" she asked herself

This time he was better prepared for the sensation, he could tell that the sound had a different flavor to it, kind of like the way an echo sounds different sound to it then the voice that made it. He was listening to her thoughts! Stepping closer to her he concentrated he could make out a presence with his mind, like an extra sense, he could see her and hear her as she moved about he could even smell her body wash but there was more. Closing his eyes he found he could tell where she was without seeing her, he could feel the presence of her mind. He reached out pulling her mind closer to him, he could hear the million little thoughts going through her mind, in addition to the loud thoughts at the top of her mind which he had picked up at first he could hear more quiet voices deeper inside, voices talking about adjusting balance, expanding and contracting muscles in her arm when she reached for something and talking about the feeling of the cloth on her skin and the cold air, and deep down under the din of the other voices was one so quiet he almost didn't hear telling her heart to beat. He understood that these voices where the workings of her mind all the way down to the autonomic portions controlling her heart and lungs.

"I wonder if I can add a thought." Trent wondered to himself

Reaching out he took hold of her mind again but this time he spoke into the orgy of conversation, speaking to the top layer the level of her conscious thought

"The plaid skirt would look good, especially with the white blouse." he thought

She reached out and picked up the skirt sliding it on unquestioningly before putting on the blouse as well.

Trent was amazed, he could actually influence her behavior, he decided it was time to test out and see how much he could actually do, and spread is preverbal wings so to speak. He took hold of her mind again this time addressing the level below her conscious thought; he addressed the part of her responsible for her sex drive, instructing it to increase its arousal.

"Man I'm really horny all of a sudden," she thought to herself "I wonder what's gotten into me?"

"I want to masturbate" inserted Trent into her mind

She walked over to her dresser, reaching inside she pulled out a large purple vibrator, walking over to her bed she laid down, spreading her legs she switched on the vibrator running the tip slowly along the length of her slit pausing over her clit and moaning softly.

Trent changed the feeling of her shirt, making it feel uncomfortable and itchy.

She pulled her shirt off over the top of her head revealing her large full breasts

He stimulated her nipples, sending out a desire to be touched

One of her hands reached up and grasped her breast gripping it tightly before rolling her nipple between her thumb and fore finger. She rubbed the tip of her vibrator inside the opening of her pussy using her own fluids as lube she slid the length of it insider her, moaning as it stretched out her pussy. Slowly at first before quickly picking up speed she begun to slide the vibrator in and out each time sliding all the way out before thrusting back in all the way to her fingers taking the entire length inside of her. The sounds of her moaning increased as she neared her climax, her back arched the muscles of her pussy gripping the vibrator as she covered it in her cum. She sighed with drawing it and turning it off she set it on her bedside table.

Trent withdrew from her mind and focused on his own body he snapped back inside. He decided he was going to have a lot of fun with this new ability even if he had no idea where it had come from. He went back to the bathroom and masturbated quickly to the mental image of Kim pleasuring herself before continuing getting ready. He picked out a pair of jeans and a black dress shirt and set out for work.


Trent stepped off the bus into the sweltering heat of the August day, it had broken a hundred degrees every day this week and the heat showed no signs of giving way any time soon. Trent had worked at a local jeweler for three years and he had hated every single second of it, his boss was loud and abusive and the clothing restrictions were idiotic. Trent was positive his boss would yell at him the second he saw he was wearing jeans and sure enough as soon as he stepped inside his boss made a bee line right too him.

"Steel what the hell are you doing coming in dressed like that?! You know you need slacks and a tie! Are you trying to get fired?" he asked

Trent reached out into his bosses mind "I want to talk to him in my office." He thought

"Trent I want to see you in my office right now!" said his boss

"Of course Mr. Anderson." Trent said

Walking to the back office Trent used what little time he had to get the feel of his bosses mind, he started by inserting soothing thoughts and lowering his blood pressure then relaxing his muscles. By the time the made it to the back office his boss was as calm as he had ever seen him. Trent had been working on exactly what he wanted his boss to say and do his whole way to work; he took his plan and inserted it directly into his boss's mind, only to have it thrown back at him. He had tried sliding it in the way he normally did but his bosses mind had rejected it. He tried again pushing harder this time, he could feel his bosses mind resisting the plan as it went against everything he believed in but Trent's new mental abilities proved stronger in the end and finely the plan slid into his mind. Trent pictured the plan being riveted into his mind and place mental blocks around it to prevent his boss from changing his mind later when he had a chance to think about it.

"I'm going to make you a very special offer." Said Mr. Anderson

"What kind of offer?" Trent asked, smirking to himself since he had in fact come up with the offer, he could have skipped over all of this but he liked hearing his boss parrot back his idea

"I'm going to give you a raise, and put you on salary, you will be able to work whatever hours work best for you, how does that sound?" asked Mr. Anderson

"Wow I'm speechless!" said Trent

Of course this was part of his plan he ensured that Mr. Anderson would put him on salary and then never require him to come in again but still draw a pay check, he had started with the plan to only do his work but he had decided that he would hire himself out as a "consultant" to a few different companies around town, ensuring that he had plenty of money and a great deal more free time in the future. Trent kicked back relaxing enjoying the feel of his new power.

"Well its time to be leaving I have a full schedule today." Trent laughed

Leaving the office and a very confused Mr. Anderson, Trent walked back out to the main selling floor. A girl was looking at some jewelry with her mom, both the girl and her mother where jaw dropping beautiful, they could have been twins except for the age difference. Both mother and daughter were slim and exceptionally tan, the kind of tan you only get from hours under the sun. Trent was immediately aroused and decided to do something that wouldn't have been possible before today. He reached out into the girl's mind first learning about her. Today was her 18th birthday and her mother was taking her out to get a tennis bracelet as a gift. Repeating the procedure with the mom he found out that she was 38, and that she didn't really want to buy her daughter the bracelet but she had mentioned it when she got drunk and she had latched onto the idea, she was trying to buy the cheapest thing she could and get out of there.

Trent reached out, grasping both of their minds at the same time. He reached into their unconscious minds and cranked up their sex drives, pushing them to levels of arousal in seconds what would normally take them an hour of foreplay to reach. He sent out the sensation of a tongue licking their clit, first to the mom and then to the daughter. He laughed as he saw them jump. He could feel them getting confused, first as to why they were so horny so quickly, especially in a public place and with family, and second why they had thought they felt someone licking their clit a second ago. He reached out pushing their confusion back into their mind feeling their bodies relax as it dissipated. He could tell from their minds that both were incredibly wet and their nipples where poking through the front of their shirts.

"Follow me." He inserted into both of their minds simultaneously

Their eyes kind of glassed over as they obeyed his unspoken command, leading them back to the back office Trent lashed out at Mr. Anderson's mind inserting the desperate need to be anywhere but in his office. Trent laughed as Mr. Anderson dodged past him onto the sales floor. He directed the mother to close the door behind her as she walked in.

"Take off your clothes." He commanded

Mother and daughter both started removing their clothing, removing their dresses he noticed that both women were missing an item of underwear, the daughter was only wearing panties her small pert breasts being only barely a B cup and thus not needing a bra and the mother was wearing a bra but no panties. Trent examined the two while they stood silently before him held silent and compliant by his mental control. Both mother and daughter were of about the same height being about 5'7" the mother had short light brown hair which was cut to about her jaw line, where her daughter has small and lithe having little fat on her body she had a full chest easily a D cup. Both mother and daughter shaved their pussy completely and from his inspection of the daughters mind he knew that she had never had sex before. Trent continued his mental manipulation of them raising their sex drives well past anything either of them had ever experienced before, despite his mental command to stand silent and still both women were soon squirming from the intense sexual desire building inside of them, they were quickly approaching the point where either would fuck anything that moved.

"Climb up on the desk and spread your legs." He commanded the mother

Reaching insider her mind he removed her awareness that the girl she was with and created an intense attraction to her before doing the same to the daughter. He could smell their arousal as the mother spread her legs proudly displaying her completely smooth pussy. He amped up their sex dives even further and then turned them loose on each other and watched.

"Fuck her." He commanded to both of them

The mother practically pounced on her daughter pulling her into a tight embrace their bare flesh pressing together. Her tongue snaked into her daughter's mouth and wrapping around her tongue before pulling it into her mouth. Her hand slipped down between her legs tracing the outline of her slit before forcing them inside. Her daughter moaned loudly into her mouth as her fingers penetrated into her tight virgin pussy. She pushed the younger woman down on her knees sitting back on the desk before pulling her face into her crotch. The younger woman's tongue lapped at her pussy tasting her arousal and eliciting a loud moan from her mother. The two collapsed on the floor pulling each other together, each wrapping their legs around the other the two women started grinding their pussy's together in a desperate attempt for sexual satisfaction.

Trent was suppressing the orgasms each had building preventing the release of their sexual desires and causing them to grind and moan against each other their nude bodies entwined.

Grasping their minds he made them aware of his presence. The two women rushed over to him almost knocking him over in their haste. Turning is attention to the daughter he directed her to sit in the office chair and pleasure herself while watching him fuck her mom. Using one arm Trent knocked everything off the cluttered desk tossing the older woman onto it. Ignoring all pretenses he stripped off his pants and climbed on top of her. Taking his enormous cock he slid it up and down just insider her pussy, making her moan and writhe in an attempt to get the thick member inside of her. He complied pounding into her as hard as he could, feeling his balls slap against her ass. She cried out in pleasure as his thick cock thrust inside of her. Trent pounded away at her each time he thrust in her hips would rise to meet him magnifying the force of his thrust causing his balls to sleep soundly against her ass and her enormous tits to bounce up and down in time to their rhythm

The daughter looked on watching her mom getting fucked, she had no idea what had come over them but she found the sight of this stranger fucking her mom in front of her to be the hottest thing she had ever seen, she desperately fingered herself trying to get some sexual relief but her sex drive just kept building and building and already she was so horny that her own juices where dripping down her legs and onto the chair she was sitting on

Trent reached out again and the daughter got up and crossed over to where they were. Climbing up on the desk with them she straddled her mothers face grinding her pussy down onto her waiting mouth. Trent continued to fuck her while she thrust her tongue in and out rapidly of her daughters pussy. Trent pulled the daughter into a passionate kiss feeling her tongue dart into his mouth while her mothers darted into her pussy.

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