Angique sat in front of her huge vanity mirror.

She was concentrating on cleaning an eye. The soft kiss on her neck surprised her. She looked up and saw a totally ravishing Kristie. The girl was wrapped in a white terry cloth robe. Her hair still dripped from the shower.

Angique turned and took her in her arms. She planted velvet kisses all over the freshly showered face.

"Mmmm, you smell lovely, little animal," she breathed. Then she opened the robe to expose her flushed body. "And you look delicious, too."

Kristie beamed. She made a slow pirouette, her arms wide.

"Follow me, pretty butterfly," Angique said. She went to the walk-in closet. "But first dry your hair. You can use the blower in my bathroom."

Inside the deep closet, Angique went to a drawer. She took a few items out of it. She spread them on the low table at the centre. One of the items was made of thin and supple leather. It had a dark olive colour. The construction was very intricate. It consisted mostly of straps and silver metal buckles.

When the blower next door stopped, she left the table and went to get the girl. She commended her on the cloud of golden hair. It floated gloriously around her sweet face. Then she took her hand and led her to the stool in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

"Look how lovely you are," she whispered in her ear. With one hand she cupped a full tit. It was crowned with a stiffening nipple. Kristie moaned. She spread her thighs to display her shaven pussy. It looked swollen and flushed, no doubt from her stay in the shower. She must have shaved it once again to make sure she would be perfectly smooth.

"Alright now, honey," Angique whispered. "Now close your gorgeous eyes."

The girl obeyed. Angique took the black silk blindfold she held behind her back. She placed it over the eyes and tied a knot behind the head. She felt Kristie's body stiffen when she did so. She told her to relax and trust her Mistress.

The girl immediately relaxed. A small sigh escaped her mouth.

"Now please stand and walk to where I take you," Angique said.

She led the blinded girl to a place next to the low table. She took a small slender vial and poured part of its gold coloured content into her hand.

"Smell, Kristie," she said. She held the hand under her nose. The girl sniffed and sighed her appreciation. Then Angique let both hands slide over her shoulders. They went down the arms and to the hands. She started to rub the skin. The oil spread a sweet glow and an even sweeter scent.

"Oil?" Kristie whispered. "Virgin oil," Angique answered, chuckling.

She spread more on her back, her loins and thighs. She proceeded slow and thoroughly, but light as a feather. When she had oiled all parts of the tanned body, she came to the breasts. She kneaded them with extra attention for the nipples. It made the girl moan and squirm.

"Spread your legs, darling," Angique said. Then she started to massage the oil into the pouting cunt lips. - the lovely angel wings the girl was so proud of.

"Oh my, you are wet, you sexy animal," she smiled. She slipped two fingers into the girl's cunt and made her pant.

"Now, please listen," Angique resumed after she kissed the shining slit. "When inside this Villa, darling, I want you to be naked, shaven and oiled like this. Always, do you understand?"

The girl nodded.

"Repeat it, love," Angique said.

"When in Villa I must be naked always. I must shave and oil myself like this," Kristie repeated with a little girl's voice. It made Angique suck in her breath. Oh God, she thought. I'll make you perfect, sweet slut. You are so good.

Angique turned the stool. She took Kristie's hand. "Please stand and raise your arms, honey child," she said. "Stretch them to the side. Then spread your legs about two feet."

Kristie did as she was told. Angique took the outfit of leather straps. She buried her face in it. She deeply inhaled the scent. Then she pushed it into the face of the blindfolded girl.

"Smell this, Kristie. Smell the scent of leather at the centre of your dark, private dungeon. It is the essence of your bondage. Fill your sweet head with it. Every time you smell this again, it will go straight to your aching little cunt. It will make your juices flow. Do you hear, Kristie? Inhale and know forever that this is the scent of your masters. Smell it. You'll feel your legs weaken. Your nipples will harden. It is leather, darling. It is sweet slick, fragrant leather. It is the fabric of your destiny."

She gave the girl a minute to inhale, watching her shiver. Then she spread her hands. She let the chaos of straps and buckles sink over the blindfolded head until it rested on the girl's shoulders. She pulled at strap after strap and closed each buckle.

At last the shapeless bunch took form on the girl's body. It tied her in from neck to crotch. Then down her thighs and calves. The tits were left free. But the straps right under them pushed them up and out. They were shaped like little balconies of leather.

When she tied the leather over her chest and belly, she heard the girl wince. Kristie breathed hard. The straps bit into her ribcage and abdomen. Angique turned her around. She started to strap in her arms and shoulders.

Then she finished doing the back. She kissed the girl in the neck and went down to check the lower body. She was careful to keep both entrances open and accessible.

When she started strapping the thighs, the leather slipped on the insides. She saw how wet the skin was. The girl dripped with the juices of her arousal. With a long, pointed tongue Angique followed the liquid up to its source. Then she entered the swollen lips. At last she touched the hard red pearl. It made Kristie collapse in a massive orgasm.

She howled as she released her pent up emotions.

Angique let her rest for a bit. Then she took off the blindfold. She cleaned up the thighs and pussy with a soft warm towel. She inhaled the scent deeply before throwing the towel into the laundry basket. Then she took two extremely high-heeled mules. She slipped them on the girl's feet and closed the straps with tiny padlocks.

Kristie at last slowly opened her sweet doll's eyes. She started to apologize for her selfish behaviour. Angique stopped her by gagging her mouth with a silver coloured rubber ball. She tied its straps around the head and admired the signal red O of her stretched lips around the shining silver.

She slipped a tight leather skullcap over the girl's head. The blonde hair was pulled through an opening at the top. It created a high, waving ponytail.

Angique then took the girl by the shoulder. She led her in front of the tall mirror. Kristie's eyes widened. It was the only possible way to express her stunned reaction to what she saw. Her entire body was wrapped in a maze of leather straps. They accentuated her propped up breasts. And they turned her athletic flesh into a display of bondage.

The silver ball stretched her mouth. It had a permanent expression of panic and amazement.

Angique then led Kristie back to the vanity mirror in her bedroom. She helped her master the heels. They were so much higher than she ever wore before. She let her sit down on the stool. Her back was forced straight and erect by her harness. Her tits jutted out towards her reflection.

Angique sat down beside her. She turned the stool. Then she started to make the girl's eyes up in a dramatic and expressive way. Green and silvery shadows matched her outfit. Black lines of kohl put drama into her eyes. Fat mascara lengthened her lashes. She used a dark rouge to make the cheekbones stand out. She also darkened her nipples and cunt lips with it. Glossy cream made the O of her mouth sparkle.

Angique kissed the girl's nose-tip. She made her stand in front of the mirror and walked slowly around her.

"Ah, my sweet darling, you look so sensuous. Just looking at you makes my pussy drip, mmmmm."

Again Angique circled her. She touched her here and there. She hummed little satisfied nothings.

"Come," she said. "Let me walk you down the dangerous stairs. I'll turn you into the sweetest adornment the summer room has ever had."

She smiled. Then she assisted the girl to scale the stone stairs on her neck breaking heels. She led her into the summer room. Night by now had engulfed the terrace. It turned the windows into perfect mirrors to reflect them.

She took Kristie to a spot next to the fireplace. She told her to stand still, eye to eye with her reflection in the windows. She herself walked over to the wall and pressed a button. A heavy chain sank with a metallic tingling out of the ceiling. It sunk right over the head of the leather-bound girl. She looked up. Her eyes followed the hook at the end of the chain until it almost hit her face.

"Offer me your wrists, sweet pet," Angique told her. Kristie did so. Angique kissed the insides. Then she clicked two small metal hooks together. They were attached to the wrist-straps of her outfit.

"Now raise your arms over your head."

Angique slid the hook through the joined rings. Then she pushed the button to start the chain. It pulled the girls arms up until she stood stretched. Her exposed breasts were pushed out of the maze of leather straps. Her face radiated artificial panic.

Angique walked over and stood before her. She placed her hands on the bare tits. Then she pushed her face into the soft curve of Kristie's neck, where it joined her shoulder.

"You look so fantastic, sweet thing. My cunt weeps for you."

She searched in a pocket of her robe and produced a tiny black leather jewellery-box. She opened it. She took out two small silver objects. A fragile silver chain connected them. She kissed one of the objects. Then she stood in front of Kristie and kissed her left nipple. She sucked on it and pulled at it with her teeth. The girl moaned through the ball. A shiver ran down her limbs.

The object had the shape of a comic little frog. It had a large mouth that opened as Angique pressed it at the back. She slid the mouth over the extended nipple. Then she let it close with a snap. The ball muffled the scream. Still it rang out clear enough.

Angique kissed her fingertip. She laid it on the ball gag. "Shhhh, sweet darling," she said. Then she took the other nipple into her mouth. She sucked it strongly onto her tongue.

The second clamp only produced a shiver from the girl. And a prolonged groan. Angique tugged softly on the chain. It made the nipples stretch. Then she leaned in to kiss Kristie on her cheek. At the same moment she cupped her exposed cunt. A finger slipped inside.

"Oh my…her body likes this…hmmmm. So wet she is indeed," Angique said. She sugared her voice. She made it drip with honey.

Then she tied the black silk blindfold over the moist eyes again. She gave a last tug at the chain and left the girl standing in her private, silent darkness.


Bondage is a word misunderstood by many people. They look at it from the outside. The sexy looking chains and cuffs tickle them. They love the leather straps and yards of rope. They see ball-gags and padlocks. They watch latex suits wrapped around heads and bodies as a shining second skin. They see corsets laced up tight. They see sweet naked girls captured in iron cages.

But bondage is not about outsides. Bondage is about the inside. It is about darkness and silence. It is about waiting for hours in perfect immobility, listening to one's own racing breathe. It is about utter control and utter vulnerability. There is fear involved. There is sweat and adrenaline.

Kristie stood stretched on the tips of her toes.

She was wrapped in a world of darkness. There were no sounds at all. There were just the soft thuds of her aching heart. And the faint rustle of her breath. But after she stood for five minutes (an hour it seemed to her), she found that there were many sounds. And they were getting louder.

A night bird, she heard, and the breeze outside. Far away sounds of metal and glass. She heard the murmur of distant voices. At last she even heard the creaking of the beams. The tiny rustle of mice and insects in the bowels of the ancient building.

There were smells too. She smelled her own sweat. It was coated with sweet perfume. The faint scent of leather she smelt, and of greased iron. There was the pungent tang of an unused fireplace. And, much later, the moist breeze of the far away lake. The fragrant breathe of a garden at night.

Standing still and stretching made her muscles ache at first. But after a while the ache slipped into numbness. It took over her entire body. She felt herself taken up into a dream. She floated over a dark, deep, silent ocean.

Then a door opened.

To her the soft creaking sounded like a cannon's shot. She felt the change of air gush against her exposed nipples. Male voices started to fill the void. Leather soles crunched grains of sand on the marble floor. Acrid smoke of expensive cigars invaded her nostrils. It felt like rape after all the subtle scents and fragrances. A shiver touched her backbone.

Two voices conversed at less than an arm length's distance from her. She could almost feel their presence. It made the little hairs on her arms rise. She smelled the brandy on their breaths.

"She told us the bitch had great tits," she heard a voice say. It sounded callous – and British. She felt a tug on the chain that made her nipples stretch. Pain entered her body with a sting. A warm hand cupped her left breast. It seemed to weigh it.

"Well trained body too," the same voice said.

Another hand kneaded her ass. A finger ran the length of her crack. It made her moan through the ball.

Then a source of intolerable heat centred on her shaven cunt. Two fat, blunt fingers started to violate her slit. It must be the burning tip of a cigar almost grazing her skin. White panic flashed before her blinded eyes. She cringed. She sucked in her belly and crotch to stay away from the glow.

Another voice chuckled. The heat vanished. But the fingers stayed. They rubbed deeper. Then they slipped into her.

"Oh boy! Is she wet. Here…sniff my fingers, Carl."

The rude conversation went on. A female voice mixed in. She spoke English with a heavy Italian accent. Kristie felt the soft hand of a woman caress her throat. Well-manicured nails scratched the sides of her breasts.

The woman said: "Mmmmm, watch the little slut shiver."

Kristie damned herself for her easy responses. Juices started to collect between her cunt lips. Who were these people? Had Angique left her? She moaned and stared into a chasm of utter loneliness. Had Mistress betrayed her? Had it been wrong to trust her?

A sudden silence fell. She almost sensed how people turned around to find out the source of a new sound entering. Heels tapped on shining marble. The sound closed in on her. Then it stopped.

A well known, beloved perfume filled her head. Mistress. A sigh made her chest heave. A sudden rush of happiness invaded her. It relaxed her tight muscles and cleared her head. All was good now. All wrongs would be righted.

"Bonsoir, ma petite," a voice whispered in her ear. "I see you made a very good impression on my friends. I can see they made an impression on you as well."

At those words she felt gloved fingers slip into her cunt. They slid up and down and then touched her nose to make her smell her own arousal. But the only thing she thought was "friends". All her newfound trust dissipated. A moan of despair leaked around the silver ball. How could they ever be her friends?

Into her ear breathed an even softer whisper now.

"Trust me, darling…your love will save us."

The words dripped into her head. They ripped the whole world from under her feet like a magical rug. It left everything standing as it stood. But nothing had a foundation anymore. What did the woman say? Whatever could she mean?

But the moment had already passed. Angique stood back. She addressed her friends.

"This, dear friends, is my newest pet. She was bred and raised in far away America. She followed me here with an overwhelming urge to serve me. And to please me as well as she can. It seems she even loves me."

The word love was stretched in a mocking way.

"As you can see (Kristie felt a fingertip point at several parts of her body) as you can see she is healthy. She also has well appointed outward talents. Her fat, firm titties stand very well on her sweet athletic body, wouldn't you say? She works out with diligence."

Two gloved hands now spread her cunt. Angique's voice went on. "The little bitch is really proud of her nice soft fuck lips. She calls them her angel's wings. Isn't that cute? Indeed, they must feel like the entrance of heaven for every lucky bastard who prods his throbbing cock between them."

There was a rude outburst of laughter.

"But," Angique went on. "But not tonight, gentlemen. I must disappoint you."

She chuckled in her throaty, mocking way. Protestations filled the air.

"Please, friends, don't worry. There will be enough left to enjoy. Let me proceed. I must really thank you for joining me after dinner to watch the initiation of my new pet. Oh, she is not a virgin, far from that! But in a way tonight will be a first for her. This night she will be confronted with the consequences of a rash promise she made. The promise to be mine entirely."

A general laughter bloomed and subsided. Then a silvery tinkle filled the air. Kristie felt two warm, thick lips kiss her pussy. They made her shiver. Suddenly though, a cruel flash of pain bit into her left cunt lip. She felt it being stretched to the side. Somehow it was attached to something and kept wide open.

She yelped form the sudden pain.

She yelped again when her other lip was treated the same way. It left her totally open and vulnerable. Her entrance must be gaping. The hard little pearl at the top must stand out for anyone to see.

Two slow tears drenched the blindfold. A sob wreaked her chest.

"As you can all see, my friends, this little slut has the loveliest of pink cunts." A slick gloved finger touched the walls. It then proceeded up to the aching clit. "She is very tight. Her muscles love to strangle every finger, tongue or cock she invites. But here…at the very top is her pearl, her absolute jewel. It is the sweetest little nub. It makes her come and come again. She orgasms with the ease of the most experienced whore you have ever met."

Kristie felt the finger. She heard the cruel comments, the degrading laughter. Her face was wet with tears. She felt totally abandoned. And she'd love to think: abandoned by her Mistress. But she knew it wasn't that. She felt abandoned by her own body. Betrayed by her lustful flesh. It feasted on this humiliation. It ached for every touch. It now even pushed out her hips to meet them.

A slut she was, then? A whore as they said?

Angique let her alone. She and her guests seemed to walk away in lively conversation. They left her to darkness and misery. And the overwhelming need to find answers to her awful questions.

All around her was the murmur and the laughter of people amusing themselves. It just strengthened her feelings of loneliness and abandon.

Then a new hush invaded the room.

The voices fell silent. At last there was only Kristie's soft sobbing. And an irregular rhythm of taps and thuds, taps and thuds. It closed in on her. She stopped sobbing. She held her breath, trying to decide in her blindness what was coming. A wheezing breath laced itself through the thuds and taps. Then only the breathing could be heard.

It was close now. Her heart raced.

Suddenly something touched her cunt. Something moist and warm. She screamed. A broad stroke of moisture tore over her open cunt. It went up to her clit. It was rough, yet fleshy. It made the ends of her nerves short circuit into a shower of fiery sparks. She rushed up the steep mountain of her arousal. Then she came, howling. Her loins spasmed. Her stretched thighs shook without control.

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