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Intense Chatting


I couldn't remember just when it started. I didn't know what I'd do about the consequences afterward. All I knew with any certainty was that I had to have you. True, all I knew about you to date was that you were a woman living relatively close to me and that we had been sharing some very intimate e-mails and instant messages over the past week. Also, you phoned me four times after some of our more steamy exchanges and squealed your way though some of the most intense orgasms I've ever heard.

After your first phone call I did a sneaky reverse look-up to find out your address. I was most surprised to discover you were no more than a fifteen minute drive from my front door.

Now here I was, in the midst of that fifteen minute drive and en route to your front door. You must have been surprised to see me sign off in the middle of our chat, right before you were about to cum again, or so I surmised by the intensity of your last few messages to me. But my hard on was just too much to bear anymore. My cock was still rigid as a tent pole and I didn't want to bring myself off in my hand this time. I wanted to bury it inside you as deeply as I could and pound you until I sprayed my cum all over your insides.

I drove a little faster than was wise, but not because I was speeding. It was a little unsafe because I couldn't get the images of you out of my head. A few times it crossed my mind that I might drive into a post or something because I was thinking about you too much. Soon though I was pulling up in front of your door and throwing the car into park almost before I came to a stop.

I walked up to the door and rang the bell. After what seemed like forever, you opened it and your mouth opened in shock. You looked just like your picture and, by the expression on your face, I did too. I barged in the door and pinned you against the wall, no more than two feet from your front door. In fact, the door was still wide open as I pressed against you and plunged my tongue into your mouth.

After kissing you for a long time I reached back and closed the door. You were gasping and panting from our kiss and I planted my lips on yours once more. I dropped to my knees and pulled your stretch pants down to your ankles with one swift motion. I buried my face in your crotch, feeling the heat of your pussy through the fabric of your panties. The smell was heavenly. You were already soaking wet. I knew that you had been masturbating while we chatted and I guessed that you had continued to bring yourself off since I signed out of our chat no more than twenty minutes ago. The evidence was all over your panties. They were drenched with your juices and I was pushing my tongue past them and into your pussy.

You were whimpering and moaning and it suddenly occurred to me that neither of us had said a word since you opened the door.

I pulled your pants out from under your feet and hooked your leg over my shoulder as I continued to lick your pussy. Your thigh clenched, pulling me toward you desperately. You grabbed my ears and held my face against you, grinding your pussy and soaking my face.

I stood up and led you wordlessly to the front room. There was a small couch in the centre of the room. I led you to the back of the couch and bent you over it. I dropped my pants and then held my cock with my hand up to your very wet pussy lips. The heat and moisture were intense! Almost in slow motion, I slid my cock all the way inside you. It slipped in as if it had always been there. You whimpered again and then I began a slow rhythm, sliding it in and out and closing my eyes in bliss. You were every bit as slippery and amazing as I had imagined.

I told you already that it takes me a long time to cum unless I'm really worked up. Well, now I was really worked up! I pushed inside of you no more than twenty or thirty times before I felt my balls begin to tense up. Another four or five strokes and my cock head was three times its original size.

Then I came. I felt my knees go weak and my thighs quivered with the intensity. You felt me clench and cried out almost in pain. As my cock twitched and spurted inside you I collapsed against your back completely spent.

Both of us were breathing rapidly, our hearts pounding in our chests like two sprinters at the end of the hundred meter dash. I rolled off of you and arched my back against the couch until I was splayed across the couch, my head pointing toward the floor and my feet in the air with my pants still entangled around my ankles. You looked over at me and smiled weakly.

You reached for my cock with your hand and then took it into your mouth. You smiled again and said it tasted just like you thought it would. I laughed then because it was the first word either of us had spoken since my arrival.

You pulled my pants from around my ankles and dropped them to the floor, all without taking your mouth off my cock once. It grew as you worked it. Tonguing and stroking, sucking and licking. You murmured happily when it became hard once more. With my hips hanging precariously on the back of your couch you knelt down and started to suck on me in earnest. The magic your mouth worked on me was too intense for words. I sighed heavily and felt the cum building up once more. Your hand was cupping my balls and your lips were moving back and forth along the length of my shaft. You could feel my cock growing more as my orgasm began to build. You locked your lips around the head and then stroked my shaft furiously with your hand. I grunted and my whole body jerked upward and then I was cumming again, this time in your mouth.

You pulled me down to the floor beside you and kissed me. Although you had already swallowed my load, I could taste my cum on your lips and tongue. Heavenly!

I laid you back on the floor and buried my face in your pussy once more. My cum was still dripping out from the bottom of your pussy lips and I tasted our mingled juices. With long broad strokes I licked you from the bottom of your lips to the top. I nipped at your clitoris and your hips bucked against me. I licked you once more from bottom to top and then nipped at your clitoris once again. Your hands clenched in my hair and you gasped hard. I began to nibble and lick at your clitoris for all I was worth and soon your hips were spasming and your legs quivering.

I looked at you and smiled lazily. One of these days, we're going to kill each other.

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