tagErotic CouplingsInternet Interlude Ch. 01

Internet Interlude Ch. 01

byAngel Love©

Sitting down at her computer in her big leather chair, for the first time since graduation, Angel feels an instant tension building inside her. Thoughts of those long tedious nights composing paper after paper, trying to keep her 3.89 average through her master’s program, playing on her mind. She shudders, and shrugs off the temptation to run from the room, looking for solace from the intense grind she has just recently completed.

She smiles at herself thinking, “Come on girl…get a grip…it’s over…you’re free!” Chuckling out loud, she switches on the computer and it hums to life.

“Where do I start?” she says aloud, still feeling overwhelmed by the fact that she is once again in front of this monster machine that has caused her many sleepless nights.

Her husband sitting in the next room hollers in, “Angel, did you say something?”

“Oh, no Dan, nothing at all”, she chimes back, smiling to herself.

The Window’s program starts and she decides to connect with the Internet. For the first time in over two years she is actually going to use her computer for pure pleasure. The days of research and filing data are over for her; she is free to enjoy her toy. She decides to first visit yahoo.com. Some of her friends at school had told her about the many interesting things that could be found at Yahoo. Nancy said she liked to play games on the site, so Angel decided this would be her first stop. Logging into the game connection, she spotted Chinese checkers, one of her favorite games as a child. She giggled at the irony of it, here she was on this vast Internet, on her way to play a childhood game.

She chose to start out in the beginner’s rooms. Picking monkey moped, she entered and was immediately summoned to join a player in a private room. Not knowing how it all worked she declined the invitation. While trying to figure out what she was to do next the same person invited her once again.

She sat looking at the screen for a moment then thought, “Oh what the hell, you have to begin somewhere, Angel”.

So she clicked on the accept button in the invitation box and entered the room. She sat again looking at the screen, taking in the atmosphere of the game room. There was a picture of a real looking Chinese checkers board. In the upper corner was the icon she had chosen of a lady with brown hair and blue eyes with her own screen name and in the lower corner the icon of a skeleton and the screen name of her opponent. The gentleman who invited her into the room was there waiting for her.

At the bottom of the screen was a chat box where she found a greeting. The greeting said, “Hello, my name is Pete”.

She typed in, “Hi Pete, I’m Angel!” Feeling a little awkward this is all she said. She figured she would wait for him to speak again.

They exchanged small talk while playing the first game of checkers; niceties like where they lived, the fact that they were both married, how many children each had and the type of job each had. By the time they had played five or six games, she felt as if she knew Pete for a very long time, he was so easy to talk to. They confided early on that neither one was happy in their marriage, but that they had stayed on all these years because of their children. After sitting there chatting and playing the games for two hours, they decided to exchange yahoo instant messenger addresses. They left yahoo and went to the instant messenger to add each other to their perspective lists.

There they sat and talked for over an hour, at which time Angel said, “I’d better get going…I have to start dinner”.

“Angel, it was so nice meeting you and getting to know you,” Pete said, “I hope to see you real soon.”

“Pete, it was indeed a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you”, Angel replied, “and I too look forward to seeing you again.” She then signed off and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Over dinner, Dan asks Angel how her afternoon went on the Internet. She thoughtfully replies, “I had fun playing Chinese Checkers the whole afternoon,” leaving out the part about meeting Pete.

That evening, watching a program she usually really enjoyed, Angel’s thoughts were on only one thing, her new friend Pete. She smiles to herself, remembering the little hint of flirting that went on between them. This is the first time she has ever talked at such length with another man; sharing such intricate details of her life and marriage. The thought of this brings a quick blush to her cheeks. She decides that the sitcom is boring so she tells her husband that she is going to go up to her computer for awhile.

He absently follows with, “Sure babe, have fun.” Little does he know what he has just given her permission to do.

Angel returns to her computer and finds Pete online, waiting for her. She is instantly excited to see his name lit up on her friend’s list. Almost as soon as she signs on he is instant messaging her and she hurriedly answers him. He tells her that he has been hoping that she would come back online so they could pick up where they had previously left off. Angel feels a sudden warmth rush over her body, of which she immediately pushes away.

While conversing, Pete asks Angel if she has ever visited any of the online chat rooms. “No, as a matter of fact I have never been online for anything other than research,” she chimes in.

“Well then,” Pete replies, “you have much to see and learn”. She almost thinks she can see him winking as she reads his words.

“Would you like to go somewhere with me now?” he queries. Angle types in, “nods”.

He tells her to go to Hotchat.com, a place that he has been visiting for over a year. “When you get there, sign up for a member identification, and log into the main room.” Following his directions Angel signs on as Angel Love. When they meet inside he smiles and says, “How appropriate,” bringing on another unseen blush from Angel.

They cruise the rooms together as he introduces her to his friends. Angel is beginning to feel very much at home here, as everyone is very warm and friendly to her. He explains what the yellow boxes that are soon showing up on her screen with dialogue from others are all about. He tells her that these are private messages from admirers and if she ever wants to answer one all she has to do is click on it and it will take her into a private chat with that person. She is utterly amazed by the whole situation and is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the messages she is receiving from all of these strange men; however, at the same time very flattered.

To demonstrate how it works Pete sends her a private message telling her to click on it, which she immediately does. When she goes into the private box he says, “Hi Sweetie, I’m so glad you’re here with me, alone at last”.

Angel feels a stirring inside herself. She is utterly intrigued by this man she so recently became friends with. Just as she is wondering how far she will be willing to go with him, Pete says, “Baby, I want to make love to you”.

She feels herself shudder lightly and replies, “Oh Pete, I want you too”.

They begin their cyber by verbally undressing each other, he removing first her soft angora sweater. Catching the hemline and slowly pulling it up and over her ample breasts, he leans in and kisses in the cleavage of them, making her whimper softly. Then he lifts it over her head and pulls it from her delicate arms, while lightly grazing her lips with his. Angel slowly unbuttons his shirt while smiling into his eyes, pulling it free from his jeans. She gently lowers it from his shoulders and glides it down his arms, dropping it to the floor behind him.

Pete tells her to close her eyes and he begins to caress her with little butterfly kisses over her eyelids, atop her nose, tracing her jaw line, and finally stopping at her soft, ruby lips. He kisses her lips more passionately than he would have liked to start, but he is so overwhelmed with his emotions that he gets carried away with himself. Angel responds by separating her lips slightly to his mouth. He runs his tongue over her top lip, across her pouty bottom lip, and then presses it deep into her waiting mouth. She moans lightly into his kiss as she gently sucks his tongue into her mouth.

Gently running his hands down her tummy he finds the button on her jeans which he hurriedly unfastens, then slips the zipper down. He eases her pants over her firm ass, across her rounded hips, and down her beautiful long legs, helping her to step out of them. Standing back from her he surveys her luscious body, eyeing her from her feet up to her beautiful hazel blue eyes.

Now this being Angel’s first time ever cybering, she is praying that she will be able to keep up with the magic of his words. Will she be able to convey her feelings as well as he does? She sighs to herself and thinks, “Well, it’s too late to worry about that now; it’s do or die.”

Angel tells him how she is playing on his body with her soft hands. First she gently caresses his face with the back of her fingers, tracing his firm jaw line and softly grazing his lips. She reaches up to his 6-foot frame to kiss him tenderly on his mouth, just lingering long enough to bring a stir to his loins. Her fingers trail down his neck and onto his shoulders, running her hands across his muscular chest and sliding them down his stomach. She finds his belt buckle and while smiling into his eyes unbuckles it, pulling it free from his pants and tossing it onto the floor. Then she unbuttons the button on his jeans and slips the zipper down. She eases his pants down off of him and helps him slip out of them. Now she hooks her fingers inside his boxers and gently glides them down over his tight ass and across his hips, then letting them drop to the floor at his feet. He quickly steps out of them.

Pete wraps his arms around her and reaching back unclasps her bra. He steps away from her allowing it to billow down her slender arms and fall from her beautiful tits, dropping to the floor in between them. He gazes upon her ample bosom in awe of her beauty. A smile touches his lips as he looks back up into her eyes.

Pulling her gently to him and encasing her in his arms he whispers in her ear, “Angel, you are magnificent!”

Her reply to him is a soft whimper. Pete then lovingly caresses her back as he slowly moves down to her lace thong. Placing his thumbs in either side of the thong he rolls them off her body. While easing them across her beautiful round ass he kisses her tummy and runs his tongue down across her sweet mound. He moves them down her long legs, all the while continuing to kiss her tender skin, and pulls them free of her. Running his hands up her legs and across her hips he folds his arms around her waist and draws her close to him. Once more he kisses her passionately, letting his tongue linger in her mouth for what seems like an eternity

Lifting her in his arms, he carries her to the bed and places her in the middle. “God, you are beautiful,” he whispers, while bending down to kiss her lightly on the lips.

Pete is the type of man who knows how to properly seduce a woman. He is not afraid to use tenderness and compassion in his lovemaking; however, he can unleash the animal in him and become wild when the time is right. The time is right now…he feels it is time to let the animal rear its head and take over. He begins to tell Angel what he is doing to her. While kneeling next to her he slowly slides his hands down her body. Beginning at her lovely throat with the back of his hand, his nails lightly grazing her tender skin he moves to her shoulder…then down her arm. He picks up her hand and brings it to his lips. Taking her fingers into his mouth he begins to make love to them. Licking at each one individually, he sucks them in and pulls them out again.

When he is done he licks her palm with the flat of his tongue and smiling whispers, “This is what I am going to do to your pussy baby”.

Angel is getting quite aroused now sitting at her desk. She squirms a bit in her chair feeling the wetness increasing in her lacy thong. Without thinking she slips her hand down into her jeans and is surprised to find that she is very wet. A little whimper escapes her lips as she runs her finger down her moist slit and back up again. She eases her zipper down with her other hand giving her more freedom to “play”. Rubbing her clit she relays this information to Pete who is taking care of business on his own side of the computer.

Pete continues his cyber story. He tells Angel that he is now kissing her lips while rubbing his palms over her nipples. Then he takes them in between his forefingers and thumbs and begins to slowly roll them, turning them into stiff little peaks. Angel softly whimpers into his kiss, arching her back up pushing her tits into his fingers. Peter moans aloud at this thought.

He wants to so badly have this angel of light that he has found in real life and he tells her so. She replies with, “Pete, I never thought I could feel this way again, but you have excited me more than I have been in years.”

She tells him how she is slipping her two fingers up and down her silky slit. Then adding another finger she enters her love hole searching for that special spot, the one that makes her moan with delight. Finding it she moans loudly increases her finger action. Pumping in and out of her hot box, she grinds her hips round and round in her seat. The first throws of ecstasy engulf her and she throws her head back against the leather chair and lets out a guttural moan.

He continues telling her that he is now spreading her legs far apart. Moving in between her soft inner thighs he begins to lick and suck on them, leaving little love bites behind as he goes. Kissing his way up to her hot womanly mound, he reaches up and caresses her breasts with one hand, using the other to separate her labia. He asks her if her lips are puffy and she says that they are. This excites Pete even further. Looking up into her pretty eyes he smiles as he lowers his mouth to her hot pussy. She smiles down on him and moans softly as he takes his first taste of her smooth pussy.

He pulls back the thin hood covering her clit and brings it up to the surface, standing proud and erect for him. Using his tongue he slides it along her slit first, not touching her clit, just teasing her. He runs it all the way down to her wet hole and beyond to her rosebud anus. She moans again. Then he slips it back up again, this time circling her clit and then laying just the tip against her little nub. “Oh my God,” she moans.

He continues to lick and lap at her pussy while she bucks her hips up to him, driving her hot pussy further into his face. She loves the thought of what he is doing and she continues to play with her pussy. The first orgasm arrives with such intensity that she is thrown off guard. She lets out a loud cry of pleasure.

“I’m cumming Pete, oh Goddddddddd”!!!

Pete is so excited at the thought of making this hot woman cum for him that he can’t stop to respond. He just keeps on licking and sucking her sweet pussy. Taking two fingers he enters her lovely pussy hole. She moans louder now, begging for a third. He slips one more into her and searches for her g-spot.

She cries out, “Oh yes Pete that’s it baby, you’ve found it!” “Oh God Pete, I’m cummmmmmmmming”.

Pete on the other end is pumping his cock up and down in his hand, using his pre cum for lubrication, and there is a lot of it. His hand squishes up and down his long shaft and thinking of Angel and her fingers working herself into the big *O* he comes into the towel he has ready. He shoots out a long hot stream of milky white cum all for his new angel.

They both sigh contentedly and thank each other. Pete says, “You know Angel, I think we have started something very exciting here today. I hope you feel the same way, because I want to have you over and over again. And the next time, baby, we are going to have it all. I want you to taste me and me you. I want to fill your pussy with my hard cock and make you scream with ecstasy. And Angel, if you want to sweetie, I want to experience your tight little ass too.”

Angel is smiling at the prospect of continuing a relationship with this very erotic man. “Oh Pete, yes baby, I want it all with you too. God, how I want to feel you deep inside of me, filling me with your hardness. You know my favorite position is doggie, smiling.” She tells him, “I do so want to get to know you much better, and ummm, maybe we can even talk on the phone sometime.” She adds her trademark giggle to the end of her sentence.

Pete is mesmerized by this offer. Without hesitation he gives her his number. She sits looking at the screen for only a moment then says, “How does tomorrow evening sound to you?”

He jumps at the opportunity to speak with this lovely woman. “Oh God Angel, yes! Shall we meet here first, or do you just want to call me direct? Luckily for us my wife has a meeting tomorrow night, she will be out for a couple of hours. What is it like on your end?”

“My husband is going out of town on business in the morning,” she says, “But it is best for us to meet here online first, just in case I cannot keep my promise to call.” He agrees. They whisper their goodnights and kiss and hug, and then leave each other until the next time.

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