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Interview with Jennifer & Courtney


This story is a sequel to Interview with Faith Hill.

As I was hired to cover the award show my paper I figured it would be a pretty easy assignment, walk around the party and get quotes from all the right stars. I noticed that Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were there without the husbands, which intrigued me. "So ladies," I said as I approached them, "husbands out for the evening."

"No, Brad is in Hollywood working on his new movie," Jennifer smiled at me as I sipped my drink.

"David is probably sitting at home jerking himself off by now," Courtney laughed. I started laughing at that and ended up spitting my drink all over the front of my suit.

"Well, now you've done it Mr.?" Jennifer asked as we stood there.

"Jackson, Jared Jackson," I replied sticking out my hand toward both women.

"Mr. Jackson, are you reporter local or out of town?" Courtney asked as she shook my hand.

"Out of town," I replied with a smile.

"You really need to go get on some dry clothes," Jennifer said noticing that I had completely soaked the front of my suit.

"Could you use some help in that department?" Courtney asked as I stood there.

"Is that an offer?" I asked her.

"Only if I come along too," Jennifer chimed in at that point.

"Sure," I replied stunned that I was going to my room with the two stars off the #1 show on primetime TV.

"I'll call for the limo," Jennifer winked at me.

"Won't that be a little too apparent?" I asked.

"No, we have a driver who knows what to and what not to talk about," Courtney said with a wink.

The ride to my hotel was uneventful as both girls behaved themselves until we arrived at my room. As soon as the door closed however both girls were ready to maul me.

"Come on get that shirt off," Courtney said as she started to loosen the buttons.

"Fuck the shirt," Jennifer replied. "I want these pants and underwear off," she laughed as she started to pull at my belt and my pants.

"Don't you want to call Brad and let him listen?" Courtney asked Jennifer as she yanked my shirt free from my body.

"You're right, give him something to jerk himself off to," Jennifer said as she got up and walked over to the phone.

"I just wanted you to myself for a minute," Courtney said as she yanked my pants and underwear down at the same time and exposed my hard cock. She then reached out and took my cock and placed in her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as I reached down and started to massage her tits through the dress that she had on. She quickly reached back an undid the clasp to allow the top of the dress to fall away enough for me to get to her bare nipples which I began to roll between my fingers. Jennifer then came up hehind me and put her hands on my chest and slipped her lips up to my ear and said, "Brad's listening on this phone. He said for you to enjoy the ride." She then laid the phone on the ground next to where Courtney was still on her knees with my 8 1/2 inch cock in her mouth sucking wildly.

I glanced over at Jennifer as she started to get undressed while she watched as Courtney worked over my hard cock. She slid her dress down her sexy body and long legs to reveal that she was wearing a angel white thong that was tight enough to see the outline of her cunt lips.

When she noticed that I was watching her she smiled and asked me if I liked a freshly shaved pussy. I responded that I did and she lowered the thong to reveal that her pussy was indeed shaved bald.

"Let him lay down so he can eat my pussy while you get undressed," Jennifer suggested to Courtney who quickly jumped off and I lay back onto the carpet and Jennifer lowered her already soaked pussy onto my face. She started to hump my face as I lay there on the floor in what I thought had to be heaven.

Courtney picked up the phone and started to describe what Jennifer and I were doing as she started to finger her pussy as she watched us go at it. Jennifer then slipped off my mouth and told Courtney to hop on my talented tongue that she was going to love it. Courtney then sat down on my face as Jennifer started to suck on my cock which was still as stiff as an iron bar. Courtney's pussy wasn't shaved bald like Jennifer's was it had a line of thin hair that ended at her pussy lips. "David not like a shaved pussy," I mumbled with my mouth full of her pussy.

"No, David is an ass man," Courtney said as she continued to talk to Brad on the telephone.

"Hey, let Jared fuck you in the ass while I lick your cunt," Jennifer suggested at hearing that.

With that we switched position and I got behind Courtney with my cock all wet and ready as Jennifer got underneath us and started to lick Courtney's hot cunt. I drove my cock into Courtney's ass at that point as Jennifer licked my balls. Courtney started to moan and groan about how hot and hard my cock was driving into and out of her tight ass.

I didn't want to miss the chance to fuck either of these beauties so I suggested that they lay side by side and let me fuck them both and the agreed. I pulled out of Courtney's ass and let her lay on the floor next to Jennifer, Courtney then lay the phone on the floor between the two of them. I then positioned myself over Jennifer and drove my cock into her in one hard stroke, her head started swinging back and forth as she moaned and groaned with my cock slamming into her very tight, hot, and wet pussy. I rode her as hard as I could for nearly 5 minutes, before Courtney asked if I had forgotten about her.

I then switched and went to work pounding on

Courtney's pussy with all my might, then Jennifer leaned over and started to suck on Courtney's breasts while I fucked her pussy hard. Both ladies were moaning and groaning as I felt the cum start to build in my cock.

"I'm going to cum," I informed both of them as I pulled out of Courtney's pussy. They both got on their knees as I stood up, Jennifer slid her mouth over my cock as I started to shoot my load after my first two shots she gripped my cock hard and offered it to Courtney who slipped her mouth on my cock and Jennifer released it from her grasp. Jennifer waited until I was finished and Courtney lifted her mouth from my cock with my cum glistening on her lips, then they started to French kiss each other swapping my cum back and forth. Both women then swallowed what cum they had left in their mouths.

Jennifer picked up the phone and talked to Brad for a couple of minutes before she started to get dressed. Courtney helped herself to a drink from the bar in the room as she was already dressed. I just sat on the couch in a haze of passion replaying what had just happened over and over in my mind. "You might want to get dressed," Jennifer said noticing that I was still naked.

"I'll be fine," I said as both women walked over to me fully dressed and each kissed me on the lips, which tasted faintly of my own cum. They then left and closed the door behind them.

I sat on the couch in bliss before falling asleep still naked, because the housekeeper woke me up the next morning with a scream as she opened the door to find me slumped naked on my couch.

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