tagMind ControlInterview With The Bimbo Ch. 04

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 04



"So how did you get out?" asked Annabelle.

"I didn't." replied Lulu, "At least not for a very long time. There is more than one reason why I am telling you this story in 2010 and so far we are only up to 1990."

"You spent twenty years in Crystal heights"

"Pretty much. And that's only because I had a lucky break."

"You call twenty years as a bimbo lucky?"

"Definitely. With the average wage for a bimbo in a place like Crystal Heights, I'd have been lucky to earn two hundred thousand dollars in fifty years, yet alone twenty."

"I don't understand."

"There's no need to offer a bimbo decent money to do any of the jobs she is capable of. She just wants the cocks, she doesn't care about the wage."

"So you were priced out of the market?"

"Exactly. No serious company would employ me as I didn't have the look or the vocabulary suited to a reputable company and the coffee shops and bars were full of girls happy to work on an 'all you can fuck' basis. There was nowhere for me to go."

"So what did you do?"

"I had no choice. I was found a café that was willing to let me work for free, but keep half of any 'extras' I earned."

"But that's criminal!"

"I know, but it was still the best I could get at the time and I needed to start paying earning back one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ASAP."

"One hundred and fifty? I thought it was two hundred and twenty-five?"

"If you remember, clients were allowed to choose either financial or sexual payback. Approximately one in three chose the sexual option. I spent an entire year meeting different people after work whom I had wronged in some way in the past. Thirty two men, fourteen women, three couples and a pre-op named Bernard all were granted one week each to have me as their personal obedient sex slave between the hours of 8pm and 3am each night."

"Fifty people chose sex over getting their money back?"

"Is it that hard to believe? In a lot of these cases it was money they never expected to see again. These people were given the choice of one or two thousand dollars, or their own private and court ordered to be willing sex slave for a week. Seeing as the majority of people I had conned, were the type who I felt were not really going to miss the odd couple of grand, I was surprised the number wanting sexual payback wasn't higher."

"So you pretty much had sex every night after work for a year as part of your sentence?"

"Not just sex, no. That would have been a walk in the park compared to what I was made to do over that year. Sure there were one or two people that were happy to just fuck the uber-breasted bimbo over and over again for a week, but most wanted much more than that."

"Like what?"

"Over the course of that year I was made to become all sorts of things. One week I was straight, the next a lesbian, the next bi. I had threesome, foursomes, orgies, gangbangs and some forms of group sex that I still don't know the words for."

"My god!!!"

"You kind of got used to it after the first couple of months. Most followed a similar pattern and you expected them to bring friends along for the fun on at least a couple of the nights. I was dressed up, dressed down, submissive, dominant. I don't think there are many kinks I wasn't exposed to over the course of my sexual 'payback'."

"Were there any particular people that stood out?"

"Two or three. There was one guy who wanted to take me to every expensive restaurant, bar and theatre in Crystal Heights, but forced me to keep a remote control vibrator inside of me the whole time which he would turn off and on at his leisure when it suited him. There was one notable time when an entire audience witnessed me really enjoying the climax to Les Miserables."

"What a freak!"

"Freak? He was tame. My week with him was memorable but it wasn't extreme. That would probably be my week with The Skinners."

"The Skinners?"

"Yes, Abraham and Eleanor Skinner: a Husband and Wife hotel restaurant owners that I 'borrowed' two grand from before disappearing one night. I remember them because they had three teenage kids at the time: Elroy, Jacob and Victoria. Elroy, the oldest was about nineteen at the time and was obsessed with me he followed me everywhere. I played up to it of course as I thought it gave me a better shot of getting more money out of the parents when the time came but he was a really weird kid. The twins, Jacob and Victoria were not much better, but Elroy I remember most.

"Anyhow, Abraham and Irene were always talking about how cute a couple we could have made and I tried to laugh it off and agree that Elroy was a great catch, but as soon as I got my money I was out of there.

"Two years later and I am face to face with Abraham and Eleanor Skinner for the first time since that they and they have not forgotten a thing. They tell me that Elroy was devastated by me leaving that day and waiting for me every night for months to come back and that this week the entire family is going to show him that I was nothing but a filthy whore and he can move on with his life."

"That doesn't sound too crazy." Said Annabelle.

"Just wait till you hear what happened." Replied Lulu. "The first night was as I had come to expect. Abraham Skinner fucked me a couple of times while Eleanor watched. Then I was made to lick her out as Abraham watched. Then they took turns at spanking me as punishment for being naughty before ordering me to sit in the corner masturbating while watching them fuck each other for the rest of the evening.

"The next day they brought Elroy with them. At first I just assumed that the parents would leave us alone so that he could fuck me as he pleased, but I was wrong."

"How so?"

"It turned out that Elroy was a virgin and that he had been saving himself in case I ever came back. Abraham was determined that Elroy's first time with a girl was to be perfect and so what followed was one of the most fucked up lessons in sex education anyone will ever see.

"I was instructed to position myself upon the bed on all fours and Abraham proceeded to give Elroy and in depth tour of a woman's most private areas. Elroy was coached on how twisting a nipple can make a slut moan out in pleasure, how a sharp slap of the ass can evoke cries of joy and that even the lightest stroke of the pussy can make it quiver with lust.

"Abraham talked Elroy over everything and even stood over us to make sure his son's first ever penetration went without mishap. The whole thing sounded like an Olympic Coxed pairs rowing final, with Abraham instructing his son to 'thrust...thrust...thrust...' at regular intervals while all the time I was conditioned to react like it was the greatest fuck of my life.

"Over the course of that evening, Elroy learnt how to fuck a bimbo in every hole available to him; each time with his loving father giving tips and words of encouragement as they went. By the time 3am came, Elroy's virginity was well and truly consigned to the past.

"The next day was almost identical to the last except that this time it was Jacob's turn to learn. Once again I was treated like the sexual equivalent of a set of training wheels whilst Abraham once again gave a lesson on how to use a bimbo to their maximum potential with similar results to the day before.

"The next few days continued in a similar pattern with Abraham and both his sons coming each evening to partake in all sorts of group sex permutations. It was a real family affair, so much so that on the penultimate evening Eleanor evening joined in the fun once more. She took great pleasure in making me eat her out over and over again whilst the men took turns at fucking me from behind. It was one fucked up family orgy and the final evening it took its final crazy turn."

"What happened?"

"They brought Victoria along as well. They told me that she was getting married soon and needed to know everything there was to know about pleasing a man so that she could best serve her husband. I was instructed to show her everything I knew about sex, using Elroy as my model and she then mirrored me with Jacob."

"My God! But that's insane!"

"I know it is.

"Over the course of that year, I was so many things for so many people, but teaching a girl how to best fuck her own brother with her parents watching... that was the most fucked up things got. I think that was the point when my actions no longer shocked me anymore. I just resigned myself to playing my role and in a twisted sort of way it was probably a major factor in what enabled me to be here with you today."


Annabelle was both shocked and riveted by how this story was unfolding. How Lulu was able to sit across from her and speak so matter of factly about the horrors she had endured filled her with a blossoming respect for her interviewee. She was finding herself becoming torn between wishing the story would never end and hoping that for Lulu's sake that her salvation was near.

Hearing of the things that Lulu had been forced to do every evening for almost a year, she couldn't believe it possible that anything positive came of it.

"I don't get it." She asked, "How could all that have been of any help to you?"

"Well in those evenings, I was court ordered to be whatever the plaintiff demanded me to be. I had no choice. If a guy wanted me to dress up in a ponygirl outfit with a vibrator in my pussy and drive him around Chrystal Heights' Town Square, I did it without a second thought and with a smile on my face.

"The daytime was a different matter though. During the day, only my vocabulary was regulated. I could do whatever I liked so long as I didn't leave Chrystal Heights and was contented to be a monosyllabic, big breasted, sex-crazed bimbo for the rest of my life.

"But you'd found a job."

"Yes, but I was only paid in tips. And in a town like Chrystal Heights, a quick blow job under the table doesn't get you very much since there are plenty of Hanover Honies wandering around giving it away for free while they serve their own sentences.

"Working for tips in a Chrystal Heights coffee house, you seriously have to earn your money. It was one thing to swing on over to a customer, give them a bubbly 'Hiya Cutie' and making sure they got a face full of tits as you poured their coffee. It was another entirely to maintain that happy smiley persona while doing whatever needed to be done to get them to put their hand in their pocket.

"All those evenings of being a willing participant in all things perverse, (especially my week with The Skinners) meant that after a while nothing that my customers asked of me shocked me anymore. Over time, I was able to carry out my customers' requests without flinching and thus began to earn the precious; albeit it negligible tips that were the key to my freedom.

"Within a few months I was earning almost two hundred dollars a month that I was able to use to pay back my debt. I had built up somewhat of a regular customer base with a selection of daily, weekly and monthly clients and things were finally looking positive."

"Two Hundred dollars a month is positive? You'd have been here till you were eighty!"

"Even so, it was better than nothing, which had looked liked my main prospect for the first couple of months trying to earn some money. I was able to fall into a routine, a screwed up routine I will admit, but a routine nonetheless.

"I began Monday mornings with Donny, who liked to spread raspberry jelly on my pussy instead of his toast and lick it off. That was a guaranteed five bucks in my pocket each week. Wednesdays and Thursdays were when the big money came in with the traditional Chrystal Heights Football team gang bang; twenty bucks if they'd lost, fifty if they'd won. (I think I became the team's number one fan overnight as a victory could add nearly twenty percent to my weekly income.) Finally Friday afternoon ended with the head of Chrystal Heights High School giving me private tuition. Bizarrely, I actually learnt quite a lot in those sessions as he seemed to get almost as much pleasure from me getting an A in the tests he set me as he did from giving me a spanking when I got B plus or lower.

Annabelle couldn't help but comment, "I'm amazed you can look back at that as nothing more than a weekly routine."

"What other choice did I have? Break down and cry myself to sleep every evening? I was still me; I just also had to be super-bimbo Lulu for as long as it took to earn my freedom. A routine was much easier to cope with than random meetings with nameless queues of guys whenever my body betrayed me and the need for cock consumed me. The routine kept me sane, it kept things feeling normal amidst the insanity and it was through the routine that I met Michael."

CHAPTER TEN: THE BIRTH OF VENUS "Michael?" asked Annabelle

"Yes Michael Williams, or Mike as I came to know him." Replied Lulu, "It was 1993, the year we first met and he was a junior scientist working for a company named Sleek Curvosity: a company with what some may consider somewhat questionable ethics with regards to the sort of research it did."

"In what way?"

"Well let's just say that I would not have been out of place coming off of their production line."

"Oh I see, that sounds... well typically Crystal Heights I suppose." Annabelle couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of how something so crazy had in the space of a few hours become so mundane and shock-free.

"And it was" continued Lulu, "With the exception of Judge Hannover and few others whom I heard about over the years, pretty much everything bimbo in Crystal Heights was the work of Sleek Curvosity. They were later pushed out to the suburbs when a larger and even more dominant company came to the fore a few years later, headed by the infamous Doctor Street. However, that is another story and one not for me to tell today.

"Anyway, Michael became as close to a friend to me as I probably had in Crystal Heights. He seemed to be quite close to the coffee shop owner and so it was okay for me to sit and chat with him for an hour or so whilst he drank his coffee. He never demanded sex yet always tipped a few dollars or so every time we talked."

"He never asked for sex?"

"No, never. I asked him once why he didn't and he told me it was because he felt I didn't belong with the rest of the bimbos. He was always very honest with me and never denied that he frequently sought the pleasures of the local bimbo community; the fact he worked for Sleek Curvosity meant he had access to a constant supply fresh off the production line. But he reasoned to me that those girls were bimbos in both mind and body and they were never going to change, Sleek Curvosity made sure of that, but I on the other hand was bimbo in body only.

"He told me that when he was fucking one of the other girls he could enjoy it because he knew that she truly wanted to be fucked to the point where not fucking her would actually bring disappointment and for that reason he could never enjoyably fuck me because he would know that deep down it wasn't what I wanted. It may sound crazy but he was as close to a romantic as one could ever find in Crystal Heights."

"But he still worked for that company." Argued Annabelle

"I know he did, but this was Crystal Heights, if you were interested in science in early nineties Crystal Heights then you worked for Sleek Curvosity or you didn't work. Mike always told me how much he disliked his work, the methods they used. He told me of his dreams of being able to start up a rival company and give the town an alternative.

"Inevitably my own situation became the focus of our conversations over time. We talked about Lester and my time in Emerald Lake over and over again. He listened to me like a man who was part fascinated in how a bimbo like me could exist and part hoping to think up some magic way to save me."

"Save You?"

"Yes. One of our primary discussions was about whether Bimbification was reversible or not. Mike told me that Sleek Curvosity had no interest in investing in a reversal process for their work as any mistaken transformations were just treated like an unexpected bonus by the management. My ability to fight my condition to the extent I had also convinced him that Lester's technique, although obviously different was potentially not permanent also. He also cited Judge Hannover's ability to sentence Bimbohood for a set period of time as the ultimate evidence that the process could be reversed or cured.

"He always told me that if he ever got his business off the ground, he would do everything he could to try and turn me back into Louise again and even today I still feel he was sincere when he told me that. Throughout all the sucking and fucking and licking and humping, the possibility of a potential future cure, however remote was a motivation to keep going and something I will always thank him for despite how things eventually turned out. It's probably fair to say that over our first five years together, I began to love him. And he was the only man I met who never fucked me.

"Then in 1998 he had his breakthrough. He was able to secretly patent a new style of lip gloss, one that the non-bimbo market could also use and sold it to a major cosmetics company for millions. It was enough to start the company he had always dreamed of and when he came into the coffee shop the next day, I was given an offer I couldn't refuse."

"What was the offer?" asked Annabelle

"A job offer," replied Lulu, "Of sorts."

"What do you mean of sorts?"

"He offered to pay off everything I owed in return for five years of my life. He told me he wanted to learn everything he could about me and hopefully find a way to reverse my condition. He said he wanted to discover the secret of how to reverse bimbification in order to be able to help those who needed it; people like me.

"He explained to me that it would not be an easy job, there would be numerous medical, physical and psychological tests involved and that it would involve a lot of sex with a lot of people in the name of research. He never hid anything from me as to what would be involved and I respected that. To be honest though, even if he had just told me that he wanted a bunch of guys to fuck me every day for five years I would have still said yes as regardless of the catch, five years was still a hell of a lot shorter than the time I would have needed doing pretty much the exact same thing for tips in a coffee shop.

"And with that Venus Industries was born and with me as chief guinea-pig, it was hoped that the key to unlocking the secrets of bimbification would be found in no time.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE SEARCH FOR A CURE "I Take it he never found a cure." Asked Annabelle.

"It wasn't as simple as just finding a cure." Replied Lulu, "In places like Chrystal Heights, if the wrong person wants something to be permanent then there wasn't much you could do about."

"And you had been changed permanently?"

"We didn't know. Michael's team at Venus Industries performed every type of test imaginable, both medical and sexual. When I wasn't being fucked until my ass turned blue with my body strapped up to one hundred different pieces of test equipment, I was having blood tests and psyche evaluations. Even if they weren't any closer to finding a cure, Michael's team probably discovered more about bimbos in their first six months then company's like Sleek Curvosity had discovered in years."

"What sort of discoveries?"

"Like how my horniness wasn't actually connected to the pleasure receptors in my brain."


"Well of course they were affected. And when I had sex the levels of certain hormones went off the charts. But they also found that normally inactive parts of the brain began to give off readings when monitored. Nobody had ever discovered that before because, well frankly, nobody had ever cared about why a bimbo was horny, just that she was."

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