tagIncest/TabooIt Doesn't Count When....

It Doesn't Count When....


(All characters are over 18 years of age.)

Billy sat at the kitchen table feeling depressed. Another night out with friends, another night of flirting with girls that led to blue-balls instead of getting laid or making any real connections. It had been so long. He was so lonely. On top of it all he was living at home with his mom.

She was definitely a "cool" mom. "She's awesome." he thought. They had a very open and honest relationship and she didn't really place any stupid restrictions on him like some parents. "And she's beautiful." In her early fifties, she was still in shape and hot, as his friends often let him know, much to his annoyance.

Still, sometimes he thought if only he had his own place girls would think he was cooler and he'd have a place where he could take them and maybe even get a real girlfriend. But he knew given his recent luck, things didn't even go far enough for that to be an issue. And that fact just depressed him even more.

As he was thinking about all this when she walked in - his mom that is. She was wearing a soft, light blue bathrobe. "And maybe nothing else" he thought, and then scolded himself for thinking about that.

Sophie still had that just out of bed look on her face. Her eyes barely opening up, she said, "Good morning sweetie. Did you have a nice time last night?" Her right hand lightly scratched her head, running her fingers through her hair. She had reddish brown; lovely wavy hair, not curly, just lots of waves going down to her shoulders.

He sort of grunted in response, shrugged, then said, "Yeah, it was alright."

She stopped moving her hand through her hair and her head froze at an angle. "Oh? Not a very nice night?"

He kept his head down and didn't say anything for a second. She pulled out the kitchen chair next to him and sat down facing him. He watched and felt a nice jump in his chest when she touched his bare knee and tried to look in his downturned eyes.

"What? What happened?" she asked.

"It was okay. Just... talked with some girls but it just didn't lead to anything. Again. It's just getting a little frustrating."

"Oh, sweetie, I know. It's been a long time since you had a girlfriend. You must be getting lonely?" she said, reaching over to give his hand a squeeze. Her hands were so warm and soft.

"Yeah, yeah... I guess that's it." he said tersely. He was surprised to find that her little hand squeeze had suddenly "woken him up down there". He thought to himself, "Why the hell did I just get hard? Am I getting so desperate that my own mother holding my hand gets me hard?"

For some reason, thinking "my own mother" got his cock even harder.

Now he was starting to worry about whether or not she would notice it poking up from his flimsy boxer shorts. Luckily, sitting down like he was kept it pretty discreet.

"Oh honey, I know. I know." she said with very sweet concern. Then she quickly stood up and said, "Do you want a hug, baby?"

The thought startled him so much, he nearly jumped, which was of course was what he thought he should avoid! But something deep in him felt a pull, and couldn't say no to a request for such close contact with a beautiful woman who was nearly naked. That deep part of him didn't care if it was his mother.

Actually, he was realizing, some part of him was more excited because it was his mother.

Meanwhile, she had her arms out wide open, while looking at him in such a caring and loving way.

Slowly, without really thinking, almost like in a dream, he stood up and went into her warm embrace. He felt the soft, plush bathrobe against his body. First his arms, then moving closer to his chest, he could feel it through his t-shirt.

Of course, then he could feel what was under that bathrobe. Her soft skin. Her wonderful chest; he could just barely feel her nipples against his body.

Even though he was taller, she put her arms over his shoulders and he put his hands on her waist. He always loved those soft hips. And in general that extra layer of softness that women have there.

And then, it happened. He moved his hands further around her waist, to just above his mother's ass, and his hips and his rock hard cock came against her body. He sighed deeply. It felt so good. It felt like wonderful relief. For a second.

His mother did a quick intake of breath. And her formerly warm and welcoming embrace turned rigid and startled.

To which he responded by freezing and also becoming rigid all over his body. Only one part of him became, a tiny bit, less rigid, but still hard enough to feel against her frozen body.

She noticed his tension, immediately felt terrible and started babbling: "Sweetie, I'm sorry!... I was just surprised... I mean it's totally natural and understandable! Not that I'm so sexy, I mean but.... You must really be feeling desperate, actually... Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it like that baby!"

She had broken away from him while she ranted. But after that last thing she said, she looked at him, saw a mortified look on Billy's face and brought him back into her arms.

"Oh honey, it's okay! It really is. Don't worry. I know you didn't mean anything by it." Now she could feel he was still hard against her body again. She decided to just keep holding him: prove to him it's okay. She didn't mind. She didn't mind at all.

Actually, it felt wonderful but she hardly wanted to admit that to herself. It was just her natural desire to comfort and please her son, in whatever way he needed. Well, not EVERY way he needed... right? Then again why not? What? What is she thinking?

She decided to hold that thought. She broke her embrace, held his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes and gave him a gentle, comforting smile. She leaned in to kiss his forehead.

It was a simple light kiss but he had never felt such electricity and heat from a kiss by his mom before. She let go of his shoulders and he walked away.

Sophie was left with her thoughts of right and wrong and her concern for her son, once again.

She had a strict Catholic upbringing and spent much of the rest of her life trying to unlearn what they had taught her. She called herself a "recovering Catholic." She had questioned all the morals and every expectation they had imposed on her.

Except she had never seriously thought about this one. Incest was a universal taboo. It was just plain wrong according to so many traditions. Different cultures defined it in different ways and there had been a few exception throughout history. But it was clearly wrong.

Maybe it was according to those traditions but as she thought back on how it felt with her son in her arms, she FELT it was RIGHT. Deep inside her it felt good and she knew she wanted it. She wanted her son.

Then her old Catholic upbringing really kicked in: is there some way of getting around this rule? Is there some way she could comfort her lonely son, in a way that... didn't really count as incest?

Then in a flash she remembered how she and others had gotten around another big rule: no sex before marriage. Anal didn't count. It was only really sex if he put it in your vagina.

That's what they reasoned. So she and a few of her girlfriends had all had anal sex before they ever had vaginal intercourse. She liked it. She wasn't so sure if all her friends liked it so much, but she did.

Even after she decided the whole thing was bullshit, all those rules and all that shame, and started having sex when she wanted, she still liked anal. It just seemed more naughty and intense for her.

But it didn't really count.

So now that she found something that really is wrong all over the world, not just according to the Church, she could still use that loophole. She remembered how sad and dejected her son had looked. He really needed her.

Billy had gone for a walk to clear his head. When he came back on his way to his room he saw his mother sitting on the couch in the living room. She had a look in her eyes he didn't know how to place. It made him stop in his tracks.

"Mom? What's going on?"

"Sweetie, come here and sit next to me." He moved over and sat on the couch leaving a foot or so between them. "Now, I've been thinking a lot about what happened this morning."

Billy tensed up and seemed like he was ready to jump up and leave. "It's okay. Really, I told you it's okay. Don't worry." She said as she took his hands into hers again.

And again with her touch and all the tension in the air he was starting to get hard.

"No, I've been thinking about just how lonely you've been and what I can do to help. Clearly, you are at least somewhat involuntarily attracted to me as this morning showed." She glanced over at him to gauge his reaction. He just seemed slightly frozen in anticipation for what she'd say next.

"Now incest is just plain wrong. You know that. We both know that. But... and I have no idea what your reaction to this will be, but..." she snickered at the pun in spite of herself. "But, I was thinking of a way we could get around that.

"When I was a teenager growing up with all those strict Catholic families, we used to say, 'Anal doesn't count.' We were desperate for exploring, and enjoying, sex. For the comfort and excitement of that intimacy. So we decided that was a way to do it guilt free."

Sophie swallowed hard and said: "I decided I want to offer the same thing to you."

Now she looked up at her son again and saw his jaw dropped, staring at her.

"You mean that...." he stuttered out.

"Yes, I'm offering for you to be with me as long as you only put it there." She pointed back to her hips. "I'm offering you my ass." She gave a small Mona Lisa smile while looking in his eyes.

"I know some people don't like that. They think it's gross. But if you want to, you can." she said.

What Sophie didn't know is her son had always fantasized about anal sex but had never tried it with a girl. "I... I like anal."

"Well, okay! But I guess, I should check to make sure you're telling the truth." she said with another mischievous smile.

Billy watched as his mom reached over to his lap and rubbed the bulge poking up from his jeans. "Yes, it does look like you like the idea." Then she brought her other hand over to reach together and unclasp his jeans. She slowly pulled his fly down, each row of teeth seeming to take forever to build up tension, then release and separate, build tension, release and separate, build tension, release and separate... until it was all the way down. And his cock was straining to burst out of his boxers.

His heart jumped as she reached into the hole in his underwear searching around for the treasure in there. She had it in her hand, wrapped around the whole thing. She pulled it out and stared at it.

"Oh baby, it's beautiful. Any girl would be so lucky to have this...." She leaned her head down slowly but directly, while slightly opening her lips.

He was in heaven. Billy couldn't believe his own mother had his cock in her warm, wet mouth.

Apparently, oral didn't count either.

She took a few inches in. Then she took it out. Jacked it a little bit. Then licked the head and then down the shaft, before taking the whole thing in her mouth again. She looked up into her son's eyes and managed to smile sweetly with her eyes while his cock rested in her mouth.

After awhile of this he was starting to get close to cumming. She noticed this, took her mouth off, and sat up.

"Okay, time to go upstairs." She grabbed his hand and walked him to the stairway. She let go of his hand and walked ahead of him.

He followed after her and watched as, right in front of his face, the cheeks of her ass each went up and down under her robe, as she ascended the stairs, one step at a time. He wanted to just bury his face in those lovely cheeks.

He certainly hoped licking her ass didn't count either...

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