tagChain StoriesIt Happened One Night Ch. 07

It Happened One Night Ch. 07


It had only been three hours since the final meeting of the quarter for Chox, Inc. and Adam Milligan was already dreading the after-hours bash that his boss, Theresa, always insisted on. Adam had worked for the firm for two years and every quarter; they did the same damned thing.

"Milligan?" His boss always insisted on using last names.

Just like the Army, I guess. Adam quickly framed his toothy smile at Theresa's approach. "Yes, Chandler?"

"Tres bien. You will be attending mon petite soiree this evening? At my new place, N'est pas?"

What's with the fake French accent? Adam lowered his raised eyebrows. "Eh' Oui, of course, wouldn't miss it."

Theresa flashed expensive orthodontia and sashayed her sizable behind towards another pathetic middle manager in the corner. Adam dashed for an exit and fished a smoke out of his coat.

A few hours later Adam sat in the comfort of his car waiting with some anticipation and an unsettled stomach. He had tended to avoid such parties office related or social engagements since his teen years. A bit too plain to ever attract any females attention. But also just plain enough to escape the bullet of the testosterone filled locker room bullies.

Adam had not had much luck with women and had managed to only get some sexual gratification once during his span of time. That was an awkward three minutes with the girl who lived next door and had pretty much forced him into the act.

He took a deep breath and opened the car door and walked to the front door, still apprehensive about the evening to come. His approach finally brought him to the door and he could hear music playing and also the voices within. "Jesus," he thought, "what am I doing here?" Just as he knocked on the door the pretty hostess opened the door and took his arm ushering him inside.

"Adam, so nice to see you," Theresa said slightly intoxicated already. Her breath reeked of rum and he figured she already had quite a snootful going. Her long slender arms wrapped through his and she led him to the main room where to his utter amazement the so straight laced people he normally worked with were dancing and some were lewdly fondling others. A state of half undress. Adam contained his surprise as he leered at the woman a few feet away on her knees rubbing the bulge of the companies VP.

"Um, is there a different theme to this party?" he teased her. "Well, Adam," she replied in a sultry voice, "since we just closed that new huge deal everyone seems to be feeling frisky, myself included." With that she leaned in and ran her tongue up and down his neck while slipping her hand under his shirt and rubbing his chest. Adam stood stock still unsure of how to react to his boss' advances, on one hand he could throw her down and ravage her and more than likely no one would notice or he could just wait and see where this progressed too.

Suddenly Theresa grabbed Adam's hand and led him away from the main room into an anteroom of the large hallway, "Milligan, I have just the thing to loosen you up my boy," she whispered in his ear. Theresa walked to the bookcase sitting against the wall and picked up a book on pharmacology, upon opening it Adam could see that there was a hollowed out spot carved into the books pages containing a small wooden pill box. "Come here Adam," she cooed as she opened the box and pulled out two small pink tablets and handed them to him.

"What are these Theresa" he inquired. "Oh," she giggled, "these are x or ecstasy pills, you take one and I will take the other. I guarantee you a good time tonight." Adam didn't want to seem like a goody two shoes so he grabbed her glass and popped a pill in his mouth and swallowed the pill down with some rum and coke. Theresa did the same and quickly led him back to mingle among the partiers. She never left his side and was constantly kissing his ears and squeezing his ass, much to his disbelief.

Finally as he started thinking nothing was going to happen with the pill she had given him the room started to take on a whole new vibe and look. Suddenly the people were looking more like cartoon figures and hot ones at that. Adam decided that this must be what the others had referred to as tripping and as he looked at Theresa he noticed she had taken on a sexy look to him. He saw her surrounded by little orbs of light that blurred when either of them moved and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Gone was the facade of the iron clad ball busting bitch from before.

He saw her now as a woman, not his boss. Her ample cleavage barely contained in her dress and her mouth lips looked perfect for a few ideas he had gathering in his primal side. Suddenly Theresa grabbed his crotch and started stroking him as they talked to the company heads. Not one of the men seemed disturbed by this and a couple even winked at Adam apparently knowing something he didn't. Theresa said she needed another drink and taking Adam by the hand she led him to the back of the house and into a large room that had a few mattresses spread around it. Adam was past the point of wondering why or how this was happening just knowing that he was loving it.

Theresa hadn't spoken a word to him since leaving the group and now she spun him around and dropped to her knees before him. Her hands ripped open his pants popping the button and she drew them down his legs along with his underwear. As she did his cock sprung out and she just giggled. He wasn't sure whether she was laughing at his size or just his cock throbbing before her but it didn't matter right now. She grabbed his cock and started jerking it back and forth.

Through his drug induced haze and the lights that appeared from seemingly nowhere, Adam watched as his boss and object of his lust wrapped her soft pink tongue around the head of his cock as she leaned down and slurped it into her mouth. The tip bounced against the roof of her mouth as she salivated at its taste. Theresa was wanton with her desires and she wasn't going to be denied. This little subordinate was going to feed and fuck her and that is all there was too it.

"Theresa," Adam gasped, as he wrapped his hands in her hair and pushed her head down over his cock. "Theresa, that feels so good," he moaned holding her head in place and probing her mouth with his cock. Deeper and deeper he plunged his fleshy staff past her parted lips, Adam could feel her tongue grazing the bottom of his cock with each inward thrust.

Theresa couldn't believe that Adam had possessed such unbridled lust in his body, he was normally just a fly on the wall at these parties and at work. But now she would never look at him in quite the same light again. He was using her mouth for his pleasure and she was deriving more tingles of joy from it than she had expected.

With a quick plop Adam withdrew his cock from Theresa's mouth and he threw her back on the mattress and reached through the slit going up her thigh on her dress and tore away her panties. This was all still mixed through a drug induced euphoria and he would fondly remember partial scenes of tonight for years to come. He lifted her dress up and flipped her over onto her stomach and leaned forward his tongue protruding from his mouth as he closed the gap between his face and her tightly trimmed little pussy.

"Yes," Theresa shrieked as Adam's tongue probed her fleshy folds below. She reached underneath her legs and slipped her fingers over her mound and started to spread the lips wide so Adam's tongue could delve deeper inside. At once she was rewarded by the slippery tongue of her current lover pushing itself deep within and wagging inside her. She knew with the surprise of his oral assault she was about to cum hard.

Theresa bucked and shook with tiny little orgasms as Adam ate her pussy. She received an even bigger surprise when Adam boldly slipped a finger into her pussy and then withdrew it and rubbed her tight asshole slowly slipping the first of his finger into her ass.

Their moaning was starting to draw attention as the other patrons of the party slipped in and looked to see who was this quarter's fuckbuddy for the temptress of the office. A few men joked teasingly about how this was probably Adam's first time and other things of that nature. Finally a small group of the secretaries settled down on the next mattress to watch and engage in their own little fun.

Adam looked over Theresa's back and saw one of the secretaries as she lifted her friends skirt and dove face first into the woman's pussy. This only furthered his desires and he leaned up and over the boss and stuffed his rigid member inside her with one rough thrust.

Theresa was more than ready by the time Adam plunged into her hungry womb and now she was quivering as he cock pulsed inside her. He still was working a finger in and out of her tiny asshole and she secretly hoped he would use her like a cheap slut for the remainder of the evening.

Adam hadn't been prepared for this at all and at once he let forth a torrent of cum deep inside her womb. "Yes, fill me with your cum Adam," Theresa screamed as he continued to pound her pussy.

Adam could see the secretaries break from their tryst and one of them swooped in and upon his withdrawal from Theresa's pussy the girls mouth was covering the boss lady's pussy and he watched her pink tongue slide inside. At once another girl had her lips wrapped around Adam keeping him hard.

Adam emerged a few hours later sated and content. He would never dread another office party again. His confidence level had jumped from barely being able to be in the same room with a woman now to a higher plateau. He felt like a God and the women would attest to his virile manliness should they ever be asked. Now if Adam could just find a ride home.

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