tagLesbian SexIt Started with a Kiss

It Started with a Kiss


There were days when Jasmine wished she wasn't so into music. A song for every occasion, that was her, and this occasion was just reeking Hot Chocolate... "It started with a kiss...never thought that it would come to this..." - the whole appropriate song thing was making her nervous as she waited for her guest to arrive...

Two months earlier Jasmine had been out to dinner with some of the ladies from work. It seemed innocent enough; they ate, had a lot of laughs, danced and got a little drunk. The taxi ride home was her downfall.

They were the last two to be dropped off as they lived around two blocks from each other. Debs invited her in for coffee, which Jasmine accepted -- Paul had offered to come and pick her up if she stopped at Deborah's place as usual. Coffee, chat, more laughing, then the movie on TV got a little heated -- two extremely beautiful women started to kiss, and kiss with passion. Jasmine was captivated...and Debs watched her with a smile on her face. As the scene continued, Debs walked over to Jasmine, took her drink and set it down on the coffee table, and taking Jasmine's beautiful face in her hands she kissed her in the same way...passionate, sensual, arousing kisses. Jasmine's heart started beating at a rate of knots, and she responded...then Debs pulled away and started to laugh... "I've always wanted to kiss another woman," she laughed, "and I am drunk enough to try, 'speshally as the most gorjussssss woman I know is with me. Don't think I'll try anything else though..." she smiled sheepishly.

That night when Paul got her home, she was a wildcat -- Debs had made her so hot. Paul ended up exhausted, and Jasmine was finally satisfied enough to attempt sleep. She spent the weekend trying to get it out of her mind, until she realised that she wanted more. "I wonder if Debs would be interested in trying out something else," she thought to herself.

The most disturbing thing about the whole situation was that Debs had been too drunk to remember it -- or she was pretending to be. No chance of anything there. Fuck. She was so stuck on this idea it was beginning to affect her work, particularly when Debs walked into the room. She had to do something to sort it out; she decided to take action, arranged a day off and then made a few calls.

So here she was, in a classy hotel room waiting for...company. So nervous she was almost shaking, she was pacing the room, moving around and going a bit stir crazy.

Jasmine was a gorgeous Fijian Indian woman who'd been living in Auckland for most of her life. She was around 5'9" high, had chocolate brown skin, and all the womanly curves a man -- or woman -- could want in her lover. Slender without being skinny, she turned heads whenever she walked into a room. Wearing a summer dress with matching red lace lingerie -- which looked incredible against her dark skin, she thought to herself, "I am dressed to seduce but sugarcoated with innocence."

There was a knock on the door.

Jasmine had found her on a website -- an escorts website -- and booked a time with her because she was everything Jas found attractive in a woman. Womanly curves to her hips and waist, and large natural breasts to die for. Add that body to long blonde hair and green eyes and a Spanish background -- a sexy combination with guaranteed anonymity, and it was too difficult to resist.

She moved to the door and opened it just a second knock came...the girl was just beautiful, everything she'd said she was, and about the same height as Jasmine. "Come in," said Jasmine, her voice cracking a bit with the nerves.

Isabella walked into the room and closed the door behind her. She was dressed stylishly, but not in a way which would attract attention -- a close fitting short sleeve top and very sexy jeans and trainers. "I'm Isabella," she introduced herself. Walking up to Jasmine, embraced her and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'm...Jasmine," came the reply...again broken by the nerves.

"Are you new to this?" she asked with a soft voice.

"Yes," Jasmine said, "but I need this...I need to try it".

"Don't be nervous," she replied, "I'm here to make sure you enjoy yourself, and you don't have to try anything you don't want to." She stood up; "Let's go into the bedroom," she said with a smile, "and see what happens from there"

Isabella took her hand and walked beside her, gradually moving into the bedroom. A moment was spent to sort out the business side of the transaction and slip of their shoes and then the two women turned to face each other. Isabella moved towards Jasmine until they were touching, toe to toe, with breasts just pressing into each other. She leaned forward to the beautiful Indian woman and pressed her lips against the waiting kiss...passion was ignited. They parted their lips and Isabella gently moved her tongue to taste Jasmine...hands clasped and pulled each other closer together. The kiss seemed to last forever and it was so hot...Jasmine felt like she had to concentrate on remembering to breathe...

They parted slowly, and Isabella slowly removed her top, revealing superb breasts encased in a sexy, lacy emerald bra. She placed the top on a chair and turned away from Jasmine, who took a seat on the bed. Jasmine heard the jeans being unzipped and then saw Isabella's hands slip around her own waist, tuck her fingers into her jeans and begin pushing them down to the floor. She was wearing a thong in the same shade as her bra...as she pushed the jeans down she leaned forward to slip them off. Still facing away from Jasmine, she stepped out of them and then turned to face her.

Jasmine stood up and moved towards her, knowing that this was what she wanted, and no longer nervous. Isabella stopped her and turned her around, then removed the dress to reveal that sexy bra and those gorgeous french cut knickers. She stepped closer, pressing her body against Jasmine's, those beautiful breasts against Jasmine's back. Her hands slipped around Jas's waist, with one of them starting to inch its way down to Jas's panties and the other up to her breasts.

Fingers slipped under the elastic, teasingly stroking the neatly trimmed hair without going any further. The other hand was moved and placed on Jasmine's right hip, then the panties were pushed to the floor. Sliding up her body, they found the clasp to her bra and bared her breasts. She was turned around, then Isabella took a step back, looking at Jasmine full length from top to toe. "You are so beautiful," she said in an almost awestruck voice. "Undress me, Jasmine."

No further prompting required, Jasmine walked over to the beautiful blonde, placed her hand on her right hip, kissed her, then began to walk slowly around her, tracing a finger path around Isabella's waist. Also standing behind the other woman, she slipped bra straps off shoulders, the slipped her hands around Isabella's body to find the front clasp. Slipping hands into cleavage, the bra released and fell to the floor. Panties followed, then Isabella turned to face Jasmine. "Come lie on the bed," she invited, "and let's give each other some enjoyment,"

The two women, so different to look at, lay head to head, toe to toe on the bed, facing each other, but close enough so that Jasmine could feel soft flesh against the very tip of her breasts. Isabella moved in to begin kissing with more urgency; both of these women wanted this -- Isabella was entranced by the beautiful Jasmine and Jasmine wanted to kiss Isabella all over. As they kissed, Isabella gently rolled Jasmine onto her back, the began to explore her body using her lips. She moved again so that she was on hands and knees over the top of her client, and then began to kiss...cheeks, ears, lips, neck, collarbone...and then she began to move down Jasmine's velvet dark skin and kiss her way over the softly rising mounds of her breasts. Nipples already rock hard were sucked into her mouth. Jasmine's hands started caressing her shoulders and running her fingers through Isabella's hair as the blonde sucked on one breast while gently caressing and kneading the other.

Jasmine's eyes were closed, but as she felt movement on the bed she opened them just in time to see Isabella's blonde hair begin to move down her body. Down the south side of her bust, onto her tummy, teasing her navel, she could tell that her gentle tuft of hair was probably tickling Isabella's chin. Isabella moved again, lifting Jasmine's knees up as she did so, kissing both of her inside thighs, then slowly moving into position over Jasmine's pussy. She was so hot for this -- she could smell her own scent -- and just as that thought occurred to her, a soft tongue flicked over her clit and she gasped as a shock of pleasure darted through her.

Oh...this woman was good. Jasmine was touching her hair, and Isabella was licking and sucking Jasmine with abandon...she could feel an orgasm building and was hanging out for it...she pulled her knees further up to make sure Isabella wasn't pushed out of the way...her hips were moving slowing from side to side as this Spanish beauty ate her. It was here...the tension built, then exploded. "Ohhh....fuck," she said in an urgent voice. "Oh, God that's good." Her hands locked into place, holding Isabella where she was... "Don't stop," she panted, "...oooohhhhhhhh..."

Her climax began to calm and she felt a relaxing glow settle in throughout her body. Her hands releasing Isabella's hair, the beautiful escort moved back up the bed and kissed Jasmine -- who, to her own surprise, didn't even hesitate to taste her own slickness on Isabella's lips...it somehow felt different than when she tasted herself on Paul's lips...

She lay down beside Jasmine and cuddled her close. "You don't need to do anything for me, lover," she said gently, "though no objections if you want to."

"Oh, I want to..." she replied huskily, and turned to kiss her again, easing Isabella onto the bed in her place. She lingered over the kiss, tongues dancing with each other, then she began to kiss her way down Isabella's body, echoing Isabella's earlier progress down her own chest...

As she kissed her way up the rise of Isabella's breast, she stopped and looked up at the escort, who was lying back with her eyes closed, apparently enjoying the attention. Jasmine got up onto her knees and took Isabella by the hands and pulled her up to her knees. Isabella looked at her questioningly, "I've never done this before and I want to make the most of it." she answered the look. A smile was returned.

Jasmine began running her finger tips over Isabella's body as they knelt on the bed facing each other. Her hands touched Isabella's hips, then her waist, then they caressed her breasts, ducking her head down to suck on their beautiful nipples. She slipped a hand onto her inside thigh then began to run one of her fingers between Isabella's pussy lips...wet, soft and a massive turn on for a girl doing this for the first time. Grabbing Isabella's butt with one hand, she put two fingers together and slipped them inside the other woman, beginning to pump them back and forth, again starting to kiss her. Isabella was gently moving her hips to meet Jasmine's hand movements and muttering into their kiss...Jasmine pulled her lips away from Isabella and looked at her. "I'm going to lie down baby, and I want you to kneel over me and let me taste you," she requested boldly. "ride my lips til you cum, Isabella, and let me taste you."

Jasmine lay down again, and without needing a second urging, Isabella knelt over the top of Jasmine's chest. She moved to position her thighs on either side of Jasmine's head, and then ran her finger down Jas's forehead and nose, "All yours baby." She got up on her knees and moved forward and then slowly lowered herself towards Jasmine's face; when she could feel Jas's breath on her skin, she stopped moving and waited. Moments passed then she felt lips on her inner thigh, then a tongue licking around her lips, then the tip of that tongue running from the bottom of her lips up to her clitoris...ohhhh that felt good.

Jasmine had a nervous moment where she looked at Isabella's full, luscious lips, glistening with wetness. Then she took the plunge and started to kiss around the top of Isabella's legs...then licking around her lips, then finally tasting her nectar...ohhh it was so hot. She licked from bottom to top of Isabella's lips and then began to lick and suck around her clitoris. Isabella started to purr and began to move her hips back and forth across Jasmine's lips. Inexperienced she may be, thought Isabella, but she knows what a woman likes. Jasmine had honed in on Isabella's clitoris and was flicking her tongue back and forth across it with quick, short strokes, every time the pleasure adding to the pleasure gone before. She reached down and took Jasmine's head in her hands, lifting her off the bed and holding her to her. She started to rock her hips back and forth with a greater urgency...she needed to cum and she was sooo close...

Jasmine could tell Isabella was about to climax, and she wanted her to cum almost as much as Isabella did. She licked, she sucked, she responded to each panting breath her lover exhaled, then suddenly she cried out in pleasure...Jasmine could feel the spasms of Isabella's orgasm against her mouth -- it was such a turn on. She kept teasing with the tip of her tongue until Isabella eased her lips away from Jasmine, so sensitive from her orgasm she had to stop. She began to move down to lie next to this oh so sexy client...she lay with Jasmine curled up in her arms, her head in the crook of Isabella's neck and breasts resting against her.

A few moments passed as they lay quietly, then Isabella turned to Jasmine, "I'm sorry baby, but it's time for me to go," she said, "I enjoyed,"

"So did I," Jasmine replied. "Would you like to see me again?"

A smile with a twinkle in those green eyes came as the reply...

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