tagBDSMIt Started With "I'll Send Her Over"

It Started With "I'll Send Her Over"


Jim and Heather recently moved into our neighborhood. They are a cute young couple in their mid-20's. Heather is a tall slender gal with short blond hair and a nice chest. Jim is probably 6' and very much in shape. They bought a waterfront home across the canal from us. Our community is just a short walk from the beach and many restaurants. We had introduced ourselves to them one day as they walked by our home on their way to the beach. They definitely fall into the "beautiful people" category.

On Saturday afternoon, Mary (my wife) and I were down at the local Beach watering hole. We had been there for a while when I noticed that Jim and Heather were there also. We had been drinking and socializing with our friends and neighbors and just having a good time. As Jim headed to the men's room, I hollered and waved at him. He came over to the table and we chatted for a few minutes. He mentioned that he was headed out of town on business for a few days and would be away the next weekend. I told him that if Heather got bored, she could come over and hang out with us the next weekend. His reply to that was "I'll send her over." Even though I was half loaded, I thought the way he said it just seemed a little odd. He didn't say, "I'll tell her" or "I let her know." He said "I'll send her over." Jim was off and we were back to our beers. Evidently, it must have seemed odd to Mary as after Jim left, she asked me what I thought he meant. I just shrugged my shoulders and no more was said.

The weekend ended and we went back to work on Monday. Mary and I always look forward to our weekends and Saturday couldn't get there soon enough. Since we were pretty much caught up with projects around the house, we decided to just lounge around our pool on Sat. We had spent a lot of money and time on our backyard and it was our oasis. We designed it so that the pool area took advantage of our waterfront lot. Around our Jacuzzi area we planted shrubs to make that area private. Since we live on a canal, everyone can see into each others backyards. While privacy can be an issue sometimes, everyone is pretty cool. Let's face it, it is pretty exciting to be sitting by your pool and see one of your neighbors in a small bikini or even topless.

Mary and I were lounging by the pool playing a little backgammon when all of a sudden I heard a knock on our side gate. I got up and went around and opened the gate. Heather was standing there in her bikini and wrap.

"I am sorry to drop in unexpected but Jim told me to come over and that you would be expecting me." she said with a timid smile

"He didn't say anything to us but you are welcome to hang out with us if you would like." I said taking a quick scan of her body.

She seemed a little uneasy but stepped through the gate and followed me to the pool.

Heather settled onto a lounger next to Mary. I went inside and returned with Margarita's for everyone. As we chit chatted, I couldn't help but notice Heather's body. Mary and I are in our late 30's and in good shape but Heather's body was incredible. Blond hair, long legs, and perky tits...what else does a man need. I was thinking what a lucky guy Jim was.

Heather's phone rang and when she answered it, I realized that it was Jim. At first, it just sounded like Jim was checking in with Heather. A couple of minutes into the conversation, Heather abruptly handed me her phone and told me that Jim wanted to speak to me.

"Hi Bill....I told you that I would send Heather over to spend Sat. with you two.....do you remember me saying that?" he said.

"Yes, but I didn't think you were serious", I said vaguely remembering our conversation at the bar.

"Heather has a note for you and Mary. Ask her for it and enjoy." Jim said and then the line went dead.

Mary asked me what he said and I repeated it. Mary looked quizzical but Heather looked nervous.

"Heather, do you have a note for us?" I asked.

Slowly, Heather reached into her bag, pulled out a note, and handed it to Mary. Mary opened it and read aloud the following:

"Dear Bill and Mary,

You both seem like great people and Heather and I would like to include you into a game we play. You see, I like to direct Heather to do things. While most people might not like to be told what to do, it is an extreme turn-on for Heather. Since I am out of town, we both thought it would be hot to include both of you in our games. Heather is at your disposal for the rest of the afternoon. Since this is new to you both, I have included some commands that Heather will like. Please open them in order and Heather will do the rest."

"Heather, is this for real?" Mary asked.

Heather looked down and slowly shook her head "yes." Her body language was very submissive.

The timing of Heather's arrival couldn't have been better. Lately, our sex life had really slowed down and we had been talking about what we could do to get back the excitement that we used to experience. We talked about going to a nude beach or maybe even to a swinger club but only to watch others. The reality was that though we talked about it, we hadn't taken any action.

"What do you think?" I asked Mary

"I am OK with it if you are." She replied.

Mary handed me a bunch of small folded up pieces of paper. Each had a number written on it.

I found the piece that had the number "1" written on it and read the following aloud "Heather....change into the new bathing suit I bought you....Jim."

"Can I use your bathroom to change?" Heather asked.

I nodded "yes" and pointed her to the pool bath door. She took her pool bag and went inside. A few minutes later, Heather came walking out with a towel wrapped around her. She went back to her lounger but kept the towel wrapped around her.

Somehow, I knew that was not what instruction "1" meant. Mary sensing the same thing said to Heather "let us see your new suit."

Heather paused for a moment and then removed the towel to review a tiny Wicked Weasel suit. It barely covered her tits and she kept her legs crossed so I couldn't see how tiny the bottom was.

Seeing Heather in the suit had an immediate impact on me as I started to get hard. Both Mary and I commented to Heather how great she looked in the suit. Heather seemed uncomfortable and a little embarrassed but she didn't try to cover herself.

With the latest twist, things had gotten a little quiet so I found the paper with number "2" written on it and handed it to Mary to read. It said "Heather....jump in the pool to cool off and then model the new suit for Bill and Mary."

Heather paused for a moment, got up off her lounge chair and jumped in the pool. She swam to the shallow end and walked out of the pool and towards us. Heather didn't look at us, just the ground. The suit was complete see through and I could see that her nipples were hard as little pebbles. I could also see that she was shaved down there.

Heather walked up to us and then slowly did a modeling turn for us. Once she had done a 360, she curtsied and went back to her lounge chair. She didn't say a word.

Mary motioned to me that she wanted me to read #3. I unfolded it and read "Heather....you don't want Bill and Mary to get sunburn so rub suntan lotion all over their bodies."

"Mary would you like me to do you first." Heather asked in a meek voice. Mary nodded "yes." Mary stood up and handed Heather some suntan lotion. Heather started to rub the lotion on Mary's back and arms.

As Heather had been very quiet, Mary said "Heather, are you enjoying this game." Heather tamely nodded a slow "yes."

"You know that you don't have to do this if you don't want to." "Are you turned on?" asked Mary. Again, Heather nodded "yes" slowing.

"Do you want us to tell you more things to do?" asked Mary. Another "yes" nod from Heather.

"Does it excite you that all our neighbors can see you in your new suit?" I asked. Heather's face showed surprise as I don't think she realized that she was exposed to most of the neighbors on the canal. Quickly, she took one hand and covered her tits but kept rubbing the suntan lotion on Mary with the other hand.

"Heather, you really need to use both hands to put lotion on Mary." I said.

Heather slowly removed her hand from covering her tits and when to work on putting lotion on Mary. I could tell that she was now aware that she was on display for the neighbors to see.

"Mary, take your top off so that Heather can put lotion on your chest." I said.

I have long known that Mary had submission tendencies and thought this would be a time to explore them.

Mary paused for a moment and then removed her top. Mary has great tits and they were standing at attention. Heather applied more lotion to her hands and then starting to rub it on Mary's tits. Mary had tilted her head back and it was obvious that she was enjoying the attention.

I took number "4" and read "Heather....have Bill take a picture of what ever you are doing now. In fact, take lots of photos so I can see what all happens."

Heather stopped and retrieved a digital camera from her bag and handed it to me.

"Bill, I don't want you to take my photo topless." Mary said.

"Heather, go back to putting lotion on Mary's tits" I said ignoring Mary's comment.

I angled the photo so that you could see a lot of Heather and you could tell that she was putting lotion on Mary's tits but you really couldn't see Mary's face. Mary didn't seem very happy but she let me take the photo.

As Heather was just about done, I suggested that we move to the Jacuzzi area which is an almost totally private area of our yard.

"Heather, take off Mary's bikini bottoms." I said.

Mary frowned slightly but a slight smile came to Heather's face. She untied the sides of Mary's suit and then removed it, tossing it onto a chair. Mary has the sexiest tan lines.

Heather stood there for a second just looking at Mary and then started to apply sunscreen to Mary's ass. Once she had done Mary's back side, she started by her belly button and worked down. Heather was being very tentative but made sure to cover all the spots. I could tell that Mary was excited but what happened next was a surprise to me.

Mary took a hold of Heather face and pulled it up to her and kissed her gently on the lips. It was a tentative intimate kiss. Heather closed her eyes and kissed Mary back. The two girls seemed lost in their own world. Mary reached behind Heather's neck and untied her top. She then untied the back and tossed it onto a chair. Mary massaged Heather's tits and gently squeezed her nipples. After a little while, Mary unties the sides of Heather's bottoms and tossed them on to the chair. My hand was now in my trunks and I thought I was going to pop just watching Mary and Heather kiss.

While I wanted it to go on forever, I know that I needed to get some relief quickly.

"Heather, have you forgot about putting lotion on me?" I said

Heather broke their embrace and walked over to me with the lotion. She put some lotion on her hands and then started to rub it on my chest.

"Heather, I think we both know what part of me needs immediate attention." I said

I took hold of her shoulders and gently pushed her down. She willing went to her knees. I took her hands and placed them on my swim suit. Heather slowly pulled my suit down freeing my hardness. She wrapped her small hands around my dick and started to pump it slowing. I knew that it wouldn't take much.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Mary was now reclined on a lounger with her legs spread. She was feverishly playing with her self as she watched us.

Heather kissed the head of my dick and then started to lick it while she continued to pump it slowing. I put my hands on her head and forced my dick into her mouth. She willingly took it. I just couldn't believe what was happening.

I could feel my body starting to tense as I knew I was going to come soon. Heather was working on my dick like a pro. There it was I was coming in Heather's mouth. She made no attempt not to accept my cum. What an incredible feeling. I saw Heather swallow a couple of times before she let my dick slip out of my mouth.

I took Heather's hand and led her over by Mary. Mary was still feverishly working on stroking her clit and I could tell she was getting close to the first of many orgasms. With out saying a word, I position Heather to face Mary. I then had Heather spread her legs and placed her hands behind her back. I started to rub my hand across Heather's stomach and down her thigh carefully avoiding her clit. I did that several times when Heather started to wiggle.

"What is it you want Heather" I asked

"Please" was all she said

"What is it you want Heather", I asked again

"Please....Please let me come."

"I will if you will help Mary cum by giving her a kiss" I said.

Heather leaned over and kissed Mary. That was enough to start a wave of orgasms for Mary. Heather continued to kiss Mary as Mary squirmed on the lounger as wave after wave of orgasms roared through her body.

I pulled Heather back up and began to gently rub her clit. As Mary started to come down from all her orgasms she stared intently as my hand as it stroked Heather's clit. I toyed with Heather's clit first rubbing it and then rubbing around it. I could feel how soaked Heather was. From behind, I spread Heather's legs further. With one hand, I rubbed her clit and with my other hand, I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. Heather let out a low moan as my finger entered her. Slowly, I worked my finger in and out of her pussy.

Between watching Mary masturbate herself to multiple orgasms and playing with Heather, my cock was once again straining at attention.

"Bill, please let me come.....I really need to come." Heather moaned.

"Bend over and put your hands on the lounger, I am going to fuck your pussy" I said.

Heather shook her head no "that isn't part of the game" she said.

I withdrew my finger from her pussy and stopped rubbing her clit.

"No, don't stop" Heather said.

"you know what you need to do if you want me to make you cum" I said

Heather started to squirm, rubbing her legs together to try to make herself come. She didn't move her hands from behind her back. A few seconds more passed then she leaned forward and put her hands on the lounger.

"What do you want Heather" I asked

"Please" was all she said

"Please what?" I asked

"Please fuck me" she said.

I stepped behind her. The view was incredible. I rubbed by cock along her slit. She was so wet.

"If you want me to fuck you, you need to show my cock the way", I said

Heather reached between her legs, took hold of me, and guided me into her. Her pussy was so hot and tight, I was in heaven. I slowly entered her and when I hit bottom, Heather let out a groan. I took hold of her hips and began long slow thrusts.

"Fuck me hard" was all she said.

I held her hips tightly and began to fuck her hard and fast. It wasn't long and I could feel her muscles starting to tighten. Heather let out a cry like a wounded animal as she started to cum. I kept fucking her hard and could feel myself building. Each time she came, she would let out a cry. I tried to count them but there were just too many of them. I couldn't hold back any longer and started to come inside her. I was coming so hard; I thought my legs were going to give out. Finally, we both subsided.

I withdrew and stumbled backwards finally sitting in a chair. Heather crumbled onto the ground beside the lounger. Mary still looked like she was in shock.

I realized that the camera was on the table next to me so I picked it up. I took a picture of Heather sprawled on the deck with Mary on the lounger. You could see Heather's swollen pussy with my cum dripping out of it. A picture of two satisfied women.

No one spoke for several minutes as we all regained our strength. Finally, Mary got up and helped Heather up. Mary headed to our pool bath with Heather in tow. About 20 minutes later, they both came out wrapped in towels and looking rejuvenated. I had rinsed off at the outside shower and then had made a fresh round of Margarita's.

"To a great afternoon", I toasted. We all clinked our glasses. Soon both ladies were sunbathing natural and the conversation was casual and natural. Not another word was mentioned about what happened.

About 3PM, Heather got up and put her original bikini and wrap on and picked up her stuff. She explained that she needed to get home to clean up as she was to meet some girl friends for dinner later. As she started to leave, she turned and walked back to me. She picked up the unopened number pieces and held them in her hand.

She gave us each a hot kiss and then turned to leave.

Waiving her hand with the pieces in it, she said "I guess you will have to wait to see what these say." We could only imagine.

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