tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt's a Daytona 500 Party, Your Own...

It's a Daytona 500 Party, Your Own...


It's A Daytona 500 Party, Your Own Hooters Girl Included

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, and I'm off to church. Hubby is opting out today because the 1st Nascar race of the year starts promptly at noon. He decided to stay at home and make up a few batches of hot wings for the party we were having.

I get done with church and get back home about 10 minutes before our company arrives. It's a nice day so I put on a pair of short black shorts and my favorite #3 half shirt.

Shelly and Rob arrive right on time. As Rob and Jon settle in to watch the pre-race coverage Shelly and I head to the kitchen to retrieve all the food and beers for everyone. We settle in Jon and I on one sofa, Rob and Shelly on the other. We exchange the usual small talk, who's in what car this year, odds that this person will take 5th or better, while we munch along on chips, dip, and hot wings.

Not long after the green flag waves, about 5 laps in there's trouble in turn three and the caution is out! It's looking as if this is going to be a long race...and a good one at that. The boys announce that they are in need of refills and hubby smacks me on the bottom and tells me to scurry off to the kitchen for more beer. As I'm getting up to head that way, I jokingly asked if this was going to be, "National Women Serve the Men Day?"

And I asked laughing, "What do you think I am, your personal waitress or something?"

Jon chuckled and said, "Come on honey how many doubles did you work on race days when you worked at Hooter's? Besides, who could have it better than us two guys, we got all the comforts of home and our very own Hooters Girl to bring us my beer and wings!"

Rob patted Shelly on the thigh and said, "Yeah why don't you go help her baby?"

So once again Shelly and I padded off to the kitchen to get the next round of beers and some more chips and dip.

When we got back to the living room we heard Ned Jarret saying that it was going to be at least 5 more laps under the yellow before they could clear all the debris and go green again.

At that point Jon looked over at me as I stood in the middle of the room with my hands on my hips drinking down a Corona. He gave me that devilish little look he gets, the sly little smile that always tells me he's up to something, something naughty and very sexually charged.

He says, "Honey, don't you still have a whole drawer full of your old Hooters uniforms?"

"Yes Jon, you know very well that I do." I answered.

Well, that's when it all became clear. We'd been setup, Shelly and I.

The guys had been talking about Hooters and us and how lucky they were to have such awesome looking wives. Jon had cajoled Rob about how sexy he found Shelly's long smooth legs. And Rob said that he couldn't believe the rack that I had on me, not to mention my killer ass.

"She's keeping right up with Shelly in the hot looks department, put 'em side by side and no man would ever guess that your wife is 10 years older than mine!" he told Jon.

All of this talk about each other's wives and their most superior "assets" coupled with the beer and relaxation of a Sunday race day, got them both a little, no, a lot on the horny side. The next thing that Shelly and I heard was Jon saying,

"Hey honey why don't you and Shelly go and put on a couple of your old uniforms, and then you two can really be our own private Hooters girls. Besides, you already said that you felt like you were working there all over again today."

Shelly and I started laughing, "You're kidding right? I asked them.

Jon replied with a, "No, really honey, I think, well, we think, it could be fun, a little role playing for us to think about later."

Rob chimed in and started the come on baby please routine with Shelly and they told us they just wanted to have some fun. At that Shelly and I relented. There were still at least 5 additional laps of caution left to go, so it wasn't as if we were going to miss any of the race while we were changing.

I led Shelly through our bedroom and into my closet. I found the discarded Hooters shirts and shorts in the bottom drawer of my lingerie chest.

I laughed and told shelly, "It's been 2 ½ years, wonder if I can still fit in

these shorts."

Remembering all too well that they were size XS, which in Hooters clothes was a girl's size not a woman's.

We each found a set and began to undress. I couldn't help but notice that young 18-year-old Shelly was stealing a glimpse of my firm tan DD breasts. As I stripped down the rest of the way I was standing in the doorway to the closet gazing in the mirror at my ass in it's black g-string.

"I don't know it sure looks a little plumper than it used to." I remarked.

When I gazed back up to the top of the mirror I could see Shelly's beautiful young body. I saw long gorgeous legs and small perky tits with nipples that puffed, rather than standing out, staring back at me. They were plump and ripe for the taking I thought.

She reached over to me and gently put her had on my ass and gave it a firm squeeze,

"Feels pretty damn tight to me." She giggled as she started to blush.

At that I reached out and touched one of her breasts, and caressed her nipple.

"Oh the perkiness of youth" I remarked.

"Please, like there's any competition for the local hell-on-wheels

Hooters Girl, and resident sex goddess, no matter what their age! It's all in the attitude, the confidence, the air about you, and girl you have all those things mastered." Shelly replied.

We returned to the living room, with the guys, both of us still thinking about what we'd seen and felt. The guys were at it again and the sneaky planning had continued while Shelly and I were gone.

We sat down and started watching the race again, and about 25 minutes later there was another caution, blown tire, and into the wall. At which point the guys decided to get up and get the next round from the kitchen.

They came back and plopped down and said,

"Here's what we think," then Jon followed through with: "The next time

there's another caution we think you girls should take off a piece of


Then Rob continued, "Every time there is a caution you should do this…. who knows how much of you two we'll get to see, better hope your driver can keep it out of the wall."

Now smiling at each other slyly Shelly and I agreed both knowing that they had no idea of how interested we'd become in each other's bodies only minutes earlier. So I looked them both in the eyes very sternly, and then told them,

"Okay boys, I'll do it, and why wait for the next one, it's still a yellow flag right now. No time like the present."

And with that I stood up and quietly slipped out of my Hooters shorts, leaving nothing but my small sexy black g-string hiding my ever wetting pussy. There were some hoots and some hell yeah's and then I sat down beside Jon on the couch once again.

Rob looked at his beautiful young wife and said: "Well Shelly, what about you? I'm gonna feel guilty sitting her looking at Jon's woman's fine ass if he's not looking at something of yours at the same time."

At that Shelly sat forward on the couch and removed her shirt. And Jon smiled approvingly as he saw the bulge of her hardening nipples against the fabric of her little lace bra. By the time she sat back to start watching the race again, Jon began to run his hand and fingers up the inside of my thighs.

Well, one lap led to another and another, and then to another caution and another. And within an hour Shelly and I were butt naked, but that was ok, 'cause by that time we'd gotten the boys in on it and had them stripped down to their shorts.

I stuck my hand down Jon's pants and caressed his ever-growing penis, while his fingers had no problem making their way in between the folds of my damping pussy lips.

The next thing anyone knew I was on the floor, hurriedly removing Jon's underwear. I Saw Shelly's eyes light up with lust as she saw my husband's beautiful cock for the first time. Rob looked on in complete awe and envy at my naked body, and the acts I was performing. Pre-cum already running over the head and down the length of his stiff shaft,

Jon looked down and sighed, "Holy-shit, it never changes, God Damn baby! You are the blowjob queen."

I lightly took my tongue ring and used it to rim the head of his cock…. lapping up all that I saw, like a hungry kitten with a bowl of warm milk. I continued to tease his head for a minute and then I ran the tip of my hot, wet tongue down his length, ending at his beautifully shaven, tight, round balls. I began to dig the tip of my tongue into his ball sack and run it up and down, like a guy would work on a pussy. Jon moaned in ecstasy.

And Rob looked on exclaiming, " Jesus…that's just fucking awesome."

As I took Jon's whole cock into my mouth I began to suck the juices from it's quivering head, and then suddenly I'd just take it all, all the way down till half his cod sack was inside my mouth. After about three times he was shooting his load of sweet hot jizz down my throat. It was an awesome feeling to know I was being watched and sort of rooted on in my quest to bring my husband to ultimate pleasure.

Now I climbed back up on the couch next to Jon and by the time I had Rob had lain out on the length of the coach and Shelly was pulling his much smaller, but very stiff, juicy cock through his boxer flap.

As Shelly went to work on Ron's cock, Jon reached over and gently guided me onto my back, making sure that my sopping wet pussy was well in Rob's field of view. As he ran his fingers around the outside of my wet, slippery, clean-shaven pussy he remarked to Rob,

"See how hot and wet her cunt is? I can't believe that sucking my cock

gets her this dripping wet, but it always does. She just loves sucking


Jon ran his fingers inside and out of every inch of my hot pussy, first 1 finger, then eventually three, as he sucked up all my juices an brought me to a screaming orgasm. I quickly pushed Jon back against the couch and climbed atop his already stiffened cock. And began to lower myself down onto it very slowly. He wanted in so badly then finally I sat quickly down on his lap ramming the full length of his cock as far up inside my pussy as it would go. Jon let out a moan of both surprise and utter pleasure melted into one.

Over on sofa number two, Ron kept his eyes glued to my wet pussy and Jon's hot, vein-flushed cock as I rode it in and out and in and out of my sweet, wet spot again and again. As Jon and I finished, and there was no more show to be had, Rob turned his full attention to the beautiful young wife that was so artfully sucking at his small but very hard cock. She was straddled atop the couch, at the opposite end than him, with her head in his lap sucking away.

Jon and I now sat in the watchers seat and what a seat it was. With their attention heavily focused on each other at that point, I leaned over and told Jon what had happened when Shelly and I were changing. Knowing that I had been bisexual since I could remember being sexual, Jon knew that I had been dying to get my tongue inside of Shelly's cunt slit for the better part of the last year. And we couldn't help but notice that she was the only one in the room who hadn't received service of any kind. As she perched there on all fours we could see her pussy getting wet, and noticed that she was starting to rub her clit with her free hand from underneath. But then she would get into the job she was doing on Rob and would let herself lapse.

Jon bumped my arm with his elbow and put his fingers to his mouth and stuck his tongue out between them letting me know that I should go for it, go and eat at the Y. It was after all languishing for pleasure and touch. At Jon's sign of approval I crossed to the other couch. Rob's face slowly spread in an approving grin as he realized what I was about to do.

I entered the couch head first under Shelly and positioned my face right below her hot pussy. As I put out the tip of my tongue and touched her clit for the first time with my hot wet breath, she shuttered and screamed out. As Ron's cock buried itself even more furiously into her mouth at the site, and sound of his wife's first time with another woman. As I set to work on Shelly's beautiful pussy, I pressed into the pink, wet-hot, fleshy middle, digging my tongue ring into her and then rubbing up and down her slit's length at a dizzying pace. Ron watched his wife's eyes rolling back in her head as she experienced a pleasure she had never known before.

By the time I was on about my third good taste of her cunt, she abruptly raised her head from Ron's Cock and looked at him and Jon and me, and then hesitantly said, "Oh my God! That is phenomenal."

And holding out her hand to me she shyly asked me to take her--upstairs to my bed and take her fully in everyway that I possibly could. With out a word, but a look of awe from the two men, Shelly and I climbed the stairs to ecstasy hand in hand.

When Shelly and I came to the foot of my bed, our bodies came together again as one. I leaned in to kiss her and she feverishly shoved her tongue into my mouth, probing its every depth. I guided her back onto my pillow and as she lay there she looked both innocent and nervous. Yet, there was a hunger about her, a hunger that I only see when it is a girl's 1st time with me. It's a hunger for knowledge, carnal knowledge, both mental and physical.

I began to kiss her softly and deeply again, and as the kiss lingered the level of passion and shear lust that we felt for one another continued to build to the point where we were sucking and licking at each other's mouths furiously. Then I began my slow decent to heaven, both her heaven and mine would soon be found in the delightful tricks of another woman's tongue between Shelly's thighs.

I made my way gently down her sweet neck—the wonderful scent of another woman having no equal in my mind. Kissing and licking and slurping I found my way to her small, perky tits and their completely puffed areolas. You couldn't take just Shelly's nipples into your mouth, there was no definition, just a beautiful puff from beginning to end that you had to wrap your lips and tongue around.

She moaned as I made my way down her chest and over her stomach and as I reached the tops of her thighs and lingered there to tease her, she screamed out in both pain and pleasure,

"Take me; stuff your tongue inside me. I want to feel you fuck my pussy

with your tongue."

All the while shoving my head further down between her sweet, wet-hot thighs. When my tongue finally touched her clit again she came instantly, she was so excited about fulfilling one of her biggest fantasies that her cum actually spurted out all over my tongue and face.

Of course being the seasoned one around here, I didn't let it even phase me. I stuck my tongue deeper inside her snatch and rolled it inward creating a straw to suck all her juices through. Shelly screamed and writhed under my face, but I never let up on her--the more she screamed out, the further and harder I dug my tongue up inside of her body. Never relenting even as tears of pleasure and pain began to roll down one cheek.

I then immediately turned my attention to her tight, sweet, little asshole and began to rim it with my tongue; she could feel the cold wet metal of my tongue ring digging around and around the hot ridges of her hole. She started to get really hot again; she grabbed me by the top of my head and began to grind her hips into my face. Keeping my tongue deeply buried in her tight ass, I moved my hand up to her dripping cunt and spread her lips open wide with one hand while I invaded her with the other. First with one finger then two and three, until I was fucking her past the knuckles of all my fingers at once as hard as I possibly could. My hand buried in her cunt my face and tongue buried in her ass she began to convulse from head to toe and I could feel her pussy tighten its grip of release again, only this time around my fingers instead of my tongue. Shelly came again in dizzying proportions.

Shelly hadn't had much experience with toys, and she'd never been with another woman, so when I brought out the all time women's favorite toy, the pearl bunny, she wasn't quite sure what to think. But it didn't take her long to find out why it's everyone's favorite. She bucked and moaned and screamed as the bunnies two little ears dug there way up inside the folds of her clit. Then I turned it and buried the bunny ears inside her, with them facing outwards so that they were hitting her clit, but from the backside—from inside of her, as I tongued her drenched cunt to yet another orgasm. Then with out a second thought I buried the rotating cock of the rabbit deep into her slit, as its ears keep a vigil for me one her swollen, red-hot clit, while I plunged ahead for that ever elusive G-spot. And as Shelly began to tighten up and make the sound of a woman who's about to cum all over again, I quickly slid the wet rabbit out of her pussy and careened it into her ass. That was the final straw, I looked up to see Shelly screaming and panting—her face buried in my husbands pillow.

When we rounded the stairs, the boys were all grins…and believe me, my husband didn't mind finding another woman's face print indented in his pillow any more than Ron minded not getting fully fucked until later that evening after Shelly had a little time to recover. It was a day that no one of the 4 would ever forget—although we couldn't tell you who won the Daytona 500—and couldn't imagine what the preacher would say if he'd only know how truly beautiful of a Sunday afternoon out of church it had been!

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