tagIncest/TabooIt's Not Sex If You Use A Condom

It's Not Sex If You Use A Condom


It all happened late Saturday afternoon, several months after my 18th birthday. I knew things weren't quite right before it began, but, well, I guess this confirmed it. Mom was upstairs saying goodbye to Dad. He had to work late on this Saturday due to some rotating shift thing or something -- I don't quite know. He explained it to me but I didn't really care or listen. Anyway, as Dad went out the door, Mom came to sit on the couch with me.

"What you still doing here?" mom inquisitively asked

" Didn't really feel like going out tonight" I said tiredly "Also I kind of run out of money..."

"Yeah well you should still be out doing something, couldn't dad lend you any."

"Like I said I didn't feel like it, anyway why you still here?"

"Well your dad doesn't really like me going out without him and as he's at work so I thought... No 'HE THOUGHT' that I probably shouldn't. Then again since las..."

"QUISHENDO." the TV loudly announced.

Mom turned her head to it. "What the fuck are you watching?" she asked as men in blue masks bounced up and down while hitting girls in clown makeup in the head with blown up mallets.

"I've got no idea it was came on after the news."

"Right," she said strangely unbelievably "Well do you mind if I turned it over."

"Of course not, just don't stick something crap on."

"Well how about this."

"No way" She turned it over.


"No" The channel changed again.



This went on for a while until mum just settled on some film on one of the movie channels. "Look" mom said tiredly "I'm putting this on, and if you don't like it then tough."

"Mom, I hardly think this is appropriate." I said

"Why not?"

"Well the info says it's an erotic thriller"

"So... "

"Well there probably going to have sex and quite frankly I don't really fancy watching some sex scene with my mom."

Strange really, that I'd say something like this considering what would happen.

"There isn't going to be any sex scene." mom said

"Look mom I know how you hate to be proven wrong but that's what the word 'erotic' means."

"No! it isn't 'erotic' just another word for crime."

"What!" I said disbelievingly "You know what fine, I'm too tired for this, but I am right."

"Are not!" she said jokingly before cuddling up to me she hadn't done this since I was little, so it's no shock that it had some effect on me, she was a fantastically sexy woman I know they say that in every story but, well quite frankly it wouldn't have happened if she wasn't. She had a nice firm ass and what I can only assume were DD breasts and with the low cut top even though she was my mother I couldn't help but take a few peeks.

The movie went on until like I said the main love interest was inviting the detective back to her room.

"See," I said slyly to mom "I told you so."


"Yeah but... he's getting out a condom." she said desperately

"Yes because there about to have sex." I said sarcastically

"Yeah well it's not really sex if you use a condom."


"It's not really sex." she said "sex is the action humans use to reproduce, if you were a condom you can't reproduce, so if you wear a condom it's not sex."

"That's insane."

"Prove me wrong?" She said looking me directly in the eyes.

"Of course you're wrong!" I said

"Well if you're going to be like that I guess I win." she said cuddling up to me showing more of her lovely large perky milky breasts making me grow hard.

"So you're saying If I put on a condom on my penis put it in you vagina, moved it in and out until I came, that would be ok as that wouldn't be sex."

She paused with shock and surprise on her face and just looked at me.

"Well it wouldn't be sex, I'd be wearing a condom!" I said frustratingly

"Well then... it wouldn't be sex."

"I don't believe ... actually" I reached in my pocket moving my hand down moms back to get my wallet.

"What are you doing!" mom said fearfully

"Getting a condom." I said as I got one out of its packet then opened my flies and rolled it down my penis.

My mother looked at me with expanded eyes. "This has gone far enough now Jack."

My names Jack by the way probably should have mentioned that earlier.

"What? It's not sex!"

She paused.

"Alright then." she said annoyed, before taking off her jeans and knickers and laid on the rest of the couch with her legs either side of me.

"What!" I said

"Do it put your dick in me!" She said with her best poker face.

"I... I..." I didn't expect this looking at her there though with her large breasts, perfect skin I could hardly not.

So I did before I knew what I was doing I plunged my shiny dick into my mother's pussy. It was incredible.

Angrily she said "Jack! I didn't..."

I plunged my tongue into her mouth and kissed her. She still tried to talk for a while but then grabbed my head and started to kiss back.

I drew away from her mouth.

"What it isn't sex." I said while pushing my penis in and out of her vagina.

She looked at me in the eyes in shock. Then... smiled and wrapped her legs round my waist.

"I guess not."

I continued fucking my mother, taking her shirt off and groping her bare breasts she hadn't worn a bra which I was thankful of as I grabbed them kissed them as she stoked my neck and grabbed my back with all her might with the other hand.

Then she raised her head with pleasure.

"Oh Jack don't stop, Jack don't stop, Oh Jack I LOVVVVVE YOU...."

So it takes this to get her to say it I thought.

I continued fucking her, kissing her neck up to her chin. Grabbing her ass and dancing her tongue with mine.

"Turn around." I said

"whaa..." she could barely speak I didn't know if I was really that good or the shock of having sex with her son had just shocked her that much.

She put her hand on my chest and grabbed one of my ass cheeks stroking it down to my leg.

"Turn around, it'll be better, trust me."

She did, I took my penis out of her for what seemed like for ever and she got on all fours and I put my dick back inside her, she was so much tighter from behind, and laid over her back grabbing one beast with one hand and holding her stomach with the other. Kissing her neck.

"Oh Jack" she said "Oh Ja..Jack!"

The car drove into the drive.

"Oh Jack I love you so much.. You know that right."

She panted, as the key went in the lock.

"I know mom... oh MY god... I love you too."

The door swung open "Hey darling turns out it was next Saturday they wanted me to..... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" my dad loudly proclaimed as I abruptly stopped moving my penis in and out of my mother's vagina.

My dad looked at my mother in shock then with angry eyes looked at me with my hard cock still in his wife's cunt.

"it's not sex if he wears a condom." mom quietly and meekly said

"What" my dad said in confused voice

"I... I mean dear GOD what in the name of... I mean I know you were a Slut but this. He's your SON! I mean I should have known the last time you... You know I swore then I should have never have married you turned out... .... I WAS RIGHT!!!" Dad monologued to himself.

"You!..." Mom said quietly and even though I couldn't see her face I could tell she was angry.

Then she grabbed my hand that at this point had fallen to her side and placed it on her breast and gave it an encouraging stroke as I squeezed it.

I knew what she meant she leaned away from me then then towards me thrusting herself onto my still hard cock. I put my other hand on her ass cheek she stopped. Then I looked my dad in the eyes as I started to fuck his wife.

"That's it baby," she said "don't stop, just ignore the nasty man."

My dad looked on with shock

"That's it, there's a good boy." She said "FUCK ME, AH THAT FEELS SO GOOD, that's fuck Mommy, fuck her good, there's a good boy, there's a good boy..."

"Oh mom, mom, mom I'm gonna cum."

"I don't believe this!!!" dad said believably

"Go on then jack go on cum in mommy!"

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Go on then honey!"

"Ahhh ahh I'm CUMMING!!!"

"yes, yes ye..."

"Ahhhh" We both shouted.

Her pussy tightened as a came inside her. Then we collapsed on the couch.

For one moment I had forgotten everything, that dad was watching us or that the woman I was lying above the woman that I had just came inside was my mother.

She then kissed me and as it grow more passionate my dad loudly yelled, grabbed me with the condom still on my now flaccid penis and was about to hit me before mom got in the way.

"Go to your room Jack." mom said fearfully

"What?" I said confused

"Go to your room!"

I went running out of the living room up the stairs and into my bedroom there I heard arguing I couldn't quite make it out but funnily enough I could kind of guess. Until there was a big yell and the slam of a door.

I went downstairs timidly and saw mom with a large red mark on one cheek and a somewhat tearful expression.

"Is everything alright?" I said

"Yeah of course it is" she said wrapping her hand around my now bare penis. "Although it would be better if you had some more of those condoms"

I smiled "Well looks like the movies over now anyway." I said gesturing to the credits on the screen.

"Oh well." she said moving her hand up and down my shaft "oh and by the way you were right." she smiled.

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Pretty good

Barring the obvious things several others have brought up, there's also some things I'd like to see done better. You kind of emphasized the fact that he was cumming inside her during the dirty talk. Imore...

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