tagNonHumanIvanovs Ch. 02

Ivanovs Ch. 02


Hello, here is the continuation of She Wolf. You may need to read that series before reading this story. None of the characters in this story is real. So please read and then relax.

I want to thank Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter. However, I did tweak the story after he returned it, so any mistakes you may find are no reflection on him. Please do not allow any oversights to distract you from enjoying the story in its entirety.

Also, a special thanks to MizT and Donalde for beta reading this story for me.


Three days later, a tan SUV pulled into the drive. Nicolette rushed outside. Her friend had arrived. Nina quickly exited the vehicle and the two friends embraced. It was as if they had not seen each other in years, instead of a few months. "Nina, you made it. Welcome, I'm so happy you are here." She exclaimed.

Nina was just as excited, "Nicolette so glad to see you." Nina squealed as she hugged her friend, then she looked around. "Your home is beautiful. I love it." She stated admiring the rolling hills and picturesque landscape. "How are you? You look so happy."

At this point, Thaddeus had managed to get out of the car and was greeted by giant hugs as well. As the two women talked, he took their son, Theo, out of the backseat. Of course, Nicolette had to lavish kisses on her newest godson. "Everyone, come in." she exclaimed and their guest happily followed them inside. Nina took a moment to introduce the staff to her family members. Although they were all vampires, they were happy to meet the She Wolf they'd heard so much about. As Nicolette was introducing two of the maids, Petra entered carrying an excited Jonathan. Jonathan started jumping as soon as he saw Nina and Thaddeus. Theo saw his friend and both babies reached for each either.

Petra was surprised, at two months old, Jonathan was so advanced. He and the little wolf cub seemed to connect instantly. Nicolette relieved her of the overexcited two month old and she and Nina them into the library to catch up. Amerie allowed Nicolette and Nina time as she made certain their room was ready. Thaddeus and Claus were left to carry the bags to the room. The two men looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, as the three women made themselves scarce. After the bags were placed in their room, one of the maids made sure their bags were unpacked and all of their clothes were placed in the right places. Their room was right beside a small nursery that Nicolette had put together for Theo. Thaddeus was impressed. It seemed their friends had planned for all contingencies, and wanted to make sure they were as comfortable as possible.

Petra knew they had company and wondered if she had to care for both children. Nicolette sensed her concern and sent her a message. I'm sorry, Petra. Yes, as my friends visit, I will ask that you watch their son also, but we will double your pay. Is that a problem?

Petra, smiled and answered quickly, No problem, Mrs. Ivanov, and no, there is no need to pay me more. I won't take it. I was just wondering. she answered.

"Petra, we can keep the babies for now. Go and take a break." Nicolette instructed. Petra nooded and took her leave.

Nina looked at her friend, "Nicky, she doesn't have to care for Theo. That's not her job.'" She explained.

Nicky smiled, "She is indebted to Gernick for some reason. He released her of the debt, but she insist on working it off. So we pay her a nice salary as a nanny. She's wonderful with him. Besides, she doesn't mind watching Theo. You'll see. He will love her."

Nina smiled. She'd never seen her friend more content, relaxed. "I see being mated agrees with you. How is old Mr. Crabby?" she asked teasing. In all honesty, she found herself warming toward Gernick a bit. She knew he loved her friend and that was the only reason she could forgive him.

Nicolette smiled at the thought of her husband. "Mr. Crabby as you call him is fine. He's still trying to keep secrets, but that's just how vampires are." Nina nodded, as she remembered how Nicky kept her secret about what happened to her years earlier when she went before the council.

The babies cooed loudly, and they drew the attention of the two women. The babies were laying side by side and seemed to be talking,. Theo at five months was slightly larger than Jonathan but it was obvious that those two boys would be connected forever. Thaddeus and Claus walked in, and each retrieved a boy off of the play mat. The two boys reached for each other instantly, and the men laughed. "Come on boys," Claus stated, "Let's give the women time alone." They then looked at Nina and Nicky. We want to take them to the garden. Don't worry they are safe." Then they left.

"Nina, don't worry. We want you to relax and enjoy your visit." Amerie added as she entered. She knew that this young woman would not want to burden anyone else with the care of her son. "Tell me, how are things at home. It's been a while since we've visited?" she asked. Nina then launched into the current events happening. Nina stated that she believed Kyra and Malcolm might join as mates soon. They talked about Julianne and BJ's new family. Nicky and Amerie loved the three pups they'd adopted. They were ecstatic to learn that Julianne was now pregnant and they were expecting twin girls.

The three women talked a while and then the men returned carrying cranky boys. It was time to feed. Both Nina and Nicolette sat and nursed their young. They share a feeling of contentment at being able to share these moments. As soon as both boys were efed and full, they burped the babies and Petra came in. It was nap time for Jonathan and she was certain Theo needed a nap as well. Nina nad Nicolette carried both boys to the nursery. At first they placed them in separate beds, but the two were fussy, so they ended up putting them in the same crib. Within seconds, both boys were asleep, and clutching onto each other.

Nicolette led Nina from the nursery and showed her where her room was. It was right beside the nursery. Then they returned to the library. The two friends sat talking when Gernick came home. He went straight to the library to greet his marte and welcome their guest. Claus and Thaddeus met him in the library as he was greeted coolly by Nina.

"Nina, Nicolette, I get to babysit while you two get a spa day. I have not forgotten. I will be ready to keep both boys this weekend." He reminded his wife's sister. Nina glared at him, but he noticed the twinkle in her eye. She was not as annoyed as she pretended to be.

"You will keep them, not Thaddeus, Claus, or Amerie, right?" she asked. Gernick nodded and smiled then whispered, "Of course, Nina. I gave my word."

Nina smiled, "OK, keep the boys happy and I might forgive you sooner." She teased.

Gernick laughed. The four sat and talked. Claus excused himself and went to find Amerie. He realized she was not with Nicolette and Nina. He checked the garden and she wasn't there. He headed to her room, and knocked. "Come in." she called. Claus walked in and Amerie was sitting on her chaise lounge relaxing. "I was reading. What's going on-" he pulled her close and kissed her. Amerie responded, and soon he lifted her and carried her to her bed. Crawling on top of her, he kissed her lips, neck, as he quickly worked to unbutton her blouse. Within seconds, she was bare before him. Amerie realizing her body was not as young as it once was moved to cover her nakedness.

"Amerie, please. Let me see you." He whispered. "I need you and I'm tired of waiting. Join with me, become my wife tonight." He pleaded.

Amerie could not move. She wanted this man as badly as she wanted her last breath. "Yes, Claus, yes"

Within minutes, he was naked as he joined her in bed. He could scent her arousal and it pleased him. He wanted to make sure she enjoyed their joining, so he loved her with his mouth and tongue. He ate her pussy as if he was a man dying of thirst and her body was the only source of water. For the first time in over four hundred years, Amerie climaxed. She came on his tongue, hard and fast. However, Claus was not done. He then covered her body with his. Positioning himself between her spread thighs, he entered her hot wet cavern quickly. Hissing as her tight hotbox engulfed him. Claus paused, he waited for her body to adjust and then he began to love her.

Slowly he moved in and out of her body, until she to found the right rhythm and then the real loving began. Amerie felt as if she was being split open. No man had been inside of her since Nicolas, and Claus was twice his size. She felt so full. And loved it. Before long, she found herself meeting him thrust for thrust. Groaning as he laid claim on his woman with his body. Soon he had to taste her, but she needed to make the first bite.

"Bite me, Amerie, now. You must." He demanded. Her mouth watered for the taste of his blood and she sank her fangs into his neck. Claus growled. As he felt her cunt contract on his cock. Unable to hold out any longer, Claus leaned down and claimed his wife.

Nicolette heard the sounds and was instantly alerted. "Momma, some things wrong with her." She stated about to head to her room.

Gernick grabbed her and halted her, "She's fine love. Claus is with her." He stated.

"Claus! If he has done something to hurt my mother..." she growled.

Nina moved over and hugged her friend. "Um Nicky, I don't think that's the case. Do we need to have the talk?" She asked, smiling at her friend's sheer frustration.

It dawned on her what she was alluding too. "No, Momma is not interested in men. She's never... If he forced her,I'll.." she turned headed to her mom's room to defend her mother's honor.

"He loves her Nicky. He has for over a year now. They are adults, and if she has joined him it's because she wanted to. He can take care of her make her happy. Don't you want her to be happy." Gernick explained as he pulled his wife into a gentle embrace to calm her.

Nicolette turned on him, and then she thought. She knew Claus and he was a good guy. Nicky smiled. Her Mom deserved to be loved and Claus was perfect for her. She returned to her room and showered, and then she went to feed Jonathan, Nina was already up and dressed. She was feeding Theo, and the two went down to breakfast. They left the babies with Petra because they truly seemed to enjoy her company.

As they walked downstairs, Nicky found it odd that her mom and Claus were nowhere in sight. Thaddeus chuckled at the confused look on her face. Nina hit him, and admonished him for laughing at her friend. "Come on, Nicky. Let's make Thaddeus help Petra with the boys for a while. I want to walk around this beautiful place." Nicolette laughed as she and Nina took a morning stroll after breakfast. The land their home was on was massive. The two women enjoyed a good workout. When they returned home, Amerie was waiting anxiously, wondering if Nicolette had any idea that she'd mated with Claus. Love, she is an adult. She will be fine. Claus assured her.

The two came from her room and found Thaddeus on his own. "Where are the girls?" Claus asked.

Thaddeus looked at the newly mated pair and smiled. "It seemed as if Nicolette needed some fresh air, so Nina convinced her to go for a walk. Well you two, congratulations."

"Thank you." Claus accepted, "She is, wow. I'm just happy she said yes."

Amerie blushed, but could not take her eyes off of her groom. "I'm sorry, Thaddeus, do you need anything, food, something to drink...?"

"Amerie, I am fine. I'm happy for you." He stated and embraced the older woman. "You two deserve the best." As he was speaking, Nina and Nicolette returned.

"Momma, are you OK?" the she turned on Claus, "If you hurt my mother, I will-" she stopped. Claus waited and then she smiled. "Take care of her Dad, that's all I ask." Claus hugged Nicky back, and promised her he would.

"Oh Momma, are you happy?" she asked as she embraced her mother. "Baby, yes. We can talk later. But for now know that I love him and he makes me happy." She answered.

"Um, wait a minute. What is her new name?" Nicky demanded to know.

Claus laughed. "Mrs. Claus Stovak. Amerie Stovak" he answered gazing at his amazing new wife. Nicolette simply smiled. Yes, this man loved her mother and would care for her forever.


Gernick was at his office. He'd narrowed the breach in his company down to three employees. Two of the suspects were in high positions, one was a mid-leveled employee. It did not matter to Gernick, because one of them were selling his company secrets to his competitors. He arranged a meeting with each person. Soon one by one they arrived in his office. Gernick read them as he questioned them and only one was completely clean. It was obvious he was being set up to be the fall guy by the other two.

The two men he dismissed from his company, told crafted lies, each pointing the finger at the third guy. The third guy had no idea what was going on. Gernick gave both men a generous severance passage, and ordered them off of his property by noon. If they pursued legal actions, he'd press criminal charges and they'd be charged with embezzlement and several other crimes.

After dealing with those two disgruntled workers, Gernick thought of his father once again. His hatred of him permeated his every pore, but he'd kill him before he touched his wife. He decided to check in with Garrick, when his secretary announced he had a visitor. "Send them in." he answered.

"Well, big brother. I see you are at it again. Why must you upset Daddy so much? If you don't want anything to do with him, then stay away from him." The young woman stated angrily.

Gernick looked at his youngest sibling. The girl was gorgeous, an exact replica of her mother, Esmeralda, and just an evil in his sight. "Cantar, you are as beautiful as ever. It's nice of you to visit. I have no issue with father; he has one with me. But you won't believe me, so I won't elaborate. As long as he doesn't fuck with mine, I'll let him live."

"No, Gernick, I won't accept that. For centuries I've listened to horror stories of things you have done. But, something isn't right here. You never lived with us, never really visited. The only one of us you talk to is Garrick, and he has taken sides this time for good. He renounced mother last night and she and father declared him no longer their son. I know Garrick, and if he went against them he had a reason." She looked at her older brother, one she barely knew. "What is really going on? I want the truth."

"The truth is relative, little sister. It depends on one's point of view. You have had centuries of stories fed to you of me and my depravity. That has shaped your opinion of me for centuries. You look just like her, and I'm sure will run back and share whatever information you glean. So, Cantar, I will not answer you, nor will I explain anything to you. Go back to your life, your home. Stay away from me. As for Garrick, he's grown and can take care of himself." Gernick then moved to open his office door. "Mrs. Smith, call security and ask that they escort my sister from the building."

Mrs. Smith picked up the phone when Cantar stopped her. "Mrs. Smith, I will leave, but first I will talk to my mule headed brother. Please give us fifteen minutes and then I will gladly leave." Gernick's secretary liked the young woman that stood up to her boss. It was rare that his relatives stopped by, and this was her first time seeing his sister.

"Fine, fifteen minutes, then call security please." Gernick begrudgingly agreed, being mated to Nicky and befriending the wolves was making him soft.

Closing the office door, he looked at his sister. She never liked him, mainly because of her mother, but still. He wondered was she sent her by Esmeralda to gain his confidence. "What are you up to, Cantar?" He demanded, clearly reading her reactions and mental state.

"Gernick, tell me the truth. I want the truth. For centuries, mother has told Kale and me stories of how you turned on daddy. But you never visited. When I was younger, I learned you were in London, and I snuck over there to see you. I could not even get close to you. Momma found out and sent people to drag me back home. I was ordered by daddy and the council to stay away from you from then on." Cantar exhaled. "I need the truth, because I'm tired. Garrick was so mad, furious at them. I went to his home to talk to him about whatever is going on this time. He refused to tell me when Momma and Daddy showed up. They accused him of treason and shaming them. They demanded that he refuse to take your side. Garrick stood up to them and refused.

Shari was ill and he told us to leave the room. Shari refused to leave him to face them alone. He told her he didn't want her to become upset, it wasn't good for her. Father interrupted and they argued and he accused Momma of being evil, manipulating things. Daddy got upset and ordered him to apologize, and Garrick flat out refused. They almost came to blows. Momma and Shari stepped in, when Garrick concerned for Shari, asked her to please sit. He didn't want her upset. Momma laughed and said something in a strange language. Garrick looked at Shari. Shari stared at Momma shocked, and Garrick went after Momma. Daddy stopped him and then declared him no longer his son. He said he chose to side with you a traitor. What did he mean Gernick? How are you a traitor?" Cantar asked, tears cascading down her cheeks.

Gernick was not even surprised. What she had described was classic Esmeralda. She hated him, had always hated him. For her to turn on Garrick was surprising. Whatever she said had to be significant for Garrick to go after her. Garrick, we need to talk. Come to my office. he sent. Cantar was quiet now, waiting for a response from her brother. She knew he was contacting Garrick, and she was glad. Maybe they could all talk.

"Cantar, I apologize that you were somehow hurt, but I cannot explain our parents' actions. I will talk with Garrick, but please know this. I have no problem staying away from your mother and my father, but if they try to touch my wife and child, I will stop them." he vowed.

Cantar shivered. Gernick's voice was so cold and deadly, she had no doubt he would kill their parents. In all honesty, she didn't blame him, because her mother was out of control. As much as she wanted to love her; over the last few centuries she'd started doing things that were shady. Cantar wanted to tell her brother, but she knew he would not believe her right now. The only one he trusted was Garrick. She'd talk to Kale and his wife, maybe they'd listen. Momma listened to Kale, and maybe he could reach her before all was lost.

"Well, my time is up. Thank you for talking with me Gernick. I just wish. Can I ever meet them, your wife and your child?" she asked, knowing the answer before he replied.

"They are not your concern. Please go back to your life. Good bye Cantar." He opened the door to be greeted by two security guards that escorted his sister from the building.

After Cantar left, he tried to reach Garrick once again. Still, there was no reply. He called his sister-in-law, Shari. She answered and said all was fine, but he could sense the heartbreak. He had to go check on his brother. Nicolette, love. I have to run an errand. I will be home late. Go on with the plans for tonight and have fun.

Nicolette didn't like how cryptic he sounded. Gernick, what is wrong? Please, tell me? she pleaded.

I need to check on Garrick. She did something to him and I need to make sure he's OK. he answered.

Who has hurt Garrick? Who? Gernick, Please? Nicky pleaded.

Gernick sighed, His mother, please don't worry. I'll be home as soon as I can.

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