tagNon-Erotic PoetryJack and John's Wild Vegas Party!

Jack and John's Wild Vegas Party!

byUncle Pervey©

Texas Jack and John met in Las Vegas,
They went out there to meet two pretty Gals.
The "DOME" went to meet Shazza,
And Texas Jack met Christie.
Texas Jack and the "DOME" were "Great" "Pals!"

The "DOME" suggested they go have dinner,
And Texas Jack said "That sounds GOOD to ME!
Shazza said "I know a place,
And isn't far from here."
And this is how they started their wild "Spree!"

They ate dinner and headed for the show,
They'd heard that "Allan Thomas" was in town.
They got a "Front Row" table,
And Allan began his "Thing!"
The "Best" part of his act was "Falling Down!

They invited Allan up to their "Suite,"
And Natalie was with him when he came!
Texas Jack said "Lets "Party,"
And Blind Man John gave a shout!
And their "Party" got so wild it won "Fame!"

Jack and John and Allan were "Hot" to "Trot,"
And not ONE of the girls was feeling "Pain.
They disappeared in bedrooms,
And acted like "Wild Bunnies!"
And all the "Fun" they had that night was "Plain!"

Not ONE of them "Emerged" til "Late" Sunday,
Jack and John and Allan were ALL worn out.
But Shazza and that Christie,
And Natalie felt real "GOOD!"
And they "schemed" to come back for ONE more "Bout!"

Texas Jack and Blind Man John and Allan,
All staggered to the airport to go home.
But Shazza and Natalie,
And Christie "stayed" in Vegas.
And won so much they rode home in a "Brougham!"

The "DOME" and Texas Jack discussed the fun,
And Texas Jack laughed "That was a FINE "Time!"
I was "Worn" out when we left,
And you looked real "Tuckered" too.
And I think our "Wild Party" was REAL "Prime!"

The "DOME" asked "Do you know if old Allan,
Ever got back to old "England" alright?
He was lookin' "Pretty Rough,"
When he climbed aboard that plane.
The "Last" thing that he said was, "WHAT a NIGHT!"

Old Allan finally made it back on line,
And he thanked "Everybody" for the "Fun!"
He said "I love ALL you "Yanks,
Your "Bleedin'" party was GREAT!
Let me "Know" when you have another "Run!"

Jack and John's "Vegas Party" made the "News,"
The offers of sex they got WOULDN'T "End!
The "DOME" said "I'll tell you Jack,
That party was "Fantastic!"
And Jack closed with "Lets DO it AGAIN "Friend!!"

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