tagErotic CouplingsJacki's Story Ch. 05

Jacki's Story Ch. 05


While Kira, Dee and Leila were shared by Kyrhan, Dan and Dhanraj, Jacki had travelled to Morocco. Her drum was redirected to Gatwick, in the south of England. Now she was accustomed to such travels, she hadn't been drugged. She was quite aware of what was done to the container in which she was hidden. It was transported by a lorry to somewhere in the country. Jacky could smell flowers. She was probably delivered in or near a garden. She heard the lid of her drum being opened and light flooded the interior. She was dazzled for a few instants. As soon as her sight had returned, she turned her head around : she knew that garden! It was her father's garden at the back of the family house. She could recognize the window of her bedroom before her marriage with Bill!

She heard a cough behind her and she discovered her father and her two brothers. They were wearing leather trousers and white sleeveless shirts. The three of them were wearing a coiled whip to their belt...

- Daddy! What am I doing here? I expected to meet my new master!

- Hello, Jacki! Nice to see you back here! I must tell you that I've been a member of the Organization for twenty years. When I heard that you have been recruited, I immediately made an offer for you!

- God! How much did you offer?

- The calculation was simple : in a whore house, you would earn around two or three hundred dollars each time you are fucked by a patron, between ten and twenty times a day and about 250 days a year. You should earn around one million dollars a year. I offered ten million plus a ten percent share on your earnings to be your total owner for the next ten years.

- And afterward?

- I've an option to extend your contract. It may be inherited by one of my sons or transferred to someone else if I want.

- So you are now...

- Your master, yes! You'll call me so from now on and the same with your brothers. Don't fear anything : you'll be often used, by me of course, by my sons, but also by my friends I happen to have in large numbers! You may end up having the same schedule as your sister Dee.

- I see! Where will I live,... Master? In my former bedroom?

- Certainly not! You are no more my sweet little daughter who played on my lap! You may get on my lap again in the future but you'll have my cock deep in your ass or your cunt. You'll also have to entertain your brothers : I've hired a coach who will teach you the basics of strip tease, pole dancing, exotic dance, belly dance and similar things... In a few months, you'll propose us a daily show of high quality, I think!

- You're my master but you didn't tell me where you intend to keep me!

- Do you remember the old fifteenth century tower in the back of the estate? I forbade you always to play nearby in fear of some stones falling down. I had it completely restored to become our play room. There are four levels above the ground and superb vaulted caves. But no need to describe it : let's show you your new apartments... I see that you have been fitted with a dog collar and a leash but I don't intend to make a puppy of you. Dee was quite thoughtful of having all the strategic points pierced : I'll lead you from your clit ring!

It was certainly the most painful place to attach her leash, especially for a long walk with her elbows tied in her back and her ankles in a hobble. Jacki managed nonetheless to reach the tower without too much pain!

The tower was more sinister than what Jacki remembered. It was made in dark stone, partly covered with ivy. All the windows were narrow and had bars that would prevent any escape! There was a functioning drawbridge and a very thick door. Eli had the key but Jacki was sure she wouldn't be given one. The drawbridge was operated by remote and of course only Eli and his sons had one. There were a variety of instruments on the ground level such as a pillory with a collection of dildos, whips and restraints, including a thick wooden yoke with just holes for her head and her wrists. Eli was quite proud of it. He explained to Jacki :

- It has been custom made for you from the measurements taken in Morocco!

They went straight to the upper floor : there was a wide bedroom with canopy bed with two separate curtains. One was made in flimsy see through gauze that didn't hide anything and the other one on the contrary was thick and totally opaque.

- I may invite other people in this room when I fuck you. If I have all the curtains folded, that will mean I want to exhibit you completely and when I'm done with you, they can use you or they may share you with me whenever they want. If I close the flimsy curtain, that means I want to tease them but you're off limits to the assistance but if I close the opaque curtain, that means they are not welcome. They may then just stay and guess what I'm doing to you from your screams and I promise to you that I will fuck you very hard. My sons may use the flimsy curtain only and visitors may not use any curtain at all!

On the side there was a podium with a glass bathtub on top of it. They were flood lights under the tub and on all sides to show off the girl inside but the bathtub was big enough to accommodate easily a man and a girl in any position! Eli showed his daughter the large dressing, wide enough to receive the wardrobe of a princess.

- If I'm kept prisoner in this tower, I won't need a tenth of that space, Master!

- Don't worry, sweetie! I'll dine with you most of the time and I want you in very low cut cocktail dress with high heels, gala make up and your hair perfectly done! Of course, you'll end up screaming my name, naked on your bed, on the floor or on the back of a car most of the times. When I'll be sure you won't try to scamper away, I may get with you to parties or to the Opera in London. You may get presented to the Queen some day and attend the Ascot races. I'll choose already some fancy hat for you! Now what if we tried this bed for the first time before we continue the visit?

Eli closed the gauze curtain. Jacki could see her two brothers bent against the curtain, not missing any moment of the heavy pounding Eli offered her. He used successively her three holes and the deep valley between her breasts! When he had finished hammering his cock into her, he took a bath. He had left the curtains completely folded and his two sons undid their clothes hastily and joined Jacki on the bed. They sandwiched her immediately. The most difficult part was to call them "Master" while she was older than them by two and three years!

Afterward, Eli continued the visit : the second floor held two smaller bedrooms for her brothers when Eli closed the opaque curtain for the night or when other girls were invited. Jacki's new master promised he would invite Dee or a couple of her daughters to show them the amenities of the house! The underground floor housed the more fiendish instruments Eli didn't intend to show to occasional visitors : a stretching bench where Jacki's limbs could be extended to the limit before she was fucked or whipped at will on her belly or her back, another nasty device attached to Jacki's nipple rings with increasing weights drawing on the nipple.

Eli didn't explain the peculiarities of all the instruments there : Jacki would have plenty of time to experiment them in the coming years! He accompanied her back to the master bedroom, choose a dress, shoes, gloves and a scarf for the evening dinner, telling Jacki to take a hot and long scented bath to freshen up. She would have about two hours to prepare herself as well as she could. He would send one of his sons to lead her to the main building. Of course, Eli had given her nothing else but a red suspender belt and red stockings : no knickers and no bra! The only question was whether Eli would keep her for himself during the night or share her with his two sons! When her brother came to fetch her, he forced Jacki to kneel in front of him and kiss his shoe, calling him "Master"! That was just the beginning of a long night...

The plane transporting Laura and her sisters to their final destination hadn't landed when Jacki had a complete answer to her question! She finally molded herself easily in her new role of the common girl friend of her father and her two brothers. Eli followed the custom of the Organization and bred his daughter on her next fertility peak. She immediately understood what her father was planning when he stopped wearing a condom and his sons were keeping theirs religiously. For maximum security, her brothers pulled out from her cunt before unloading in their rubbers while Eli never cummed anywhere else than in her sloppy cunt! She was tested daily and finally Eli told her it was positive :

- Jacki! I may announce you that you have a baby in the oven and I'm absolutely sure it's mine! I'll leave him or her a third of my money as slave whores like you and your sister don't need that money, isn't it the truth?

- Yes, Master!

- Good, cunt! You seem so obedient that I may give you one of my miracle pills, let's say twice a month, as soon as it's safe for the baby! I would love to retrieve your virginal cunt, your fantastic stamina and your total devotion to me!

- I'm your obedient slave, Master!

Laura was the first to discover the house Eli had rent in the hills of Nevada, not very far from the Mexican border for the second family reunion with Dee and her daughters! She didn't recognize any thing as only Jacki attended the party. There were sand, stone and rather scarce vegetation all around for miles. She immediately understood that there would be no hope for outside help and even less opportunity to escape on foot. She had had no intention of trying to flee the whorehouse, just looking for option if her duty became too heavy in the future!

In fact, Laura had loved being fucked hard and even being defiled by a nitwit's tongue. The most exciting part of the night had started when she had found herself alone with Dhanraj, Leila and Dee! Dhanraj was very virile and he had the help of a whole pot of potent honey from the Hadramaout and a few blue pills. He had deposited his sperm in the three girls' cunt and ass. Then Laura had to lick all of them clean. Even when she couldn't find any traces of sperm there, she continued to lick and suck the holes she was trying to drain in her mouth and the girls squirmed under her ministrations. She made Kira and her aunt cum twice with her tongue in their fuck hole before she was told to switch to their bum holes.

At the end, Laura's jaws were quite sore but it was the moment Dhanraj chose to turn to her. He fucked her mercilessly. She was so excited that she screamed in bliss, begging him to take her as hard as he could. He obliged fervently and Laura was soon dispatched into heaven. When he crawled to an armchair, it was Leila and Dee who focused in her breasts, clit and pussy. Laura rode once more the roller coaster of pleasure under the skilled tongue and fingers of the two girls.

On the next morning, her sister Julia inquired about her fate during the previous night. She had climaxed so many times that she felt ashamed of it. She had turned beet root and had declined speaking of anything. Even Julia thought that she had been utterly humiliated and didn't want to speak of it!!!

In Nevada, the three sisters discovered some new faces and a few new ones. The new ones were the permanent staff of the brothel but the old ones were Dee, their official owner, her mate Abbie and two men she had met in Morocco. They had been sent to attend the public defloration of Julia and Emily. Dee was there to complete the ownership ceremony of her two nieces, on the day after. Her presence considerably helped the three girls to settle in their new life. Abbie and the two men from Morocco had already fucked them all but Dee gave them plenty of useful advices they could put in application immediately.

The opening of the new brothel had been widely announced by the Organization. There was a great rush of patrons from the nearby states and from Mexico. Their number was so important that Abbie asked Dee to install in one of the vacant bedrooms and help servicing so many customers. On the opening day, Dee serviced eighty men and six women while her less experienced nieces stopped around fifty men. The next day, the brothel opened earlier and stayed open late. The girls serviced eighty men and two girls each while Dee took care of the rest : one hundred men and six girls.

Some guys coming from Mexico were extremely well endowed. Dee wondered how it was possible so many potential porn film actors lived nearby. The conversation after the men had fucked her helped her to discover the reason for that peculiarity soon : most of these men were bosses of Mexican drug dealer gangs. In these groups, having a small cock was the best way to be mocked around and the men rarely reached important responsibilities. Those with very big cocks were very proud of it and obtained very lucrative positions that allowed them to travel to USA and pay the huge fee for high class whores. Most of the gang members were aware that the cherry of two girls would be auctioned soon when they had reached their fertility peak. They were sure their respective bosses would win the auction and breed the two white girls.

Dee informed Julia and Emily of the probable outcome of their auction. Emily wondered why these thugs hadn't been arrested by police.

- They are so powerful they don't do anything illegal now. The police cannot find any ground to put them into jail!

- What can we do, Auntie?

- Just prepare yourself to be fucked by really enormous cocks : they may be bigger than Abbie, I think! You should ask him to fuck you but just enter you and not pop your cherry, of course! You may also use my Black Monster dildo. It will help to ream your sphincter sufficiently. I fear that your defloration may be rather painful! But don't worry over much : after a few weeks, you'll get accustomed to it! Any woman loves to be fucked to capacity. I call it a tight fit and I always do my best for the guy to come back and visit me!

- OK, Dee! We are going to follow your advice! Would you lend us Abbie and your Black Monster tonight!

- Of course, luv! I'll do anything to help you!

- You've done a great deal when you helped us during the opening days. We would never have been able to satisfy all our patrons! It would have been a shame for a brand new brothel. Our mother would have helped us too!

- Sorry but her new posting is permanent. I think that, in a year or so, you may be allowed to visit her if her new Master agrees to it but I really doubt he would allow her to come here!

- But you're her owner!

- That just entitles me to twenty percent of her earnings, as well as yours, my niece. Just if no brothel wants her any more, she will be returned to me. But it's not her case : I've just received a bank draft of two million dollars for your mother! She has got a ten years contract.

- That means someone has paid ten million dollars for Mom! I am sure it's Eli. He has always fancied Jacki and you!

The auction day had come : Abbie had mounted a large awning for the fifty people who had announced they would attend the auction. One of the Moroccan guys was a cameraman. The auction was relayed on the internet for overseas bidders. The other man was the auctioneer. Julia was the first on line. She was quite afraid by the cheers of the assistance. The auctioneer has organized a little show to excite the bidders. A white silk sheet was placed on Julia's head, completely hiding her from view. A white fur collar kept it in place. A heavy metallic chain was attached to it and Abbie, wearing a slave outfit with just a white loincloth covering his hips, led the girl to the podium. It could have been a scene from some old peplum film from Hollywood!

The auctioneer commented on Julia's beauty and emphasized about her virginity, lifting the hem of the silk sheet to exhibit her perfect legs, then her lithe arms, her pert buttocks and her lovely pussy. Each time, the bids climbed quite fast. When they reached twenty thousand dollars, the auctioneer told Abbie to take off the collar. Abbie complied immediately. The auctioneer resumed his emphatic praise. He again lifted the hem of the silk sheet to expose Julia's most pleasant parts to the general view but this time he threw the hem of the sheet above Julia's head. The crowd was cheering louder and louder as Julia's s body was more completely revealed.

Finally in a theatrical gesture, the auctioneer pulled away completely the sheet, uncovering Julia's breasts. They were gorgeous with the nipples quite erect. It betrayed her rising excitation ; she had resisted her enslavement but now it was about to become complete, she found it more and more enjoyable and desirable. She couldn't wait now to be utterly possessed by a man, to become a complete woman, to be shamefully bred in public! The only thing that seemed unnatural for her was that her cunt was never used by any man while her eldest sister was heavily pounded daily by many paying customers : it was just unfair!

The biddings had reached fifty thousand dollars and it was ostensibly a fight between two rival gang bosses. One of them, named Don Jose, suddenly lifted the game to unusual levels, proposing one hundred thousand dollars! Every discussion stopped, every one realizing that no one had ever paid such a sum to pop the cherry of a young girl and breed her in public : it was the perfect demonstration of the macho man, ready for anything to overcome his opponent! No one tried to outbid that sum. The atmosphere was electric... The Moroccan auctioneer announced that the winner was Don Jose. He should exercise his rights two days later. Abbie led Julia to Don Jose. He was entitled to fondle her body and explore her ass and mouth for the whole day with the price he had paid for her. Julia was quite proud that her virginity had been auctioned at such a price! She followed Abbie smiling broadly. She would do her best to please Don Jose!

Champagne cups were offered to all the persons present. The high price of the auction induced gossips. Rumors already spread out that Don Jose had paid millions of dollars to have the girl all for himself for life or that Don Garcia, Jose's rival had offered two million dollars to have Julia raped before the defloration day...

When everyone had regained their wits, it was the moment for Emily's auction... The auctioneer wanted the second show to be different. Emily arrived on the podium wearing a virginal white skirt suit. The skirt fell to her ankles, perfectly covering her body. Emily walked through the aisles in front of the bidding people. She moved to the place the highest bidder was. If no one proposed immediately a higher bid, she knelt in front of the winner for the moment and kissed his shoe. The auctioneer then teased the other persons present.

- Wouldn't you like having this beautiful young girl kissing your shoe, too before pushing your big cock into her pussy? Wouldn't you like you to unload your spunk in her fertile twat? Would you like to breed her, to give her twins or maybe triplets? Personally, I would die to soak her eggs in my sperm!

Then the auctioneer started to praise her beautiful feet. To show them off, he used big scissors to slice her dress just under her knees. Then he went into raptures about her knees and he cut the dress to her mid thighs. When he spoke of her breasts, she braced for anything. He deepened her décolletage under her breasts that now jutted from the tatters of her dress but the bids had jumped to forty thousand dollars, already!

When the discussion turned toward her perfect buttocks, Emily already knew what the next step would be. Soon a circular hole was cut in her dress, exhibiting lewdly her pert buttocks that no knickers tried to hide. Emily was already a whore in her mind : she arched her back to show off her sweet ass cheeks. The assistance applauded and the bids reached sixty thousand dollars. Don José had left to enjoy Julia quietly in her bedroom. Don Garcia tired of that little game and offered a hundred and one thousand dollars for the cherry and the breeding of the little slut that was now already licking his boots... He didn't want to lose face in front of his rival... No one dared to outbid him and Don Garcia was proclaimed the winner of the second auction!

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