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Jake had just gotten home from work late Friday afternoon. He would only have a few hours before it was time to go out and play with his band at Neon's. Michael, the drummer, also booked the band and had been trying to get them into Neon's for a long time. Since it was such a popular nightspot, all the local bands were trying to get in. Despite the competition, Michael had managed to land them a gig. Jake was excited.

He was getting into his regular routine of eating and cleaning up before leaving for the show, when the phone rang. Anticipating another band member calling about some last minute detail, he was surprised when a sultry voice on the other end of the line said,

"Hello, Jake. This is your Mistress Raven. I know that your band is playing this weekend, but I wanted to see you on Saturday so you could earn one of your videos back."

It had been several weeks ago when he had been tricked into returning to Raven's condo for what turned out to be an all day session of forced housework and brutal punishment. At the end of the day it turned out that she had confiscated some homemade porn videos that Jake had made with some previous girlfriends. Raven told him that she would let him earn the videos back, one at a time, by performing more services for her. Jake knew Raven would call him eventually, and he had thought about it quite a bit over the last few weeks.

There were a total of five tapes, which he had made with girlfriends over the years, and also one made with Tammy, one of the band's groupies. Although Jake was confident of his performance and good looks on the tapes, he didn't like them being in someone else's hands. Just knowing that Raven considered him to be a worthless male slut, he was certain that she had watched all of the videos and scoffed at his sexual performance. Though Jake wouldn't admit it to anyone, the tapes also had some sentimental value to him, like trophies, and he wanted them back. He knew that in order to get the tapes back he would have to spend a total of several days being dominated by Raven. Although he did not look forward to being punished by her, he did find it extremely arousing to be under her complete control. In a strange paradox, this was the dreaded phone call he had been longing for.

"I have to play on Saturday night, but I can come over during the day," Jake answered.

Raven quickly instructed him to come over to her house tomorrow at eight o' clock in the morning. Rather early, considering he wouldn't get home until after three in the morning, but he was in no position to complain. It was Raven's orders. Before she hung up, Raven asked,

"Do you have a little black book of all your lady friends' phone numbers?"

When Jake said yes, she simply ordered him to bring it tomorrow and hung up.

The alarm clock on Jake's night stand rudely awakened him the next morning. The gig had gone extremely well. He had the opportunity to take several ladies home last night, but had brushed them off knowing that if he was up too late he wouldn't be able to make it to Raven's early in the morning. Although last night the ladies had been tempting, he knew that to be late to Raven's or to cancel would have resulted in a terrible whipping or maybe even worse.

Jake rang Raven's doorbell at exactly eight o' clock. When she opened the door, she was wearing a form fitting black leather dress and her knee high spike heeled boots. In one hand was her dreaded riding crop.

"Hello, Mistress Raven," Jake said humbly.

"Well, I see we're getting off to a good start this morning," Raven said and closed the door behind him. "Did you bring your little black book?"

When Jake pulled the small book from the back pocket of his jeans, it was quickly snatched out of his hand. She wasted no time and ordered him to take off his clothes right there in the foyer, and march down to the basement or playroom as she always called it.

Raven sat on one of the tall bar stools and ordered Jake to kneel in front of her, the pointed toes of her boots just inches from his face.

"I'm sure you remember the last time you were here," it was a statement, not a question. "What I have in mind is basically the same thing as last time. You can start down here with the laundry, and continue with the housework until around noon when you will fix my lunch." She ran over a list off all the domestic chores she expected him to complete by early afternoon, reminding him that he would be punished if he did not complete them all, or if he did a sloppy job. At that time she would give him one of his videotapes and he could go home.

"I have some work to do in my office today and I don't expect to be bothered by you unless you have a question about you chores. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Raven," Jake replied.

"Do you remember what it's like to be punished by me, slave?" Raven asked mockingly. Although Jake assured her that he did, Raven said that she would remind him what it was like as an extra incentive to do good work. With that, she planted one of her spike heeled boots on his chest and pushed him backwards, ordering him to lie on his back on the floor. She walked behind the bar for a moment and returned holding a smaller version of her riding crop.

Jake instinctively crossed his hands over his genitals and drew up his knees, begging and pleading.

"You're pathetic," Raven scolded. "Now lay spread eagle on the floor! If I have to tie you up I'll make you suffer even more!"

Tears welled up in Jake's eyes as he laid his hands at his sides. Raven knelt beside her obedient slave. Grabbing his cock firmly in one hand, she expertly struck him on the balls with the small crop, or ball slapper as she called it. Jake flinched violently with every slap, but he was able to stifle his sobs of pain.

Raven could have easily hurt Jake worse than she did, and she might have even enjoyed it, but her salve had work to do and this punishment was intended to be more psychological than painful. Jake was able to stand up easily when it was over, to his surprise.

"Before you get started, there is something I have to do since you've shown in the past that you can't be trusted." With that comment, she pulled out the familiar chastity belt that he had worn the last time. Raven didn't waste time waiting for Jake to put it on, but roughly strapped and locked it into place in a matter of seconds. Then she handed him the spiked leather slave collar, which she ordered him to wear.

"Now get to work," she ordered. Turning on a spike heel, she walked away and clicked menacingly up the stairs.

It took Jake several minutes to regain his composure. He wiped his eyes and adjusted his cock and aching balls, which had been callously stuffed inside the leather pouch of the chastity belt. As Raven had told him on his last visit, the device wouldn't prevent him from masturbating, but he would be unable to clean up the mess inside so he would eventually be caught when it was removed.

Jake opened the louvered doors across the room, exposing the washing machine and dryer. As he had expected, there were several baskets of dirty clothes stacked on the machines. Knowing that he was Raven's helpless prisoner for the day, he set about the familiar routine of sorting laundry on the pool table. His mind was set on doing a good job with the housework and getting one of his videotapes back.

Just like last time, there were no panties or bras in the laundry. Raven knew those would distract him. He did notice a familiar red half shirt, which had gotten him in trouble the last time.

While cleaning the playroom, Jake found a couple items of interest behind the bar. Although Raven had taken her crops upstairs with her, there were two sets of leather cuffs and a familiar piece of heavy rope under the bar. Jake realized that she had been prepared to restrain him earlier. The thought gave him chills and made his aching balls draw up tighter against his body.

The small sink behind the bar had four wine glasses in it. Two of the glasses had lipstick smudges on the rim. Evidently Raven had hosted a small party over the past few weeks. There was also a heavy glass ashtray that was half full.

With Raven keeping such a clean house, Jake couldn't imagine someone lighting up a cigarette in it. All the cigarette butts looked like they were of the same brand, but roughly half of them had traces of lipstick on them, which matched the smudge on one of the wine glasses.

Although Jake found the housework rather boring, he did take an interest in putting together clues he found, in hopes of learning more about his mysterious Mistress Raven. He remembered a hidden scrap of paper, which he had written some phone numbers on that he had seen on her caller I.D. There had also been evidence of a male guest in her bed when he changed the sheets several weeks ago. He would have to check both of those things later.

It was difficult for him to imagine Raven down here in the playroom, shooting a game of pool with her male companion and another couple. The thought of her finding a man worthy of sharing her bed was almost incomprehensible.

Keeping an eye on the clock that morning, and already familiar with Raven's townhouse condo, Jake was able to make good progress. He was especially watchful of the washer and dryer so he could toss in another load as soon as a machine stopped. It was no surprise that his clothes were no where in sight when he started work on the first floor.

He went through the awkward routine of watering her plants on the back patio, wearing only his chastity belt and collar. Thankfully, no one passed on the near by sidewalk.

While cleaning the small downstairs bathroom, Jake pulled the framed mirror slightly away from the wall. To his horror, the slip of paper didn't drop out. His heart racing, Jake fumbled behind the mirror. The slip of paper with the phone numbers on it was still there. It had slid down behind the mirror and gotten caught in the back of the frame. Thinking that was a good idea, Jake made sure the paper was firmly wedged back in place before he went back to work.

At last it was close to noon. Jake had heard Raven typing on her computer upstairs and making a few phone calls all morning, but much to his surprise she hadn't come down to check on him. So much the better, he thought, and had avoided going upstairs. However, lunch time was finally here and Jake slowly climbed the stairs towards his Mistress's office.

"You've been rather quiet today, salve. I hope you've been hard at work," Raven taunted. Jake simply nodded his head and asked if she would remove his chastity belt so he could use the bathroom before fixing lunch.

To his surprise, Raven seemed more than willing to grant his request. She got up from her chair and removed the locks on the straps.

"I need to inspect that when you take it off, and I'll also be escorting you to the bathroom," she said.

Jake thought that Raven would be disappointed when she found that the pouch of his chastity belt was clean, but if she was it didn't show. She followed him to the bathroom and waited outside the door while he used it. This made Jake uncomfortable, but he had needed to use it for a while so there was no problem. No sooner had he finished, Raven promptly strapped and locked the device back on him.

Making sure that her slave thoroughly washed his hands, she told him that there was some cold pizza in the refrigerator, which he could heat up in the microwave, and there were also some soft drinks. She also said there was some garlic bread, which would have to be heated in the oven. He was to call her downstairs when it was ready.

There was a jumbo size pizza box in the refrigerator, with only a few slices remaining inside. Possibly leftovers from her small party down in the playroom, the pizza was from a mom and pop pizza place, which was famous in the city. Jake looked at the delivery label that was taped to the lid of the box. The name Raven, and her address had been hastily scribbled on the receipt. Still not sure if Raven was her first or last name, and curious why her phone number wasn't on the receipt, Jake could only assume that she was a regular customer so that information wasn't needed. Putting the pizza in the microwave, Jake smiled to himself as he wondered what would happen to the delivery boy if Raven's pizza was late.

The garlic bread had come from the same place as the pizza. Being a typical bachelor, Jake did most of his cooking at home in the microwave and was unsure how to reheat the bread in a regular oven. Rather then ask his Mistress how to do it, he turned the oven on to a low temperature, placed the few slices on a sheet of aluminum foil on the rack, and decided to just check them every few minutes to avoid burning them.

There was a small counter with two high backed bar stools separating the kitchen from the dining area. Jake's first impulse was to set places at the counter, but then he figured that his Mistress would want to sit at the table. He set two places, and called upstairs when it was ready.

Jake was rather proud of himself for not burning the reheated garlic bread, but was quickly shot down by Raven who demanded to know why a second place had been set at the table.

When Jake tried to explain that it was for him, Raven launched into a long speech about how he wasn't worthy to sit at the table with her, and had a lot of nerve assuming that he was. She insisted that he remove the second place setting immediately and eat in the kitchen.

"You will be punished later for this mistake," she said, and at last sat down to eat. Jake could do nothing but scurry out of the room. He thought it was unfair that he would be punished for such a thing, but assumed he would be punished more severely if he argued.

It was an uncomfortable and silent lunch as Jake stood in the kitchen eating his pizza, where there was no place to sit down, while his angry Mistress was only a few feet away on the other side of the counter.

When she was finished eating, she demanded a refill on her soft drink, then got up and walked around the first floor a while as Jake was cleaning up the dishes. She was obviously checking up on his housekeeping, and looked so hot in her leather dress and boots. Jake only dared to quickly glance at her when her back was turned, and he was actually relieved when she went downstairs, most likely to check the playroom.

When she came back up from the basement, Jake announced that he was ready to clean the upstairs and asked if there was anything else she wanted before he got started. Raven rudely handed him her empty glass and told him to bring her a refill.

The last thing that Jake wanted to do was clean the office while his angry Mistress Raven was in there, so he started on the bathroom which he knew would take a while and give her time to cool off.

Stalling even further, when he was done with the bathroom Jake vacuumed the hallway and stairs. He was ready to start on her bedroom, but remembered that she had insisted on supervising him the last time, saying he couldn't be trusted in there alone. Weighing the possibilities, Jake decided it best to ask Raven if she wanted to supervise him.

"I'm impressed that you remembered, slave. You may have a purpose in my world after all."

She casually stood in the bedroom door while he dusted and vacuumed. Raven then ordered him to remove the sheets and flip the mattress. The sheets looked like they were the same deep blue satin ones that he had put on a few weeks ago. Although Jake wanted to check the old sheets for the signs of a male visitor, he wasn't able to look closely enough while Raven stood in the doorway.

He was ordered to wash the sheets later that day, but she would reuse the silver and blue satin comforter. Raven handed him a set of silver satin sheets from the linen closet in the hallway, which would match the comforter very well, and Jake made up her bed.

As he was doing so, it was easy for him to imagine his beautiful Mistress lying on the satin sheets. His cock started to grow and strain within the confines of the uncomfortable chastity belt, so Jake cleared the vision from his mind.

Just as he was finishing up, the phone rang. Raven picked up the office extension and ordered him to take the sheets down for the laundry, then to come back upstairs and get started on the office.

As Jake walked down the stairs with the bundle of blue satin, the tone of the one sided conversation indicated that Raven had been anticipating this call. Curious as he was, Jake peeked at the caller I.D. display in the kitchen. The last name was Thompson and the phone number looked vaguely familiar. Jake would have liked to add the number to his secret list, but there was no time.

The dark blue satin sheets would be the last load in the washing machine, and Jake was glad that he would be able to finish the laundry this time and avoid extra punishment. An inspection of the sheets turned up some telltale stains, showing that a man had once again bedded the sexy but dangerous Raven. How was this guy able to do it? Was she seeing more than one man? It just added more mystery, Jake thought.

He held the sheets up to his face and deeply inhaled the faint scent of Raven's perfume and body odor, and his cock stirred within its prison once again. Jake adjusted himself so his erection could grow as much as possible. Desperately wanting to masturbate, he tried to pull the locked leather pouch far enough away from his skin so he could expose the tip of his penis and not ejaculate inside the chastity belt. It was no use. The simple device was cruelly effective. Defeated and sexually frustrated, Jake headed back upstairs.

Raven spotted the bulge in his chastity belt almost immediately when he reported to her office.

"I hope for your own sake that you haven't been playing with yourself," she said accusingly. Although Jake repeatedly denied any wrong doing, Raven quickly produced the small key and partially removed the leather pouch. Jake thought Raven looked surprised and disappointed when she found out he was telling the truth.

"Well, perhaps I can get your mind more focused on your work," she said calmly, then reached inside the chastity belt, grabbed his balls and gave a quick, firm squeeze. Jake howled and doubled over in pain, but Raven simply locked his genitals back up and told him to start cleaning her office. She pointed out that it was his final bit of housework that day and she was anxious for him to finish.

The computer monitor had been turned off and most of the envelopes and various pieces of paper had been turned face down on the desk. Most of the papers in the wastebasket had been run through a small shredding machine, which straddled it. There was nothing new to learn here and Raven stood in the doorway watching him, just like when he cleaned the bedroom, so he couldn't snoop around at all.

When Jake finished vacuuming the office, he assumed that his service was done and he would be free to leave soon. Then the doorbell rang.

"It seems that we have a visitor. Go answer the door, slave." The tone of Raven's voice indicated that she was expecting this visitor, and Jake wondered who it could be. Another pizza delivery perhaps? Her mystery man?

A number of thoughts raced through his mind as he quickly went down the steps. He was totally surprised when he opened the front door, and knew that Raven wasn't going to let him leave any time soon.

"Don't be rude," said Raven as she came slowly down the stairs. "Let my guest in. I'm sure no introductions will be necessary."

Standing on the front steps was Tammy Thompson, one of the band's groupies, and also one of the women that Jake had made a porn video with. Although it was mid afternoon, she looked like she was ready to go out for the night, wearing make-up, freshly teased blonde hair, a form fitting low cut red mini dress, and shiny red patent leather pumps with spike heels.

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