tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 04

Jamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 04


I continued to imagine what it would be like with Tina Lee, as she left that night, remembering the feel of her lips on mine, remembering the feel of her body pressed against mine, as we curled up against each other in the intimate way that lovers would, and how the electricity shot through us as she prepared to leave, and the spark turned into flames.

I laid down that night to sleep, and Tina Lee arrived in my dreams, and they were just what I wanted.

I had a chance to treat her like a lady, as we were watching some TV, and talking, my hands had a chance to roam her body, and she let me rub her feet, as she placed them up in my lap.

She actually had already taken her shoes off, and gotten comfortable, and we both were just walking around the room with no shoes on, because we had dinner in the room.

So she just laid her head back in the chair, and just enjoyed my hands running over the soft flesh of her feet, and even with her being ticklish, she still let me provide a complete foot massage.

This meant I was able to run my fingers between her toes slowly, and from her heel, all the way up to her toes.

Then I could apply pressure on her arches, down to her heel, and back up to the ball of her foot, starting on the right foot, and then conducting the same motion on the left.

Then slowly pulling her to the bed, and laying her on her stomach, and massaging her back, and with this, I was in heaven.

All that loveliness, lying next to me, I could not keep myself from touching her flesh.

Finger tips dancing up and down her spine, and all the way up to her neck, and enjoying the way she purred for me as I crossed over her sensitive spots, I was surprised that I wasn't attacking her though.

Next thing I know, I was wrapping her in my arms, curling her up in my blanket next to me, and we were both falling asleep next to each other.

This picture of Tina Lee in my arms, and the feel of her flesh on mine, woke me up, and it caused me to be a determined man, because I wasn't going to be the man who turned into a man with a girlfriend at home, and a woman on the side.

I knew right in that moment, that I needed to clean up whatever problems I had, and decide on what course my life was going to take.

Peace, love, friendship, and happiness, sounded excellent to me in that moment, and none of those things were what I had at home, so I wanted to make sure, I cleaned up my own house, before I started in on anything else.


I had another day of exhibiting to get through, and I prayed to see Tina Lee again, and I wasn't sure how we would approach each other, but lying down to sleep that night, it was one of the best night sleeps I had in months.

That final day of exhibiting, by the time I arrived to my day of work, the hall had already started buzzing with activity, so I started right in on my work, and to my surprise, I had a visitor who I didn't expect.

It was Tina Lee, walking up behind me, and with one of the most sensual smells I ever caught a whiff of on a female and being that I was sitting down, as I turned, my nose was right in her belly button.

My head went silent for a minute, and as she walked up, she was stroking my back, to say good morning, and I couldn't take it, my brain over loaded.

I was so happy to see her, she smelled heavenly, and I just shook her hand as softly as I could, trying to remain calm, being that I was in a work setting.

Asking her to back away just a little, so that I could stay composed, I let her know that she could walk with me to my first meeting so that we could talk, and that gave us a chance to make sure we knew what the rest of the day would look like.

Unfortunately, I was packing up by the middle of the day, and she was there until the next day, and we would have to say our goodbyes as we left the conference area.

She gave me a half hug as she pointed me in the direction of some empty chairs, and that beautiful southern voice said "We will talk later, and it was great meeting you."

I focused in on my presentation, and for the rest of the day, I tried not to focus in on how soft she was, or how I wanted her in my arms again.

For all I knew, that was going to be the last time I would see her, but the rest of the trip to Milwaukee went by without any issues, and I knew it was time to go back home.

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