tagGay MaleJason's Trip to Mexico Ch. 04

Jason's Trip to Mexico Ch. 04


Jason was pushed into the jail cell by the two officers causing him to stumble and fall, landing on top of a large snoring drunk inmate as the cell door clanged shut.

"OOOOFFFFF!" the large hairy sweaty inmate exclaimed as his eyes flew open and he glared at the naked blond stud that landed on his belly. "I'm so sorry, the cops threw me in here and I tripped." Jason said while moving quickly off of the inmate and sitting on the end of the cot.

The inmate was about 6ft 2 and 250 lbs. With black curly hair and a close dark trimmed beard and mustache. He had thick busy eyebrows and a straight nose and very dark eyes, dark skin and was ruggedly handsome. He looked like an outdoors/blue color working type man with very solid arms and chest with curly black hair covering his arms and sprouting from his chest where the long sleeve checkered red and white shirt was unbuttoned. He was wearing jeans and a belt with a large belt buckle and snake skin cowboy boots. Jason saw a cowboy hat that was perched on the corner of the cot.

The hairy inmate rubbed his eyes and sat up looking intently at Jason. "You American?" he asked in very good English. "Yes... Thank god someone speaks English here!" Jason exclaimed with excitement. "I used to live in L.A. for many years before the migra deported me." The big inmate said as he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlboro's and a lighter. "You want one?" the inmate looked at Jason as he stuck the match and lit up the cigarette. "No thanks I don't smoke. Jason replied.

"My name is Carlos Gutierrez." the hairy man said as he took a deep drag from the cigarette and turned his head and blew it out of the corner of his mouth and sticking his hand out. "Jason Reed." Jason said as he grasped the big man's hand in a tight grip.

Carlos narrowed his eyes looking at Jason up and down. "How the fuck did you end up in here and why are you naked and smelling like cum?" Carlos asked with a smirk.

Jason began to tell him the events that led him to be in Jail. As he told the story Carlos continued to observe Jason intently his eyes wide open until the story was finished. "Damn that is fucked up dude, I can't believe those cops did that to you man." Carlos said. "Yeah it is fucked up! This was supposed to be a vacation." Jason said his eyes downcast. "How did you end up in here" Jason asked.

"Well I got into some trouble at the cantina here in town." Carlos said stubbing out his cigarette on the floor. "I had a lot to drink and I was fucking horny. I got a big cock and the bitches are always teasing me but then they chicken out when they see it and won't let me fuck them." Carlos said with a sneer. "Oh man that sucks." Jason said.

"Yeah there was this hot bitch walking in front of the cantina, long black hair, big tits and a big round ass, man she was HOT!" Carlos said as he reached down and groped his crotch. Jason saw a large bulge running down the right leg of Carlos's tight jeans. "She was staring and smiling at me and I figured she was coming on to me big time getting my dick hard. So I went out to her and grabbed her ass and tried to kiss her. Damn she started yelling and slapped me and said I was trying to rape her. Turns out she is El Capitán's daughter and he sent his two goons to the cantina and they arrested me." Carlos said with a grimace.

Jason blanched with the mention of El Capitán, remembering the beating with the belt, the spanking and the huge cock that was rammed up his ass. "What about those guys?" Jason nodded towards the two dark stocky Mexicans that were both passed out snoring on the other cots; they both had shaved heads and were wearing wife-beaters and tattoos all over their arms from what Jason could observe. "I dunno who they are, or what they did but they were already here and passed out drunk even before I got thrown in this hole." Carlos replied.

"I gotta get the fuck out of this hell hole." Jason said shaking his head. Carlos contemplated that as he took another drag on his cigarette blowing smoke out to the side. "Well the way things work in Mexico is, you sometimes can make a deal with the cops and pay a fine and that makes the problem go away." Carlos said shrugging his shoulders. "My money is back at the hotel; could you lend me some money or maybe pay both of our fines so we can get out of here? I promise to pay you back." Jason pleaded.

"Hmmm, I dunno." Carlos said scratching his head. "I don't got a lot of money and the cops might want a lot to make this go away." Carlos replied. "PLEASE...I'll pay you back extra as soon as I can get to the hotel." Jason said. Carlos pondered this while gazing at the gringo.

He saw the big smooth muscular arms and chest, the big round pecs with large swollen pink nipples. Damn, those big round muscular pecs and pink nipples kinda look like a bitch's titties. Carlos thought as he reached down and groped his enlarging cock in his jeans. He lit up another cigarette taking a drag then blowing it out the side of his mouth as he looked down at Jason's cock. He saw the silver trail of cum leading from Jason's flaccid cock head leading down to his thigh that had begun to dry and crust over. Hmmm, It looks like this guy shot a load but he said the cops fucked him in the ass. I wonder if he gets off on getting fucked? Carlos pondered. Carlos had not had a good fuck in a while and he was very horny and this gringo was going to have to earn his help.

"We may be able to work things out, but first you are going to have to do something for me." Carlos said with a lustful glint in his eyes. "Uh, what kind of favor?" Jason asked. "Well, it looks to me like you got off on getting fucked because I can see where you shot a load from your cock." Carlos said leering at Jason as he blew smoke right into his face. Jason coughed nervously, "Fuck, I can't take any more of this shit, my ass is sore!" Jason grumbled.

"Well I guess you'll have to stay here and take more cop dick up your ass." Carlos said with a sneer as he stubbed out his cigarette. Jason's shoulders dropped and he put his head down completely defeated. Fuck I gotta get out of here and this is going to be my only way. Jason thought.

"Ok, but you gotta promise to go easy on me." Jason replied. "Oh baby I will treat you like a princesa!" Carlos said his face lit up with excitement. "Take off my boots." Carlos ordered. Jason got down and began to pull of the cowboy boots and socks.

Carlos stood and began unbuttoning his shirt revealing a pelt of thick black curly chest hair covering his muscular chest and belly and arms. He unbuckled his pants and Jason saw he wasn't wearing any underwear as Carlos lowered them taking them off. Jason gaped at the semi hard fat uncut cock that flopped out hanging down to Carlos's knees. Oh shit he does have a huge cock. Jason thought with apprehension, knowing what was coming.

Carlos lay back down on the cot with his legs spread and his huge cock thickening and pulsing with desire. "Come over here and suck my big cock baby and get it nice and wet." Carlos said, his eyes half closed with lust. Jason got on the cot putting his face close to the big growing rod, smelling Carlos's sweat and ripe balls. He looked down at the pink mushroom head peeking out of the dark foreskin and with each throb of the cock the head began to emerge from the retracting skin until it had popped out glistening and rising until it stood straight up.

Jason grabbed the base of the huge rod which he could barely wrap his hand around and brought his mouth to the big pink mushroom head. He began licking around the head and shaft causing Carlos to moan. "Oh yeah baby ... just like that" Carlos said his eyes closed in ecstasy. Jason then stretched his mouth wide to accommodate the fat head as it went deep into his mouth hitting his throat as he began to bob his head on the huge cock. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH fuck that feels so good...you suck better than any bitch!" Carlos groaned as he reached down and began to caress and rub Jason's buzzed head.

Jason kept bobbing up and down on the huge cock his jaw beginning to ache from being stretched open so wide. "I sure hope he shoots his load soon so maybe he won't be able to fuck me. Jason thought as he continued to suck the big pole. "Suck my balls baby." Carlos whispered. Jason took the big glistening prick out of his mouth and began to lick the hairy golf ball sized balls. The scrotum was drawn up tight as he licked each ball salty with sweat as the huge rod throbbed and leaked clear precum from the head. Jason continued to lick and suck on the big hairy balls as he jacked Carlos's huge cock.

Carlos reached down and put his hand on the top of Jason's head, lifting his head off of his balls and stared at him in the eyes with lust. "Come up here and lay on top of me baby." Carlos said. Jason moved himself up lying on top of the hairy stud, feeling the thick pelt of curly black chest hair rubbing against his smooth chest and belly. Carlos wrapped his big muscular arms around Jason's torso and brought his face very close to Jason's gazing deeply into his blue eyes.

Jason looked into the half closed dark eyes as he felt Carlos bring his lips to his mouth. He felt Carlos's tongue enter his mouth and begin deep kissing him as Carlos began to run his hands over Jason's back and down to cup his butt cheeks. As Carlos deep kissed and probed his mouth with his tongue, his hands massaged and groped the melon ass globes spreading them apart and he felt a finger begin to rub against his hole.

Jason gasped as the finger began probing and entering his tender hole causing Jason to clench his ass cheeks tightly together.

Carlos stopped kissing him and gazed into his blue eyes. "Relax baby....let daddy play with your tight little hole." Carlos whispered lustfully as he brought his fingers up to Jason's mouth entering with the first two digits. "Get them nice and wet baby." Carlos whispered as Jason began to suck the salty fingers. He brought the glistening fingers out of Jason's mouth and brought them down to the tight hole as he began to circle and lightly probe the hole. "Please..... It's so sore. "Jason moaned as the fingers entered his tender butthole spreading the lips apart and sliding in deeper. Although Jason's hole was tender, the probing of his hole was causing his ball sack to rise up and tighten and his cock was beginning to engorge.

Carlos felt Jason's cock begin to get hard against his belly. "Oh baby your little cock is getting hard, I think you like your hole played with." Carlos whispered grinning as he pushed his fingers deeper into Jason's hole pressing his prostate gland. "OOOOOHHHHHHHH!" Jason moaned as the thick fingers massaged his gland causing his cock to throb and leak clear precum. Carlos brought his mouth back to Jason's and began to deep kiss him probing his tongue deep into his mouth as he worked his fingers in and out of the hole and pressing deep and massaging the gland.

Carlos stopped kissing Jason and gazed lustfully into his blue eyes. "Sit on my cock baby." Carlos murmured. Jason moved to stand up putting a foot on either side of Carlos's waist and then squatted down. Carlos watched the beefy blond, his erect pink cock straight up against belly with the bulging biceps and big pecs squat down while Carlos reached down and grabbed the big melon globes with each hand spreading them apart until the pink tight hole touched the oozing mushroom head of his cock.

Jason felt the fat mushroom head against his hole and he began to let himself ease down on the huge cock slowly grimacing in pain. "OOOOOHHHHH." Jason moaned as the fat cock began to spread and slide in his slippery hole. Carlos watched the beefy stud squatting down on his big prick, while he reached up and began to flick and pinch Jason's pink nipples. "Yeah baby take my big cock up your ass....fuck you feel so good!" Carlos groaned as he began to thrust his pelvis as he advanced his cock up Jason's chute.

Jason finally hit bottom feeling Carlos's big balls against his cheeks his asshole stretched wide over the huge cock as he began to flex his huge muscular thighs riding up and down on the pole.

"Fuck baby slow down or you're gonna make me shoot!" Carlos whispered as the beefy stud bounced up and down on his big prick. The cot was squeaking loudly as the two men fucked and Jason's hard cock bounced up and down as he rode the cock. Carlos reached down and began jacking Jason's fat cock as the blond muscular stud bounced up and down, the huge cock sliding in and out of his hole.

"OH baby I'm so close!" Carlos murmured his eyes closed as he thrust deeper into Jason's chute. Slap...slap...slap....slap....slap...slap...the fucking increased and the cot squeaked louder as the two sweating studs fucked. "OH FUCK I'm gonna SHOOT!" Jason cried out as Carlos rammed his big cock deep, shooting hot cum in Jason's bowels. SPLAT... SPLAT... SPLAT... Jason began shooting ropes of come all over Carlos's furry chest.

The loud fucking woke up one of the other inmates in the next cot; they both were drug dealers that were in and out of Jail frequently. One of the thugs opened his eyes and looked over, his eyes widened in disbelief and then narrowed with lust watching the beefy muscular blond riding the hairy man's cock. The dark stocky inmate then closed his eyes pretending he was still asleep. Jason now spent, began to lift himself off of the softening cock and then laid down next to Carlos who put his arm around Jason and began kissing and nuzzling his ear. "Damn baby that was a hot fuck." Carlos whispered as he pulled Jason close to his hairy chest.

They heard the officers talking loudly and sounds coming from down the corridor so Jason quickly got up and moved to the end of the cot, while Carlos stood up and began to get dressed. Once Carlos had his clothes on El Capitán appeared and stood outside the cell glaring at both of them as he tossed Jason's shorts, jock strap and tank top and sandals into the cell, through the cell bars. Carlos asked the officer a question in Spanish and they began to argue back and forth sometimes looking at Jason. Jason watched them arguing hoping that the situation could be resolved while he quickly dressed.

Finally Carlos nodded and reached down to his cowboy boot where he removed a wad of Mexican money that was stashed the lining of his boot. "Buddy I've got some bad news. I only have enough money to pay my way out of here. He wants double to get you out and I don't have that kind of cash." Carlos said looking sadly at a crestfallen Jason. "Can you please do one thing for me at least? Go to Playa Azul hotel and ask for Juan at the front desk and tell him I need his help and he has permission to bring my wallet from the hotel room." Jason pleaded.

"Don't worry I will make sure he comes even if I have to drag him here myself" Carlos replied with a grin as he patted Jason on the back. "Well dude I gotta get outta here....and hey, uh ...take care of yourself man." The handsome Mexican said.

"OK, I'm counting on you Carlos." Jason replied. The hairy Mexican stood and winked at Jason as the cell door opened and then handed over the wad of cash to El Capitán as he walked out of the cell and the door clanged shut. El Capitán leered at Jason for a few seconds then followed Carlos down the corridor to the front of the jail.

"Geez I hope Carlos comes through for me." Jason pondered as he lay down on the cot and began to doze off and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed that he was in a stone chamber and was standing naked, his hands and feet bound with rope. El Capitan and the other two officers Tapia and Martinez along with the two airport officers Ruiz and Sanchez who were all behind him off to the side staring at his naked body leering and groping themselves.

Ahead of Jason was a man sitting in a large wooden carved chair wearing dark robes with a white collar. He had a dark trimmed beard and mustache and was balding on top with a rim of dark hair around the back and sides of his head. He had a large hooked nose and an intense piercing gaze. "Please sir, are you the judge here? These police officers have me tied up and I am innocent!" Jason pleaded.

The man smiled down at Jason with sympathy and kindness, "I am not here to judge you my child." The man's voice was very faint like it was coming from a great distance. "Nor can I help you with your physical bonds, but do not fret as that is only temporary." The kindly man said with a smile. "Well, what can you do then to help me get out of here?" Jason pleaded. The robed man looked down at Jason with sadness.

"There is a battle within you, a torment of your own making that only you can resolve. You will not find peace until you overcome your fear and accept your true nature; that which the creator has designed you to be. Otherwise, you will deny yourself true happiness." The robed figure said solemnly as he stood and began to walk away behind the chair to an open door. What the heck is this dude talking about and what does this have to do with me being tied up?" Jason wondered.

"Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias..." The voice becoming a whisper as the figure began to dissolve through the door. "Wait! What does that mean?" Jason cried out as he felt the 5 officers move closer and began to grope his ass and body pinching and slapping his butt cheeks.

SMACK! Jason's eyes flew open as he felt a hard slap to his butt. He saw the two Mexican thugs with the shaved heads and tattoos standing over him. They had both stripped down naked and he saw their arms and tight muscular brown torso's were covered in tats. They both had hard fat uncut cock's as one of them pushed Jason back down on his back and straddled his chest, pinching Jason's nose and forcing his mouth open. When Jason resisted, the thug slapped his mouth hard causing Jason's lip to swell and the thug then forced open his mouth as he shoved his cock in. "MMMMMMFFFFF!" Jason gurgled as the fat greasy cock was shoved in deep to his throat.

Jason felt the other thug pull his shorts down and off his legs and then lift his legs bending them at the knees so that Jason's legs were spread wide open and his ass was hanging off the edge of the cot. SMACK...SMACK... SMACK...SMACK... the thug spanked each ass globe hard with his hand then lined up his throbbing hard cock with Jason's hole and rammed it in balls deep. MMMMMFFFFFFF! Jason gurgled with tears in his eyes as the fat cock rammed in and out of his butt and the other cock rammed in and out of his mouth.

SMACK...POP....SMACK...POP... SMACK...POP....SMACK...POP... Jason was brutally fucked at both ends while the two thugs uttered things in Spanish, moaning with pleasure while they used his ass and mouth. After about 20 minutes of hard fucking, the thug at his mouth rammed his cock in deep shooting a hot load in Jason's throat causing him to gag and gurgle as he was forced to swallow. Soon after the other thug rammed his cock deep shooting spurts of come up Jason's butt. The two thugs pulled their cocks out of Jason's mouth and ass both laughing and joking in Spanish as they began to get dressed leaving the blond muscular stud lying naked on the cot.

Jason reached down and pulled up his shorts then turned on his side and curled up in a ball while he heard the thugs continue to laugh and joke in Spanish. This is a fucking nightmare....I can't take any more if this. Jason thought huddling on the cot in the dank jail cell. About 10 minutes later, Tapia and Martinez opened the cell door calling out the names of the two thugs. They sauntered out of cell grabbing their crotches and smirking at Jason as they walked by. Jason stared at the floor in humiliation and anger as they left and the cell door clanged shut. "I guess those assholes got someone to bail them out...Where the fuck is Juan...I gotta use the bathroom soon. Jason wondered. "Hey Tapia...Baño?" Jason called out to the officer as he was following Martinez down the corridor.

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