tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJen & Brad's Excellent Anniversary

Jen & Brad's Excellent Anniversary


Los Angeles is full of people seeking to make their dreams reality. For me, my job has yielded realities beyond my wildest dreams. I am employed as a driver for a livery service in the Los Angeles area. My company is known for quality service, dependability and discretion, making it a favorite for many of the celebrities who live and work in Southern California.

What has made my job such a pleasure is the occasional intimate encounter with some of these celebrities. Sometimes events and situations combine to provide an opportunity that works out for everyone involved. I don't want to seem boastful or conceited by sharing the details of these opportunities, I simply seek to make known the tales of the tails I've known.

For example, I happened to be assigned to drive Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt the night they celebrated their first anniversary as husband and wife. I arrived at their home in Sherman Oaks that evening slightly earlier than planned. Contrary to the old stereotype, it was Mr. Pitt who wasn't ready when I arrived. Miss Aniston made polite small talk with me while he finished dressing. She was very upbeat and happy, mentioning several times that the past year had flown by and she was looking forward to celebrating the occasion.

I was enjoying her company and I admit I was a little disappointed when Mr. Pitt came down stairs after just a few minutes. Soon enough, we were in the car and on the way to the restaurant where they would be dining. The eatery was rather popular with the big names of the entertainment industry and therefore had a small crowd of paparazzi outside when we arrived.

I opened the door for them in front of the restaurant and they stepped out to the bright lights of flashbulbs popping. As they began to move away, I heard Miss Aniston say "How about him?", with a backwards look over her shoulder. I was puzzled by her remark, even more so when Mr. Pitt glanced back at me as well.

Traffic was building up behind my limousine and I forgot all about this as I drove around the corner to a lot designated for livery vehicles. I returned to the restaurant door an hour and a half later to pick up my passengers. I expected they would head to a club to continue their celebration but I was instead asked to bring them back home again.

I pulled up in front of the house a short time later and opened the door for them to exit. Mr. Pitt explained rather sheepishly that he didn't have any cash on him for a tip. He asked if I would mind coming up to the house and waiting while he got some from inside. Naturally I agreed and followed them inside.

I stood alone in the main foyer for several minutes until Mr. Pitt returned. He handed me a generous gratuity and then asked if I was off for the night. When I told him yes, he smiled and took my arm by the elbow and began to steer me down a nearby hallway. As we walked, he began to speak.

"Henry, my wife asked me for a special anniversary gift. I love her very much and I'm willing to do just about anything to make her happy. She has always fantasized about having two men at once. If you are agreeable, we would like you to be the other man."

As he finished his speech, we reached the doorway of a large sitting room. To my amazement, Miss Aniston was standing by the fireplace, completely nude, leaning against the mantle. She was smiling nervously, a glass of wine held in one hand while the other traced a small circle around one dark nipple. I stared, entranced by her beauty and sensuality, her husband's words ringing in my ears.

She began to walk towards us, her body swaying seductively as his hand at the small of my back propelled me forward. We met in the center of the room and she gazed deeply into my eyes. I returned her stare and found my voice.

"I would be honored to help you celebrate your anniversary, ma'am. What would please you most?"

"Thank you, Henry," she replied, "But please, call us Brad and Jennifer. Why don't you start by removing your clothes."

I immediately began to remove my uniform, folding each item neatly and stacking it on a nearby chair. She watched me closely and I could feel my cock begin to stir in anticipation. As I finished, she handed her wine glass to Brad and stepped close to me, standing on tiptoe to bring her face up to mine. She kissed me firmly, then her lips parted to allow her tongue to enter my mouth. Without any hesitation, my arms reached out to circle her waist and I held her against me as we shared a deep, wet kiss.

My cock stiffened and Jennifer pressed her belly against me, squeezing my erection between us. Her hands cupped the cheeks of my ass and she kissed my neck, her tongue leaving a trail of saliva as it wandered down towards my chest.

I began to let my hands do some exploring of their own. I ran one hand up her spine to caress the back of her neck, while sliding the other hand down to take hold of her ass. My cock poked between her thighs and I could feel the moisture gathering at the junction of her legs as it dripped onto my hard-on.

Her mouth was teasing one of my nipples, sucking it between her lips, then gently biting the hardened nub. She raised one foot from the floor and wrapped her leg around my waist, allowing my cock to slide further between her legs. She slowly began to rub her pussy along my shaft, spreading her moisture as she went. Her head tilted upwards once more and we kissed again. Our tongues danced together and she moaned softly into my mouth.

Abruptly, she broke our embrace. I glanced over and saw that Brad was now nude as well. He moved towards us and Jennifer slid her arm around his waist, murmuring thanks as she kissed her husband. She tugged my arm to draw me closer to her and put her arm around me as well. She grinned at us and used her arms to guide us all to a nearby sofa that stood in the center of the room.

Jennifer sat on the edge of the couch, with her mate and I on either side of her. She moved her hands to the backs of our heads and tilted our faces down toward her tits. Wordlessly, Brad and I each took a nipple and began to stimulate the swollen buds. As we licked and sucked, she moaned again and her chest arched outwards in response. It was obvious that she had her own ideas about what the evening should entail and it seemed the best thing to do was follow her lead.

After several minutes of having her tits sucked, Jennifer slid backwards along her seat cushion and spread her legs apart. Her hand on the back of my neck pushed me down towards her belly and I kissed my way down to the top of her pussy. It was pretty obvious what she wanted, so I got down on the floor and moved between her legs. Brad moved farther down the sofa, allowing Jennifer to assume more of a reclining position. Her legs opened farther and her cunt was open to my view.

I was delighted to see that she kept herself shaved, the only hair being a thin strip above her slit. Her labia were slightly parted and the inner lips gleamed with moisture. I leaned in close and planted a kiss on her upper thigh, then extended my tongue and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Her mound rose slightly to meet my probing tongue, bringing her clit to my lips. I sucked the hard nub into my mouth and flicked my tongue across the sensitive flesh.

Glancing up towards the Pitts, I could see that Brad was standing near Jennifer's shoulder, his hard cock pointed towards her face. Jennifer's hand reached out to cup his balls and draw his crotch towards her. Her tongue snaked out and licked the head of his cock, eliciting a groan from her husband. She looked down towards me and winked, bucking her hips upwards as the same time. Her pussy bumped against my face and I saw Brad's cock slide between her lips before resuming my own actions on her cunt.

I began to probe the wet folds of Jennifer's twat, forcing my tongue inside her. Juice began to flow from her hole and her legs moved together to hold my head between her thighs. I concentrated on eating her now, licking the inside walls of her pussy as she sucked her husband's cock. I brought one hand close to her crotch and slid a finger inside, while moving my tongue up to lick her clit once more. I took the hard flesh between my lips and pushed my finger farther inside her.

My own cock was fully erect, pressing into the front of the sofa as I ate her delicious cunt. I let a second finger join the first and began a steady finger fucking as I used my mouth on her sex. Her pussy juice flowed steadily and her thighs became slick with the moisture.

When I stopped briefly and glanced up, I could see that Brad was using his hips to pump his organ into her mouth, giving her face a steady fucking. One hand held her head steady and the other reached down to play with her tits. His hand pinched and pulled at her nipples and Jennifer sucked him into her mouth in response.

My fingers were coated with her juices as I slid one finger out and positioned the tip at the entrance to her ass. I pressed gently but firmly against her sphincter and one finger slid past her anal ring while the other slid back inside her pussy. I began to suck her clit once more and her asshole loosened, allowing my finger to penetrate her completely.

I now had a finger in each of her holes, my tongue busily flicking across her clit. Her mouth was full of Brad's cock and she was moaning loudly. I continued to tease her clit as I began to pump my fingers into her ass and cunt. Her hips moved up to meet the twin invaders and her legs spread further apart.

In a few minutes, she began to shake as her orgasm neared. I didn't stop to look but she must have released Brad's dick from her mouth, because she began to cry out in pleasure.

"Oooohhh! Oooooohhhh, yyyyeesssss! Oh, god! I'm gonna cum, gonna cum. Ooohhh, yes, I'm gonna cum!"

I doubled my efforts and suddenly Jennifer was bouncing on the couch as she came. I kept my tongue and fingers busy as she wailed her way through her orgasm. Her thighs squeezed reflexively around my head and I could feel her ass and cunt muscles tightened around my fingers. After several minutes, she stopped moving and her voice died out. Her hand reached down to take my wrist and she moved my arm back so my fingers came free of her holes.

She took just a moment to recover, obviously not finished with enjoying her anniversary gift. She moved up until she was bent over the back of the couch, putting herself in position for a doggy style fucking. She told me to move around behind the couch so she could take me in her mouth. That left her pussy for Brad and he had buried himself inside her even before I reached my assigned position.

I stood on the floor behind the sofa and found my hard-on was perfectly positioned opposite her mouth. Jennifer leaned forward and bent her head slightly so she had access to my balls. She licked them for a minute before sucking each into her mouth in turn. Brad had meanwhile begun to fuck her from behind, pulling himself almost completely from her before driving his cock back inside.

After several minutes of lapping at my balls, Jennifer turned her attention to my cock. Her tongue laved the head of my dick before her mouth sucked the shaft inside. She began to move back and forth on the sofa, slamming herself back on Brad's hard-on before lunging forward to swallow my erection. She soon found a steady rhythm that guaranteed a cock was going in and out of her mouth and cunt with every movement.

It took just a few minutes before Brad and I started grunting and groaning. We were both ready to shoot off and Jennifer sensed our eagerness. Her motions sped up and suddenly my prick was throbbing inside her mouth, shooting my cum straight to the back of her throat. She was swallowing as much as she could, but I could see cum spilling from the sides of her mouth. At the same time, her husband grabbed her hips and his thrusting into her became more frantic as he neared his own orgasm.

He began to groan and his eyes closed as he filled her pussy with his own load. Jennifer was moaning as well, enjoying the sensation of two hard cocks squirting into her at the same time. Brad and I continued to fuck her holes for a few more minutes, but we were losing our hard-ons as we did so. Finally my dick popped free from Jennifer's mouth and unswallowed cum dripped down her chin to land on the back of the sofa. She kissed and licked the tip of my cock as I leaned against the sofa to support my weakened legs while I caught my breath.

Brad, meanwhile, pulled his own flagging cock from his wife and immediately knelt behind her and began to eat his wife from behind, sucking his freshly expelled load from her dripping twat. She began to moan once more as his mouth closed over her labia and clit. After just a minute or so, she began to shake with her own orgasm as her husband licked her pussy clean.

"Ooohhh, baby! Ooohhh, yesssss. Lick my pussy clean, clean that cum from my hole. C'mon baby, lick me, lick me good!"

Her faced twisted with pleasure as she came. She was a damn sexy sight, her body glistening with sweat, cum dripping off her chin and her hips bucking frantically against Brad's face as he ate her cunt. After a few minutes of shaking and moaning, her orgasm subsided and she fell to a prone position on the sofa. Brad sank down to a sitting position on the floor, leaving me standing behind their sofa, staring down at them.

I felt kind of self-conscious and for want of something to do, I kind wandered over to my clothes. Seeing me, Jennifer called to me to stop.

"Don't even think about leaving, Henry! That was great but if you want to stick around, I'm sure we can top that!"

I grinned at her and nodded to indicate that I would stay. Brad stood up at that point and told us he would be right back. Jennifer was still horizontal on the couch as she gave a big stretch that showed off all her assets to my riveted gaze. She giggled like a little girl and sat up, waving me to come closer. I sat next to her on the couch and she hugged me, then pressed her lips to mine.

I could taste my cum in her mouth as we shared a deep French kiss. Our tongues swirled together and I felt my cock stir again. A few seconds later we broke apart as Brad returned to the room. He was holding several warm, damp cloths and handed one to me to wipe my crotch clean while he used another on his wife. He kept the third to clean himself off. Like myself, he was not quite erect but his cock was stirring, ready for more action.

Jennifer pushed me down so I was lying on my back on the sofa. She got into the 69 position above me and lowered her pussy down towards my face. Her own face was directly above my cock, which she began to cover with soft, wet kisses. I took the hint implicit in her positioning and began to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs. After a moment or two, I turned my attention to her still moist pussy and began to probe her cunt with my tongue.

My cock had risen to attention by now and Jennifer began to run her tongue along the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva as she went. Concentrating her attention on the swollen head, she licked and sucked my cockhead, smearing precum over the entire swollen mushroom. Her hot mouth took me inside before slowly releasing me, using her tongue and the roof of her mouth to create a suctionlike friction that made me gasp and moan.

I was sucking hard on her stiff clit, holding it tightly between my lips while running my tongue across the bundle of nerves. Her juices began to flow and I lapped them up as they met my mouth. In the meantime, Brad had sat on the sofa near my head and was leaning over to kiss and lick Jennifer's ass. Her hips kept grinding away on my face as her head bobbed up and down on my dick.

Brad moved his focus from the cheeks of his wife's rear to her asshole. From my vantage point below, I could see his tongue rimming the tight ring of muscle and the increased flow of pussy juice signaled his wife's enjoyment of his attentions. Suddenly she gave a deep groan as his tongue penetrated her rosebud and her hips mashed down on my face in a reflex action. I continued to drive my tongue into her cunt, which was becoming very slick with her drippings.

My cock was now disappearing into Jennifer's mouth as she deep throated every inch of my hard-on. The sensation was incredible as she let it slide almost free before sucking it back into her mouth. I was rock hard and her saliva had so covered my prick that I could feel it running down to my balls.

Brad continued to use his tongue to tease his wife's anus. His face was pushed so deep into her crease that I could no longer get see what he was doing, but her gasping and moaning made it obvious that she was enjoying his rim job. Between his anal penetration and my tongue flicking across her clit, it took just another minute or two before she began to cry out as she came.

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhhh, I'm cummminnnggg! Oooohhh, god, yessss! That's so good, so fucking good! Oh, god, yes! Oooohhhh, fuck, I'm fucking cumming!"

My cock waved forgotten as she wiggled on my face. Her cunt was pouring out juice, covering my jaw and chest with moisture. Her cries became incoherent moans as her husband continued to drive his tongue into her butt and my tongue danced across her clit. After three or four minutes, she stopped shaking and collapsed on top of me, panting and muttering.

I continued to give her inner thighs soft licks and kisses as she recovered. Meanwhile, Brad knelt to the side of the sofa and began to gently rub his wife's neck and shoulders, causing her to purr delightedly. After a short rest, she asked him to move aside so she could sit up, which allowed me to sit up as well.

Brad and I each sat on one side of her, our stiff cocks waving like flagpoles. Jennifer took a prick in each hand and alternated kissing us while she stroked our erections. We made out like that for a while before Jennifer asked me to lie down once more. Brad unwrapped a condom and handed it to her while opening one himself. She unrolled the latex down my cock while Brad covered his own cock.

Jennifer then climbed on top of me and positioned herself above my crotch. Grasping my hard-on in one hand, she lowered herself down until I was fully inside her. She then leaned down so she was laying on top of me and began to kiss me once again. I couldn't see what her husband was up to, but suddenly I could feel the pressure from his finger as it penetrated her asshole.

Jennifer told him she was ready, that he didn't need to use any more lubricant and I realized Brad was going to fill her asshole while my cock filled her pussy. Sure enough, he lifted one leg onto the sofa for support and leaned over his wife's back. I couldn't see his actions but it was pretty obvious from the look of intensity Jennifer wore that he was pressing his cockhead against her rectum. Her face was slightly strained and she gave a small yelp, but she made no effort to stop his penetration.

Suddenly her eyes bugged out and she exhaled sharply. I knew he had pushed past her sphincter, as I could feel it through the membrane separating her rectum from her cunt. She pushed back against his invasion and gave a long, deep moan that signaled to me his shaft was filling her bowels. Jennifer began to frantically kiss me and I realized she had gotten her desired gift, a double penetration.

She broke the kiss off and began to slowly move herself back towards Brad. When she moved forward a second later, I could feel my cock sliding from her pussy and realized Brad's cock was sliding from her ass. Suddenly she rammed backwards again, burying both our pricks inside her once again. She did this a few more times before she found her rhythm, and then she was moving earnestly, controlling the action as her pussy and asshole contracted around the two stiff dicks filling her.

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