tagBDSMJen Is Found

Jen Is Found


Amanda slid open the door to her roommate's room hoping to grab a cute top before heading out to the club. But what she found left her stunned and temporally silenced.

"Jen what happened how did you get like that!" Amanda shouted as she stumbled over to aid her.

"Mhhmhmm," Jen responded, as her now beet red face darkened yet another shade. How was she going to explain this to her roommate? They were all supposed to be gone for the afternoon. This wasn't happening, she had at least three more hours before anyone was supposed to be here.

Amanda grabbed one of Jen's feet and struggled to get her free. As she fumbled with the clip that held her leg in place she looked up at Jen and wondered how in the world she got like this. Jen was suspended naked from the top of her metal canopy bed. Her writs were bound together and had ropes running through some pulleys on each corner of the frame that ended attached to her ankles. The weight of her body pulled on her legs, spreading them wider and wider apart. For the life of her Amanda couldn't figure out why Jen wasn't forced into a full split.

Amanda continued to fumble with the clip, though her focus was on her naked roommates body. Jen looked back at her with panic in her eyes continuing to yell into her gag. By the looks of it Amanda assumed it had to be a cock gag. Amanda's eyes moved down Jen's body to the clips attached to her nipples with light little metal weights attached to them. Her eyes continued down to the vibrator, buried deep inside Jen, attached to a long stick that was pressed up against the floor.

Amanda looked back up at Jen's face and broke out in laughter. "My god Jen you look like a giant popsicle," Amanda managed to get out between laughs. "One minute, I need to get a picture of this before I untie you, its just too funny and the roommates won't believe me without proof." Amanda said as she got up and walked out of the room.

"Mhmmmhm," Jen yelled at her as she struggled at her bonds. It was no use she was stuck and the time-release mechanism had at least ten more minutes left. She wanted to die right there. No one was supposed to know about this and now her roommate was going to have pictures of her. On top of all that the programmable vibrator just switched to the setting she affectionately nicknamed pure torture and bliss.

"Mmmm," Jen moaned into the gag just as Amanda stepped back into the room. It was too much Jen knew she was going to explode any second now. The vibrations running through her body compounded with the feeling of helplessness were proving to be too much.

"My god Jen are you cumming?" Amanda mocked as she circled her snapping pictures with her new digital camera.

"You're dripping wet!" Amanda said kneeling down right next to Jen's pussy and snapping a few up close pictures. She made sure she got some showing off the amount of fluid dripping down her roommate's leg. As she snapped one last picture Jen's whole body began convulsing.

"Wow you really did get off." Amanda smirked. "I'll be right back to untie you. Right after I go upload these pictures where you can't get them." Amanda said flashing Jen a big grin leaving the room.

What was she going to do now Jen thought to herself. Why did Amanda have to come home right then? She pushed away the thought, that was really scaring her, the thought that the whole thing really turned her on even more. She had a slight exhibitionist streak but this was so much beyond that.

She needed to concentrate and figure out what to do about her roommate. Unfortunately that wasn't going to be possible as she felt the vibrator kick back into the pure torture and bliss mode. She moaned into the gag feeling another orgasm start to build up in her.

"The pictures are safe now." Amanda stated walking back into the room. "I must say I am surprised I really didn't see this in you." Amanda continued as she slid the vibrator out just a moment to soon for Jen.

"Mhhmhmm," Jen groaned into the gag. She had been so close to release.

"Oh, I'm sorry where you about to get off again. My bad." Amanda smirked. Jen stared back at her grinning face and began to panic. What was Amanda going to do to her?

"Really how did you get yourself into this position?" Amanda continued as she ideally fingered the weights attached to Jen's nipple clamps sending small shocks through Jen's body. "Do you remember that weekend about five weeks ago when the four of us got really plastered?" Amanda asked slowly dragging her fingers down Jen's stomach.

"Mhmmmhm," Jen replied pulling her stomach away from her friend's hand, attempting the best don't you dare stare she could muster.

"Good you remember, I guess you weren't that drunk after all. I was just curious what you tasted like, and yet you kept denying my simple request. Well I guess you don't have a choice now." Amanda smiled sliding two fingers into Jen's wet pussy.

Amanda watched Jen struggle against her teasing fingers for a few short moments before bringing them to her mouth and sucking each one clean. "Mmmm, you taste nice," Amanda said pulling her finger from her mouth. "I think I'll just have a bit more if that's ok with you." Amanda continued as she slid down to her knees.

Jen's eyes widened in panic. She wasn't entirely comfortable with a girl going down on her. On the other hand she needed some release very badly. She felt Amanda's face press up against her followed quickly by Amanda's hot wet tongue making long strokes up her pussy. She had to admit it felt incredibly good.

Jen thoughts drifted to her situation being tied suspended in the air legs spread and completely at the mercy of her roommate. Amanda could to what ever she wanted to her and there was nothing Jen could do about it. The thrill of being completely at her roommate's will sent shivers up her spine. Those thoughts compounded with the feel of Amanda's expert tongue were going to send her over the edge any moment now.

Amanda pulled at her pants franticly trying to get them down to her knees. Licking her helpless roommates pussy was getting her incredibly turned on. Amanda needed to get her fingers inside herself. Her pants and panties finally slid over her hips and dropped to her knees. She shoved her fingers into her pussy, while continuing to drive Jen mad with her expert tongue.

Jen wasn't going to be able to last much longer, both her and Amanda knew she was only seconds away from exploding. Amanda sucked hard on Jen's clit, sending her into one of the more intense orgasms she had ever experienced. Wanting to cum with her Amanda worked herself over in a way that she knew would get her off quickly. A wave off pleasure erupted in Amanda as she rolled back collapsing on the floor.

"That was hot," Amanda breathed out heavily. She continued to lay there for a few moments letting her strength returned to her. She closed her eyes and lingered in the moment. A moment later she heard a click followed shortly by another click. She looked up to see Jen removing the cock gag from her mouth.

"How did you get out?" Amanda asked, still a little heady form the recent experience.

"The time-release mechanism ran out." Jen replied releasing the rest of her bonds and then collapsing on her bed.

"What in the world compelled you to do that? And how in the world did you come up with such a complicated idea like that?" Amanda asked.

"He told me too." Jen sighed.

"He who? And told ..." Amanda started, interrupted by the sound of the front door opening.

"Looks like the other roommates are home." Amanda continued. "I gave them a call and let them know you where having a hard time and should head home right away. I didn't know you were going to be able to get out of that thing."

"You what?" Jen shouted.

"Why don't you take a quick shower and join us for dinner. I told them to pick up some food on the way home. We have a lot of things to talk about and some pictures to look at." Amanda said as she got up, flashed Jen a giant grin, and left the room.

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