Jenn's request


I lowered my mouth to Ali's and gently kissed her, tracing her lips with my tongue, thanking heaven for all the water I had drunk. I moved my mouth to her breasts and feasted on them again, more gently this time. My hands somehow found their way to Jenn's breasts as she continued to tongue and suck Ali's sex, and I felt her back arch as I squeezed her nipples.

Ali looked at me and then at Jenn, then looked at my cock and back to Jenn, her eyes glazed over in ecstasy. I finally got it, and moved behind Jenn, who wiggled her ass at me provocatively. An amazing sight as I lined up -- I could see Jenn's pussy literally dripping, the drops sometimes falling on her thighs and sometimes on the bed. Through her spread legs I could see her tits hanging down, and could see her face buried in Ali's groin, hearing her slurp and Ali moan in response.

I kneeled down behind Jenn and let my cock flop on her ass, my knees behind hers. I let my cock fall between Jenn's legs and lifted, letting it slide up and down her literally dripping slit, her juices coating my cock on top of the combination of me and Ali. Jenn was tonguing Ali harder now, and moving her pelvis to try to catch my cock. I put my hands on her hips to stop her moving, and gently pushed her into Ali's groin, drawing a sharp gasp from Ali.

My eyes drank it all in -- Jenn on her knees in front of me, her face buried in Ali's beautiful snatch, Ali spread-eagled on the bed, her head just lolling and her breasts quivering, my cock lined up on Jenn's dripping slit. I reached down and lined up my cock with Jenn's cunt, and slowly pushed all the way in, feeling her always tight pussy contract on me as I slid in all the way, bottoming out on her cervix and pushing it aside. She gasped as I entered her, and I could tell her breath was driving Ali wild. I slowly withdrew until just my tip was inside her, and slowly slid back in, luxuriating in the feel of Jenn's cunt gripping my cock so tightly. I could feel Jenn breathing sharply, and knew it wouldn't take much to make her cum -- which was a good thing, since I wouldn't last long in any event.

Jenn pushed her hips back at me, trying to get me in even deeper, and I shifted position slightly so I could fill her completely. We were well sized -- I was just a bit bigger than she can ordinarily take, so she stretches just a bit to fit my entire cock inside her -- with the predictable result that it felt amazing for both of us. I started a slow rhythm, in and out, in and out, feeding her arousal, feeling her pussy grasping my cock, wanting my seed. I picked up the pace, slowly accelerating, and saw Ali's hand on Jenn's head, keeping her mouth on her clit, watching as Jenn sucked her and as I fucked Jenn.

Ali looked up at me and slowly licked her lips. I have no idea why, but that simple act moved me to the point of no return, and I started pumping my cock into Jenn's cunt faster and faster, and harder and harder. It couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 strokes before I felt Jenn's body start to spasm in orgasm, her vagina clamping down on my cock, squeezing it hard as I pounded her. I felt as much as heard her scream into Ali's pussy and Jenn's cunt seemed to just explode, squeezing my cock harder than I had ever felt before, rocketing me over the edge. I shouted -- what, I don't know -- and felt my hands hold on to Jenn's hips in a grip of iron as I exploded into Jenn, my cock pumping her full of my white hot cum, stream after stream splashing the walls of her womb, drowning her cervix in semen. I was dimly aware of Ali screaming as well, as Jenn bit down involuntarily on the hooded mass of her clit, and dimly saw fluid erupt from Ali's pussy, spraying on to Jenn's face, sending jet after jet into Jenn's mouth.

We stayed like that for what seemed like a long time but could only have been a minute at most, all three of us uncontrollably shaking and utterly spent, my cock still impaling Jenn, Jenn's mouth still on Ali's clit. Finally, we started to disintangle ourselves. As my cock slowly slid out of Jenn, a flood of fluid poured out as Ali watched intently. She reached out a hand and cupped Jenn's groin, catching some of it and slowly bringing it to her mouth. She sucked her hand and sighed in contentment as Jenn and I slowly moved up next to her.

Hours later, we woke up a sticky, tangled mass, just reeking of sex. I looked at the two women in my bed and shook my head -- I had to wonder if last night had really happened. Of course it had -- all three of us were just covered in sex fluids and you could see bruising on all of us. First Ali, then Jenn, came to. I kissed both, and offered breakfast -- or brunch, as it was almost 10. We made our way to the kitchen and had coffee with bacon and eggs.

None of us had said much, nor did we even comment on still being naked, which gave making bacon just a bit of excitement. We ate quietly.

Jenn finally broke the silence. "OK, I have to say it -- that was the best night of my life. Thank you, both, for making it so good. I have never been more excited. Just . . . fucking amazing." She shuddered a bit, remembering.

"When can we do it again?" Ali's eyes were shining. "Because that was absolutely the best time I have ever had."

For my part, I was floored. It had been the single best night I'd ever had. And to hear Jenn and Ali say the same thing was all I could ask for. "I'm game any time -- Jenn?"

Jenn's eyes flashed. "Any time? How about 'all the time? Ohmygod that was hot - I can't believe how hard I came watching you two. And that's the first time I've ever been with a woman -- what the hell were we waiting for, Ali?"

Ali and I laughed agreement.

"I thought I was going to explode when you were eating me and Tom was sucking my nipple." Ali unconsciously reached up and started caressing her nipple. "Oh, wait -- I did. All over your face, right, J?"

Jenn zoned out for a minute, remembering the feel of Ali squirting her face, the taste of Ali's cum in her mouth, the feel of my cock exploding inside her. She sighed. "I have GOT to move closer somehow. Anyway, how's tonight? Might have to go a bit more gently, though, 'cause I'm sore all over."

Ali was almost panting at the thought -- her nipples were fully erect again, and you could tell I'd need a towel for her chair when we were done. "I'm in. Not sure they'll let us back in to the club, though -- I think they saw us. Should we change it up a little? Maybe go to the Ritz and pick each other up?" The Ritz was another club well known as a meat-market pick-up place. I think Jenn and I were surprised a bit that Ali suggested it -- the reputation it had was as a total slut fest. But what better place? I filed away in the back of my mind that there was more to Ali than I knew.

"Sure -- good idea. That works for me," I said, my loins stirring again, somewhat remarkably considering all the activities of last night. "And I think you two should dress appropriately. And be ready for anything."

Jenn saw me and laughed. "That's what I like about Tom -- he's such a horndog. Yeah, that's fine -- about 7? I do have to head back tomorrow morning. And I have some running around to do today before I can head back."

"Hey, horndog is good! It's been a long time since I've been with someone who could keep up with me. 7 is good -- and I'll 'dress accordingly." Ali winked, her nipples still erect. One of her hands moved below the table and came back up wet. She slowly put it in her mouth and sucked lasciviously. "Mmmmm . . . "

Jenn nodded to Ali. "I know what you mean. Do you mind running Ali home?" The last bit for me.

"Yep, will do whenever she's ready." I looked over at Ali -- "Might be a while, though." Ali slowly licked her lips again.

Jenn laughed her golden laugh again. "Just make sure you save some for me! OK, let me find my clothes and I'll see you about 7."

As Jenn put her dress back on, Ali decided on a quick shower. I got her a towel, etc., and sent her in with a quick kiss. Jenn leaned over and whispered in Ali's ear, then kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining. Jenn broke away, kissed me passionately, and headed out. I heard Ali finish her shower, and pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt.

"That felt great!" Ali said, as she toweled off in front of me. "I'm ready for round 2! Or 11, or whatever we're on." She put on her bra and pulled her dress back on, making me flash back to last night when I had imagined sliding it off of her. It had stains all over it- I knew we'd been busy, but seeing her cum-spattered dress really underlined just how wanton we'd been.

We made it to her house without incident; both of us knowing it'd be better to save our energy for later that night with Jenn. As I drove home I wondered just what we had started. Ali was someone I could fall for hard. Jenn was too, but she lived out of state half the time, and that's not sustainable. If it could work, I'd be thrilled if the three of us could be a triple as opposed to a couple. I'd have to see how that played out, because it was pretty obvious to all of us that Ali was interested.

Ah well -- food for thought, and time to think on it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Jenn and Ali had already thought down that road. Meanwhile, we had tonight to look forward to -- I wondered how it would play out.

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