tagFirst TimeJess & Me

Jess & Me


NOTE: I welcome critical feedback, but I do not need vitriol. If you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. That said, I hope you enjoy it!


After Jess clocked out, she turned to me and planted a wet one on my lips. I responded in kind, but then gasped as she grabbed my member through my jeans. She grinned wickedly and said, "Tonight, Allen."

I gulped with anticipation. "Tonight." She winked at me, then walked past me, patting my ass as she did, to leave the grocery store where we both worked.

I looked around, hoping no one had seen her playing with me. Looking at my watch, I saw my break was about to end, so I went back to my post. I had a goofy grin on my face, but hell if I cared.

Tonight I was going to lose my virginity.

A month and five days before, I had started my first day on the job at Canfield's Corner Grocery. I'd seen Jess that very first day. She sticks out. Slender waist and hips, long legs, breasts as round and big as oranges. Her eyes are deep, stormy blue, and her hair - blonde, with streaks of vivid red - fell to her shouders in slight curls.

I instantly assessed her as out of my league. Still, I introduced myself, and she smiled at me as we shook hands. Looking back, I can decipher that look; but then I had no idea.

A month and four days ago, I was at the cash register, between customers, when Jess came up behind me, put a folded sheet of paper on the counter, and giggled before dashing off. Puzzled, I unfolded the sheet of paper to find a phone number.

My eyes widened. I turned around, but Jess had just clocked out and left.

That night, I called her, and we talked for two hours. Among other things, I wound up telling Jess that, at 22, I was still a virgin. (At 19, she'd had multiple partners. One time, according to her, she had sex in a park and narrowly avoided being picked up by a cop.)

Honestly, I don't know why she was surprised. I'm nothing special to look at. I have glasses - and not the kind that make you look sexy - and no muscles to speak of. I do have a very slightly cleft chin, and I'm told some people find that handsome. Still, I'd always been called "cute" but never "hot".

A month ago, we had our first date. When I showed up at her house - it's in her grandmother's name, but she lives there alone since the older woman went to a nursing home - she corralled me into making sausage balls with her.

With my hands stuck in sausage grease, she came up behind me, turned me around, and pecked me on the lips. Naturally a great big grin plastered itself on my face. She smiled back, then went right on rolling sausage balls.

Once they were in the oven, we cuddled up on the couch, Jess snuggling up to me, and she kissed me again. I kissed back, luxuriating in the feel of her soft pink lips, before her tongue probed between mine.

Now I had never frenched before, but I did my best to reciprocate. I stroked her tongue with mine, and explored her mouth. She moaned, just a tiny bit, and we made out for a few minutes.

"You're a great kisser, Allen," she said warmly.

"Really?" I said, a bit surprised. "I've never frenched before."

She looked at me, astonished. "You're pulling my leg." I shook my head. "Damn. You're GOOD at it."

She leaned forward to kiss me again, then pulled back a bit. "Take off your glasses," she commanded. I obliged, and she looked deep into my eyes.

I'm nearsighted, so that close I was able to see into hers. At last I recognized the look there.

Jess was completely and totally hot for me.

This was astounding to me. No one had ever had the hots for me before, much less a girl this gorgeous.

My family and friends had always told me that one day, my smarts would attract a great girl. I guess they were right. We made out the whole evening.

It should come as no surprise that the sausage balls burned.

A week and two days ago, Jess and I decided to celebrate our one-month anniversary by sleeping together. This of course was a momentous occasion for me.

I was insanely nervous.

Having no experience, compared to Jess' plethora of it, I didn't really know how to please a girl. I know Jess was aware of this, and she was also horny as hell but I still wanted to impress her.

I went to the bookstore and bought out every book they had on sex. Spent the next few days studying harder than I ever had for any exam.

Given Jess' hots for me, I figured I had a pretty good chance of pleasing her after this. But there was another problem.

Whenever I jacked off, I usually came within a few minutes. In the past few weeks, when I'd started jacking off to a photograph of Jess, it was even quicker. How was I gonna last when I was actually fucking her?

Google fu to the rescue!

After sifting through multiple offers of Swedish miracles, I stumbled on something genuine. A drug that's actually a medical treatment for men with impotence.

When a healthy male takes it, it completely eliminates the refractory period. You heard me. As soon as he comes, he gets hard again straight away, with no pause.

God, I was so glad I'd made friends with Canfield's night pharmacist.

I was as ready as I'd ever be.

Today, I finished my shift, anxious to be out of there after Jess left.

Going to my apartment, I lit the candles I'd bought for this occasion, and put on some low music; it was R&B, not really my thing, but Jess' favorite. I showered and put on a loose button-down shirt, dark slacks, and cologne.

And I popped the drug.

Then I went to pick Jess up - for this night, I'd insisted on picking her up gallantly, rather than having her drive over - and we came back to my apartment. Yes, the apartment. We were gonna be so horny for each other, that we probably couldn't contain ourselves if we were in a restaurant.

I'd picked up some food from Olive Garden, which I served onto plates. Some cheap plastic flutes filled with champagne completed the meal.

We giggled like schoolchildren. We played footsies under the table. We slithered our hands onto each other. We shared a dessert, and licked the ice cream and chocolate off each other's lips.

I was hard as a rock, and Jess could tell.

"C'mon, stud," she said, leading me into the bedroom. She gasped slightly as she saw the candles, smelt the fragrance, and heard the music. "Allen," she said, turning to me, and I seized the moment to kiss her.

With my arms wrapped around her, our tongues entwined, her hands unbuttoned my slacks, which fell to the floor, revealing my erect dick. (I had decided to go commando for the evening.) Her hands stroked it lightly, and I broke off the kiss with a strangled groan.

I pulled off her shirt as she unbuttoned mine. She had to show me how to unhook her bra, but I pulled down her skirt and - on a whim - pulled down her panties with my teeth, which made her laugh hoarsely with desire.

Getting my first look at Jess' naked body was amazing. The nipples stemming her breasts were candy pink, the same color of her pussy, which was shaved and glistening wetly.

She threw her arms around me, and we kissed again. The feel of her bare boobs against my chest was intoxicating, the hardness of my shaft against her soft belly was agonizing pleasure.

She slid down to her knees, and took hold of my member, licking her lips. "You don't have to--" I said, realizing what she was about to do, but she forestalled me by wrapping her lips around my glans.

I cried out sharply, my cock receiving the first penetration of a woman it'd ever had. It was unbelievable. All my wildest fantasies had never imagined that it would be this good. She sucked lightly on the head of my penis, her tongue flicking against the tip. Her hands fondled my balls gently.

She disengaged briefly to run her lithe wet tongue up the underside of my pole, and I shuddered. "Jess," I gasped out, trying to warn her.

Understanding, she quickly wrapped her mouth around me just in time to receive my seed spurting out uncontrollably. What a rush! To come inside my gorgeous girlfriend's hot mouth, feeling my load pooling inside it before she swallowed, was amazing.

My balls emptied, but my manhood was still hard and erect. Jess didn't seem surprised; how hard can it be to get a second erection when you're faced with a horny hot thing like her?

"My turn," I said, and pushed her gently back onto the bed. She spread her legs willingly, and it was all I could do not to just hammer my rod in there straightaway.

But I wanted to do this right. I wet a finger, then traced it lightly around the curve of her breast, coming ever closer to her nipple. I did it as slowly as I could make myself. Her breast strained out, willing my finger to come to her hard pink nipple.

But I stopped just before I touched it. I re-moistened my finger, and did the same thing to her other tit. She was gasping, her ruthlessly teased nipples demanding to be satiated.

But I ignored it. I went down to her navel, flicking my tongue in it briefly, as she shivered from the erotic tickling sensation.

Then I went to the mother lode. Her pussy was pretty wet - which gratified me - and I traced my finger along the lips of her labia, never quite going inside. I felt for the stiffness of her clit through the skin and, finding it, dived in with my tongue.

It was my first taste of pussy juice. A little strange, but I liked it, especially since it meant that she was hot for me. She groaned as my tongue followed the path my finger had around her labia, in ever-narrowing circles.

I slid my tongue between her lips - it was glorious! - and she cried out. I felt thick creamy moisture filling her pussy as she came, and my tongue lapped it up as she bucked. "Allen," she moaned as she calmed a bit.

So far I was doing okay, but I'm pretty sure it was her hots for me that really contributed to that orgasm. Which was grand with me; what guy wouldn't want a girl to be that horny for him?

I flicked my tongue until it found her hard clit. She shuddered as my tongue touched it, but I pulled back for an instant, reaching my hands up to her breasts. Doing my best to time it right, I sucked gently on her clitoris as my fingers gently stroked each nipple.

My timing must have been good enough, because this time she screamed loudly and exploded. Her juices overflowed, and I couldn't lap them up quickly enough, so I just fastened my lips on her clitoris again and kept sucking. This extended her orgasm, but at last she came down from her high.

"God, Allen," she murmured hoarsely, "are you SURE you've never fucked a girl before?"

"Positive," I said, smiling proudly as I came up to look at her face.

"Mmm," she replied, and kissed me. "Look into my eyes," she commanded. I did so, and her breathing became labored again as she looked into my eyes. Something about my eyes just totally did it for her. "Now fuck me," she said.

Since I was so inexperienced, she had to help guide my cock with her hand. I shivered with horny anticipation as the tip of my penis touched her vulva, smearing it with my precum. Breathlessly I pushed in, slipping the head inside.

Goddamn! It was so slick and feminine and tight and GOOD, I burst right away, thrusting convulsively all the way into her as I came. She gasped at the sudden depth of my dick, and the warmth of my semen shooting inside her, her pussy seeming to become even dewier around my rod.

I was still hard inside her, and this time she did seem a little surprised. "Wow, Allen," she said as I recovered. I bent down to kiss her, then withdrew to look into her eyes.

I began thrusting in and out, as slowly as I could make myself - really not very slowly - and our breaths came out in short gasps. Using one hand to hold myself up so I wouldn't smash my face into hers, I felt her breast beneath my chest with the other hand, and tweaked her nipple with my finger.

Yep, direct hotline to the clitoris. She came again, shrieking, and her vagina tightening and spasming about my meat shot me off like a rocket.

The pill was definitely working, and I was still erect as ever inside her. "DAMN," she said as she realized it.

"DAMN," I said, as I realized that her spasming pussy would make me come every time she did. All I had to do was make her cum, and that would fulfill the erotic fantasy of simultaneous orgasm!

But then she started milking my cock with her tight ring of vaginal muscles, tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing. I started ramrodding her again with reflexive desire, and I couldn't keep myself from spurting yet another load.

I kissed her, and she murmured delightedly, "Allen, what does it take to satisfy you?"

Grinning, I replied, "I wonder what it'd be like to have you on top."

She laughed, and we rolled over so that she was mounting me. Now this was an incredible sensation, in a night full of incredible sensations. She bobbed up and down my length, and leaned forward so that her tits pressed into my chest.

She kissed me, frenching me, and I cupped her buttocks with my hands, feeling the velvety softness of her flesh.

This was a masterwork of euphoric sensation. Not just the vagina slicking and tightening around my shaft, but her boobs and nipples on my chest, our lips and tongues joining, my hands feeling her ass, the electric chorus of our moaning and gasping.

I soon had the presence of mind to stroke her nipples again, and she quickly erupted into another orgasm. Her frantic bobbing on my dick drew another orgasmic torrent from me, and our screams were muffled by our lips.

At last she subsided, and she was astonished as she felt me still rocky inside her. "You're exhausting me, Allen," she said. I was getting kinda tired too, but my perpetual horniness kept me from slowing down.

"I need a break," she said, pulling herself off me, her vagina releasing my protesting penis with a slight pop. I grimaced regretfully, but she winked at me and added, "That doesn't mean YOU need a break, does it, stud?"

She lowered her mouth to my turgid pole, sucking her own juices off it, and taking more and more of me into her. She fondled my balls as she did so, and my hands fisted convulsively with pleasure in her lovely hair.

"Mmm," she said as I groaned. Her skilful ministration were too much for me, and I shouted myself hoarse as I came.

At last my balls were completely empty. Of course, I was still turgid. "Hell, Allen," she said with astonishment and delight. I grinned at her, stupidly proud. "Give me a few minutes," she said, cuddling up against me.

"Sure," I replied, suddenly realizing how exhausted I was. Her breasts snuggled up against me, her head nestled upon my shoulder, her thick hair her own pillow. Her arm splayed across my chest, and I clasped her hand in mine, stroking the back of it with my thumb. (That was an erogenous zone for her, I'd discovered in our make-out sessions.)

Resting my chin on her hair, I listened to her breathing as it became slow and regular. Closing my eyes, I listened to it, and felt the rise and fall of her chest against my side, and soon joined her.

I was awakened the next morning by Jess kissing me. "Hey, beautiful," I murmured sleepily.

"Good morning, handsome," she smiled. "I didn't know you were a sex god."

I grinned sleepily. Not a chance in hell I'd ever tell her about the real reason I was so good. "You bring it out in me," I told her.

"Aw," she said. She pecked my lips, then swung out of bed to get dressed. Regretfully I got up as well. The drug had worn off during the night, because I was now limp. A little sore, too, but it was definitely worth it.

As we got dressed, she asked me, "You remember my friend Macy?"

I had to think for a minute. One of Jess' friends, I'd only met her twice. She had long brown hair and bewitching green eyes. "Sure. Why?"

"You ever want a threesome?"

I stopped in the middle of buttoning my shirt and stared at her, stunned.


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