Jessica's Massage


Everything was arranged. Ben was to bring his portable table and would be at our home at 3.00pm and everything was in readiness at home. I had shaved my underarms and legs while Terry was watching and he badly wanted to fuck me while I was naked and getting ready. I told him this wasn't his turn and I might never fuck him again if something went wrong today so he had better behave himself - he knew he could watch but he couldn't interfere with Ben or myself otherwise it was all off! Poor Terry had such a hard cock all the time I was getting ready I almost sucked him off to give him some relief but thought better of it and made him suffer. I also made him suffer more by walking around the house naked once I had showered while waiting for 3.00pm to come around. Terry thought this was the first time I would be fucked by Ben and he was terribly excited - I wonder what he would be like if he knew Ben had already fucked me 10 times and made me cum hundreds of times through playing with me. Just before 3.00pm. I slipped on my housecoat and sat waiting for Ben. I didn't do up my housecoat and Terry couldn't keep his eyes off my naked body as I sat there.

Ben arrived right on time and greeted Terry with a hearty handshake. Terry was very nervous but he carried out his part very well and didn't say anything out of turn. He simply sat in the corner of our sunroom which is bright and airy while Ben set up his table. When he was ready, I slipped off my housecoat and walked naked over to the massage table. I made it look as thought I wasn't very familiar with what I had to do and Ben helped me up onto the table. He laid me down on my belly and then walked over to Terry and said, "I understand you want to watch as I give your wife a massage and I also understand you want me to go a lot further than only a massage. I need your formal permission to do this so I want you to read this document I have prepared and if you are agreeable, please sign it! Terry scanned quickly through the paper and then signed it and handed it back to Ben. I doubt there would have been any reason Terry wouldn't have signed the paper with me lying naked on the table waiting for him to sign.

Ben poured his oil on my back and massaged me as he had done lots of times before. When he started to work up between my legs he slipped his fingers into my cunt and I started to get very worked up and Terry could see what was happening but he didn't say anything. Ben brought me to orgasm and I looked over at Terry and he was smiling like a kid with a new toy! Ben then rolled me over on my back and Terry had a good view of me lying naked on the table with this man running his hands over my body. Ben started with my feet and massaged my legs and then my thighs and soon played with my clit and cunt lips and I had another orgasm. Again I glanced at Terry and he was playing with his cock through his pants. Ben now moved up and started with my shoulders and then down to my breasts and he massaged them and my nipples before he started sucking my nipples, playing with my clit and again he brought me to orgasm.

I knew from experience what was coming next and I looked over at Terry but he was very absorbed with his thought and his own cock and didn't look at my face - he was looking at my pubic area. Just before Ben pulled me down along the table, as I knew he would, preparatory to fucking me, he turned to Terry and asked him if he was completely sure he wanted him to do this. Terry was shaking and quickly said yes! Ben grabbed my ankles and pulled me down along the table (as he had done many times before) until my butt was at the edge of the table. He then spread my legs, mainly for Terry's sake because he was watching so intently. He then moved forward as he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and pushed it into my cunt! Again I looked over at Terry and saw he had his cock out now and was jerking it furiously as Ben was fucking me! Ben certainly took his time fucking me and he had been pumping into me for several minutes when we heard a groan as Terry shot his load of cum up into the air and landed a couple of feet in front of him. The only sound we heard from Terry while I was being fucked was him asking me if it was alright to have Ben fucking me without a condom. I just smiled at Terry and told him this was what he wanted and this was what he was getting.

Ben fucked me for a long time - much longer than he normally fucked me at the club - and I came a number of times as he pistoned himself into me. At last I knew he was starting to cum so I started groaning so I could attract Terry's attention. He watched intently as I came again as Ben shot his considerable load deep into my cunt! Terry came a second time as Ben shot into me.

Once Ben had withdrawn and was packing up Terry walked over to him and shook his hand and thanked him for giving me such a good fucking and then, to my amazement, he handed Ben $500 for his trouble. I had already paid Ben his bonus and when he turned to me I waved him off and said he had done a very good job and had earned Terry's money.

Terry was beside himself looking at my well fucked body. He took particular notice as Ben's cum was starting to run down my legs as I walked about naked long after Ben had left. Terry even knelt down in front of me to look at the lines of cum running down my legs but I didn't do anything to clean up wanting to allow Terry to see how much Ben had pumped into me. I told Terry there would never be another session like we had just had! I would never fuck another man for him to watch no matter how much he begged me. He had had his fun at my expense (I just loved it) and I wouldn't do it again, ever!

Ben left, never to come back to our home again, but both Ben and I knew I would be back at the club next week for my next massage. I just couldn't build up my bonus points quickly enough for my liking. Ben and I continued this program for the next two years before he was transferred to another clinic in another city. I am pleased to say that once Ben had fucked me at home, he abandoned the points system and gave me the Big Bonus treatment every time! I just love massages!

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