tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica's Naughty Afternoon

Jessica's Naughty Afternoon


I first met Jessica a few years ago as her soccer coach. Lanky and fleet of foot, she was a star in our little suburban league. I came to think of her as kind of a crybaby but the sight of her streaking down the field clad in those little shorts caused my cock to stir more than once!

I lived just down the street from Jessica and one afternoon her mother called to see if I was available to feed their cat that weekend. "Jessica is...busy these days." She explained. Recently graduated from high school, eighteen year old Jessica was now exploring "New Frontiers!" Which I think meant she was meeting a lot of boys and experimenting with sex!

Anyway, it was no problem for me to take care of the cat for a few days and Mrs. Thompson even gave me a key in case Jessica wasn't home. Friday afternoon, I headed down there to feed Marble. I knocked on the door and, hearing no answer, I let myself in with the key. The kitty was glad to see me and even though I was a stranger to her, as soon as she heard the can opener she gave me the old leg rub to insure that she got her tuna.

I glanced out through the kitchen window and was surprised to see Jessica out by the pool. I was even more surprised when Jessica began to remove her bikini top! Wow! I was quite familiar with Jessica's form from our days in youth sports but to see her tight little tits all bare was a thrill for me. Her little pink nipples seemed to be crying out to be sucked and, though they weren't all that big, her tits were just perfect for her youthful body.

Jessica looked around as if scoping out the completely hedge enclosed yard and then reached down to remove her bottoms! I quickly moved to the dining room which had a better view of the pool area and was kind of shocked to see Jessica's hairless pussy come into view. Really? Pretty little churchgoing Jessica? Shaved pussy? Her rather plump little pussy lips were tightly closed and she looked really sweet there by the diving board completely nude. My hot little forward then laid a beach towel on the diving board and bend over to straighten it out a bit. Now her tight little pink asshole was on display!

The kitty jumped up on the sofa to see what was up and we both watched as Jessica climbed onto the diving board to do some nude sunbathing. I used my cell phone camera to get a couple of pictures but she was a bit too far away to get anything good.

I decided to sneak upstairs while Jess was relaxing outside and soon I was exploring her bedroom. More to the point, I was exploring her underwear drawer! Jessica's room was full of boy band posters and stuffed animals but her scandalously sexy panties told a different story! Brief little thongs, see through panties, black lace french panties...Wow!

I checked out her hamper and found a pair of tiny little white panties that I assumed she'd worn that day. I inhaled her sweet feminine fragrance and did the best I could to memorize the scent.

Downstairs I eventually went and was going to leave when I heard the back gate clang open. I returned to the dining room window and saw a tall tee shirt clad youth approaching Jessica.

"Kenny!" Jessica exclaimed. "You said you would call first!" It was Kenny Jacobs, oldest of the Jacob clan down the street. He was considered the "Bad Boy" of the block and I was a bit surprised to see that Jessica was involved with him. Kenny was long gone from high school and going nowhere fast!

Kenny had a little smile on his face as if to say "Yeah, and if I called I wouldn't be finding you naked in the back yard!" Jessica grabbed the beach towel and attempted to cover up the best she could as her boyfriend approached. They conversed for a few moments and then Kenny took Jessica's hand and led her to the covered patio right outside the window where I was observing them.

Kenny didn't waste time and took Jessica into his arms right away and was kissing her for all he was worth which wasn't much from the looks of him. He moved his hands down to Jessica's firm butt cheeks and helped himself to a nice feel of her youthful ass as his tongue wagged around in her mouth.

"Oh Kenny...you just get me so excited." Jessica admitted. "But, let me put some panties on. You...you shouldn't be looking at me nude this way!"

Kenny responded by pulling the towel off of his pretty girlfriend and Jessica gave a little giggle and tried to cover her pussy with her hands. Now I had a great view of these shenanigans and figured to get even more. Kenny and jessica continued their furious make out session and pretty soon Kenny reached down to lower his zipper.

Jessica was nuzzling his ear and seemed to be really enjoying this salacious encounter when her boyfriend pushed her to her knees before him. Jessica soon was facing Kenny's big hard penis right at eye level! It was obvious that he wanted to stick his hard on into Jessica's virginal little mouth but she wasn't having any of it.

"No Kenny...No!" She insisted. I was waiting for her to say "I'm not that kind of girl" but Kenny was so busy rubbing his cock all over Jessica's lips that she didn't dare say anything. Kenny's big cock was all bumping into Jessica's cheeks and under her chin and then, again, right on her sweet pink lips but Jessica wouldn't permit him to penetrate her mouth. She began to reluctantly caress his balls and then was stroking his cock in hopes that a hand job might satisfy him but Kenny wanted more.

The muscular young man led Jessica to a chaise lounge there in the patio and removed his jeans and biker boots. He pulled his tee shirt off to reveal his tattooed chest. Jessica laid there nude before him and seemed to appreciate his sexy body. He was whispering something to her and Jessica giggled again and then reached down to touch his cock. She softly stroked Kenny as he reached for the juncture of her teenaged thighs and treated himself to a feel of her hairless pussy! Jessica opened her legs and settled back on the chaise as Kenny grazed his fingers over her little pink pussy lips.

I pulled my cock from my shorts and watched as I was sure I was going to get to see little Jessica Thompson getting fucked in just a few moments. What a treat! This fresh young teen who would admonish anyone who said "Fuck" was now going to do the dirty deed with the hard cocked boy from the next block!

Jessica continued to fondle Kenny's cock as he felt up her bare pussy. He nudged her legs a bit further apart and now I was treated to a shot of Jessica's gloriously naked pussy spoiled only by Kenny's fingers attempting to penetrate her there.

"Oh, for god's sake Jess, put it in!" I heard him order. Jessica, her resolve weakened by her boyfriend's salacious fondling of her naked cunny, reached over and took hold of Kenny rock hard penis. She pulled it tenderly to her waiting pussy and then used her other hand to open her soft warm lips. Kenny needed no further encouragement and drove his cock deeply into Jessica's tight little pussy which brought a yelp of surprise which caused the kitty to jump off the sofa and down to the floor.

I watched spellbound as Kenny's prick slowly moved deeper and deeper into Jessica's pussy until he'd managed to cram the entire length of his manhood into her fiery cunt.

"Mmmmm...yeah Jess..." Kenny whispered, "That's good pussy honey. Now, let's fuck!"

"Don't...don't talk like that Kenny!" She scolded him. "You know it's not nice to say those words."

I had to smile. Her she is, completely naked with her boyfriend's big stiff penis buried in her pussy and she's upset that he "Talked dirty!"

Kenny began to fuck Jessica now and repeatedly stabbed his cock into her willing hole as she swooned beneath him. Little moans of encouragement escaped her lips as she warmed to the task. She began to fuck back up at him and the two of them were really going at it!

Then...then I heard the gate clang open again. Now, who could that be? Jessica heard the sound too and worried that her parents or someone else was now in the back yard had her distracted. Someone else was in the yard. It was Jim, Kenny's younger brother and another lad I didn't recognize.

Kenny looked over his shoulder and smiled at the two approaching youths. "Hey! 'Bout time!" He called to them.

Jessica was mortified to have been caught nude and being fucked and was trying to cover her naked young body but it wasn't easy with her boyfriend on top of her with his cock embedded in her pussy.

"Kenny...what is this?" She gasped. "Get them out of here!"

"Oh come on Jess." He quickly shot back. "They're just curious. My little brother has never seen a naked girl before except in pictures. And Jason has hardly even seen pictures! They won't tell anyone."

Jessica and Kenny exchanged more dialogue too quiet for me to hear and all the while Kenny continued to softly move his cock into Jessica's pussy until, at last she gave up and laid back on the chaise. Her legs were well apart and the two young men could see every detail as Kenny's penis continued to penetrate little Jessica's now desire swollen pussy.

"Does it feel good honey?" Kenny asked. Jessica just nodded her head "Yes."

"Come on now Jess...does it feel good? They want to know."

"Not in front of them Kenny!" Jessica replied. "Do you want me to beg for cock right in front of them? They're getting a free show...isn't that enough?"

Now Kenny was whispering in Jessica's ear as he began to fuck her harder. I couldn't hear any of what was said but she kept saying "No...not in front of them...no." The entire time. But Kenny's big cock was splitting her bare pussy and then his balls were slapping into her asshole as he really began to give it to her.

"Oh...oh yes Kenny!" Jessica finally blurted out. "Just like that... Keep...keep fucking me...I'm...I'm gonna come!" And, after a few more ball jarring strokes, she appeared to do just that. Her face was all scrunched up and she seemed to be holding her breath as Kenny fucked her little cunthole as hard as he could. Then...he withdrew. I glanced at Kenny's brother and his friend and they seemed to be in disbelief at what they'd just witnessed.

Jessica seemed oblivious to the entire world at that moment and she just laid back on the chaise with a silly little smile on her face as Kenny scooted down on the chaise and then stood. He nudged and then pulled Jessica over onto her belly and then separated her legs until they were off the mattress of the chaise. Her hind quarters were now totally visible to the two watching boys and me too.

Kenny then yawned open Jessica's butt cheeks and leaned down to lightly kiss her asshole!

I don't know who was more shocked: Me, the two neighborhood youths or Jessica! Kenny continued to lightly paint his girlfriend's little back hole as we all watched. He then lifted up and commented to Jess: "OK...time for the rest Baby."

Jessica again shook her head "No" but Kenny wasn't going to take no for an answer. He kept speaking quietly but firmly to his little catholic girlfriend and she kept shaking her head.

"Ken, I'm not doing that in front of them!" She insisted. "Make them go away. What more do they need to see anyway. You said they wanted to see a girl naked. Well, they saw a lot more than that!"

"Go on now Jess!" He sternly told her, "They aren't leaving until you do it!"

With a sigh of resignation Jessica reached her hand down to her recently satisfied vagina and began to timidly touch herself while Kenny once again began to lick her asshole! All three of us were excited beyond belief as we witnessed the neighborhood "Good Girl" now masturbating shamelessly as her boyfriend wormed his tongue into her virgin asshole!

Yes, I had my cell phone camera and was shooting for all I was worth and then I noticed that Jim also had his cell phone and was photographing the lewd encounter taking place right before his tender young eyes. Jimmy was a quiet lad...nothing like his brother. He'd graduated from South High and was taking art classes at a local junior college.

"Make them go away Kenny." Jess tried again. Her eyes were downcast now as she attempted to keep her pretty young face out of the pictures her boyfriend's brother was shooting. "Not in front of them...please?"

But Kenny just chuckled and stiffened his tongue. He then attempted to stick as much of his tongue as possible into Jessica's innocent little asshole!

"Ohhhhh!" Jessica moaned as her boyfriend's hard working tongue continued to penetrate her never before touched little anus. Her fingers moved more quickly in her well lubricated pussy and it was clear she was going to come again from the combination of her fingers and her boyfriend's tongue.

Then Kenny lifted up and Jessica was looking like "Why'd you stop?" Kenny took his overstimulated cock and moved it quickly to the spit soaked hole of her anus and then attempted to fuck it into Jessica there! Right in her asshole! With the two guys watching and taking pictures!

But Jessica wasn't ready for this final indignity. She knew it was hopeless to complain so she did the only thing that made any sense to her: She managed to trap a good section of Kenny's stiff cock in the crack of her ass. Then Jessica closed her eyes and squeezed again and again until Kenny cried out in frustration: "Oh my God, you teasing little bitch!" and with that, streams of come began to erupt from his cock! Long lines of steaming white jism now striped Jessica's ass cheeks as Kenny's orgasm continued. Jessica gave him the slight satisfaction of more butt squeezing until he finally collapsed onto her naked form.

Of course Jim and Jason were out of there before you could say Jack Robinson, and I was going to split too. I could see that Kenny was annoyed but he didn't say or do anything to jeopardize any further sexual adventures he might have with the sweet little girl down the street.

Jessica used the beach towel to clean off her rear cheeks and then she and Kenny were kissing again. All was forgiven.

I strolled quickly back down the street eager to check out the photos I'd managed to take of the whole thing and I found myself wondering: What might happen to those pictures the other guys took? Where would they end up?

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