Jessica's Sister


With a groan of lust I turned to her, my hands reaching out to draw her closer. My lips closed over hers and her mouth opened like a flower, her tongue slippery and her lips soft and wet. She was ready too, her mouth frantic and her eager hands grasping me, pulling me closer.

"God David, yes! I need you. I need you so much." Soft words, whispering into my mouth between the honeyed kisses; hot words, urging me on. "Ah, yes, yes! Take me, David. Do anything you want to me."

Her lips were on mine, urgent with desire, her tongue snaking into my mouth to writhe with mine, to move languorously inside my mouth touching and probing. Long delicious kisses as sweet and hot as molten treacle, her hands in my hair and her body pressed against mine.

Her hands moved quickly to my crutch, finding my swollen organ to encircle it with her dexterous little fingers. " hard!" Her voice was scratchy with excitement. "Is that for me, David? Do you want it inside me again?"

"God yes, Chloe. It's yours. I want to fuck you again."

"You will, you will. Soon." She thrust aside the bedcovers and sat up, pulling her tee shirt over her head and flinging it aside. The firelight painted her body in dappled, flickering shadows of black and orange, her breasts full and firm and the nipples dark and erect in desire. "Eat me, first David", she whispered. "Do me, and I'll do you."

She slithered over me, kneeling either side of my chest to thrust her pelvis forward, watching as I dipped my face into her crutch. My tongue slid over her labia, pressing hard against her clitoris and I heard her sharp hiss of breath. "Ah! Gently, gently, my love. Ease the tip inside me. Stay away from my clit."

I could see her looking down at me, watching as I slithered my tongue over her pussy. The heavy swell of her breasts bounced above me, capped with stiff nipples and Chloe grasped them, her fingers working at her teats to draw them out further, pinching them lightly and lifting the firm globes to suckle the warm flesh. I could feel her vaginal juices starting to flow, a little trickle now but I knew there would be more.

"Hold my ass," she instructed. "Push your fingers down there." She grunted as she felt my hands grip her buttocks and my fingers slide between them. "Ah, yes, yes. That's good!" her voice was urgent. "Fuck, yes, that's good! Burrow deeper now - ah, yes, just like that. Down, down towards my ass. Not the clit." She lifted herself a little and rolled her hips forward to assist me, feeling my tongue slither over her perineum towards the little rosebud, the tip touching her there to press against the crinkled opening before sliding back up towards her pussy.

"Good, good. Again. Do it again."

I listened to what she wanted, learning quickly. My tongue was no longer burrowing but sliding flat over her labia then moving back to wriggle over her anus. I felt her shift her thighs to give more room and she crimped the sphincter spasmodically as my tongue moved over her, trying to capture it and suck it into her body.

"Wriggle it into me - ah, yes. Front and back, baby. Just a bit more. Smear my juice." Chloe's voice was thickening, a sort of husky rasp that gave away her growing lust. "Ah, ah, yes! Open me with your hands."

I prised her buttocks apart with my fingers to open the path to my tongue, and I began to lap more vigorously. I could feel the heat of her body radiating against my mouth, and the slippery feel of her juices being smeared over my face. She crimped her anus more frequently now and I imagined how it would look - a little mouth grasping at the sticky coating, gripping a little bit with each clench and drawing it inside her to lubricate the firm pink flesh of her rectum. I knew there would be small bubbles of froth in her pussy cream now, and that it would soon be trickling into my mouth.

"Up to my clit now - Jesus! Easy, easy! Use your lips first, then the tongue. Catch my juice." She began to gyrate her hips, rubbing herself against me, looking down at my face either side of her thighs. "Ah, yes. Just like that. Deeper now - deeper. Stick it into my pussy, in my ass." She hunkered down, wriggling on my face, savoring the delicious slide of my mouth over her most sensitive parts. My face was wedged between the smooth columns of her thighs and her hands gripped my shoulders, rocking her back and forth over my lapping mouth. I could see her peering down at me, an expression of lust on her face as she moved towards her first climax.

"Open your mouth when I cum," she instructed. "Do you hear me? I want to see myself cum in your mouth." I nodded, my tongue inside her and she hunkered down and began to move purposefully towards her orgasm. Her pussy was open now, the lips gleaming with moisture and suffused to a dusky pink. Chloe placed the fingers of one hand there, the tips pressing against her clitoris, and she rubbed it briskly. I could feel the waves of pleasure rippling through her, a tight little spiral of intense gratification. The little cave was filled with the sounds of her pleasure: the wet sucking noises of her labia as her fingers worked between them and the soft whimpers from her throat as the helix of her pleasure expanded rapidly, whisking her upwards. I could feel her back arching and her thighs tensing, the muscles straining to lift her to that frozen point in time where nothing existed except her fingers burrowing into her pussy and the incredible bubble of pleasure expanding in her brain.

With a shriek of ecstasy Chloe erupted. She jerked her hips back and a jet of straw coloured fluid was ejected violently from her cunt into my waiting mouth. She was bending forward, watching it splatter over my teeth and into the cavern of my throat, and she could see me struggling to swallow it. A second jet followed, smaller but no less intense, striking my top lip to rebound over my face, drenching it with a shining coat of discharge that oozed and bubbled over my skin. Her body was rigid, locked over mine, her thighs squeezing my head whilst the incredible contractions of her pussy forced the fluid out of her. Twice more she squirted, the fluid dribbling over my lips and chin, running in little rivulets to the tight join between our flesh.

And at last the flow ceased and for a moment she was still, absorbing the long slide back towards reality. Her fingers eased out of her twitching cunt and she sat back on my chest. I could feel her juices cooling on my face, and see the gleam of it in the fine golden hairs on her pudenda.

For a moment she stared at me, her face still suffused with lust, and then she smiled. "Now you!" she said. She sprang to her feet and ran to the fire, falling to her knees beside it, looking back over her shoulder as I struggled to get up. She was crouching with her ass elevated and her shoulders down, her legs splayed slightly to expose her little honeypot. The firelight flickered on her skin to paint it orange and black and gold, hiding her sex in a valley of mysterious shadow. I could see her breasts pressed in the dirt and the whiteness of her teeth as she smiled. "Fuck me here, David," she called to me. "By the fire. Come and fuck your dirty little slut."

I knelt behind her, feeling the warmth of the dirt under my knees and I moved the head of my cock towards her sex. She wriggled in anticipation and twisted her head around to look at my face. "Tell me what you see," she demanded, "and tell me what you feel."

There were streaks of black on her thighs where the dust clung to her wet skin, and on her face where she had pressed it into the dirt. My cock was bursting, the head a deep purple - almost black in the flickering yellow light, and I drew her buttocks aside with my hands to better see.

"You're wet, Chloe. I can see the cream in your cunt." The firelight illuminated her, the lips swollen with a sliver of white cream between them, like the filling in a succulent éclair. I touched the bobbing black head against her. "It's oozing over me, baby. Smearing over my cock."

She turned her face forwards, pressing it back into the warm dusty earth. "Ah, I can feel it, David." She was silent for a moment, savouring the feathery touch of my glans against her. "Tell me what you're going to do," she said.

I eased my hips forward and the tip engaged between the plump wet lips. "I'm going to open you up, Chloe...just a bit. Spread you open. Are you ready?"

"Yes, yes. Put it in!"

The lips eased apart as I pushed. "Just a little...ah, there. Just inside you, Chloe." Can you feel that?"

"Oh yes." She crimped her pelvic muscles, squeezing me. "I can feel it going in. Push it more."

I held back. The shaft gleamed in the firelight, the head buried inside her. "Cream me first," I whispered. "Let me see your juice."

"I will, I will." I could feel her working her muscles, squeezing me, squeezing out her juice. Beads of silver appeared around the stretched flesh of my glans, painting it, oozing around the rim before dripping free in long silver strands.

"Put it deeper," she demanded. "I want it in my belly."

I leaned forward, watching the shaft disappeared. Holding the cheeks of her ass open, the eye of her ass crimping as my cock burrowed deeper and deeper into her trim little body. Her juice bubbled around me, a rim of silver as I slid inside. "It's going into you, Chloe," I whispered. "Fuck, fuck, that's tight...ah, yes. So deep inside." It was fully buried inside her now, the root pressed against her lips and my hair matted with hers.

"You're touching something inside me, David...right inside." She wriggled a little. "Can you go deeper?"

I drew back a little and lunged forward, the inertia squeezing a few extra millimetres into her, and my balls slapped on the firm wet flesh of her buttocks. She grunted. "That's it! Christ, that's deep! Do deep strokes now."

Fucking Chloe in the night. Sliding the full length of my turgid cock into her again and again, watching as she rolled back and forth in the dust with the inertia of my strokes. Her skin golden in the light, streaks of black from the shadows and the grime clinging to her skin where the sweat and love juices had squirted and dribbled. Thrusting down into her tight little body... feeling the clutch of her firm, wet flesh. Images in my brain: her gash in the dusky crevice of shadow: pink and wet, oozing her slippery slime onto my shaft as it slid back and forth. Little puffs of dust around her nose and mouth as she gasped and grunted, and her fingers tight against her buttocks, pulling them apart to draw me deeper still.

I could feel the sperm seething in my balls, growling to be released. Too early to cum...too early! I tried to think of other things, but the image of her brother came back to me: Ethan drilling his sister - sliding into the same pussy that now clung to me. He would have fucked her this way too, watching as his cock disappeared into her soaking wet snatch, hearing her little cries of pleasure as she gripped him. He would have tried to make it last longer too, but she would have worked him - just as she was with me...the rippling muscular undulations of her sex, milking him, pulling him deeper, drawing him into that undeniable spiral of pleasure until he could hold no longer and his jism burst inside his sister's grasping cunt.

The image tripped my own climax and I thrust forward violently, burying my shaft deep into the wriggling girl beneath me. A fountain of sperm sprayed deep into her, splashing against the cone of her cervix, spraying over the trembling walls of her cunt. She cried out, her face crushed in the dust and her hands fluttering on her buttocks, and her vulva spasmed around my thick, pulsing rod.

"I can feel it, David! It's hot...Jesus, it's hot! Spray it into me, baby! Fill me up!"

And my own voice, hoarse with pleasure as the storm racked my body. "Christ, Chloe! Ah, fuck...I'm spurting, baby! Suck it out of me...deep...inside! Aaagh! Fuck...fuck!"

We were welded together for what seemed an eternity: Chloe on her knees with her tits squashed in the dirt and her hands fluttering as she absorbed the flood of my jism - and me, rigid, back arched and head flung back, my cock pulsing as it delivered the long jets of my seed deep into her delicious little body.

And at last the final dribbles of sperm ceased and my pleasure subsided. My cock was still buried deep inside her, and we remained still for a few moments to catch our breath. A whisper of wind blew through the camp and the fire flared, casting a shadow onto the low embankment to one side: two figures, their shapes distorted and elongated, flickering in a parody of fucking as the flames rose and fell.

Chloe raised her head and turned to me. "Jesus, David!" she whispered. Her teeth were very white in the dusty mask of her face. "Jesus, that was good!"

I nodded, too spent to answer. My cock was still encased inside her and she rocked forward on her knees and it bobbed free, shining in the light. "Will you look at that!" She laughed. "No wonder I felt full." She scooted around and knelt before me to briefly press the shiny bell-end to her lips. God, she looked erotic! Her face was filthy and patches of dirt had stuck to her where she had sweated or leaked or squirted; and she smiled up at me with a strand of cum joining us, stringing from my cock to her lips. Her fingers looked small around the shaft but they gripped it tightly, moving slightly back and forth, and I could hear little sucking noises as my foreskin slid over the swollen red knob.

"You're still hard," she whispered. "Didn't you have enough, David? What can we do about that?" She stared up at me for a few moments and then bent forward and took me in her mouth.

I've had a few blow-jobs in my time, but none like that. Maybe it was because I'd only just cum and it took longer to build me up; or maybe it was the sight of Chloe as she groveled in the dust at my feet, her tits and her hair and her arms filthy and her face a mask of lust as she stuffed my swollen cock into her throat. Or maybe it was because the cloud that had shrouded us since we left Mt Dutton started to lift and a silver moon appeared, painting her skin molten pewter like a little nymph. Whatever the reason, I'll always remember it.

Chloe was grunting, her head bobbing back and forth and strands of spit oozed from her mouth to dribble over her breasts. Her fingers were around my ass, pulling me forward and back, setting the cadence as I fucked her face. On and on and on it went, my knob pleasured first by the narrow confines of her throat as she swallowed me, and then the soft lash of her tongue as it curled over the frenulum, flicking back and forth as my knob lay in the warm wet cavity of her mouth. She used every trick in the book - drawing me upwards in a relentless spiral of pleasure that reached higher and higher, her tongue and her lips and her fingers working on me, pressing and touching and sucking. All the time her eyes were on my face - those deep, blue guileless eyes filled with innocence so at odds with the gluttony of her mouth as it devoured me. Twice I raced towards an orgasm and twice she squeezed the shaft and held me still...waiting until the seething, bubbling sperm was quelled: and then she would start again, drawing me upwards to an higher plateau.

I have no notion of how long I stood there with her head bobbing in my groin and my hands in her hair - it seemed like hours. But at last I reached the pinnacle - that infinitesimal moment where you are balanced in the very edge of time, where every neuron in your body screams for release and the primeval urge to impregnate the wet, warm animal before you becomes undeniable. Chloe sensed it and held me in her mouth: the two of us locked together, joined by my turgid tube of hot, swollen flesh though which my seething sperm raced. It burst from the eye of my cock in a great sizzling jet, splattering over her palate and painting her teeth. She grunted and pulled back, grasping my rod and holding it before her, flinching as the second jet erupted to splatter over her skin. I think I cried out - a howl of ecstasy as my cock jerked for a third time - and again for a fourth and fifth, each jolt sending another ribbon streaking over her face.

I could hear Chloe urging me on, her voice hoarse with lust as she held my cock. "Yes!" she cried. "Cum for me, David. Paint me with your spunk!" Her lips trembled, shining in the bright moonlight, and a trickle of my sperm dribbled from between them to ooze over her chin. "More, David!" she pleaded, "give me more," and she held my shaft closer, her face turned towards me to capture the last few drops as they fell onto her cheeks.

I stepped back and regarded her: Chloe crouching before me in the dust, her nose and cheeks and lips striped by my sperm. Fat white drops clung to the dirt on her face like pearls scattered in a bed of ash, congealing in the cool evening air, and her breasts were splattered with gobs of it. She stared up at me with an expression almost of defiance and then she raised her fingers to smear the sticky mess over her skin, watching me with those cool blue eyes, watching me without saying a word.


"Goodbye, David, and thank you." She stood on tiptoe to kiss me, her hands light on my shoulders. I could feel the warmth of her skin and the fragrance of her perfume filled my senses.

"Goodbye, Chloe." The feel of her lips lingered on mine - soft and sensuous. She turned then and I watched her walk away, heels clicking crisply on the tiled floor of the airport concourse, her body neat and trim and her back straight. She'd put her hair up, piled in a golden crown that exposed the graceful column of her neck and the little blue pendant that matched the cornflower blue of her eyes.

I recalled the last couple of days: the beacon had worked and within a few hours a Skywest Fokker had circled us. The big Bell 412 picked us up at dusk and we'd spent the night at a nice hotel in Dubbo. Jess was there too, brought up from Sydney by Air Safety, and so there hadn't been much time to talk to Chloe - not on that day, nor the next when the accident investigators questioned us. The next morning I'd told Jess I was leaving and she'd gone within the hour, her lips thin and her mouth bitter. She would never change.

So now we were back in Sydney and suddenly Chloe was leaving and there was an aching void inside me as I watched her go.

"Chloe!" my voice stopped her, and she turned. "Will I see you again?"

"At the inquest."

"No - before then. Will - I mean, can I see you? I'd like to."

A shadow passed over her eyes - just a flicker that was gone almost the moment it appeared. "Would you really like to, David, after all that was said and done?"

I nodded, remembering the way she had writhed in the dust as I fucked her.

"Then I'd like to as well," she said simply. "Call me."

"When, Chloe?"

She smiled then, her face alight with anticipation. "After I've spent a little time with Ethan," she said.


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