tagLesbian SexJills German Girl Toy - Obeying

Jills German Girl Toy - Obeying


This is the continuation of “Jill´s German Girl Toy” by Jillian69, a literotica friend´s story, so please read the first part there!!!

Brief introduction and comprehension of Pt 1: “Jill, a successful power-woman of 50, meets a german girl of 28, that she got to know on the net, for the first time in germany. A very dominating seduction already starts at the airport, followed by a dinner in a restaurant, where Jill commands Carmen to get out of her panties and leave them on the table. In Jill´s hotel room finally she makes Carmen her personal girl toy. After satisfying the first wild lust of both Jill wants Carmen to show her obedience by fetching the panties from the restaurant, dressed very sluty and she also wants her to bring a handful of fresh semen!….but read the whole first part at Jillian69 “Jill´s German Girl Toy”.”

Jill moved from the bed close to Carmen. She could smell the odor of lust juices and her pee. The mature, 50 year old woman put her hands to her breasts and massaged them through the thin fabric of the see-through blouse. Carmen´s nipples were still hard. She moaned under the touch of her elder mistress. One of her mistress´s hands moved under her skirt touching her pubic hair and feeling out her wetness. She war very close now, her tongue licked Carmen´s lips, swirled around her ear. The 26 year old girl wanted to be touched more and try to press her pussy against her mistress´s caressing hand. But each time she drew closer Jill removed her fingers a bit.

“Lick my tongue, my little slut toy!”, the mature woman commanded. Jill´s red, wet tongue stuck out of her mouth and Carmen took it between her mouth. Eagerly she sucked the woman´s tongue until Jill withdrew it.

“You better go now, sweet slave. Your mistress is hot, very hot. My wet cunt is waiting for your serving slave-tongue. Do you want a taster before you go?”

“Oh, please mistress, Jill!”, Carmen pleaded.

“Only one lick!”, her voice was hard. “So down on your knees.”

Immediately Carmen followed the command of the American woman and knelt before her. Her head now was just a few inches from the wet pussy of the mature, dominating woman. She could smell the odor of lust and sex. Then Jill took her head and pressed it fully against her sex. Carmens tongue slid along her cunt, licking every drop of pussy juice that she could get. Jill tasted wonderful. She wanted to slide her tongue down again but the 50year old woman just stepped away.

“You may serve me all night long, sex slave, if you are a good girl. Now go and don´t come back with empty hands.”

“Yes my mistress.”

Carmen took a quick look into the mirror as she left the hotel room. She really looked like a dirty slut now. The skirt was shorter than everything she had seen so far and there was nothing beneath. The see-through blouse had soaked some of the pussy juice, sweat and urine mixed wetness from her stomach and breasts making it even more transparent. Her breasts could be seen very clearly. She was a bit afraid, but even more than afraid she now was aroused as she had never been before – and she licked what she saw. She liked the dirty slut, smelling of dirty sex, that she saw in the mirror. She liked the firm, young breasts with the hard nipples under her sexy outfit.

Finally she left the room. She walked to the elevator. An older pair looked at her and she heard them whisper behind her. She blushed but at the same she had feelings, she never had had before. Carmen would never have thought that she might enjoy it so much being dominated by an other woman. She normally was a very proud woman herself. She had been very good and fast at university and now had an interesting position at a big company. But this was a different life. She always had been a very sexually interested woman. She liked to masturbate a lot, to tease herself and now she had this woman, her mistress, that was fulfilling all her sexual fantasies. Carmen just loved this mature body and she adored the dominating way Jill behaved. Her juices began to flow when she just thought of her. She would do everything for her new mistress. She would do everything to be allowed to lick her from orgasm to orgasm.

Jill made herself a drink and sat down in one of the chairs. She enjoyed herself so much. Carmen was much more than she had dreamed of. She was a beauty and she liked to be her toy. She knew that Carmen loved it to be dominated by her and Jill loved to play with her, to have her own lesbian sex slave for the first time. She felt that she already was in love with Carmen, with her toy slut, her beautiful, young sex slave. With one hand sipping on her drink, her other hand moved between her legs, finding her wet sex, very gently caressing it. Her nipples were big and hard and she used the cold glass to tease them a bit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed her own touches.

Carmen crossed the hotel lobby, turning more than one head. She took the first taxi and the male driver obviously was very pleased to drive her. His looks were more in the mirror to watch her on the backseat than they were to watch the street. Carmen more and more liked the game. She pressed her legs against each other and felt all her wetness. Her hands slowly moved across her chest, across her breasts.

“Please wait, here. I will be back in a minute,” Carmen said to the taxi driver.

The restaurant already was closed, but there was still light inside. Somebody was cleaning up. She knocked on the door several times until one of the waiters opened. He was the last and only one still there. His eyes fixed her – not exactly her but her breasts with the hard nipples pressing through her see-through blouse. He must also smell my dirty odor, Carmen thought. She was a bit more unsure now, than she had been before. She blushed a bit. The waiter sill hadn´t said a word, just fixed her outfit.

Finally Carmen spoke: “I was here with my friend this evening and forgot something. Did you find something?” Her voice was very soft now. The man´s face showed a big, knowing grin. “He must think I´m a whore,” Carmen thought to herself.

“Yes, I found something; Something special.” He answered. “Do you want to have it back? Do you need it?”

Carmen didn´t like his tone – and that made her more selfconfident. She showed a nice smile, than lifted her short skirt for a second to show him what was beneath – or better what wasn´t beneath. Immediately she saw a growing boil in his trousers.

“Not at the moment,” she answered. “But maybe. So, can I have it now!”

“What do I get, if I return it to you? I considered it a nice souvenir.” With these words he longed into his pocket and brought out her panties. He moved it to his face and smelled on it.

In this moment an idea came to Carmen´s mind.

“I understand.”, she said and moved very close to him. “It´s just fair that you get a reward – and I like giving rewards. Do you want to get out of your trousers?” She licked her lips seductively.

Within very few seconds the waiter had removed not only his trousers but also his underwear. His cock was standing rock hard. Carmen took her panties from his hand and using them like a glove she grabbed his cock hard and led him to one of the chairs.

“Oh, you have a real hard one. I like that,” she said. “Sit down.” He followed her instructions immediately. He must have felt like in a dream. Carmen took the belt from his trousers, laid it around his chest and fixed it hard at the back of the chair. The man was bound now, couldn´t move one of his hands and would not be able to free himself. Then she started masturbating his cock wildly with her panties, not touching his flesh directly. He very soon started to groan and within less than a minute he shot his full load of cum into her panties.

“God, that was so good,” he groaned.

“So if this was so good, I better leave you here, maybe you will find another girl – or a handsome man – masturbating you. By, darling and thanks for finding my panties.” Carmen just turned and let him sit there as he was – bound and naked. He shouted after her, but Carmen didn’t turn around. She had everything her mistress had wanted from her; her panties back and a handful of semen in it too.

She took the taxi back, enjoying the lustful looks of the driver. He also had seen that she carried a woman´s underwear in her hand. When she paid before the hotel she had another dirty idea.

“Do you want a special tip?,” she asked in her sexiest tone. The driver blushed and Carmen continued. “I know you saw me carrying my panties. Do you want to know how they smell?”

The drivers head showed a yes. Carmen moved her panties to his nose and mouth and fully pressed it against his face, covering him with the waiters cum. Quickly she left the taxi before the driver realized that the wetness in his face might not be hers.

She was proud of her, like she had never been before, when she took the elevator to her mistress room again.

Mistress Jill was still sitting in her chair. She was fully naked. Her legs were spread and her hand was playing at her crotch. The wonderful big nipples of her were standing hard.

“You are back my sweet slave”, she said. “I see you brought what I demanded – at least one part.”

“It´s all there, Mistress Jill.” Carmen walked to her mistress and knelt before her. She showed her the wet spunk in her panties. Jill moved her finger deep into her wet cunt, withdrew them and offered it to Carmen. The girl hungrily took it into her mouth and licked the lust juices of her mistress from the finger.

“You are a good girl. Now tell me.”

Jill liked the story and laughed.

“You have proven a very good slave. You have earned a reward. You may get a shower now, my dirty slut and then you can serve me lust!”

Jill let her lick another wet finger and then sent her to the bathroom.

Carmen felt much better when she came out of the bathroom clean again – and she felt very aroused. She was completely naked.

“Come here,” Jill commanded.

Carmen stood before her mistress and Jill´s eyes feasted on her young body with the firm breasts. Finally her hands started touching her breasts and the other going directly to her wet sex. Her fingers gliding through her pubic hair.

“I love your big, thick bushy hair.” Her fingers gently plaid with the dark pubic hair, before on glided into her waiting cunt for a moment.

“You are very wet. You will not be good in satisfying me, if you are so aroused. You better make yourself come, before you may lick me. Move one of your legs on my chair and then I want you to show me how you make yourself come, little sex slave.”

Carmen stood very close to her now. Her legs were spread and with one leg up on the chair she showed Jill every detail of her juicy crotch. She was hot as she had never been before. Her fingers started playing with her and Jill commanded wanted she wanted her to do; if she wanted her to play with her clit, or to fuck herself deeply with one, two or even three fingers, if she wanted her to stop and play with her breasts and nipples and then start again by just softly caressing her whole slit slowly. In this way Jill guided Carmen to higher and higher states of arousal until she was near collapsing due to sexual lust.

“Please let me cum, Mistress Jill,” she pleaded groaning loudly.

“Are you my sex slave, my lesbian sex whore?”

“Yes Mistress Jill, I´m your lesbian sex slave, I´m your whore. Please let your slave come!”

“You may come, now!”

Carmen hardly heard her. Three fingers of one hand went deep into her wet pussy and the fingers of the other hand worked her clit. She let out a wild cry of lust and then collapsed, fell on her sitting mistress, cried of satisfied lust.

Jill wrapped her hands around the girl and caressed her body tenderly. She kissed her forehead and her brown, soft hair.

It took Carmen some time to calm down again. Finally she slid down her elder mistress´s body, kissing every inch of her mature, but oh so sexy flesh, that her lips could reach. She kissed both her hard nipples and finally knelt between her mistress spread legs.

“Thank you, Mistress!”, she whispered.

“Lick yourself clean and then you may start serving my pussy!” Jill said.

Carmen followed her mistress´s orders. She had always liked the taste of her own lust juices. Then she moved her mouth to her mistress´s crotch. She took in the wonderful smell of sex and finally her lips touched her wetness, her tongue reaching out to taste her juices and she started to lick this wonderful mature pussy of her new mistress. She wouldn´t stop until her mistress wanted her to do so.

Jill laid back in the chair and enjoyed the pleasures of her new slaves tongue, thinking of the fun the two would have in the future….


Your Pussylove69

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