tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJoan's Dilemma

Joan's Dilemma


Joan Lachey reflected on her career as she sat in the waiting room. She had busted her tail to succeed in the corporate world after college. Twelve years of Catholic School had made her a survivor. She married early in her career, but even having two children didn't slow her down as she began climbing the corporate ladder.

Finally it had all paid off. Years of hard work and determination had landed her a job as vice president of sales or a very successful dot com company. It had meant uprooting her family and moving to another state: Something her husband had somewhat resented. But the money was more than worth it.

Unfortunately for Joan, that success would be short-lived. She had been in the position only six months before the beginning of the stock market downturn destroyed many of the dot com corporations. Hers was no exception.

Joan had refused to quit when things began to look bad. She believed that they could pull out of the tailspin and salvage the company. So she took on a more senior role as other executives bailed around her. Alas, her valiant efforts were no match for the times and the company went into bankruptcy. And was then swallowed up by a competitor who was more than eager to let Joan, and the remaining executives, go.

She managed to land on her feet again, accepting another executive position with another company. Which required yet another move for her and her family.

But Joan's luck wouldn't last. Less than a year into the job the company began to face difficulties. They struggled for several months before the news broke that they were in serious trouble. Along with that came a federal investigation and Joan learned that several top executives had been taking part in a scheme to bilk the company while hiding their failures from stockholders. The company crashed, thousands of employees lost their retirement investments, and the federal investigation heated up.

Joan was investigated, but was cleared of all wrongdoing. It seemed that the executives involved hadn't trusted the "new girl" and managed to keep her out of the loop.

But the damage was done. Joan's husband had divorced her during that same time period. There would always be a cloud of suspicion over her head anytime someone saw her resume. And worse, she had two strikes against her now as two companies she had senior roles in had gone belly up. Even when none of it was her fault that can hurt future career prospects.

But Joan had succeeded in finding another job. She was now the senior sales executive for an IT Service related company. But, her company was struggling to stay afloat and her predecessor had done some serious damage due to his neglect. Joan took over just as they began losing some major contracts.

Once again Joan found herself facing the potential demise of a company. And once again it wasn't her fault. But the losses were coming under her tenure. So she was trying her best to prevent any more.

That was why Joan was sitting in the outer office of the Director or IT for VIOLA. They were one of her company's largest contracts. And Ed Richards was threatening not to renew the contract. Not only could her company not afford this loss at this time, but neither could Joan. She would surly be fired if they lost one more big contract. And with three strikes against her, and being in her mid forties, she would probably never land another executive job. Plus, her kids were just about ready to begin college and she needed the money for their tuition.

Besides her brain, Joan had good looks. She had always worked out and stayed in shape. She was 45 but looked in her mid thirties. No one believed her when they learned her real age. She had long blond hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face, although there were a few worry lines around her eyes. Her body was firm and fit. In effort to use her looks to help her out in such meetings she had begun to dress to show off her figure.

Her tight, short sleeved pink blouse showed off her 34 C breast and her tight black slacks made it hard not to notice her shapely ass. She had decided that she needed to take advantage of everything she had to save her job. She remembered catching Ed Richards eyeing her the few times they had met before and felt that if she just offered a little tease that it might help to keep him more willing to renew the contract. She felt guilty doing it, but she quickly tweaked her nipples when she heard the door opening, figuring that if they were poking out just enough he would be more focused on them than her face as she groveled for the contract renewal.

Ed Richards did indeed take notice of Joan's perky nipples, as well as her sexy outfit. He was glad to get back into his chair so his desk could hide his state of arousal.

Ed was a distinguished looking 42-year-old businessman. Six feet tall, in decent shape albeit a little overweight in the gut. He listened as Joan discussed the problems he had been having with both the equipment and service they provided, as well as her proposals to resolve them. But while he picked up on the important details, his mind kept going back to Joan's sexy body.

Ed knew that Joan was in trouble. He was friends with her predecessor, who still had contacts within the company. He had told Ed that Joan was being singled out as the scape goat for the losses of the contracts and that if the shit hit the fan over lost revenue, her bosses would see to it that she took the blame and lost her job in order to save their own.

With this knowledge in hand Ed felt that he could bargain for a much better deal. And he was getting just what he wanted from her at the moment. But Joan said something that immediately made Ed realize that he might have the chance to ask Joan for something that he wanted even more...

"Look, Ed. I'll do anything you want to save this contract." Joan said.

"What do you mean by that?" Ed asked.

Joan blushed, suddenly realizing the double meaning that her words could have, especially the way she was dressed today. "I'm sorry," she began. "I didn't mean it to come out like that."

"Like what?" Ed said, enjoying her sudden discomfort.

Joan blushed even more. "I didn't mean it to sound like I was proposing anything of an intimate nature."

Ed sat back in his chair, "That's too bad. I would have to say that an offer like that would most definitely change my decision to renew the contract."

Ed had already received enough from her to retain the contract as it was. But he realized that in her desperation he might be able to succeed in getting something that he wanted personally.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

Ed smiled, "Well, Joan. Seeing how you came in her dressed all sexy today. And making that comment. I just have to assume that you were beginning to offer me a sexual favor to renew the contract. I'm just saying that if you did indeed make that offer that I'm more than willing to accept it."

Joan was offended. She had no such thoughts in mind and resented being considered as a whore trying to sell herself for her company. But she had to bite her tongue. Losing this deal meant losing her job. And probably any chance of anything close to it again.

"Well, if you're going to back out of the offer then I guess we're through." Ed said, "I have a meeting with your competitor this afternoon to see what they can offer."

"No, please," Joan continued, the fear of losing this deal becoming evident in her voice. "What more can I put on the table?"

"You've put enough on the table, it's just that you took something back off."

"But I never really offered that," She said, "That was a misunderstanding."

"Then I am sorry. I guess we're through." Ed said.

Joan caved. She had to save this contract. "What exactly do you want?"

Ed was grinning. "Well, you do a pretty good job of talking. But I'd like to see what else you can do with that mouth."

Joan blushed again. "So, if I gave you a blowjob you're saying that you'll renew your contract?"

"Under the conditions that you have already agreed to today." Ed reminded her.

Joan felt disgusted at the thought. She found Ed attractive enough. And wouldn't have minded dating him under other circumstances. But this was different. Other than a few men in college, Joan had never been with another man since marrying her husband. And had not dated since her divorce. Now she was agreeing to blow Ed Richards just to save a contract. But she felt that her back was against the wall.

"Very well. Just this once." She said.

Ed couldn't believe his luck. "Great. But I want you totally naked."

Joan groaned under her breath. "When do you want to do it?"

"Right now." Ed told her.

Joan grimaced, not willing to believe that this was happening. She wanted to cuss Ed out for making her do this. But instead she just stood up and began disrobing.

She pulled off her blouse first, revealing her lacy white bra. Then she removed it. Ed watched as her breast spilled out of their cups. Joan's nipples stiffened even more in the chill air of his office.

Next she removed her shoes and slacks. Then she slowly lowered her panties and stood before him fully naked. Allowing Ed to inspect her.

"Oh, you are really hot, Joan." He told her. "Now, come over here and suck my cock."

Ed slid his chair back and stood up, dropping his pants and boxers to the floor before sitting back down.

Joan saw his dick standing fully erect. He seemed to be about the same size as her ex husband. She slowly made her way around the desk then knelt before his chair. Praying for a reprieve Joan slowly reached up and took his cock in her hand and began stroking it lightly.

"I didn't agree to a handjob, Joan. So you might as well start sucking."

Joan opened her mouth and slowly wrapped her lips around Ed's cock. She began working her mouth up and down his shaft, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible. She kept reminding herself that this one act would enable her to keep her job and send her kids to college.

It had been a long time since Joan had sucked cock. She couldn't remember when the last time she had done this for her husband. It had to be a couple years or more since before their divorce. She wondered if he would have stayed longer if the stress of work hadn't crept into their bedroom.

Ed watched as Joan's pretty face bobbed back and forth on his manhood. He had fantasized about Joan Lachey everytime he had met with her. But never had he thought that this would ever really happen. Now, here she was between his legs sucking his cock. Knowing that she wasn't doing it out of desire, but rather fear for her job, only made it more exciting to him.

"Oh, yes." He moaned as Joan's mouth brought him closer and closer to climax. Joan sensed it and increased her pace. Ed's hips rocked up and down, pushing his cock deeper between her thin lips.

"Ohhhh." Ed's balls tightened and he began cumming in Joan's mouth. "Swallow it." He ordered as Joan continued working his cock with her mouth, taking spurt after spurt of his sticky cum into her mouth and gulping it down her throat.

Joan pulled away from Ed's cock. She could see a drop of cum form out of the tiny slit in the head of his still hard cock. She looked up to see Ed's smiling face looking back at her.

"That was fucking wonderful." Ed told her.

Joan stood up, realizing as she did so that her pussy was wet. Ed noticed as well.

"It looks like you must have enjoyed it as much as I did from the looks of your pussy." He commented.

Joan didn't think she could blush any more than she already had. She was disgusted at what she had just done. But she did realize that her pussy had responded to it. She turned around to avoid Ed's eyes and began to move back around the desk to get her clothes. She heard Ed rising out of his chair and mistakenly thought that he was doing so to pull his pants up.

Joan gasped when she felt his hands grab her arms and shove her over onto his desk.

"What the hell are you doing?" She demanded as her face and chest pressed down against the hard top of his desk. His arms held her tight as she struggled. Then she felt him pressing up against her backside, thrusting his cock between her legs.

"No, please don't fuck me," She begged. "That wasn't part of the deal."

"You know that you want it, otherwise you wouldn't be so wet." Ed told her as he guided his cock against her cunt.

"No..." She pleaded, her voice trailing off as his cock pressed into her.

Ed began thrusting his dick deep inside her pussy. Joan whimpered beneath him as he fucked her. She wanted to scream, but she could never allow anyone to come in and catch her in this situation. She knew that Ed was aware of that as well. He was going to take advantage of this in order to satisfy himself knowing that she would never tell anyone in order to save this contract and her job.

She tried to break free but Ed held Joan's arms tight, pinning her to the desk as he banged away at her tight love box.

Joan and Ed were both startled when the door to his office opened.

"Ed, there's a problem with..." Juan stopped in the doorway when his eyes fell upon Ed fucking Joan on the desk.

Juan was an engineer who had been complaining for several months about the difficulties with the equipment and software provided by Joan's company. She had met with the 27-year-old several times trying to work out the problems. If he had his way the contract would have been revoked some time ago. He was a likable guy, but Joan and he did not get along at all.

"Come on in Juan, and close the door behind you." Ed called to Juan. "Joan has provided a new service for us as an incentive to keep working with her."

"No, please don't!" Joan replied as Juan closed the door and hesitantly approached the desk. All she had agreed to was sucking off Ed Richards, now he was raping her pussy and inviting another employee to watch. Or worse...

"How would you like some of this?" Ed asked Juan.

"Shit, yeah, Ed." Juan said, already undoing his pants.

"No, not both of you!" Joan cried out.

"We've got to keep our engineer happy to don't we, Joan?" Ed mockingly asked.

Juan stepped out of his trousers, stroking his cock to full length as he came around the desk. Ed dragged Joan off the desk so that she was bent over before Juan, who now had his cock in her face.

"Suck it." Ed ordered, not missing a beat as he continued to pound her pussy.

Juan grabbed her hair with his left hand and used his right to guide his prick to her thin lips. Joan's brown eyes were wide as she watched his light brown cock closing in on her mouth. Regretting her actions, she parted her lips and allowed his cock to enter her mouth.

Juan then grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her pretty face, driving his cock into her throat. Joan nearly gagged before managing to match his pace with her own.

With Juan holding her head, Ed reached around and began fondling Joan's firm tits. Making sure to pinch and play with her hard nipples.

The sensation in her sensitive nipples rolled through her body to meet the unwanted tingling that was growing in her pussy.

Ed's cock banged away at her Gspot with each thrust. It had been a long time since Joan had felt a cock inside her and, as much as she wanted to deny it, her body was beginning to welcome the sensation.

She held onto Juan's hips to keep herself steady as her legs began to weaken. She realized that she was about to have an orgasm. Joan tried to fight it off but her body was not going to be denied.

Muffled moans became muffled groans escaping around Juan's cock as Joan's body neared climax.

"That's it, cum for us!" Ed spat as he pounded her cunt.

Joan's eyes closed tight as her body began to spasm. Ed grabbed her hips as her legs about bucked. She cried out as her orgasm overtook her.

"Oh yes, I can feel you cumming on my cock!" Ed declared, as his own pace quickened.

"I'm gonna cum too!" He announced.

"No!" Joan tried to cry, but the sound was cut off as Juan's cock buried into her throat. She did not want Ed to cum inside her. But it was too late. Ed cried out and slammed his cock into her harder as he began spewing his seed inside her.

Joan felt Ed's prick blasting into her as her own orgasm subsided.

Ed pulled free, allowing Joan to drop to her knees in relief as Juan continued to fuck her face. Then he too was cumming, sending his sperm deep into her throat as he climaxed in her mouth.

Joan remained on her knees in humiliation as the two men high fived each other, declaring their satisfaction with Joan's body.

"She gives good head, doesn't she, Juan." Ed stated.

"Pretty damn good," Juan agreed. "How's her pussy?"

"Fantastic." Ed replied. "You ought to try it."

"Maybe I will."

"No, please don't." Joan said, realizing that her ordeal might not be over yet.

"It's only fair to let him fuck you too." Ed told her.

"Actually, I want her to climb on and fuck me." Juan said.

Juan got on the floor and told Joan to get on top of him. She resisted at first, but knew that she would have to comply.

Slowly she crawled on top of him, straddling his hips. His cock was already hard before she grabbed it. Joan eased it into her pussy, then leaned forward, placing her hands on Juan's shoulders as she began to ride his cock. Juan grabbed her tits and played with them while Joan fucked him.

Ed's cock began to stir again as he watched the couple fucking on his office floor. Then he realized that there was yet one hole that he hadn't experienced.

Ed stroked his cock to full erection, then got down behind Joan.

"What are you doing?" She asked, feeling Ed behind her.

His cock rubbed the crack of her ass giving her the answer.

"Oh, god no! Not there, I've never done that!"

"That changes today." Ed told her.

Juan let go of her tits and grabbed her arms holding her in place as Ed began to work his cock into her asshole. Joan begged him to stop, then the begging turned into cries of discontent as she felt the head of his cock pressing into her ass. She gasped loudly as he broke through. Then he rammed forward; fucking her with slow strokes until his cock was buried into her ass.

Joan shivered as the two cocks rammed inside her. As much as it hurt she also realized that it aroused her as well. Her pussy was tingling more now that it had before her first orgasm.

The two men thrust their cocks into her. She could feel their shafts rubbing close together inside her. Her eyes rolled from the mixture of pain and ecstasy as her senses went haywire. Within minutes Joan was on the verge of orgasm. She moaned loudly. Saliva dripped out of her open mouth as she began fucking back on the two shafts inside her.

"Oh god!" Joan called out as her body began to jerk about as she orgasmed. The two men fucking her were really getting into her sudden change in demeanor as she welcomed her climax.

Juan cried out with her as his cock blasted into her pussy. She continued to ride his cock, even after it had gone flaccid, making sure to keep it inside her as Ed banged her asshole. Then he spilled his third load into her.

"Well, Joan. I guess that will help to satisfy the new terms of our agreement." Ed told her as he stood and grabbed his pants. "But I would hope that you find the time to come back for a few visits to continue to check up on things."

Joan was red, but not from blushing this time. She looked at the two men as she began dressing in silence. Trying to pretend that she was not at all pleased. Although she knew that they both new the truth.

Joan would see to it that she visited them again.

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