tagIncest/TabooJodie Meets Her Uncle

Jodie Meets Her Uncle


Jodie gets blackmailed

Jodie was wondering why her uncle Dan had asked her to come to his office after she had finished her day at the college.

Now Jodie was not attractive person but she wasn't ugly either. She stood 5'8". She had an average body. Her stomach is flat and firm. She has jet black hair, a shaved pussy and has a C cup chest with nickel size nipples.

She was going to meet up with him to discuss some sort of work experience thing he was planning for her; she was to be picked up by her uncle's driver Jim at 5pm the message on the machine said.

Soon a black Mercedes pulled up to the curb and Jim called over to her. As Jodie got in she remembered meeting Jim before he was a huge Jamaican guy about 35 years old she guessed as the Mercedes pulled away form the curb.

She had arrived at her uncle's office in no time; as she got out Jim told her which floor she was to go to. Jodie entered the building and walked over to the elevator. She rode up thinking why her uncle wanted to see her. As she arrived on the 4th floor she exited and looked around the office waiting room. The receptionist named Helen came over to greet her.

Helen is a classy lady. Jodie guessed that she was in her late 20's t early 30s. She has a small hour glass figure; she stands at 5'8" with a B cup chest. She has shoulder length blond hair and a big ass with a small waist and a flat stomach.

"Take a seat Jodie." Helen told her "Your uncle will be right with you."

After a few minutes the receptionist's phone buzzed.

Helen looked up at Jodie and said "You can go right in now love."

When Jodie entered the office she saw her uncle sitting behind a great oak desk he was in his early 40's and good looking she thought because Jodie had only met her uncle a couple of time she was now feeling very shy.

"Sit down Jodie." her uncle instructed her.

"Now Jodie, you turned eighteen last week." continued her uncle, Jodie nodded, "And you will be graduating from college later this year...is that correct Jodie?"

"Yes." replied Jodie.

"Good." said her uncle "Now I wanted to give you a head start by offering you some work experience right here in my office it's just once a week to start with nothing to hard. Here I've outlined some proposal's here." her uncle passed Jodie a folder to read.

"Now look that over while I fix us both a drink."

As Jodie looked over the files, her uncle fixed the drinks slipping a tablet into Jodie's wine as a wicked smile came across his lips he turned back to give the wine to Jodie.

Dan knew that tablet is a type drug that can render the victim helpless and unable to give consent to sexual activity.

When Dan handed the glass to Jodie she looked up surprised what is this uncle Dan looking at her wine glass.

"It's a white wine Jodie don't you worry I wont tell your dad."

"Okay thanks uncle D." Jodie carried on reading the file and drinking the wine, but all too soon was feeling a bit woozy.

"Are you feeling okay?" asked her uncle who has a devilish smile on his lips and could see the drug was taking effect.

"I am feeling a little light headed." said Jodie as she gave her head a shake "It must be the wine I'm not used to it."

Her uncle waited a while longer then when he was sure Jodie was under the influence he said "Jodie if I ask you a question you must answer with the truth okay."

"Yea sure." replied Jodie dreamily.

"Are you a virgin Jodie?"

"Yes uncle."

"Do you masturbate Jodie?"

"Yes uncle?"

"What do you use to masturbate with Jodie?"

"I use my finger's uncle."

"How often do you masturbate Jodie?"

"Almost every night uncle."

"Will you show me how you masturbate Jodie?"

"If you want me too uncle."

"Yes Jodie show me...now."

With that request, she slid her hand up and under her skirt and soon she rubbed her clit.

"Jodie I'd like to watch come over here next to me."

Jodie got up and walked around the desk and stood in front of her uncle.

"Take off your knickers Jodie."

"Now sit on the desk and make yourself cum for me."

Her uncle watched his niece playing with her clit dressed in her college uniform he had a huge smile on his face.

Dan picked up the phone "Jim come to my office and bring Helen with you." he put the phone down.

When Jim & Helen arrived the spectacle that met them was one that they had been waiting a long time to see, they both stared as Jodie openly masturbated on her uncles desk.

"Helen come on get a closer look." Dan whispered beckoning her over.

Helen walked around the desk and stood next to Dan. Dan asked her "Jodie would you like some help to masturbate...maybe Helen could help you?"

"Mmm yes...please uncle I think I'd like that." Jodie replied half dazed and half in an orgasm.

Helen moved in hitching Jodie's skirt up to her waist she inhaled the sweet aroma of Jodie in her state of arousal.

Helen moved Jodie's hand away and gently kissed her pussy parting her lips with her tongue Helen went straight for Jodie's clitoris lapping & kissing the wetting like she had been lost in the Sahara desert for a few weeks.

Dan bent over and started to undo Jodie's blouse reviling a soft white bra with two mounds under it with two very erect nipples hiding underneath.

Jodie was now very close to cuming. Helen knew her stuff she had been with a few women in her past but Dan pulled her back and said "Not yet Helen...not yet."

Looking over to where Jim was standing Dan said "Come on Jim lets get our new toy more comfortable in the other room."

Taking hold of Jodie's hand Dan led her to the hidden door in his office which leads to a white room where he kept a room with all manners of kinky equipment. There was a bed in the middle of the room. It was a four poster bed; there was a saggy brown wall to wall carpet on the floor.

Dan sat Jodie down on the bed. He looked over at Helen and Jim and said "Helen Jim would you two strip her and cuff her while I set up the video equipment."

Dan's plan had always been to trap and blackmail his niece into being his sex slave and now that plan was finally going to be executed.

With all the equipment set up and running it was time to start the show. Dan stayed behind the camera and instructed Helen to continue where she left off.

Helen climbed on the bed between Jodie's spread legs and again assaulted Jodie's young wet pussy,

Jim was already naked and sporting an erections that would scare most woman. It stood over 10 inches with thick veins running up and down it. Every women he had been on a date with has gone away very happy.

"Jodie...would you like to suck Jim's cock." suggested Dan,

"Mmm..." was all he got in reply as Helen continued licking her clitoris.

Jim knelt over the prone form of Jodie and offered his cock for Jodie to suck on; she needed little instruction from Jim on how to suck a cock.

Jodie ran her tongue over the tip of Jims cock and opened her mouth to allow him to push the head into her mouth. He continued to push first 2 inches then five into her willing young mouth until only a few inches remained and all the time Dan filmed the event for his blackmail plan a huge grin on his face.

Helen decided it was time for some toys. She got up from Jodie and went over to a cupboard and selecting a few of her favorite dildos, clamps and of course a butt plug as she knew how Dan loved to insert them in her when they played their games in this room she might try a few with Jodie.

Jodie was still sucking greedily on Jims cock. He fed the length in and out of her willing mouth he thought shit much more of this will have me cuming down the poor girl's throat.

Helen lifted Jodie's legs so that Jodie's knees where on her chest and giving a lovely view of her swollen pussy lips and puckered anus. Next she tied Jodie's ankles to the posts with some leather straps she found in a night stand. Jodie's ripe cunt and virgin ass were now fully on show.

Helen went for a small dildo to start with and proceeded to play with Jodie 's clit. A small buzzing noise was coming from the vibrator; Jodie reacted immediately moaning into Jim's cock. Helen pushed the small vibrator into Jodie 's pussy licking her rosebud anus at the same time.

Dan still behind the camera he loved the sight before him. He told Jim "Cum in her mouth when your ready." and that Helen should lube up her ass for the butt plug.

Jim had no problem with that as he continued to face fuck Jodie. He was grunting and moaning and he cumed in her mouth he shot load after load into her little mouth. The white creamy loads erupted from Jodie's face and spread down her chest.

Dan couldn't believe the amount of cum spaying over his tied up niece. Jim made Jodie clean up his cock by pushing it back into her mouth.

Jodie was still chocking on Jim's cum when she felt Helen's finger brush against her ass.

Next she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and now a finger was working its was into her tight asshole.

Next Helen inserted another finger and then another Jodie had three of Helens fingers working away in her ass. Helen leaned forward so she could lick Jodie's clit again she wanted to make Dan's niece cum and wouldn't stop until she did. With 3 fingers in her ass and Helen licking her clit it wasn't long before Jodie came.

As Jodie did she screamed like no other panting and screaming as her orgasm took over her body. Helen lapped up the juices now flowing from Jodie's cunt happy in the knowledge that this was only the beginning for Jodie.

When Jodie came down form her orgasm Helen used the juices flowing from Jodie's cunt to lube up her asshole and stared to insert the butt plug into Jodie when the thick plug popped past Jodie's tight ring Jodie gave out a moan of pleasure.

All of this was too way much for Dan to take in and with the camera still running he quickly got undressed and made his way over to Jodie on the bed. It was time for Jodie to suck him dry and suck him dry she would he thought.

As Jodie looked at her uncle running over she noticed that his cock was about 7 inches long.

As Jodie took his cock into her mouth her tongue played with the cock. When Dan shot his cum Jodie again was forced to swallow the load. Now everyone one had cumed except Helen.

Dan and Jim decided they would do a double penetration on Helen as she loved nothing better than a cock in her ass and another in her cunt but how would they involve Jodie?

Then an idea came to Dan with the camera still rolling Dan told Jim to lie on the bed on his back.

While he untied Jodie Helen was then told to straddle Jim's still hard cock. Dan removed the butt plug from Jodie's ass & passed it to Helen.

He then told Jodie to squat above Jims face, facing Helen. Helen reached out to kiss Jodie while Jim pulled Jodie down onto his roving tongue Dan standing on the bed waved his cock in front of Helen and Jodie's faces and told them "Make me hard."

Helens tongue got there first and then Jodie licked the underside of Dan's now growing cock.

Jim meanwhile was pumping into Helens cunt from underneath for all he was worth Jim loved white pussy and Helen was such a dirty slut.

Now Dan was hard again. He moved away from the two girls willing mouths and went around behind Helen. Dan lined his cock up to Helens ass and began to push his cock into her puckered brown eye, Helens ass was well used by the two guys. Which is why Dan needed no lube for Helens ass and with that in he went. Helen gasped.

Dan was starting to worry about the Rohypnol wearing off and really started pumping Helens ass he could feel Jim pounding her pussy though the thin wall of flesh that separated them.

"I'm cuming Helen!" Dan cried "I'm going to fill your ass with my cum you fucking slut."

Helen loved getting abuse she really was a dirty slut. Dan came with a loud cry this set Helen & Jim off and both followed suit Jim emptying himself into Helens cunt, Helen crying out as her orgasm ran though her.

They all separated completely exhausted and Dan ordered Jodie to lie down on her back and for Helen to climb on her face he wanted to see Jodie lick the cum from Helen's cunt & ass.

Jodie seamed eager to please and Helen instructed her "stick your tongue right up my ass suck up all of your uncles cum."

Jodie did just that and Dan could see the cum dripping out of Helen all over Jodie's face, with Jodie's little tongue buried right up Helen's ass. Dan got the camera for a close up. He could feel himself getting hard again.

When there was nothing left for Jodie to lick up Helen was told to take Jodie and clean her up as the drug would be wearing off soon then she was to redress her and lie her on the sofa in his office.

Helen did all of this quickly. A few minutes after she put Jodie on the sofa she the drug wore off. Helen looked down at her and told her "Bout time you woke up love you fell asleep." and then sent her home with instructions to return next week for her work experience to begin.

Dan would spend the next few hours editing the film blurring all the faces except of course Jodie's as he thought of the next few meeting with Jodie and again he became hard. "Helen..." he shouted "Come here..."

to be continued...

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