Joel and Carrie Ch. 03


"Here...I...cum!" I cried and filled her big black ass with as much cum as I could muster! It was one of my better orgasms and it took me a while to finish. I saw that Robbie was jerking his cock back to life while Kanzi licked his balls when I was able to focus again. I also saw that Tina was at the doorway silently watching. I waved her over.

"Carrie and Alex are in the hot tub," Tina said. "She'd like you to join them." I nodded and stumbled toward the door. I turned back once and saw Tina using her tongue to try and get at my cum in Kanzi's ass. I wished her luck. I was pretty deep when I let loose.

Instead of going directly to the master bedroom I went to a bathroom. I relieved myself and also took a quick shower. I used cold water to wake myself up a bit. I was mostly revived by the time I went to find Carrie and Alex.

They were in the hot tub. No surprise there. Alex was sitting and Carrie was straddling his waist. She was holding his head between her breasts as she slowly bounced on his cock. Carrie smiled when she saw me and waved me over. I shook my head. She looked so damned hot!

Alex was right. She was a goddess! Only where Kanzi reminded me of an African fertility goddess, Carrie looked more like one of the classic Greek goddesses. Her golden body was perfectly proportioned as far as I was concerned! My hand fell to my cock as I watched her lust filed gaze.

"Having fun?" Carrie asked as she noticed me stroking my cock.

"Yes, how about you?" I asked in reply, not bothering to stop what I was doing.

"Most definitely!" she grinned. I moved close and kissed her briefly.

"I'm having a blast too!" Alex said with a grin. Carrie and I laughed as I climbed into the hot tub behind Carrie.

"You know, we agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend yesterday, but we still haven't gone out on a real date yet," she said. Carrie sounded serious, but it felt odd to have this conversation while she continued to ride Alex's black pole.

"How about tonight?" I asked.

"I'll be too tired," she grinned. "How about tomorrow night?"

"Sounds good," I smiled, rubbing her shoulders, back and ass. Her backside was so small and pale compared to Kanzi's, but I wanted it just as bad! I could see Alex's long dick as Carrie worked it in and out of her pussy. "Any idea what you feel like doing?"

"We'll figure it out tomorrow," she replied. "Right now, I'd love to feel to dicks inside me at once."

"Didn't Robbie and Alex already take care of that fantasy?" I asked in surprise.

"Only in my mouth and ass," Carrie replied. "I want to see if I can handle your cock in my ass while I ride Alex."

"Sounds like fun!" I grinned, stepping closer and pushing the head of my cock into my girlfriend's pale ass.

"Slowly! Oh fuck! Please go slowly!" Carrie cried out. "Both of your cocks are so big!" Alex and I worked out a rhythm and Carrie obviously enjoying it. I was causing quite a splash in the hot tub with each thrust, but Carrie didn't seem to mind the mess I was causing.

We were still rocking back and forth when the others joined us. Alex walked over and somehow got into a position where Carrie could suck his dick into her mouth. She didn't hesitate and Robbie helped directed her head with his hands.

"How does it feel to have three cocks in you at the same time?" I whispered into her ear from behind. Carrie turned just enough for me to make out the lustful glaze of her eyes. It was at that moment when Tina and Kanzi each started pinching one of her nipples.

"Hurry up and cum!" Tina cried. "I want to try that!"

"Me too!" Kanzi said with a shake of her head. She was obviously enjoying herself, but I'm sure that at least a part of her still didn't believe what was happening. Carrie didn't answer. She couldn't! Not with all of us giving her the attention we were, but that didn't stop her from screaming a moment later and shuddering in what had to be the best orgasm of her life!

"Switch!" Tina cried, pulling Carrie out from between us. Alex climbed out of the tub and I sat in his place. Tina mounted my cock and dropped down until my cock was fully buried in her. Robbie moved behind her and pushed into her ass. She grabbed hold of Alex's cock and worked quite a bit of it into her mouth. I watched for a moment, but then focused on fucking her pussy and kissing her breasts.

Kanzi was playing with one of Tina's nipples, but it took Carrie a while to recover enough to move to the other. I sucked that one into my mouth until my girlfriend revived. I was close to cumming when Tina finally screamed out in orgasm. Hers looked to be just as intense as Carrie's!

"My turn!" Kanzi said once Tina was out of the way. This time Robbie sat while Kanzi wrapped her thick thighs around him and sat on his cock. Alex got behind her and pushed into her ass.

"Finally!" he cried and I smiled, remembering that Kanzi hadn't let him fuck her there yet. He seemed to be trying to make up for lost time because he was really slamming into her!

Kanzi grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth. I once again got to enjoy the feel of her thick lips on my cock! She was so excited that it seemed as if she was trying to swallow my cock! One of her hands found my balls and rubbed them. I couldn't take it and came deep into her mouth! She pulled away when I was done and cried out as she came.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed.

"Me too!" Robbie grunted. I could see his hips lifting as he pushed deep and did just that! Alex's hips was slamming into Kanzi's big dark chocolate ass as she continued to cum. The water was splashing all over the place, but no one seemed to mind! Kanzi's ass bounced and jiggled with every thrust. He finally came and Kanzi cried out again.

It took a while for any of us to be able to focus, but when we could we spend quite a while with towels cleaning up Carrie's parents' room. There was water everywhere!

Alex and Kanzi were the first to leave. He looked like the Cheshire Cat with a big grin on his face. Kanzi also smiled as she left, but she still seemed a bit shocked at what happened. I hoped she would be okay.

Tina helped Carrie strip the beds once again and do the laundry while Robbie and I went to clean up the game room. It wasn't that bad, but we didn't want Carrie to get into trouble so we spent some time cleaning up. We each took quick showers and dressed when everything was clean. The four of us flopped on the couch in the living room with one last drink in our hands.

"That was so unreal!" Robbie said.

"It was, wasn't it?" Tina giggled.

"Was it worth cutting school?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you kidding? I'll even accept my parents punishment without qualms if they find out!" Robbie replied. That was saying something!

"Are you okay?" I asked Carrie. She was being surprisingly silent.

"Sure," she replied, but I could tell something was bothering her.

"Come on Robbie," Tina said, realizing that something was up. "Let's go to the basement and watch something on that nig television."

"Don't we have to go soon? I thought Carrie's mom was due in a little while?" Robbie asked. He was right, but Tina took him by the hand and led him away and neither Carrie or I stopped them.

"So, start talking," I prompted Carrie as soon as we were alone. She started and looked at me. Her mind was obviously somewhere else.

"About what?" she asked, obviously stalling.

"Are you planning on breaking up with me?" I asked, trying hard not to swallow nervously. She smiled warmly and shook her head.

"No," she said. "Actually, I was thinking just the opposite. The last two days were fun, but I'd really like to spend some time alone together. We haven't had time to become a couple and I'd hate for us to end up like Alex and Kanzi."

"How's that?" I asked. I thought I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear what she was thinking.

"I'm not sure they were right for each other before, but I could tell from the way Kanzi was acting at the end that although she enjoyed herself, this little party ruined any chance they had at them having a serious relationship."

"You're right," I replied. "But for what it's worth, she told me that she didn't expect them to last much longer anyway."

"That makes me feel better about them, but it doesn't help with us. I want to get to know you better. I want to start dating like a normal couple," she said. "I think we should avoid having any more orgies for a while."

"Sounds good to me," I shrugged. "The orgies were fun and an experience of a lifetime, but we can stop having them altogether if that's what you want." Carrie's frown disappeared and she slowly smiled. It wasn't sexy or anything, but still I felt its' warmth encompass me. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven and we'll go to a movie. I promise it will be a nice normal date. I'll even let you share my popcorn."

"Thanks," she laughed, kissing me softly. She then smiled and added, "Don't worry. I'm sure after we get to know each other better over the next few weeks, we'll get a chance to have some fun with my friends or yours again."

"How about both?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Carrie shook her head.

"We'll see." She was laughing once again, but I could tell that she liked the idea.

Tina, Robbie and I left a little while later. I dropped them at his house. They were very affectionate to each other, and both made it plain that they would be willing to play hooky another day when the time was right. I grinned and waved goodbye.

I thought about a lot of things on the way home. It seemed like Robbie and Tina would agree to meet again without a problem, but I wondered what Tara and Jill would say? I also wondered if Alex and Kanzi would care to join us again even if they did stop dating.

The phone rang as I was entering the house. My father wasn't home yet, so I ran for it. Carrie was on the other side. I smiled to myself and forgot about everyone else but her for a while. I didn't think about orgies or other women while she told me how her mother appreciated the fact that she cleaned up the game room. We laughed and talked about nothing for almost an hour.

Yet that night days as I tried to fall asleep, I couldn't help but picture the women I'd been with over the last two days despite my growing feelings for Carrie. Flashes of Tina, Jill, Tara, Kanzi and Carrie passed through my mind. In each they were naked. In most I could see their asses begging me for attention. I didn't bother to deny it. I was most definitely an ass man!

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