tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJogging Partners Ch. 03

Jogging Partners Ch. 03


I had finally moved into the apartment with Jennifer; it had taken a few days to move all of my stuff out and into her place. We had to use A U-Haul truck, and I really had gotten lucky that a friend of mine was willing to help pay for the truck, because otherwise I would have been shit' out of luck. In any case, I was officially' moved into the apartment now, thank god. Things had actually been somewhat okay with Jennifer and I' since I moved in, to my own surprise and to Lauren's as well.

She still seemed okay with me venting to her; in fact, she encouraged it really. I knew she liked me, how could I not know when she had straight up kissed me that day and left a hickey on my neck. So' I guess I had sort of half expected her not to want to hear anything about Jennifer anymore; but instead she was still being very' supportive.

However, the one thing I did have to complain about with Jennifer was she was still being very clingy. We weren't' arguing as much anymore, but she still seemed to have a hard time with me jogging through the park with Lauren and wanting to play video games. I was doing the best I could to ignore it; but it was really getting on my nerves.

I still jogged with Lauren every morning anyway, I wasn't' going to let her stop me from doing the one thing I really enjoyed besides games. Besides, I was really keeping in shape doing it too.

The summer was drawing to' an end though and the hotter weather was beginning to lessen quite a bit as fall quickly approached. Around the start of October, Jennifer had suggested to me that we start riding our bikes down the park instead of jogging like' we had been doing since we first met. I liked the' idea but I had not owned a bike in a pretty' long time. The last one I had was back in my teen years and it broke when I accidently crashed it one day while I had gotten' stuck outside in a thunderstorm.

I put some money together though, since I had a good chunk leftover from my last paycheck and bought a brand new bike. Bring on the first real argument Jennifer and I had experienced since before I moved in with her. I rolled the bike into the apartment the day I bought it and set it against the wall before heading into the bathroom to relieve my bladder. When I came back out there' she was standing right beside the damn thing, hands on her hips staring at me with eyes like daggers.

"What's the problem," I asked cautiously.

"What is this?"

Sighing I sat down on the couch feeling a little irritated with her. "Well Jennifer; I don't know. It looks like a bike to me, what do you think?" Lately, the few times she had been giving me a hard time I had actually been copping an attitude with her. Some of my friends had been surprised the first time they saw it happen; in the past, I would always just let it slide and let her yell at me for however long she wanted.

Now, I still wasn't' exactly standing up for myself; but at least I was not just lying down and taking it from her.

"You don't have to be an asshole about it," she responded angrily. I ignored her now and stood up, walking out to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I came back out, sat down again and turned on the Xbox.

"You never answered my question Tyler,"

"Are you serious? C'mon, its' a damn bike; what's it matter?"

"Why do you need a bike?"

Now I was getting pissed off and really starting to lose my patience.

"It's for the park Jen; Lauren and I decided to start riding bikes instead of jogging now that the falls coming. Just figured it would be a change from what we've been doing since we first met months ago."

She shook her head and sat down across from me. There was that familiar scowl on her face that always pissed me off; I could not deal with this right now, I just wasn't' in the right mood. I stood up shut off the Xbox and started walking towards our bedroom.

"Where are you going," she asked following me down the hall.

Was she serious? Why was she being so much worst today than usual? Especially' when we had gone a few weeks, without having any serious arguments aside from a few little disagreements here and there.

"I'm going to lie down,"

"Don't be like that," she said sounding annoyed. "I have the right to ask."

"Why? It's' not your money that I spent; it was mine. We don't' have a joined bank account or anything like that, so I should be able to do whatever I want with my money."

"I know I'm sorry okay; I just wanted to know. You've' been spending a lot of time with Lauren lately and I-"

"What Jen, huh; what's new about that? I've' been hanging out with Lauren for months now, we're not doing anything okay?"

She was silent for a moment and I leaned against the door frame leading into our bedroom. She smiled and leaned in close giving me a kiss on the lips. I kissed her back and pulled her into my arms; here I was again, kissing the devil after she'd' just been antagonizing the hell out of me. What was wrong with me anyway, I wondered. Our kissing became more passionate and soon we were in our bed together, clothes gone of' course and she was giving me a blowjob.

They'd' become a bit more frequent when we had sex ever since the hickey incident; it was safe to assume she knew it was from Lauren. That was of course why she had been so much more' clingy to me lately, but I was surprised she had not reacted worst then she had when she found it that day. Just a simple "don't do it again," and that was that.

I groaned as she climbed on top of me and started riding me; I shut my eyes and leaned my head back slipping into one of my daydreams. They had become quite common during sex lately; it was at a point now where it was almost natural for me to fantasize during sex that it was actually Lauren riding my cock and moaning for me. Of course, it wasn't' and of course Jennifer had no idea; but it didn't' matter any way.

Just a few months ago while we were fucking she had shouted out some random guys' name and had refused to tell me who the hell he was when I questioned her on it; I eventually gave up realizing that I was never going to get an answer from her.

I could feel myself getting close to my orgasm as she continued riding me now and in my mind's eye I saw Lauren moving up and down on my cock, moaning and grunting, her tits bouncing up and down and her own big fat cock flopping against my stomach every time she brought herself down on me. Finally, I grabbed hold of Jennifer's hips and with a grunt I felt myself explode, filling the latex condom wrapped around my dick with semen.

She rolled off' of me as soon as both our orgasms had subsided, I removed the condom and disposed of it before we both lay down and started drifting off.

I was exhausted now; a good night of sleep would do me good I thought. Jennifer laid her head on my chest and I sighed annoyed with her.

"What's wrong," she asked.

"Nothing," I lied.

"Oh c'mon; what the hell is the problem Tyler?"

"Nothing," I said sitting up and running a hand through my hair. "I'm just getting tired of the fighting all the time and then we have our usual makeup sex and everything is supposed to be A-Ok after that. It's old now Jen; we have issues." I couldn't' believe I had just said any of that; what the' hell was wrong with me? I was going to hear it now I thought.

"Why, because I'm so controlling right,"

"Yeah, I hate to say it but that's exactly the problem. I mean we've' been okay for a few weeks, but tonight proved to me nothing is going to change really. We need to find a way to fix this Jen; or we're not going to be together for too much longer."

I could hardly believe that I had managed not to sugarcoat anything with her just now; I'd' never done that before. But' I was actually very proud of myself, and I was sure Lauren would be to. Jennifer rolled over, sulking and buried her face in her pillow; before long I could hear the sounds of her soft snoring and realized she had drifted off. I sighed and turned over, ready to sleep myself. I wanted to forget about this fight, and just rest.

The next morning, I woke in my bed to find myself alone; Jennifer must have left for work already. I didn't' have to be in until late that afternoon, so today I would spend a few hours hanging out with Lauren. I got out of bed and took a quick shower before toweling off and putting on some fresh clothes.

I grabbed my brand new bike and excited to test it out, made my way out of the apartment building and started riding down to the nearest entrance to the park.

About halfway down the path, I could see Lauren off in the distance standing next to her own Blue and Red Mountain Bike. I pulled up alongside her and touched my feet to the ground, stopping the bike in place and smiled at her.

"I see you found a nice one," she said smiling at me.

"Yeah; not that expensive either. I only paid around a hundred for it,"

"Wow that's not bad at all...ready?"

I nodded and she hopped up on her own bike securing her helmet to her head and about a minute later, we were off, heading straight down the steep path into the woods and onto the main path. As we rode, we talked like' we always use to do when we would jog; I realized there wasn't' much of a difference really. Except of course that instead of being on our feet, we were on bike, and I found that I seemed to get tired a bit slower then I would if I had been jogging like usual. Maybe this was a better idea than I originally thought it was going to end up being.

"So how's Jennifer," she asked as we reached the halfway point of our regular route. I sighed, thinking back to the argument we'd' had the night before and how we'd' resorted to the typical makeup sex.

"I think she's back to her normal self," I said.

"We had our first big fight since before I moved in, last night. Settled it with some good old' fashioned makeup sex and then we both fell asleep; she already left for work when I woke up this morning. I'm still a little annoyed with her though so I'm kind of glad she was gone by the time I got up today."

"I didn't think it would last long," Lauren admitted.

"Well I stood up to her anyway; told her how I feel. That she's to controlling and I'm sick of it and that she needs to change."

She looked at me surprised and stopped her bike cold in her tracks. I stopped a few feet ahead of her and backed up until we were right alongside each other.

"You're serious," she asked almost looking like she was going to laugh. I nodded my head and she put the breaks' on her bike got off and came over to me to give me a huge hug. I laughed as she threw her arms around me and she backed away a few seconds later.

"I'm proud of you,"

"Thanks; me too actually, but I don't think it's going to change much."

"Well at least she knows now; you gave her a warning."

We continued riding our bikes down the path until we had reached the end, at which point we turned around and started riding back to the entrance we had come in through'. When we got there, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways as I rode back to the apartment to get ready for work. I was going to need another shower as I had really worked up quite a sweat.

Lauren's POV

As I rode back to my house I couldn't' stop thinking of how proud I really was of Tyler for standing up against that bitch; of course I wouldn't call her that in front of him. I knew he loved her but I also knew how frustrated he was and I knew how much of a bitch she was. I didn't' like Jennifer at all, and I had always known sooner or' later Tyler would get the courage to speak up with her. I was very proud indeed, But also a bit sad; what if she listened. What if Jennifer somehow miraculously changed her ways and everything between the two of them' suddenly got good?

Then there would be no hope for the two of us ever being together. I realized though, that was something I would have to come to terms with sooner or' later. I did not want to ruin their relationship I wasn't' that kind of a person. I just knew that I really cared a lot about Tyler; I would give anything to be with him. I would give anything to see him happy to though, and for whatever reason may be, Jennifer made him happy.

So I wasn't' going to try and' intervene; but god damn it if she ever hurt him; I knew I would kill her.

Tyler's POV

I got home from work that night around eleven o'clock. Jennifer was still awake waiting for me on the couch when I got in the door and as soon as I did, she asked how my day went. We talked for a little while then made our way into the bedroom to call it a night; we were both pretty' tired.

The next couple of weeks everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. We were still arguing and it was pretty' obvious that nothing I had said to Jennifer that night had made much of a difference. She was acting just like her usual self and I was getting really annoyed.

It was a Thursday afternoon when she came home from work and I was sitting on the couch playing Xbox. This particular day, she walked in the front door and the moment she saw me on the couch I knew she was going to pick a fight; I was of course one hundred percent right.

"Don't you get fucking sick of this game shit; I'm fucking sick of it,"

I sighed and ignored her but she continued rambling on, stomping about the apartment and slamming things down on the counter and soon her rambling turned into yelling.

"God damn it, listen to me!" she shouted.

"What? What the fuck is the problem Jennifer," I snapped. "What the hell does it matter if I want to play a few games or not; I worked all god damn night, came home and slept a few hours and now I'm playing a couple games. That's not a big god damn deal,"

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"You yelled at me first," I shouted back. I stood up and shut off the game system; here we go I thought to myself as she started screaming back at me like' I figured she would. After about five minutes of it I decided I had, had enough; I wasn't' going to sit here and keep arguing like this.

I had the night off from work and I wanted to enjoy myself without having to fight her. I grabbed my shoes and put them on before grabbing my cell phone and keys and heading for the door; I was getting out of here now.

"Where are you going," she demanded.

"Out...probably to Laurens. Since I can't play video games here I'll play them there,"

"Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll play video games,"

I slammed the door on her ignoring that last sentence and made' my way out of the apartment building, dialing Lauren's phone number as I walked. The phone rang about three times before I heard the clicking sound of her picking up.


"Hey, it's me."

"Hey...what's the matter?"

"Nothing I uh...had an argument with her again. Mind if I come over to play some games?"

"No of course not; but...are you okay?"

I sighed into the phone, shrugging it off and replied, "Yeah, I'll be fine." I hung up the phone and hopped on my bike riding as quickly as I could to Lauren's place.

When I arrived at her apartment, she was waiting at the front door for me. I chained up the bike next to hers and followed her upstairs to her apartment, where she already had the Xbox set up and a glass of Mountain Dew waiting for me on the coffee table. I laughed and sat down on the couch and she took a seat alongside of me smiling the whole time.

"So you're alright, right?"

"Yeah," I said. "Just...I have off tonight. I didn't' want to argue with her tonight, I just wanted to kick back and relax you know? She just had to start with me though like she always does."

"I'm sorry," Lauren' said grabbing her controller and handing me mine.

We dropped the conversation and started playing a few games together. By around six o'clock' we ordered a pizza and took a break to talk about the argument I'd' had before coming to her apartment. There wasn't' much to tell of course since I had walked out about three minutes into the fight. I just explained that she had gotten pissed off at me for playing Xbox and I hadn't' liked it so I walked out.

"Tough day at work?" she asked as I finished explaining. I laughed, wondering if maybe that was actually the problem. I really couldn't' say for sure though naturally, because you just never knew when it came to Jennifer.

"I don't know," I said. "Just the usual bullshit I suppose. Not a clue what crawled up her goddamn ass. Oh, and she used the 'You're sleeping with Lauren,' card again."

Lauren started laughing as she stood up and walked out into the kitchen to put our plates in the sink from dinner. She loved when Jennifer said stuff like that it always made her laugh to hear about how she thought her boyfriend was sleeping with a transsexual. In truth, it really did make Lauren laugh, while Tyler always thought she was laughing just to hide the anger.

"Wow, you know she just never quits does she," she said as she sat back down next to me again, leaning against the left end of the couch and smiling at me from her spot.

"Yeah I don't know...doesn't matter though. I have to head home now, it's getting late and I do have work tomorrow so I should get some rest."

"You sure,"

"No, but I have to."

Lauren walked me to the door and gave me a hug goodbye; I really didn't' want to leave. I knew the offer was always on the table for me to spend the night if I wanted to, but all my stuff was back at Jen's so I really could not stay.

"Listen," she said as we stopped in front of the door. "If things get to rough between you guys; I want you to get out of there okay?"

"Right, where am I going to go?"

She held both her arms up in the air with a sarcastic look in her eyes and laughed at me as though she felt that were a pointless question.

"Come here," she laughed. "You know I don't mind; you could stay here as long as you wanted to and I wouldn't complain. Anything's got to be better than having to argue with her every single day right?"

I thought about it for a second; it wasn't' that bad of an idea really. Sure, Lauren was a bit older than I was so we did have a few things that weren't' very in common. After all, she was thirty' one years old. But really, we got along perfectly, we both loved video games despite her age and we never really fought; we'd' be the perfect roommates.

"I'll think about it," I said smiling. "If things blow up I'll let you know,"

She smiled and gave me a really' big hug this time. As she did, I felt something strange. Sort of like an electric charge in my chest and' it was gone as soon as she unwrapped her arms from around me.

"Text me when you get home,"

"I will," I said as I got on my bike and started riding back to the apartment.

The whole ride home I tried to figure out in my mind what that odd feeling had been when' she hugged me. I'd' received plenty of hugs from Lauren but that was the first time I had ever felt anything like that when she hugged me. It was strange...but it wasn't' unpleasant. Just something' I found that I really wanted to understand a little better.

When I walked back into the apartment I knew something was out of place but I could not figure out what. I could smell cigarettes as I walked towards the kitchen and when I walked into the kitchen, I found Jennifer sitting at the table smoking a cigarette and holding a beer with one hand. Oh great...she was always a lot harder to deal with when she was drinking, I hated when she drank. Are arguments took a turn for the worst when alcohol was involved,

"What're you doing here?" she asked.

"I live here; I didn't say I was staying out all night. Just that I was going to Lauren's to play some video games."

She snorted and took a drag of her cigarette.

"I bet you enjoyed that," she said sarcastically.

That stupid sneer was pissing me off already and so was the slur that she had. I wondered how long she'd' been drinking before I came home.

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