tagIncest/TabooJohnny and Kate

Johnny and Kate


Say what you like about me, I know for a fact that I am an asshole. Not that I give a fuck, of course, but even I know it. My name's Johnny and I'm 26 years old. My parents both died a couple of years back, so since then it's just been me and my little sister Kate. She's 19. Anyway, when I was in college, I was bottom of the class in History, and having to stay behind for extra tutorial was no chore for me, as my history lecturer was one of the sexiest people I had ever met. Just the sight of her bending over a desk in a tight skirt and high heels was enough to give me a semi... Miss Caroline Whittard. With her gorgeous red wavy hair, her perfect round ass and her deep brown eyes, she was the first woman I ever had sex with. To be completely honest, it wasn't exactly voluntary on her part. I raped her. I've always been a big guy, even when I was nineteen years of age, and after she refused my advances, I took her in the car park, from behind, until she was bleeding. It turned me on so much I couldn't wait to try it out with someone else. Over the years I've had plenty of "loves" and "girlfriends", but my greatest triumph was my baby sister. This is what happened.

I was alone in my flat, just having a couple of beers and watching some film I'd already seen twice simply for the fact that I knew it had lots of nudity in it. I was planning on jerking off over it before going to bed, when suddenly, there's a knock at the door. When I answered it, Kate was standing there, absolutely reeking of vodka.

"Can I stay at your place?" she goes "it's closer than mine and I can't be bothered to stagger round there. Please Johnny? Pleeeeeease?"

"Only if it's you." I replied "If you want to bring some lay in here then you can forget it."

"No, it's only me."

"Then come in." She stepped over the threshold and peeled off her jacket, slinging it on the sofa. I could quite clearly see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and the sight began to arouse me a little. It was like there was a battle in my head. One part of my brain was saying "Fuck me she's hot. Fuck her! Do it hard, fast, up the ass!" whereas the other part was going "Dude, she's your sister! Even you aren't THAT fucked up!" I agonized for a few minutes before she suddenly asked me where she was going to sleep. Without even thinking about it, I said "With me."

"But," said Kate "That's... wrong. We're brother and sister; we're not supposed to sleep together..." She was so trashed she wasn't even sure of what she was saying. I wasn't listening to her anyway. My eyes were traveling slowly across her body, taking in her small, pert breasts, her wide hips and slender legs, and her tight round ass.

"You don't get a choice," I told her "I want you now and there's nothing you can do about it." I started undoing her blouse and gently fondling her breasts.

"No, Johnny, stop it... what the hell are you doing, NO! Seriously stop it! I don't like this... this is wrong..." I seized her right breast hard in my hand -- despite all her protestations, her nipple was growing hard underneath my hand -- and growled


"Please! Please don't do this Johnny... I'm frightened, please let's just forget about it..."

Her pleas meant nothing to me -- my cock was hard and pressing against my trousers, threatening to spring out, and by now I had ripped her blouse off completely, and forcing her down onto the sofa, I ripped open the buttons on her fly. Her breathing grew heavier -- whatever her mind was telling her, the drink and her body conspired to bring her closer to orgasm. But this wasn't about her. It was about me.

I pulled her jeans right off her and ripped my own fly open, throwing her down on the sofa so that her tight buttocks were stuck right up in the air. All mine. My pulsing cock refused to wait any longer, so I jammed it into her ass, ball-deep. Almost instant explosion, as she screamed, from pleasure or pain I didn't know or care, I just kept thrusting into her, again and again. I pushed my hand around her side, in order to play with her cunt, but to my surprise she was already there -- rubbing her clit furiously and still gasping:

"No! Ohhh... we shouldn't be doing this... MMMMMM... no no it's wrong! Stop! Please stop! Ohhhhhhh don't stop! Don't stop!" I pushed her away from me, onto the floor.

"Get the fuck over here and suck my fucking cock!"

She sucked hard, licked and nibbled whilst still furiously attacking her clit, and I felt my balls tighten as she sucked, deep-throating me as I drew nearer and nearer to climax. My hips involuntarily started thrusting, and I pushed my dick further and further into her mouth. Feeling that I was about to come for a second time, I shoved her onto her back, and pushed my ten-inch cock into her dripping pussy, fucking her until I exploded again, sending my cum all over her and the floor. She came seconds later, her body writhing and shivering until there was nothing left in either of us and we just lay panting on the floor.

After that day, Kate said that she never wanted to see me again, that I was fucked up, and what had happened between us was wrong.

She was back within a week.

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