tagLoving WivesJulie: I Suck at My Job

Julie: I Suck at My Job


Julie arrived at work early the next day, but once again she was confronted by her boss at reception.

"Change of plans Julie," He rumbled, "We have to meet with a client. Can you show me where to collect my suit?" He walked out the door, not waiting for an answer.

"OK..." She rushed to keep up with him.

"You'll have to sit in the back," He told her. Sure enough, the passenger seat was loaded with marketing and promotional material. "We're in a hurry, so come on!" He urged.

Feeling the urgency of the situation, she got in and leaned forward so that she could give her boss directions through the gap in the seats.

Mr. Cockburn started the engine and put his foot down. The wheels spun and the car lurched forward. Julie was thrown off balance, and instinctively her legs parted so as she could gain better purchase. The piles of papers in front started to give way too, but Julie was quick enough to catch them and put them back its place. She didn't notice that this had pushed her already short skirt up further!

"Sorry Julie. More haste, less speed, I suppose!" He said, surreptitiously adjusting his rear-view mirror to give him the best possible view of her. He felt a twitch in his cock.

She directed him to her house, where her husband was mowing the lawn.

"I need to get the ticket, I'll be quick." She gave her hubby a quick kiss on the way past, and was in and out in no time. She got in the back again and directed her boss to the dry-cleaners, where she picked up her suit.

"OK, you drive while I get changed." Mr. Cockburn said. He told her where the office was and she pulled away, still feeling like time was of the essence.

At the first stop, she realised that she'd not adjusted her rear-view. When she looked in it, her boss' huge tool dominated her vision. She was still entranced by is size, and could soon feel her pussy begin to moisten. She left the mirror that way until he pulled on his suit pants, but Julie could still see the noticeable outline of his juicy manhood. She steeled herself and managed to keep her eyes on the road for a few minutes.

Suddenly, Mr. Cockburn grunted, irritably.

"Those incompetent fucks! They've broken the zipper!" he shouted.

"Just hold on," Julie said, calmly "I'll pull over to have a look."

She pulled into a large supermarket car-park, parking at the far edge, where no one else would see. She climbed into the back, and, being an opportunity to cop a feel, put her hand under the zip. She was feeling up and down the zip, trying to find where it was caught. She was also enjoying the feeling of his huge package rubbing against the back of her hand.

She quickly formed a new plan in her head. The movement of her hand was already having an effect, she felt his dick twitch and grow. She leaned in with the pretense of getting a bit of leverage, but really so that he could get a better view of her cleavage.

"Mr Cockburn,"

"Willy!" he interrupted, a little nervously.

"Willy," she repeated, "I'm going to have to take them off. I can't see." Before he had a chance to protest, she grabbed them tight.at the hips, and pulled. Just as she'd hoped, she'd got hold of his shorts, too. His dick bounced into view, semi-erect already. It softly landed between her tits. She smiled at the heat emanating from it, and felt it pulse softly at her ample breast.

Acting shocked, she gasped, her mouth made a round o, and her hands went up. She was silent for a few moments, and as her boss was about to start apologizing profusely, she looked up into his eyes and licked her lips. His cock twitched as he saw the glint in her eyes, and she took hold of it. She leaned in and pointed it at her mouth, breathing hotly on the bulbous head. As his rod began to stiffen and grow, she slowly wanked him. His manhood felt huge in her hand, and it was strong! Each pulse and each twitch pulled her closer.

She spat a little saliva onto the slit, from where large drops of pre-cum bubbled with each powerful twitch. With one hand she spread the combined lubricant over the head of his huge humping rod, while the other hand weighed and stroked his churning balls. He moaned.

"Julie... Julie, you're soo hot. Ooh Julie, I want to fuck your brains out!" He gasped.

With one sudden movement, she took both of her hands away from his now stone-like column of flesh and looked innocently up at him again.

"I'm a married woman!" she said, "You shouldn't think such things!" She looked away from him.

Willy thought that he had made a terrible mistake. He was going to have the worst case of blue balls. Making it worse, she now looked up at him, squeezing her tits together so that they almost popped out of her tight, low cut top.

"Let's take it slow," she said, making sure his eyes were glued to her beautiful big boobs. "Maybe one day I'll let you bury your head in there!"

Willy didn't know what was going to happen, he was horny as hell, and his balls were still churning at the sight before him. Julie leaned in again, hands still pushing her full breasts together. She leaned in close, feeling so tempted to give his engorged cock a lick, even a suck. She blew hot air over the sensitive gland, causing her boss to moan, and his tool to twitch.

She took her hands away from her 38DDs, and while they bounced, she resumed her manual pleasuring of his pulsing member. She kept her warm mouth close enough for Mr. Cockburn to feel her every breath against his meaty cock. She slipped one hand down to her soggy cunt and started to play with her engorged clit while the other hand ticked and massaged his full balls. They felt ready to bust.

She brought her hand back up, now wet from her pussy, and started wanking her boss quickly. She sensed that he was about to blow his load, so she quickly grabbed a promotional t-shirt from the passenger seat. She slid her hand over her wet cunt again, moaning as she gathered her juices to deposit on her bosses cock. Again, she leaned in close, her lips almost touching the sensitive tip. She could smell her scent on his mighty tool. He tried to push his hips forward and invade her hot mouth, but she moved toothed side, her warm breath reaching his churning balls.

She was wanking him furiously now, and as she leaned close to spit on his cock head, she was caught by surprise. Willy Cockburn's balls jumped out of her hand as he started to unleash his torrents of potent cum. Willy shot his first jet directly into her mouth. She choked on the unexpected intrusion, the second jet, hot on it's heels, spraying across her lips and chin. She regained her composure before another three powerful blasts of thick, hot cum fired onto her huge tits. Another two, weaker spurts hit her before she retrieved the t-shirt and caught the remainder with it.

Smirking slightly, she pulled up his shorts and pants, and zipped them up with no problem. She got into the driver's seat and left the car park, not bothering to clean herself up, just yet.

The meeting had gone well, and they had secured the contract. the managers who had met with them had said that they were impressed with the chemistry between the two, and were hopeful that it was a sign of the company being an exciting and energetic workplace. Little did they know that the chemistry had been recently topped up in a quiet car park.

They got into the car, with Julie now sitting in the passeinger seat, since the promotional material had been used.

"You did an excellent job, Julie. Especially at such short notice. I think I'll have to take you on all of my sales pitches!" Mr. Cockburn enthused.

"Thanks, Mr. Cockburn. I hope you aren't just saying that. I actually enjoyed that." Julie replied, flashing him a gorgeous smile. "Do we go back to.the office now?"

Mr. Cockburn looked pensive as he started the car. He revved the engine a couple of times, the loud v6 growling with pleasure. He grinned, boyishly.

"I don't think we do, Julie. We're done for today, I think. I'll give you a ride home if you like."

Julie smirked, "A ride, eh? Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, are we?" She playfully rubbed his thigh, noticing with satisfaction that he twitched at her first touch.

"Maybe we could grab a quick bite, or a drink to celebrate," he suggested, quickly changing the subject. A ride, fuck yes, I'll fuck you senseless, he thought. His cock twitched and began to grow.

"Hmm," to him it sounded like a moan of pleasure, "I might take you up on that." She breathed, softly placing her hand back on his leg, just below the tip of his still expanding tool. Innocently, she looked up at him, her hand moving further around. his leg. His already swollen member lurched, and he moved in his seat. She reached out and flicked on the radio, quickly sitting back in her chair, pretending that it was all she had intended to do, and that the bulge travelling down his pant leg has somehow escaped her notice. She bobbed her head to the beat.

"We've got a ways to go. I might just lay back for a bit." She tried hard to conceal her smile, as he shuffled around in his seat. She knew she had him. "You don't mind, do you?"

"No. It's all right." He was agitated, not sure if she was teasing him, but very horny. "You go on ahead. Just leave Willy to fend for himself"

"He's big enough to look after himself," she said, tilting the seat back. And to look after me when he's done, she though to herself. "Maybe I'll give him a little treat if he's good."

"I'm always good." He smiled, wondering what she could have in store for him.

Her seat was all the way back now, and she decided to make sure he was still writhing. She leaned forward quietly, and moved in close. She softly ran her tongue up the side of his neck, and tickled the inside of his leg.

"I wasn't talking about you." She breathed, her fingers running circles around the tip of his steel rod. He almost shot his load right there.

She lay back down, facing the door. She slid forward in her seat, pushing her dress up so that he could almost see her sweet, athletic, but most of all, her bare ass. But not quite. She lay that way for a while, occasionally shifting her legs, or adjusting her dress, just to keep his attention on her. She rolled on to her back, so that it was now her pussy that was almost exposed. It was already damp, but when she saw her boss checking her out, she felt a tingle and her juices started to flow.

She watched surreptitiously as he stole glances at her, edging ever forward, trying to lean over at every stop. He knew she had no bra on, and he couldn't see a panty line. Had he seen it? Just caught a glimpse before that light turned green? He wanted to touch it, to feel it, to taste and smell it, but mostly he wanted to pump his meaty tool into it. He promised himself that he would fuck her married pussy, if it was the last thing he did. His cock was aching, it hadn't softened since she had whispered in his ear, almost an hour ago. He was tempted to slip it out and give himself some quick relief right there and then. They stopped at another traffic light, Willy adjusted his pants, tugging at them and trying to relieve the pressure on his engorged dick head. Julie lifted her leg to let her dress ride higher, giving him more reason to ache. He was about to pound the gas when she whacked the glove box with her knee, and it flew open. Maps and CDs flopped out and as he quickly reached over to grab them and close it up again, she pretended to wake up, groggily. Hearing her move, he looked over to her, realising that he had placed his hand in the space between her legs. He held his breath, as he tried to look past his arm. Just as he was about to move it for a better look, Julie slipped forward some more. His fingers brushed bare flesh. He was sure, now, that she had no panties on, but even the merest of chances to see her warm, wet pussy slipped away as she sat up and slid back. She smiled, and looked at his well muscled arm.

"Not the part of a man I want between my legs." She joked. But not yet, she thought. Willy closed up the glove box and sat up. Luckily, no one had been behind him, because the light was at red again. His cock was still trying to tear through his pants. He tugged at them roughly.

"Aww, poor Willy, did I do that to you?" Julie asked innocently, looking down at his bulging pants. "You know you shouldn't think about a married woman that way, Mr Cockburn." She leaned over again, whispering, "I'm glad you do, though." She was running her fingers along the length of his still stiff prick as she said it. She grabbed it tightly, still breathing on his neck. Her soft lips touched his ear lobe, sending a shiver down into his crotch. "I think," she mouthed, almost silently, "That I'll have that drink now."

Her hand stroked up the length of his sheathed weapon, from the bulbous head, slowly, softly, all the way to his churning, aching balls. She easily unfastened his button, and watched as his zipper rolled down under the pressure of his stretching pants. Her hand slipped into his pants, down past the waistband of his shorts. As her hand reached his big balls, she flicked her tongue out along his ear lobe, sucking it in. She felt his balls twitch. Grabbing his shaft, she tried to slip it out of his pants, but it was like a stone column. Her boss wasn't waiting any longer. He tugged his pants down until she was able to free his tool, which slapped hard against his stomach. Julie grinned. She loved the effect she was having on him. She cupped his balls, bringing them out into the open. She gently stroked the big orbs below his manhood, encircling each one in turn with her fingers. She ran the tips of her fingers up the underside of his shaft. He moaned with pleasure, but kept his eyes on the road. She leaned forward, taking his huge, hot cock in her hand. Starting to stroke gently, her pussy soaked, her head reached the bulbous head of her boss' massive member. There was a large drop of pre cum already oozing from it. Julie was about to lick it off, but decided to tease a while longer. She was having fun. She hesitated for what felt like an eternity, Willy wanting so much to push her head down. Still stroking his steel hard tool, she watched another blob of pre cum form on its bloated end. She breathed a hot breath onto it, making it jump with enough force for her to lose her grip. Mr. Cockburn gasped as it slapped against his belly, little spots of pre cum splashing onto his shirt. She leaned further forward, her hand moving back to his shaft, she was face to face with his cum heavy balls. Pumping her fist up and down his long, thick dick, she watched again as his balls writhed in front of her. Breathing her hot breath on them, she slid her lounge out and gave one of them a quick lick. Willy grunted. He was having major problems holding back. He knew that Julie was in complete control of him, but is could blow his load all over her any time now. She took a massive nut into her hot mouth, rolling her tongue around it. As she heard the moan that escaped from the mouth of her employer, she thought she could feel the pressure in his testicles rising as he held back the torrent that was sure to arrive. She let the mouthful of nut drop, and slid her tongue along to the base of his pulsating prick. Her tongue flickered quickly around the underside of his cock, but only gradually did it move towards the swollen head. He moaned and grunted, willing her tongue to reach his most sensitive part, while gradually she came closer and closer. Just as he thought he would surely feel his cock head meet her skilled tongue, she grabbed his powerful tool at the base and moved her head back. She pulled his manhood away from his dry-cleaned shirt and blew another hot breath over the bulbous glans and watched as another blob of pre-cum formed at its slit. This time, she leaned forward, her mouth opening. Mr. Cockburn shuddered as her lips finally touched his huge, swollen cock head. He shook again as her tongue slid over the slit, gathering the copious pre cum from it. More formed, but ran down to her lips, still pressed against his sensitive, sizable cock head. Mr. Cockburn had been waiting for this, and he was holding back with all of his will. Julie's tongue slid over the slit of his cock once more, throwing him into ecstasy. She had the taste of him on her now.

But her phone was ringing. Calmly, she sat back and reached into her purse. Her boss looked about ready to blow. She looked down at his still pulsating tool, a red lipstick circle around the head, where hee lips had just been.

"It's Jake. He'll worry if I don't answer. Keep quiet and you'll get your reward." She winked, "Don't think we're done yet!" Willy grunted. He was right on the verge, and she was going to tease him some more.

"Hi honey, just on our way back." Mr. Cockburn couldn't make out what her husband was saying.

"I think Mr. Cockburn is going to feed me. We got the contract, but he's feeling pretty frustrated right now. There's some big issues in front of him right now." She placed her hand on the biggest issue and started to stroke.

"I might be able to relieve some of the pressure. I don't know if I should just take matters into my hands like that." She let go again, and reached into her bag once more. He took out her hands free kit, and clipped it to her ear, switching to it. "Well, they have their own ideas, and if we want to continue to get their contracts, we should at least pay them lip service." She leaned over and quietly sucked in the head of his cock.

"Mmhm." She said to her husband as her boss cock head slid out of her hot mouth. "But we don't want them to think we're suckers." She looked up at her boss and winked. He tried to keep his eyes on the road while her mouth descended over his cock head once more. Her mouth completely enclosed his engorged cock head and she swirled her tongue around it. She sucked as she raised her head, and his dick came out with an audible POP.

"No, I wouldn't say he was putty in my hands." She put her hands around his generous girth and started to rub her saliva over it. "No, I think he is quite a handful. I think I know how to make him stand up and take notice, though." She lowered one hand, cupping his scrotum. "He's got some balls, Jake! Those guys never stood a chance!" She bent her head down and tongued those balls, slobbering and nibbling at them.

"Here he comes. Oh, thanks Mr. Cockburn, you shouldn't have!" Mr. Cockburn grumbled, still doing his best to stay quiet and stop himself blowing his load.

"He's bought me a popsicle!" Julie smirked at her boss, looking at him along the full length of her "popsicle".

"You've unwrapped it, I hope its one with a creamy center." With that, she slurped hee open mouth along the side of her bosses huge man meat, tongue flicking along the bottom of it.

"I don't think I've had one like this before. It's got a purple bit at the top." She took the head in her mouth and sucked loudly, tasting the pre cum still oozing from it. "Mmm," she said, cock still in her mouth, "Tastes goood." For the first time now, her lips moved past the head his cock. She slipped her tongue out and sucked loudly, her bosses giant cock head touching the back of her throat. Mr. Cockburn willed her to take it deeper, take it all. For a moment, it seemed she would, but with another loud slurp, his meat slipped free, and he was left frustrated.

"Oh!" She squealed, excitedly, "He's got nuts! What kind? Can I taste them?" Not waiting for an answer, she started licking at Willy's big nuts,nibbling at his scrotum.

"Hot nuts! My favorite!" She took one in her mouth at a time, rolling her tongue around them.

"Damn," she said, turning her head to the base of his this shaft, "My popsicle's melting." Once again, she slurped at his cock. Playing a stucatto rhythm as she made sure her husband heard every inch. When she reached the top, she licked her lips and said,

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