Julie Shows Diane The Way....

byDiane Marie©

I think the battery was getting a little weak, we had a hell of a time getting him into the car in that maids outfit. Elizabeth replaced the battery pack as soon as we got to her house. After securing Jeremy to some bindings in the ceiling and floor of Elizabeth's training room, the three of us went for a swim. Elizabeth was on the phone for a while arranging with Jeremy's boss for him to have two week off, I don't know how she did it on such short notice but she did.

I've been a bit lonely without Jeremy around for the last week, but Elizabeth has assured me his training is going well. I was amazed at his progress, he even served tea to a group of her friends today. She got him completely off of cigarettes, I am so happy about that. Jeremy's even lost some weight, and he walking for 45 minutes twice a day on Elizabeth's trend mill, she's going to start him running this afternoon. I ordered a new trend mill to Jeremy's going to need to be buff. She's got him lifting weights to, something I intend to continue, one of the other wives has a health club, she said she'd be glad to help out with Jeremy's work outs. She told me we could have some real fun when the club is closed to the public. Elizabeth assured me Jeremy would be ready for his branding next Friday, she's planning a party to celebrate that.

Jeremy being gone has given me some time to spend alone with both Julie and Linda. Oh I guess I didn't tell you about Linda did I, she's receptive to everything. As far as us making love I didn't even have to suggest it, she did. She's a tigress in bed. Linda already had a few women lovers, she has about the same opinion's I do, but men are nice too. Linda spending the weekend here, I think that well help a lot, I do so miss Jeremy. Julie's going to drop by to and bring her new friend with her, you know the one from the party. Robert doesn't know Linda's staying here, she made an excuse that her mother needed some help. Robert doesn't know we've even talked, he well soon enough.

Linda's coming to the party next Friday night, she's bringing Robert, she figures why wait, beside she owns him one night of watching. Robert really laughed hard when Jeremy got his first shock, and he thought it was so funny when I made Jeremy clean him for me. I wonder how he's going to react to his first shock and Linda has something in mind for him. Elizabeth has given permission to use Billy, now won't that be a mouth full.

Of course Robert has no idea that this party is for Jeremy. I suppose Robert well laugh when I get to put my brand on Jeremy's bun, but Elizabeth is having one made for Linda to, it was so much fun designing our brands together. And the two week vacation that's been arranged for Robert well be a complete surprise, it's nice to surprise you loved one isn't it. Linda's not looking forward to spending two weeks alone either but she knows it'll be worth it. Her marriage is just like mine she does all the work and it's worse for her, she has two children to take care of two. Jeremy is good with children, so I've told her it was all right if she spent those two weeks here, it'll be her vacation too. We have the two extra bedrooms and Jeremy can sleep on the sofa. Linda's arranged for her sister to watch he children for a week of that. I can't wait to see what we can think of for Jeremy to do to keep us happy.

By then the new room in the basement well be finished to, the carpenters have been here since Wednesday. It's going to be fantastic. I even designed a big wheel I can attach Jeremy to, I'm going to add some pigs and letters, kinds of like that show on TV. You know the one where that hot blonde gets paid millions to walk back and forth. That is just one example of why we need to be in control, how many women are going to pay a man millions to walk back and forth, and she can't even act.

All four of us are going to work on the punishment wheel this weekend. I'm going to try to get one of those carpenters to try it first, what a hunk he is. I just can't wait. Isn't life wonderful.

(Admittedly I got a little carried away, downright mean at the end. But I have my fantasies too, one of which is watching a man give another oral, so I fit that in. The female domination, I have to admit I liked that but not to that extreme. I kind of liked the collar idea, and adding the electric part was kind of cool don't you think. My last husband had one for our dog, my baby, personally I hated it, I suppose if I'd have been as strong mentally then as I am now, I'd have put that on my husband. Not just put it on him either, I would have used it.

I really do hope you liked this story. I suppose I'll get some of the same old hate mail, lighten up guys, it doesn't always have to be the man who is dominate in a relationship. I really did try to stay away from the size issue, maybe my not being able to, says something about my tastes in men, ya think? I'd ask you to vote but I've given up on the idea of getting any of my stories listed in the most popular, the only way that is going to happen is if all of you who liked it voted five. Beside it really doesn't matter, some of the highest rated stories here just suck. I'm not a good writer but some of those are written so badly I can't even follow them.

Maybe Literotica should consider starting over, some of those really didn't get many readers. I suppose the volume of readership has grown a lot over the years. You have to admit that if you like reading erotic and porn there isn't a site on the internet that has so many stories. To top that off you don't have to pay a dime. I do want to thank those who have made this site possible. Thanks and I do appreciate the work you put into your site.)

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