tagIncest/TabooJune's Birthday

June's Birthday


June's 18th birthday had been a long time coming. Ever since the day she had been born her Daddy had longed for the day when he could take her into his arms and really love her the way he felt she should be loved. Now it was time. June had spent the day preparing for the occasion. She had lingered in a long bath which left her skin soft and sweet smelling, and she had shaved her entire body so it was smooth and bare. Now she stood in Daddy's room with a short pale blue silk robe on. It had opened slightly to reveal a pink nipple carelessly peeking from her large white breast. Daddy's wife, Aileen, had prepared the room especially for this day. She had purchased new satin sheets and had adorned the large room with flowers and candles.

"You look beautiful," Aileen said softly. She lay back casually on the bed, parting her legs slightly. She was slowly circling a pale brown nipple with her finger. "Come to bed." June walked toward the bed and lay down in Aileen's arms. There was nothing like the feeling of their large breasts pressing together as June's robe fell away. Aileen's mouth soon covered June's and their lips and large breasts pressed together in rhythm.

"Oh yes," Daddy said, "this is what I wanted to see." He sat in a chair across the room, completely naked, his body thin and chiseled, his large, thick cock straining towards the two women. Aileen gently lay June down and lay over her, covering her bare pussy with her own bald cunt, moving up and down so the lips kissed like a mouth. Daddy groaned from across the room, the tip of his cock glistening. June was rapturous. With Aileen's pussy grinding into hers, her tongue in her mouth and all over her nipples, she moaned audibly, soaked to her thighs with creamy juices.

Aileen circled her pink nipples with her tongue, sucking each one and then moving down to the girl's swollen clit and lips. June spread her legs wide and allowed Aileen to take her clit, drawing it feverishly into her mouth. Then the tongue fucking began. Aileen's tongue was soon deep inside the sweet pussy, and June rubbed rhythmically along with the flickering movements, rapidly fucking Aileen's whole face. Suddenly there were two tongues lapping at her delicious bare lips. One tongue ran up and down the lips' length and down to her sweet ass, darting occasionally into her pussy or ass hole, the other tongue continued to suck her clit. Fingers slid in and out of her and she cried out. Just as her snatch began to tighten as before an intense climax, the hungry mouths withdrew and she felt the wonderful head of her father's penis slowly circling the wetness of her pussy.

"Oh daddy," she groaned, eyes half closed. "Shhh darling, daddy's got you now...." he murmured. He slid his thickness deep inside her and Aileen immediately began to lick the juicy place where their bodies met, her tongue circling around and around her stepdaughter's stretched, moist hole and her husband's thick shaft. June and Daddy began to move rhythmically together and Aileen moved behind Daddy, rubbing her tits and pussy all over his back.

Deeper and deeper he thrust into June's tight cunt, his balls slapping against the soft round cheeks of her ass. He moaned and grunted with each thrust, and June cried out, wrapping her legs around him. Aileen spread June's legs as far as they could go. Then Daddy pulled out, and before June could protest, he lay back and lifted her on top of him. He looked lustfully at his daughter's bald snatch before pulling her to him for a deep kiss. She slid down onto him, just the tip at first, and then began to bounce up and down on the whole of him.

The view from Daddy's point was incredible, his huge cock sliding in and out of that gorgeous cunt, June's tits bouncing in his face. She wanted him as deep as he could go. He complied, she wriggled on top of him until he all but disappeared into her and his balls rested against her open lips. Aileen moved into the middle, so June could feel both Aileen's pussy and Daddy's cock at once, and feel Aileen's tits rub against hers once more. For Daddy, this felt like he was fucking both of them at once. They fell into a fevered rhythm and the fucking became fast and violent. Daddy pushed balls deep into his daughter and exploded his hot seed into her with a loud groan.

"Ohhhhh Daddyyyyy," she moaned, "Fuck me" and then, "I'm coming too!!"

Her pussy tightened up and began to spasm over and over, drawing every drop from her father's cock. Her thighs shaking, she felt Aileen's spasming climax too and this sent her into her second orgasm. The threesome fell apart and lay together in the satiny wetness, Aileen and Daddy still running their fingers over the beautiful June, kissing her open mouth. "Happy Birthday, little girl."

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