Just Checking You Out


My sister moved in closer to me. My sister reached out and grabbed my cock. She looked me in the eyes as she slide her hand down my shaft once. Then my sister lowered her eyes back to my cock and with her other hand guided the condom onto my dick. She let go with her one hand and then glided her other hand back over my cock. Her brother's cock. She looked me in the eyes again. "Ribbed, nice choice." Her voice now so sensual, so wanton, so playful. Lower, more sexual. So different from the sister I had know all my life. But I hadn't known this side of her. The sexual side. That had been reserved for others, not her brother.

Andrea walked away from me back towards the table. She turned around staring at me now. Brother and sister. Eyes locked together in lust. Like nothing I had ever known. She hooked her fingers in her tiny bikini bottoms and pulled them down. Staring at me as she lowered them. Then her eyes dropped as she pulled them over her knees and let her bikini bottoms fall to the patio. My sister stepped out of them and then reached down and flung them towards one of the chairs. As she did this I was staring at her. Between her legs catching glimpses of her now hairless pussy. Her mound so beautiful and womanly. Smiling, coyly, sexually charged. She leaned against the edge of her table. Her legs together. My sister was standing before me naked for the first time.

I could see the landing strip of pubic hair right above her pussy. My sister started spreading her legs. Slowly. She spread her legs as wide as they could go. More than I thought possible. Obscene. Staring at me whole time. She reached down with her right hand. My sister started rubbing her entire mound. Feeling her sex. Her left hand was cupping her breast and squeezing her nipples. My sister found her clit and started rubbing in small circles as her expression changed from pleasure to agonizing pleasure.

"This is what you want so bad little brother. Your sister's pussy. Isn't it beautiful. So wet. So wet for you little brother. It's a bad pussy it wants my brother's cock." My sister gave her clit a little slap. Then Andrea started sliding her fingers back over her clit again and then back toward her opening. She was so wet that her fingers easily slid past her lips into pussy. My sister's fingers shined with her juices as she pulled them out of her vagina and then roughly slammed them back into herself. I was watching my sister masturbate. This time seeing all the action. Not just the movements under a blanket.

Breathlessly she said, "So nice, that's where you want to be Gary. In your sister's pussy. Right. That's where my brother wants to put his cock. In his sister's pussy. Do you want me take my finger's out and put your cock in me," My sister's fingers were submerged up to the second knuckle in her pussy. "Do you," I was in a trance, "Do you want to fuck your sister."

My sister's eyes glued to mine. This time I knew I needed to answer her so bad, "Yes."

"Yes, what," my sister demanded.

I answered immediately, "Yes, I want to fuck my sister. I want her so bad."

"Well come here little brother," my sister pulled her fingers out of her pussy and she turned around putting her hands on the edge of the table and lowering her butt. I walked up behind. I couldn't believe this was happening. But this wasn't the way I wanted her.

She looked back at me over her shoulder. Her expression so charged with wanton sexuality. Lust. I pressed my self against her back as my cock rubbed against her ass. I reached my hand around to her breast cupping her. I whispered into her ear.

"Turn around. I want to see your face the first time I enter you. Please turn around." She rubbed her cheek against mine and wordlessly pulled herself up turning back around. My sister leaned back and sat on the edge of the table. Andrea moved both of her legs one to each side of me. I was now naked in between my naked sister's legs. I looked down as my sister grabbed my cock.

She moved my cock against her pussy. My sister pushed the head then the shaft vertically threw her lips soaking my cock in her pussy juices. My hands were on her sides and slid down to her lower back and part of ass.

My sister placed my cock at her entrance almost parting her pussy lips as I could feel the heat and moisture at the tip of my penis. I watched transfixed at watching our genitals nearly come together as one. She looked up but my head was still watching her pussy and my cock. She whispered, "This is how close you came to fucking me the other night in the parking lot little brother." I pushed forward trying to enter her but she had moved my cock back up and it slid threw her went lips my shaft pressing into her slightly.

I looked her in eye, "Please Andrea, I can't take anymore. I need to be in you. I want you so bad," it can't hurt to beg I thought. She kissed my cheek.

My cock was still in her hand and she moved my dick to her opening. I could feel her heat and moisture again then I was sliding through her out lips. Instinctively I moved my hips pushing into my sister for the first time. A dream come true. She was so wet. Her walls surrounding my cock. We both grunted as my cock entered my sister. My sister using her muscles to squeeze my cock. So tight. Which pleasantly surprised me. I was half way in her. I started to pull out then I forcibly pushed back in, bottoming out her vagina. "Ahhh" my sister moaned. It was like her pussy was made for me. Made to fit her brother.

She said one word as she moved her hand around my side gripping my ass. "Incest," she said so softly. I kissed her cheek as I started slowly moving my cock in and out of her.

Stroke after a stroke. It felt like ecstasy. Her hands on my ass pushing in rhythm. "Harder, faster," she said. "Harder." I was trying to be gentle with my sister so I didn't need to be told twice. On the next stroke I almost pulled all the way out of my sister's pussy and then I slammed back into her. The sound was so sexual that I think even more blood flooded my cock as I started pumping my dick in and out of my sister as hard and fast as possible. Sound of my sister's and her brother's genitals colliding together reverberating everywhere. I started to worry about the neighbors, then I said fuck it. Who cares.

"Ohh fuckkk, fuck me baby," my sister started to moan. "Fuck me Gary, Gary. Gary. Gary," No brother should hear his sister moan his name like that. See that look of ecstasy on your sister's face.

"So close Gary, don't stop, keepp fucking me, don't stop. Gary, Gary," my sister most of moaned my name a hundred times, her brother's name. "Fuck me, fuck me Gary," each gasping word my sister moaned giving me new energy to pound into her again and again. Stroke after stroke.

Finally I breathlessly said back to my sister, "You like my cock don't you, you like your brother's cock. You like your brother contact. You shouldn't be letting your brother fuck you, should you. Open your eyes, open your eyes sis." I leaned back away from her so I could see my cock slam back into her pussy. I looked at my sisters tits and grabbed one with my hand.

My sister was watching me and then she looked at her pussy being filled with her brother's cock. I placed both of my hand at her hips and slammed into her.

My sister and I locked eyes again, "Garrry, Garrry, I love my brother's cock. Fuck me with your cock so good."

For some reason I almost shout out, "I'm fucking my sister, I'm fucking my sister. I'm fucking my sister."

My sister's body began to spasm and her pussy gripped my cock. I tried to fuck through it but when my sister said, "your making me cum," writhed in ecstasy as "my brother's fucking me, I'm cumming on my brother's cock," she gasped quietly with her eyes tightly shut. Hearing my sister, feeling my sister cum, seeing her face. I couldn't hold back my cum. My cock shot my load up into the condom. So good. So good. Then I thought I wish I didn't have to wear this damn condom.

I stood there on my shaky legs for several minutes enjoying my orgasm, enjoying the feeling of being inside my sister. Finally I pulled out of her before I deflated out of respect for my sister's wishes. I sat next to my sister and pulled the condom off my cock throwing it on the ground.

My hand rubbed her breast and her stomach. She reached up and grabbed my hand. Holding it. My sister's eyes were closed. I lied down on the table next to her. Cuddled into her. My sister opened her eyes and said "I guess that's why they call incest the best. We can never do this again after tonight. We have to stop or I won't ever be able to give up your cock."

Out of breath I replied changing the subject, "You make the sexiest face when cum."

My sister put her hands up to hide her face in embarrassment, "Oh my God, my brother has seen my cum face."

I kissed her shoulder, "People always make fun of expression on people's face when the cum. But how many people see your face when you cum. To me it's the sexiest think I have ever seen. Most intimate."

"Well, I never thought my brother would see me like that," my sister lowered her hands and kissed my hair. "I guess we're about as close as a brother and sister can get right now."

"I think we were a little closer before," I said.

"Your so bad," my sister said laugh as she playfully she swatted me.

My sister and I cuddled for several minutes then my sister reached down and stroked my cock. "My bad little brother wants more. We shouldn't."

I replied willing to say anything to get back inside my sister, " After tonight, but the taboo has been broken, we might as well enjoy it. At least for tonight."

"Taboooo," my sister said laughing. "It's taboo because it's so fucking good." My sister let go of my cock, "Go get a condom."

I walked over to the chair and got out another condom. I ripped open the package and started sliding the condom onto my cock. My sister was standing next to the table. I confidently walked up to her and grabbed her breast and slid my other hand to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy as I lowered my head and took my sister's nipple in my mouth. Such big nipples. Mmm. My sister pulled my head up, "I want you to take me from behind like in the parking lot. I've been thinking about that all week. I get so wet think about that."

"I can tell," as I pulled my fingers out my sister's pussy. My sister turned and placed her hands on the table. I moved up behind her and slid my cock in between her leg. My sister shifted her legs further apart and pushed her ass out giving me easier access to her pussy. I guided my cock to her lips, sliding through her folds of flesh and into her vagina.

"Ohhh brother, that's what I wanted." Pulling out slightly and then pushing in all the way. My sister turned to look at me. Smile on her face.

I placed my hand at her hips and started fucking her hard and fast like she liked it. Sound of pussy and cock colliding, meshing together, different from this position. Such a beautiful sound.

"AHHHH," my sister's moaning was intense immediately. Pushing her ass to me trying to meet my cock on each stroke.

"Who's got the nicest pussy, ahhh, ahh, Erin or me," my sister gasped as she turned her head staring at her brother fucking her from behind. "Who Gary, Erin or me, ahh." That was an easy question.

"My sister has the best pussy. My sister's pussy is the best."

She smiled, "My brother's cock is the best, My brother's cock is the best."

I was slamming into my sister. I reached forward. My front pressing against her back I reached around and grabbed her tits. I kissed her cheek. She rubbed her cheek against me.

"My sister's pussy was made for her brother's cock. For my cock," I whispered. Pumping into my sister. Feeling that exquisite texture of her pussy, moisture, the heat surrounding my cock. Squeezing my cock.

"Ahhh, fuck me, FUCK ME," my sister shouted, "INCEST IS BEST, INCEST IS BEST," my sister pushed her ass and pussy back towards me. I could feel her body shaking beneath me and pussy grabbing my cock. "ahhhh, incest is best, incest is best," hearing my sister's words turning my mind on beyond belief which went right to my cock spreading my seed into the condom as I gripped my sister's tits.

"Incest is best" my sister repeated.

With glassy eyes she turned her head to me and I kissed her lips and we touched tongues. We were both exhausted. My cock was still inside my sister and I knew I should pull out soon. But I hated to do it so I held my sister for another few seconds. I didn't know if my cock would ever get to be in my sister again so I wanted to enjoy every second I could. I rubbed my cheek against the side of her face. She turned smiling slightly.

My sister said exhaustedly, "Taboo. It may be wrong to fuck my brother," my sister caught her breath for a moment, "But that's what makes incest the best."

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