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I originally started this out as a one shot sex extravaganza, but the writer in me took over, and before I knew it, I had a huge long chapter. This story will, however, have tons of sex in it, I just didn't feel it was fair to make this chapter any longer at the moment. If you want me to continue this story, please send me feedback, otherwise I may concentrate on my others. Remember, it only takes a few moments to send feedback, and I appreciate it greatly. Thanks tons for reading everyone.

I usually don't wake up in the middle of the night. Usually, I sleep like a stone. I go to bed laying on my back and somehow wake up on my stomach with only half the covers I started out with. I go the the bathroom before I go to bed on purpose so I don't wake up. Usually. But tonight, tonight wasn't very usual at all.

Tonight I woke with the moon shining on my face, and my cheek pressed deep into my sheets. I always opened my blinds when the moon was at the point in its circuit that it could be seen through my window, and I always slept better on those nights, which made my waking even more strange. I turned my head over, closed my eyes, and waited to drift back into sleep like I always did. After a few minutes of holding my eyes shut and ignoring the itch in my leg, I gave up and opened my eyes. Propping myself up on one elbow, I leaned down to scratch my legs stubborn itch, throwing the covers back as I did. I shivered ever so slightly from the breeze running suddenly over my bare skin.

I had abolished sleepwear at the age of 15, having read about it on the Internet. Being so young, and mostly sheltered by my parents, I hadn't thought about sleeping in nothing, instead always going to bed in the usual Scooby Doo or Eeyore pajamas my mother got me. But after I got used to sleeping in my underwear, I couldn't stand the feeling of sleeping in anything. It drove my mother crazy, which made it even better. Around the age of 17, I had to start sleeping in a bra also though, because my chest had begun developing at an alarming rate.

I can remember mournfully looking in the mirror and wondering if my chest would ever grow as much as the regular teens out there... and apparently someone up there heard my cries. Now, at the age of 18, my chest was a quite large D, approaching a DD. I didn't sag at all, which was quite odd, considering their size. I had a pretty well built figure, and luckily was pretty tall for my age, roughly 5'6", 5'8" on a good day with heels. My ass looked fabulous in jeans, but not so good out of them, considering the fact that I'd grown so quickly I had the usual teenage stretch marks.

I wrapped my robe around me and went over to the open window, leaning against the sill and looking out. The moon was full tonight, and the rays shone down on my face with a calming coolness. I propped my chin up on my hands and stared upwards at the huge white globe in the sky, wondering how on earth it stayed up there. Sure, I'd learned about gravity and such in school, but all that aside... its so big. Its near to impossible. I continued contemplating all these captivating things as I kept staring outside.


Aloneness was all he could hope for in this world. How could he ever find someone that would accept him? No, he decided, he'd been over this a million times, it was just best at this point not to think about it... His lot was to roam the streets at night, nothing more. His lot was to hide during the day, and be constantly afraid he'd be seen, be caught, be trapped and put on display like an animal. He wasn't an animal... he didn't think. Did having parts like some animals make you one? Sure, he had retractable claws, like a cat... and huge wings, kind of like an bat... but he was mostly human.

Without the wings and claws, he looked normal, except for the color of his skin. His skin was a dark blue, the perfect color to blend into shadows at night. Most people think the night is black, but shadows are really blue at night, a deep, dark blue. They start out black, to be sure, but then once the moon hits, it adds just a tinge of its lovely white blue light, and the shadows change. He wished he could go back. Go back and change his life... his life that had started out perfectly normally. It had been so long ago, the details were actually getting foggy... A lawyer, yes, he'd been a lawyer. A lawyer who never lost, never. He hadn't cared if he'd had to cheat, lie, steal, bribe, or humiliate to win, he did it. He'd used every trick in the book, done every dastardly deed, used every escape hatch... Until the day he really needed one, and hadn't had one.

He'd been driving, on the road. A street very near here, as a matter of fact, he'd actually passed it a few times since, and stared forlornly at the skid marks on the blacktop. The skid marks caused by him spinning out of control. He'd seen a rabbit in the road. Who would have thought, a rabbit, in the middle of the road... and even then, when he swerved to avoid it, his thoughts weren't on the innocent animal, but the mess it would make on his expensive car.

The horrible sound of the crash... he could still hear it echoing in his ears. The swerve of the road had caused his fancy car's even fancier brake system to short out, and he'd plunged off the road, down a hill, and straight into a tree. The next thing he saw when he woke up... He didn't want to think about that. That horrible place. The place he'd gone. He'd died, and every single bad thing he'd done in his life had come back to make his life hell... literally. He'd had many years on earth to think about himself, himself and his choices, and if had a second chance, he'd make all the right ones now, or at least try. It was too late now, his punishment was to be doomed to walk the rest of the earth as the demon he was now... but only in appearance.

As he landed on a rooftop for a short rest, his eyes were caught by a flash of silver, the moon glinting off a window. Raising his hand, he caught sight of the offending window. The blinds were open, a rarity in this city, and even rarer at this time of night. He ventured closer to the edge of the roof, laying down and peeking over the slight edge, so he could see inside. What he saw nearly took his breath away. Inside the room was a farily large bed, with some tangled white sheets, and inside the tangled sheets was a girl. She was clearly asleep, and her bare shoulders were rising and falling rhythmically.

The blanket started just below her shoulders, and continued down to a few inches below her rear, so he could also see a pair of breathtaking legs. They weren't horribly skinny, like those models legs, they were well built and sturdy looking, a bit chunky at the top, but still unbelievably sexy. He couldn't imagine what they looked like in heels. One of her bare feet moved a bit, drawing closer up towards herself, making the blanket draw up enough to just expose the bottom of one ass cheek and the beginnings of a pair of standard black bikini undies.

As he beheld all this, in wonder, the girl stirred even more, and turned her head over, facing him now, but with her eyes still closed. He couldn't make out the features of her face from this far away, but he could tell she had brown hair, medium brown with some washed out coppery-blonde highlights. Her eyes suddenly opened, and he ducked behind the lip of the roof, frightened he'd been seen. After a few more moments he peeked over again, realizing how stupid he was being. He was several hundred feet away, with only the top of his head sticking out over the rooftop, there was no chance she'd see him.

When he peeked over, she'd risen from her bed, and was donning a white robe. Before it closed he got a glimpse of... Oh god... her chest was huge. Not grotesquely huge, but... wow. His groin tightened a bit uncomfortably, and he kept staring. She came to the window, and when she leaned down to prop her chin on her hands, the moonlight shone full on her face and he got a good look. She was... beautiful. Not in a flashy, "Oh my god, that girl is stunning" 'modely' way, but nevertheless beautiful. Her blue green eyes were framed by long, long black lashes that cast shadows under her eyes like spiderwebs. Her cheeks and her nose were dotted with freckles, and her lips were a thin rosy pink, with a little bit of a red tinge that told you she hadn't taken her makeup off before she went to bed. She had a tiny bit of eyeliner smudged next to her eye, but it just made her cuter.

She yawned, and blinked, then turned, walking back to the bed. Her back to the window, she undid the cloth tie of the robe and let it fall to the floor. At that point, he almost fell off the roof. Even with the rim. He could see practically all of her firm, round ass cheeks encased within the black underwear, which made her pale skin stand out even more. Her back was smooth, and he bet it was silky to the touch too. His groin tightened even more, and he had to shift position to make sure his pants didn't scrape against the cement of the roof. The girl stretched, almost catlike, then crawled back under the covers and fell asleep.

He watched for awhile, until her rhythmic breathing told him she'd completely fallen asleep again. He watched her for awhile, but he couldn't really see her that well. A daring thought entered his head and he gulped. Did he dare? He just wanted to watch her... she seemed like the kind of girl a man would pledge his life too, and get nothing but love in return... he wished he'd found a girl like that during his life, someone who would have helped him down a different path, instead of the tramps he went out with instead.

Taking a deep breath, he stood, and flew off the edge of the window, the air whistling softly past his great beating wings. He landed lightly on the windowsill, with his great form came measures of grace and flexibility, so he stood on the thin sill with ease. Luckily, the window was unlocked, and he opened it quietly, keeping an eye on the girl the whole time, making sure she didn't wake up. The window creaked only a little, meaning it had been oiled recently. Stepping inside, he closed the window once more, so a draft wouldn't wake her. Of course, that would make getting out in a hurry a problem, but he was more concerned with the girls wellbeing than his own worries.

He backed up until he was in the shadow of the wall, the part the moonlight hadn't gotten too, and... watched her. How he longed to run his hands through that soft looking hair, over that silky skin and down those firm legs. He wanted to cup those huge tits in his hands, and grab that round ass. He wanted to make long slow love to her, and make her whisper his name, he wanted to make fast, and furious love to her and make her scream his name, but most of all... he wanted her to be his. If only someone like her could love a monster like him, maybe he'd have more of a chance in this world, more of a chance to be happy... Just maybe.


I stirred in my sleep once more. Damnation, what was wrong with me tonight? I couldn't concentrate on sleeping. My tired eyes once again fluttered open, and I swore softly into the pillow, smothering my face in it for a moment in frustration, then flipping over onto my back and pulling myself up. My bottom, clad with my satiny panties, slid easily across the sheets, and I leaned back against my headboard with a sigh. I once again peered out of the window, letting the moonlight play across my face. My bedside clock, a gift from my father, read 2:14 in large letters. I'd only slept two hours. I turned my head back to stare into the depths of my room when I head a small noise. It came from my far wall. I mentally ran through the things I had over there, my dresser, with multiple precarious piles of books, my lamp... before I could finish my thought, I heard another noise, this one definitely like a muffled sneeze.

My heart rate quickened and I quickly reached over to my nightstand and opened the second drawer, the one where I kept all the odds and ends I determined my "emergency weapons." I pulled out a long metal bar I'd gotten from a bathroom shelf thing my mother had bought, and held it carefully in my hand.

"Who's there?" I said softly, biting my bottom lip gently. Something stirred in the darkness. A deep, masculine voice sounded softly, though my ears heard perfectly well.

"Please... don't be alarmed. I'm not going to hurt you... I just wanted to watch you."

Great, just fucking great, I had a perverted peeping tom psycho in my room, who also gave damn good voice.

"Look, I don't know what you think you're going to accomplish here, but my parents are in the next room, and I'll scream if you try anything." For the first time I was actually glad I hadn't moved out yet.

"No, please, like I said, I'm not going to hurt you... I saw you from the window, and I thought you were pretty..." The voice trailed off for a moment. "This was a mistake, I'm sorry, I'll go... uhm... would you mind turning your back?" I snorted slightly.

"Oh sure. Theres a psycho standing about ten feet away from me, and I'm going to turn around. Listen, if you just leave peaceably, I don't care what you look like, I'm not going to tell the cops or anything, just get out of here."

As I spoke I swung my legs out of the bed and stood next to it defiantly, crossing my arms. At that moment I felt something on my foot and I looked down, only to see quite a large spider crawling up my bare leg. Now, I've always had a huge fear of spiders, deadly almost, and I immediately forgot there was anyone in the room and I screeched and jumped up and down, trying to knock it off my leg.

I ended up falling onto my butt and backing up against the bed, as the thing, finally detached from my leg, began crawling towards me again. Suddenly a bare foot, not my own I might mention, came crashing down upon the offending creature. I would usually be sighing with relief at this point, except the foot, kind as it was in killing my offender... was blue.

I was almost afraid too, but I continued looking upwards. My eyes traveled over a pair of comfortable looking black pants, then up a chest, a muscled chest that looked like it belonged to one of the gods. My eyes traveled over the also well muscled arms, the wings hanging down, almost touching the floor, and the almost frightened look on his face. My eyes traveled back down once more and stopped on his pants. Oh yea. Definitely male. Apparently my lack of attire was having quite an... ah... effect.

At that moment we both froze as my father banged on my door. "Aria! Are you alright?" My eyes shot to his and for a moment we just stared, then for some idiotic reason, my mouth opened and I found myself saying "Uh... no dad... it was just a big spider." My father gave an exasperated snort. "I've told you a million times, you're bigger than they are, next time don't yell so loud, you nearly woke the whole neighborhood." I nodded, not remembering he couldn't see me, distracted as he was, and yelled "Yes dad."

The creatures look of fear had diminished slightly, but not fully, and now just looked frightened of me, as if I'd try to stab him or something. I wasn't quite thrilled at the fact that a winged creature was standing in my room, but I wasn't the sort of girl that would scream, call the cops, and tell my story all over national television. I was the sort to figure out what it wanted, and then if it wanted something ungodly like to rape me or something, THEN I would scream, call the cops, and go on national television. Well. Maybe just a radio talk show or two.

Slowly, hesitantly, he reached a hand down to me to help me up, and just as slowly, I reached up at took it. Just before my hand met his, I saw a gleam of silver and a small noise told me he'd retracted the claws I'd seen before glittering on the ends of his fingers. This show of thoughtfulness sealed it for me and I slipped my hand in his, allowing him to pull me upwards. Gods but he was strong. I knew if he wanted he could probably have kept lifting and held my entire body dangling off the floor by that one arm. But once I was on my feet, he held my hand for a second longer than necessary, then released it.

"Thank you..." He said softly.

"Huh? Thank you for what?" I said stupidly, a look of confusion on my face as I finally extracted myself from the depths of those deep blue eyes.

"For not telling your father anything." He smiled slightly, revealing a row of nice, white teeth."

"Oh... uhm... sure. No problem. I mean its the least I can do, considering you killed that spider for me and all." The smile widened.

"Yes, I did battle for you quite royally against that terrifying creature." I blushed slightly.

"I've always been afraid of those." I said sheepishly.

"Its alright, I shouldn't have teased you, everyone has something they fear... with some people.... its me." A note of sadness had crept into his voice and without thinking, I took a step forward and laid a hesitant hand on his arm.

"Look, people fear what they don't understand. You'd be kind of hard to understand to some people, you've got to admit. Most people would run and scream because you're something different, just the way they'd run and scream if they found out that they were married to a homosexual. Its different. Its change. Its not you." The creatures head raised and its eyes bored into mine.

"How is it you know so much? We've only met, and yet you speak the words my heart has needed to hear for years after knowing me for mere minutes." I blushed once again.

"Well..." I mumbled. "I don't technically know you at all yet, I don't even know your name." He smiled again. That smile would be the death of me.


"Makkail? Isn't that a little... ordinary?" I said with a sarcastic grin. He let out a soft laugh and shook his head.

"And your name, Aria, what does it mean?"

"How did you... Oh. My dad. Right. Well. I have no idea what it means, you'd have to ask my parents, they're the ones that came up with it." I didn't even realize that my hand was still on his arm or that his hand had come up to rest on top of it, until his thumb started gently stroking the back of my hand, which sent bolts of electricity down my arm to my head. I wondered if he could hear my knees knocking together.

"Uh... so what exactly are you doing here?" I said slowly, my foggy brain trying to stumble through the sensations his hand was giving me to the part where I could think rationally.

"I told you already, I was watching you."

"Yes, I got that part, but why?" I asked. A stubborn piece of my hair fell across my eyes and I reached up to brush it away, but his hand was already there doing it for me. Oh Lords. This was not good. He was entirely too close, and entirely too much man for my senses to handle.

"I saw you from the window, I was on the roof across the street and I saw you... You looked like you were the kind of person that would... understand. Strange as that may sound." I nodded slightly.

"Not strange at all." He shook his head in wonderment.

"Yes, it is. Most people, in fact, almost all people would have screamed, and tried to shoot me or something... you just... accepted it." I let a wry grin escape onto my lips.

"Yea well, I've always been quite a strange teenager." I recalled my frequent trips to the computer to write, my even stranger friends, most of whom were Goth, gay, sluts, or geeks, and my complete scorn of the dating process. Makkail had been watching me the whole time, and also noted my eyelids drooping quite a bit.

"Little one, I think its time you went to sleep." He said chidingly, like he was scolding a child. I pouted slightly.

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