tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 14

Just the Six of Us Ch. 14


Thanks to ZexWizzard for the edits and polish. To my loyal readers: Beth isn't someone that you can just throw into the mix. She's getting there, though, and she's quickly becoming a favorite, from the responses I'm getting. Thanks for reading! Please keep commenting!

Chapter 14

Mike spent the afternoon in his room, surfing the Internet and doing sit-ups and push-ups. The voice was relentless, badgering him to run downstairs, grab any one of his sisters and just start fucking. He could resist when he wasn't turned on, that he was sure of. It was when his sisters were tormenting him, bending over without panties, rubbing up against him or kissing each other, that he had difficulty dealing with the voices proddings.

It looked to be just a matter of time before he acted out one of the voice's commands, thus losing the bet in the process. He sincerely hoped he could make the two weeks, but at this point that was in seriously doubt. Not with his sisters trying to seduce him every five minutes.

His mind flashed back to Sarah blowing him, then to Emma dropping her pussy onto his face, then to Danni in the shower at the gym, and finally to Beth and her ass shaking in the grocery store, and then bumping side to side coming up the front steps. Then the cycle started all over again as he pictured Sarah's gorgeous eyes looking at him with her full lips wrapped around his cock.

All he'd wanted to do, of course, was grab her head and just start hammering away with his hips, thrusting his cock into the depths of her throat.

"She'd of just loved it too. She loves swallowing your cum after having just swallowed your dick."

'When are you gonna give it up?'

"Me? Give up? Dude, I've got nothing else to do. When are you?"

Mike chuckled, and looked at the clock, nearly 7:00 PM. He'd told Beth that he would meet her at a nice Italian restaurant downtown around 8:00 PM. He had chosen one that none of them had ever been to, hoping not to be recognized by anyone. They'd also decided to play it cool and not tell their sisters about the dinner date they had planned. Beth lied that she was going over to her friend Amanda's house to help her with a summer school project that she was working on.

Mike showered and put on some nice clothes, before heading downstairs and grabbing his keys from the key rack beside the front door.

"Back later," he announced towards the living room.

Sarah rushed out of the washroom and stopped him before he was able to get out the front door. "Where are you headed?" she asked.

"To fuck a prostitute, say it dude!"

"To a movie," he said quickly.

"By yourself?" Sarah asked.

"Nah, Matt is gonna meet me up there," he lied.

Matt, was a recent acquaintance of his, and was the only name he could think of on the spur of the moment. They'd had a few classes together at college and he was a decent enough guy.

"Oh, well... okay." she said unconvincingly, as she looked up at him, feigning a look of sadness on her face. Then added with a very convincing, but purely fake pout, "But... are you sure you wouldn't like to 'take'... me?" as she ran a hand along the front of her sun dress. That caused a button to pop open, which allowed her to run her hand inside to rub the closest nipple. Biting her lip, she faked a wince and an almost silent moan.


Mike swallowed hard at how sensual and sexy she looked, her hair all mussed and sloppily tied, her sundress half open and one hand playing with a breast as she faked that damn incredible pout at him. 'God, I want to fuck her so bad.'

"Do it dude. Fuck her for me Mike, fuck her for me!"

She giggled and turned around. Grabbing a towel from the pile from off the counter, she folded it and said, "Have fun, sweetie," and just continued with her chores.

He came up behind her. Reaching around, he slid both hands up her dress as he cupped both of her breasts. Pushing tightly up against her, he felt his erection pressing against her butt and heard her sigh with the beginnings of contentment. She pressed backwards against him and moaned softly, pouting again as she turned her neck to look him in the eye, but most assuredly caught up in the moment, as was he.

"You know, I won't... no, I can't resist you forever," he said. "You know that," he said, biting her on the neck.

"I hope you come back to me soon," she gasped again, and reached around behind him, wrapping her hands around the back of his waist and pulling him close. "But, promise me that you'll start make love to me again soon," she pleaded, "I can't stand not having you inside me."

"I promise." he said, softly pinching a nipple.

"The longer you delay," she said as she reluctantly pushed his hands from her dress, "the more hell the girls and I are gonna put you through."

She tenderly kissed him on the lips before turning back to her work, and then added, "We're already going to put you through hell with all the catching up your going to have to do. You've cost us quite a few lost opportunities, and we expect to be compensated."

Before that comment had time to sink in, he decided to exit as fast as he could, lest it have a hand in making him forget where he was really going or he had to convince another sister, or all of them, that he wasn't going out to fuck some slut.

"You never know where the night might take us."

'It ain't happening,' he thought, shaking his head. 'Give it a break'.

He drove to the Italian restaurant on the other side of town where he and Beth had decided to meet and went inside to be seated. A few minutes passed and she appeared at the door.

She had her hair pulled back, her long blonde locks cascading down behind. The cut of her blouse was low, giving an inviting look to her cleavage. Her long, shapely legs peeked out from beneath the knee length skirt that she was wearing, via a sizable but fashionable slit. He couldn't even bring himself to blink as she was escorted over, casually smiling at him with one of the sweetest but most provocative smiles he could remember. She turned more than a few heads in the room.

He stood as she neared, leaning in close and kissing her on the cheek. They separated as he smiled back at her. "You look absolutely beautiful," he said, drawing an even larger smile to her face and causing her to blush.

"Thank you," she said simply.

The waiter appeared and took their drink order, bowing as he left. Mike caught him glancing at his sister's breasts, unable to resist a look. But, she seemed not to notice, and seemed to be absorbed with her menu.

The waiter soon returned and took their order; though this time he seemed to be able to keep his eyes where they belonged. As he disappeared back into the kitchen, Beth smiled and leaned over to Mike.

"He was looking at my breasts, wasn't he?" she asked.

"Your cleavage?" he asked chuckling, then nodded, adding, "Sure he was. But you can't blame him anymore than I can. You are very blessed in that area, and most men have a natural fixation to that portion of the female body, some of them to the point of even making it a pastime."

She blushed again, muttering an almost inaudible, "Thank you, again."

"So, did you have any questions for me?" he asked, "Or do you just want to know what guys generally expect on a date."

She took a drink of her wine, taking a couple of seconds to think before answering. "Well, I've never even been on a date," she admitted. "Not a real one, anyway, so, I'm not familiar with how to act or react properly, or really what to do."

He smiled at her. "Well, you're doing just fine so far. Just pretend that I'm someone that you are attracted to."

"That shouldn't be too hard to do." she said with a smile.

He felt his heart warm at her bold statement.

"What do you expect on a date?" she asked, looking at him.

"She's fucking with me, right? She can't be that..."

'She doesn't even know you exist," Mike thought, interrupting the voice, "and I'm still not so sure.'

"Oh, right... wait, what?"

'Just, shut up'.

"Well, it depends I guess." he answered, then added, "The first date is usually just to feel each other out, a figure of speech of course. You know, just to get to know each other, which has always been a real odd notion to me I guess, because no one really acts like themselves on a first date. Both people are usually too busy trying to pretend to be someone they're not, or the person they think their date may be interested in which is the same thing. What usually happens is they both end up making fools of themselves or only succeeding in totally turning off the other person."

"So be myself?" she asked simply.

"Mostly, yes, you want to be yourself." he agreed, "First dates are generally pretty easy if you make it simple and you both just take your time. But in the end, it either works out or it doesn't. And on that note, I don't know why you're asking me all this stuff. It's not like I've had a lot of experience dating myself."

"Well, I don't really know any other guys I could ask," she said, "and you are the only one that I'm close enough to, that I can honestly admit I'm attracted to," she said, lowering her eyes.

"So, what does that mean for your theory?" he asked, reaching out and raising her face to look at him again.

She smiled, seeing his concern. "Well, I'm not sure exactly. I know that every time Emma kisses me I want to... do more."

"I know what you mean," Mike said, nodding his head. "She's so damn persuasive, and even aggressive when she gets turned on."

Redirecting the same subject, he asked, "What about when I kiss you?" peering at her intently to gauge her response.

"It's the same." she answered, "I want to... do more. That's where my problem lies. I don't know what to do. I've never had any experience. Usually when I have a problem that needs solving I research it, learn all I can about it and determine the most probable course of action that looks to be able to produce the required results. Then I simply execute that course of action to solve the problem. But, I'm afraid I am unable to implement such a process in this case, and I'm unwilling to embarrass myself."

"Do you remember that day I was cleaning the pool a few weeks ago," he asked, "and you, Danni, and Emma were laying out?"

"Yeah," Beth nodded, looking at him curiously. "You were mowing the lawn with your shirt off and finished by using the water hose to cool and wash yourself off before going inside," she finished, blushing suddenly.

"When I did go inside," he added, "Sarah made me strip down at the patio door as usual, but this time we had an unexpected mishap, and I accidentally hit her in the face with the erection watching you three had given me."

Beth burst out laughing, quickly covering her mouth and stifling what she could of her giggles from the rest of the room.

"I'm glad you can see your way clear to spare my feelings," he said, looking about the room, an amused grin on his face.

"Oh, I am sorry," she said between laughs. She finally stopped, and took a drink. After a few seconds she looked back up at him again, still smiling. "So, what happened?"

"Well, that was the first day that we were intimate," he explained. "The point is, sex is awkward at the best of times, and downright embarrassing at the worst. I'm lucky that I've found a few girls that don't think anything of all the mistakes I make, especially in the beginning."

Beth nodded, understanding.

Their food arrived and the two began to enjoy their meal.

"So, you don't have any experience with sex?" he asked eventually.

"The only things I've been involved in are the activities you and I, or Emma and I have participated in." she admitted.

"Well, you can ask me any questions you like," he said, spooning some more of their dinner into his mouth.

Taking him at his word, in a whispered voice, she asked, "Which of our sisters is your favorite?"

Mike nearly choked on his food. Grabbing his drink, he cleared his throat, and swallowed quickly.

"Sorry," she said, giggling.

He waved his spare hand at her. "Just caught me off guard is all," he said.

He thought for a few moments. Did he actually have a favorite? It hadn't even occurred to him.

"I don't really have one," he admitted honestly. Then lowering his voice, he went on, leaning in close to keep their conversation private. "They're all different of course. Sarah gives an unbelievable blowjob. Emma is so athletic, which makes having sex with her very... energetic," bring his voice down to a whisper, he ended with, "when I make love to Danni, it's so soft and sensual. It's like both of our entire bodies are sex organs."

"Was it Emma's first time, when you two decided to couple?" she asked very quietly herself.

Mike nodded.

"Did it seem to hurt her?" she asked, a concerned look on her face.

Mike looked up shaking his head. "It all depends on who you are with. I knew that it might hurt her so I was very careful, and took it very slow. I'm not all that experienced as I said, but I know more than the average guy about deflowering a girl. That, and I care deeply about Emma, as I do all of you and didn't want her to experience any pain, if I could help it."

"Are you two ever going to shut up, get out of here, and find somewhere to fuck? I've got enough sense to know it's not going to happen on a dining table in the middle of a crowded restaurant."

"I'll bet it was wonderful," Beth said, taking another bite.

"Sarah and Emma both seemed to really enjoy..." he started, but stopped cold when he realized exactly what he'd just admitted to. His eyes became as large as saucers as he stared back into Beth's to gauge her response.

"DAMN IT TO HELL. You have to E-A-S-E them into the good fuckin stuff, asshole. You're gonna run her off before we even get our crack at her, and I've been looking forward to this one. You could fuck up a wet dream"

Beth's eyes went almost as wide with surprise. "Sarah was there too, when you took Emma's virginity?"

Oh, hell. The cat was out of the bag now, no use in denying it.

Mike nodded. "Yes, they were both there."

"Did they...?" she started.

Mike nodded again, confirming the obvious.

"Well! Now, that's a variable in the equation I hadn't expected," she stated. "Not only are they intimate with you, but they're intimate with each other as well. Wow!" A few seconds of thought reflecting on the new 'data', and she replied, "I suppose it is possible that the actual act of incest itself is the most alluring aspect of the relationships in question. That is 'very' interesting."

Shrugging, and looking around the room, Mike spooned another bite into his mouth. He was now suddenly felling a little apprehensive about the whole matter himself.

"Did they seem to enjoy you more, or each other?" she asked.

"Damn, she can asked the questions, can't she? You, of course. Tell her, YOU!

Again, Mike was brought up short. He hadn't thought about that either. Honestly, he didn't know, having not considered the issue. He looked around for a few seconds, lost in thought himself.

Eventually he just shrugged. "I don't know," he admitted. "I guess, taking into consideration their mutual attraction for me, I suppose neither. Or you could ask one of them for anything more accurate than that."

"Dumb ass, they're not trying to fuck each other three times a day unless their trying to turn you on. They've both been after you, not each other."

Beth sat back apparently lost in thought. Finally, she sat forward again and began to finish her meal. Their waiter came and deposited the check, sneaking one last glance at Beth's impressive cleavage.

"Now, this is a part of the dating process that I am not very clear on," she started, "Do I split the bill with my date or do I just let him pay? If I allow him to pay, won't he expect something in return?"

Mike shook his head, "In Texas at least, the guy always pays, and it doesn't mean that you owe him a thing, even though some jack asses think otherwise. On later dates, the girl can offer to go Dutch or help pay, but a regular guy, will never let her share the cost. He has asked you out, and you've accepted his invitation. You're his guest, and he is your escort."

He placed the price of the meal and the waiters tip onto the table under the small folder containing the bill and stood, pulling her chair out and walking her towards the door. As they made their way out of the dining room, he placed his hand on the small of her back to guide her to the exit. When they reached the door, he opened it and let her walk through first.

"It's too early to head back home," he said, "Sarah will never believe I went to a movie for only an hour."

Beth nodded, smiling. "What do you want to do then?"

Mike thought for a second, his arm easily encircling her waist. "I've got an idea." he said, leading her towards his truck.

She giggled and said, "I thought you said I didn't owe you anything."

"Very funny," he said, playfully pinching her side, "just trust me."

"Oh, I trust you," she said playfully, "I never intended to give you the impression that I didn't."

He helped her into his truck and trotted around to the other side. "We'll come back for your car later," he said, climbing into the cab.

She nodded in acknowledgement from her side of the cab. But then, still in a playful mood, she added with a big smile, "So, should I be worried about your intentions towards me for the remainder of the evening?"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "I think I'll be able to control myself," he assured her.

He drove for a few minutes before he pulled into an abandoned area near the lake. There were no street lights close, and no houses around. He reached behind his seat and pulled a blanket out, and spread it out in the bed of his truck. Then he went around to her door, opened it, and helped her out. They made their way to the rear of the truck bed, and he helped her climbed in.

"I figured you might like to look at the stars," he said.

"Just fuck her already. You haven't even done anything, and she's obviously infatuated with you, the gods only know why, but she is already buttered up. With just the slightest bit of effort on your part, we can add her to our harem tonight."

'Listen, I'm not going to just leap into this with Beth. When it happens with her, it will happen. Have some patience,' he thought, hoping that would shut the voice up for a while.

She smiled at him in the darkness, and climbed into the truck then scooted up next to him. They sat in the darkness just gazing up at the stars. Beth pointed out constellations with Mike lying that he saw what she was pointing out.

Eventually, the evening grew long and Mike helped her back into the cab. Folding the blanket up, he placed it back behind the seat then drove them back to the restaurant.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Michael, really. You've been very helpful, and very sweet," she said as he drove her to her car.

"No Beth, it was my pleasure." he said. "I really had a great time."

She hopped out of his truck when they reached her car, and he walked her over, opening her door for her.

"Now, this is the part I was really worried about," she admitted.

Mike laughed, "Beth, I'm not gonna try and eat you or anything."

"Well, why the hell, NOT. She's primed dude."

'I'm only gonna say this once. Shut up.'

She smiled, "I know that silly. It's just that, I have no idea what to do, or what my date might expect."

Mike smiled at her. "If the date goes well and you really like the guy, just a kiss for the first date. Maybe even a real nice one. If there's not a connection between you two but the date itself was okay, a kiss on the cheek will do. But if there's nothing there, or you haven't enjoyed being with him, be honest, that way you're not setting yourself up for having to make any excuses for turning him down in the future. In other words, don't make any fake comments trying to be polite to spare his feelings or especially any false compliments that would lead him on."

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