tagErotic PoetryJust thinking...

Just thinking...

byCat In Window©

I am so in love with You
All these thoughts running through my head...
envisioning us together
Doing the mundane..
and of course the sexual
And I can never get my fill...
of these thoughts
of what i want to do with you..to you

Tonight, in the middle of studying,
I thought of being with you
The two of us, on your bed, so close
Kissing, touching, talking..
And just like that, an image popped into my head...
Of us..

You, so handsome, so sexy
On all fours, legs spread out
And me, behind you...
Licking a straight, hard line
from your heavy cum-filled balls...
up between the cheeks of your beautiful tight ass..
running my tongue around your rim,
darting it in and out a little..
then sliding it back down and sucking on your perineum
Then down to your sac again..filling my mouth with your balls
All the while,
My hand is wrapped around your thick, beautiful cock,
stroking you so, so slowly to climax

I can almost hear you panting in my mind...
Your breath heavy--ragged
And it makes me want you more.

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