tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust You and I Ch. 03

Just You and I Ch. 03


It's been 6 months since I saw you last and I can't decide if I dread your next visit or long for it. I've recovered physically from the abuse you inflicted on me, but mentally I'm still a mess. I'm still trying to figure out who you are, how you know me and how you knew I was a virgin (at least until shortly before your first visit) and why you put me through every horrible thing you put me through.

I feel let down and relieved each time the full moon passes without a visit from you. As much as I fear your next visit, I long for it too. I miss your touch, your taste, your strength. I fill my days with work and my nights with continuous masturbation. So much masturbation that I've even invested in a vibrating dildo that's the approximate size of you; and while it can't come close to replacing you; it gives my poor wrist a break. I swear I was getting carpel tunnel syndrome!

With the approach of each full moon, I begin preparing for your visit now. Why? I can't even understand it myself. You raped me. You set me up to be raped by someone else. But I long for you, and because I do, I've made a standing appointment at the local spa for three days before the moon's full. I get a mani-pedi, facial, full body and hot-stone massage (that's for the nerves), and of course, I'm waxed within an inch of my life! I do it all, underarms, legs, and I make sure there is special attention paid to my bikini area....I'm being polite. To put it plainly I have my pussy waxed bare, not a hair remains anywhere. I'm so smooth that I can't keep my fingers off my pussy....or ass. Yes, you've made me love my ass and all the pleasures it can provide. I know that, in part, I do this for you because I know you'll like it. I've always liked a clean smooth pussy, but now I love a clean smooth ass too. That's all for you. Why? I don't have a clue.

When you fail to show, as you have month after tortuous month, my disappointment becomes more and more acute. I occasionally wonder if you have another woman (or women) that you visit in the same way you visited me. I'm always surprised by the pang of jealousy that follows that thought.

For the first time in six long months, I don't wait up for you. I'm hopeful and terrified that you'll show, but I can't face my disappointment that crashes over me as the sun dispels the night again. I can't face the emptiness of another full moon passing without feeling your touch. I can't face the heartache that mingles with my relief.

I sleep lightly now, however, I almost never have the dream again. When exhaustion claims me, then and only then to I dream of you. That long-forgotten dream of you taking me; possessing me. That dream that frightened me, but excited me at the same time. Because of this, I awaken immediately when I hear the creak of the floorboard that announces your presence in my bedroom. My heart automatically begins to pound with a mixture of lust and abject terror. I'm not sure I want to know what you have in store for me this time. I cannot deny, however, the moisture gathering in my thin cotton panties.

You stand in the moonlight, shrouded by it and framed in it. It is once again impossible to see your face. Your perfect physique is exquisitely outlined in the luminous light of La Luna, sending a shiver of desire up my spine. My nipples react by hardening to pebbles in anticipation of your touch. My aura exudes fear as I think of the times we have spent together. How sweet and soft you can be, and how cold and rough you can be too. I don't know which excites me more.

You stand still as a statue and look down at me like a luminous god. I can only stare wide-eyed back at you. Just as I'm sure I can't take the silence another moment you say to me in a low gravelly voice that sends a bolt of pleasure through me, "You owe me a story."

Anger flashes through me for a split second before I can tamp it down and I carelessly give voice to it. "Owe you? I owe you?!" I reply in a flush of rage. "My story is personal and none of your damn business!"

Your laughter fills the room and my anger quickly morphs into fear as you say, "There is nothing in your life that is personal now." I can hear your voice drop and octave and the fear multiplies with a vengeance. All I can sense now is your anger.

Gathering the little courage I have left, I try one more time to keep the story of my first time to myself. I don't want to tell you. I don't want to tell anyone, it really is personal and, well, lovely. I don't want to spoil it by sharing it. Finally I say, "I don't even know who you are, you come into my house, you rape me, you SELL me, SELL ME! Now you want me to share with you something that was so personal and so sweet....with you! Who are you? How long have you been watching me? Why are you doing this to me?

I am practically screaming at you by the time I voice the last questions. My hands are shaking now and tears of anger and frustration are forming in my eyes. I take a deep breath and try to get some kind of emotional control over myself.

Again, I am greeted by silence. You turn your back to me and walk to the window. You quietly pull the cord on the blinds and plunge the room into total darkness. My heart leaps into my throat. How will I pay for this outburst? What will you do to me now?

I can barely see you as my eyes slowly adjust to the gloom. I hear you moving toward me and I feel the heat of your body before I see you stop in front of me. I brace myself for a slap, or for some kind of pain, but it doesn't come. I realize I've been holding my breath and I slowly let it out. I feel the bed depress as you sit down on the edge and lean toward me.

I hold onto my courage and best as I can and force myself to stay put and resist the urge to scramble away from you. You take my chin in your hand and I can feel your breath on my face as you say, "I will decide when you find out who I am, and who you fuck...and where and when." Your voice is so low, it's deadly.

You continue, "Last time was rough, I know, but I needed you to understand how severely I will punish you if you stray again." There is a very long pause during which I remain silent, too afraid to speak. "Do. You. Understand?" you say slowly, forcefully.

I nod, and then realize you can't see me either. I'm so used to being the only one who is blind. Finally, I reply, "Yes." My answer is soft and all I can really hear is my blood pounding in my ears.

"I will not hesitate to punish you again. I'll sell you for a gang-bang if you force me to; don't forget that." You continue and I have no doubt that what you say is true. For as much pleasure you give me, I know you can supply the same amount of pain. I'm not stupid so I answer, "I won't make you punish me again." I say this meekly although I realize that I felt a twinge of excitement at the mere thought of it.

"Good girl." You whisper as you lean down and kiss me. I can't help but to sink completely into that kiss and I realize that I had been waiting for it since I awoke and found you in my room. I'm completely swept up in it and a pulse of electricity sizzles directly from my lips to the very center of my being. My body is responding to you before I can even process it in my mind. I realize I am now pulling myself closer to you needing to be one with you again. I lose myself in that kiss once again wishing it could go on forever.

The spell is broken abruptly when you pull back and turn away from me. I hear first one, then the other shoe drop, then feel the bed rise as you stand up. The zipper on your jacket hisses as it goes down and I recall vividly what I would see underneath if there had been just a bit more light in the room.

I listen to the rustle of your clothing as you strip and I wonder if you're wearing underwear and, if so, what kind. You pull me from these incongruent thoughts by lifting me from the warmth of the bed and settling onto the edge while pushing me to my knees in front of you. You are either feeling guilty from our last meeting or just more generous tonight because you toss a pillow to the floor for me to kneel on.

I can feel your anticipation and in a tiny show of my meager power, I take my time adjusting the pillow and my knees onto it. It takes me a long time to get into position for what I know you want. Are you enjoying the delay in some way? The heat emanating from you increases and I can feel it on my face as I move closer.

I slowly reach out with my hand and stroke your length with the back of my fingers. I can feel you harden under my delicate touch. I scratch my fingers across your balls and you spread your legs, giving me more access. Who has the power now, I wonder.

This truly is the only time I feel any kind of power when I'm with you. In my small, futile way, I'm going to make you pay for what you have done to me. I run my finger slowly up your cock causing it to twitch. I steady you with my other hand as my finger reaches the head in search of a drop of your wonderful precum. I swipe my finger lightly over your slit, scooping up that precious drop; making you groan softly. I slide my finger into my mouth, savoring the sweet, salty flavor that is the essence of you.

Clinging to my small shred of power, I softly kiss your inner thighs, working my way at a tortuous pace to your balls. I take first one, then the other into my mouth, sucking and each gently and tickling you with my tongue. I am rewarded with a sigh and another groan. I hold your cock out of the way and I indulge myself in pleasuring your balls with loving abandon. All the while, I am slowly rubbing my thumb across the head of your cock. I want another sigh. I want another moan.

I keep doing this until I get the reward I am hoping for. You croak out one word and I hear the desperation in your voice. That word? The word that causes my body to contract in pleasure and gives me back just a little control. I know it's difficult for you to say and I love hearing you say it. Your voice is so hoarse and desperate as you say....."Please."

I smile and say clearly back to you, "As you wish."

I run my tongue slowly from the base of your shaft to the tip for another delicious taste of you. I swirl my tongue over the top and under the rim of your perfectly shaped mushroom. Your breathing becomes more erratic now and you are lightly stroking my hair. I suck just the tip into my mouth and tighten my lips around the rim eliciting a sharp breath from you.

Using the combined wetness of my mouth and your delicious precum, I slowly...so, so, slowly slide my lips down your shaft and welcome you into first my mouth and then all the way back until you rest in my throat. I quickly swallow around you and relish not only the taste of you, but the loud and lustful moan that escapes your lips.

I can't hold back any longer and I stroke you steadily with both my mouth and my hand. I massage your balls with my other hand as I drink in the sounds of your pleasure and wait in greedy anticipation to literally drink you in. I don't have long to wait before I feel your balls tighten in my grip and taste that first wondrous spurt of cum on my tongue. I suck harder, now stroking you with my mouth, longing for every drop you have to give me. When I have milked you dry, you sigh again and pull me up to stand in front of you.

Your strong hands guide me so that I'm on your lap, straddling you. Your kiss is sweet and hot and deep. I feel as though I'm part of you, almost one with you, fused at the hips and I want nothing more than to feel you move inside me again to be one with you physically and emotionally. How I can possible feel like this or want this is beyond my comprehension.

Maybe you feel the same way because you abruptly lift me up and off your lap setting me down on the bed. You stand up then pull me up to stand in front of you. I feel the weight of your stare as you slowly pull my nightgown over my head and toss it carelessly aside.

You sit back down on the bed and scoot up to the headboard, fluffing some pillows behind you. Pulling me up onto the bed you situate me onto your lap, facing you. I'm so close to you, but it's so dark in the room that I'm infuriated that I can't see your face.

Leaning close to me you whisper, "Wrap those lovely legs around me." I do and you shift us both until our crotches are snug against each other with only my thin cotton panties separating us. You are already semi-hard again and the heat is almost unbearable. I swear I can feel steam rising from the wetness that is soaking through my underwear.

Your hands stroke my back and the top of my ass before moving up to entwine themselves in my hair. I lean into you for a long, deep kiss that is so hot I can feel travel through my body and emanate outward. A thrill shoots through me as you ask me quietly, "Are you ready for me to fuck you?"

"Yes, please." I answer, remembering who is really in charge here. I grind myself against you and I'm thrilled to feel you harden even further. "Good." You say, "Now, tell me a story." I swear I can feel you smile because you know you've got me. You've fooled me again with your gentleness. I can't believe that I forgotten yet again, that it's all about you. I hate you in that instant; you make me feel so naive.

I'm so angry at myself for letting you dupe me again. In the back of my mind is an element of fear because of what happened the last time I saw you. As usual, you read my thoughts and say, "Don't worry, it's just me tonight, but you get to choose how the rest of the evening goes. We can have a night of very hot sex together, or I can have a night of hot sex and you can just be the body that I use." Your voice is soft and low and sexy and it completely belies your words.

I can't process quickly enough the emotions that are rocketing through my brain. I settle on anger once again. It's an easy and simple emotion and one that I can focus on immediately. My anger is turned inward though. I'm again mad at myself. Well, mad at my body for responding to yours so strongly. Half of me hates you and half of me can't imagine not doing what you ask.

You slide sideways kisses across my chest in the journey to my nipple sending shivers of anticipation down my spine. Your lips clamp over the sensitive bud and you make good use of your teeth and tongue while your hand teases me with gentle pinching and pulling of my other now rock hard peak.

I can't help myself as I start rocking against you relishing the feel of your now granite hard cock and I moan loudly, "Please, you have to fuck me now!" But you, you son-of-a-bitch, you were waiting for me to get to this point. You brought me to this state of desire on purpose.

"Tell me a story." You insist again softly, yes oh so softly as though there is no way I can refuse your request. "Tell me what I want to hear and I'll give you what you want to feel." Your lips continue to make love to my nipples, first one then the other as you stroke a finger lightly over my clit. My panties are so wet; they are molded to my curves. You have no trouble bringing me to the edge of ecstasy; the feel of your finger through my panties is exquisite.

I can't help myself, I start rocking against you again. I'm close, so close to that miraculous release that at this point I would settle for just an orgasm, any orgasm. You put your hands on my legs to stop my motion and lean toward me to whisper directly in my ear. Any gentleness that had been there is gone. "Tell me the story now or I'm going to flip you over and satisfy myself in your ass, then leave; you decide."

I understand the real choice you're offering me is pleasure or pain. I'm resigned now to telling you the story. I would do just about anything to not wake up with a sore ass again. "Okay," I sigh, "You win, I'll tell you."

"Give me your word. I know you'll keep it, you always keep your word." How do you know that about me? My word truly is sacred. You're smiling again, I can feel it.

I'm defeated, so I say, "Fine. I give you my word." Now I'm angry again and it's evident in my voice.

"Calm down little girl," you chuckle, "now tonight's all about pleasure." Great, now you're laughing at me.

I don't have time to think about that because your lips have met mine again for a long, hot kiss. Your hands are tangled in my hair again and your tongue unabashedly explores my mouth. One hand travels slowly down my back softly caressing my skin and pulling me closer to you, pressing my breasts against your chest. The hardness of you reminds me how strong you are and how futile it would be to fight you. This thought is quickly replaced by the knowledge that I have surrendered to you again. The only difference this time is the anticipation of pleasure instead of the fear of pain.

You pull my head back by my hair and kiss my throat and neck as your other hand slides over my pussy. You stroke the outside of my panties whispering, "Your pussy is so wet." before slipping a finger under the elastic and slide two fingers over my outer lips. Your fingers come up and you press one to my lips and I immediately take it into my mouth and enjoy the sticky sweet taste of myself. Your nose bumps into mine and I realize that you have taken your other finger into your own mouth.

With a low growl you say, "I need a better taste." In a heartbeat you yank me off your lap and toss me backward onto the bed. My heart beats again and you are kneeling between my legs literally ripping my panties off of me. Cotton tears as though its paper and they are still dangling from one leg as you hungrily dive into my pussy. You unceremoniously plunge your tongue into my slit and greedily lap up my overflowing juices.

"So sweet." You mumble. "So fucking sweet."

Your tongue is replaced by two fingers sliding into me, finally giving me something to clamp onto. Your tongue wanders up to my clit and you expertly flick it over my ultra-sensitive bud before sucking gently on it. The speed of your fingers increases as you go from sucking back to alternating between sharply flicking your tongue across my clit to softly licking it with your talented tongue.

I'm on the brink of orgasm and you deftly bring me over the edge. LOUDLY over the edge. I grind my pussy into your face in sheer unadulterated pleasure as I soak your mouth and chin in my come as waves of pleasure roll over me again and again until I gasp, "Please, I can't take it anymore!" You pull yourself up over me and kiss me hard. I decide I like the way I taste mixed with the flavor of you.

"I'm going to fuck you hard little girl, but no more screaming you'll wake the neighbors." You half-whisper, half-laugh at this and continue, "I'm sure I can find something around her to gag you with. You pull my ruined panties off my leg and whisper in my ear, "How about some cum-soaked panties?"

"Ok, whatever; I don't care. Gag me, don't gag me. Damn it just fuck me. Now. I need you inside me now." I pant.

"Say please." You tease as you rub the tip of your cock along my aching pussy.

"Please, please, please.....PLEASE!!!!! FUCK. ME. NOW!!!" I beg completely unashamed.

"Your wish, sweetie; my command." You reply as you grant my wish in one swift thrust, making me cry out in pleasure. It feels so good to have you inside me again; stretching me, filling me. My pussy contracts around you tightening almost painfully. I wrap my legs around you, encouraging you to sink deeper into the depths of my body. It's still not enough though. I want more, I want all of you.

"Do it like before," I whisper urgently "bend me in half!"

Before I can have another thought, you are hooking my legs over your arms. My legs are spread wide as you thrust even deeper into me. You cock is so deep inside me it's entering my cervix, not just bumping against it, entering it. The pleasure is immeasurable.

My knees are resting beside my ears as you plunge in and out of my pussy like a man possessed, the friction of your pelvis rubbing against my clit with each thrust. My orgasm builds thrust after thrust and just before rational thought goes out the window, I realize that tonight really is all about me and my pleasure. You are doing all the work and I am just a grateful recipient of your expertise.

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