tagIncest/TabooKacey's Garden

Kacey's Garden


The front of the small bungalow seemed to be engulfed in flowers. Kacey had planted dozens of different types and colors of flowers and had been careful to make sure there would always be something blooming. For this reason she hated the winter as once her Marigolds died she would be out of luck until the Tulips blossomed in the spring.

Her neighbors marveled at the beauty she brought to their surroundings without being gaudy. The 45 year old widow just loved being outside so she was just as busy in her backyard. She grew fruits and vegetables which she gave generously to the entire neighborhood. But, her favorite spot was a small garden near the backdoor of aromatic flowers. She fussed over this special spot endlessly.

The minute a weed invaded it was plucked right out. The gardening had become an obsession ever since her husband had died ten years earlier in a accident at his job leaving her alone with two teenage kids. Her kids were now both gone until one afternoon when the phone rang. Kacey ran from the garden and her 23 year old son told her that he had lost his job and was out of cash and needed to come home for awhile.

She thought things over as she ran her long fingers through her thick brown hair and told him that he would be welcome for a couple of months but after that would have to move on. After all, his Sister was doing rather well and would certainly have room for him. After hanging up she contemplated things a bit more and figured it could work out well to have Matt around for awhile as he could help her fix up some things around the place.

Walking back to her bedroom she let her grungy house frock fall from her 135 pound and five foot six inch body to change into something nice to go shopping in. Feeling her 38D bra she decided that she needed to change it as it was soaked in sweat. Running her fingers over the wet bra cups brought back a flood of memories of sexy times with Hal, her husband. He loved surprising her by doing offbeat sexual activities with her.

It was on a day like this a couple of years before he died that she had come in from the garden dripping with sweat and just removed her blouse to jump into the shower when Hal came up behind her and shoved her onto the bed and frantically began licking and sucking her belly and then her bra, then he tossed her onto the bed.

As she thought about the experience she started squeezing and rubbing her melons. Then laying down on the bed she let her fingers ease down over her pubic hair to her excited clit. She thought about how Hal had ripped off her bra and sucked her boobs deep into his mouth while he tore off her shorts and panties. She could almost feel him fucking her just like he did that very erotic day.

She rubbed her clit harder and faster as suddenly the image of her husband changed into her son with his broad shoulders plunging his cock in and out of her. She thought about running her hands over his tiny little ass as she called out loudly, "Oh Matt, fuck me oh yes harder sweetie; my cunt is so hot."

It wasn't long before Kacey soaked her undies as she came with a tremendous orgasm that shot through her entire body. As she pulled her hand out of her panties she realized that she had just cum fantasizing about her own son. She decided to take a shower to try and get these thoughts out of her head. The cool water felt so good washing over her skin and soon, or she thought, her mind was clear and she knew just what to do.

She would finish up her shopping and then go to her favorite bar and see if there were any guys there worth spending the night with. She couldn't believe it had been almost a year since she had real cock meat in her cunt. This situation could not be allowed to continue as she needed a good hard fuck. She dressed carefully making sure that she was alluring but didn't look like a slut. After all, she wasn't about to fuck just any creep.

Hurriedly, she went from store to store buying gardening supplies and stocking up for Matt's visit before she stopped at a fast food joint to choke down a burger. By then it was 9:00 so Kacey sauntered into the bar. She recognized some of the regulars but no one stood out. She sat alone in a booth for about an hour when a older distinguished man came over and asked to sit with her.

Kacey looked him over and motioned for him to join her. They got along very well and downed drink after drink and before long he had his arm around her shoulder and they playfully kissed each other. The guy made his move as Kacey felt his other hand on her nylon covered thigh. He wasted little time working it up to her silky crotch and began fingering her through her damp panties.

Kacey spread her legs wide to give him better access and as she kissed him again even more passionately she put her hand in his lap to grab on to his cock. She was very disappointed as the guy was limp. As much as she tried for the next several minutes she couldn't get him hard. As she let him frig her to a wonderful climax she continued to kiss and play with him but it was hopeless the damn guy was impotent.

She didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings so she excused herself to use the bathroom. When she got to the stall she took a menstrual pad out of her purse and applied it to her panties. Kacey just hoped the guy wasn't into ladies during that time of the month. Returning to the table she snuggled back beside the man and informed him that she was sorry to disappoint him but her period had just started.

Not believing her the guy reached down and felt the pad between her legs and let out a grunt of resignation. They finished their drinks and Kacey went home. The only trouble was now she was more sexually frustrated then ever. She asked herself over and over why this sexy guy had to be fucking impotent.

She had no doubt she would see him again but he would have to wait until she was satisfied enough to have fun without being fucked or he would have to take some Viagra. Her sleep that night was very restless between thoughts of finding a stud to fuck and Matt's return the next day her mind was cluttered. The sun streamed in through the bedroom window much too early the next morning but she decided to crawl out of bed.

After drinking a cup of coffee and taking pain reliever for her hangover she threw on a halter top and shorts and shuffled out to the garden. It was just after noon while she was working in the front when she saw Matt approaching in his old car as she was bent over spreading out some mulch. Seeing him approach she stood straight up and began waving enthusiastically at him causing her boobs to almost bounce right out of her top.

Matt was not happy to have to return home a failure but his thoughts quickly changed as he drove around the corner and saw his mom kneeling in front of the garden. He had not realized what a nice big ass his own mother had until that moment. He smiled broadly when she bounced to her feet waving at him. But, almost instantly, his expression changed to lust as he saw her big boobs bouncing as she ran toward the car.

As the boy put on the parking brake he could picture himself sucking on those pretty boobs of hers. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief at the thoughts running through his head. Climbing out of the car and hugging her Matt got himself somewhat under control and told her, "Hi, mom, it is great to see you. You look like you are doing well." "Thank you, Matt, I am getting along ok and you are looking no worse for the wear," she responded holding back the gasp that was on the verge of coming out of her mouth. She had forgotten just how unbelievably handsome her son was and it didn't help that his big erection was pressing against her belly.

They spent the afternoon catching up on everything. Kacey listened intently as Matt explained how his life had fallen apart. Then she laid out the ground rules for her son to help him back on his feet as quickly as possible. Foremost was the fact that he was to look hard for a job but he would be required to help around the place repairing stuff and helping her in the garden. If he couldn't agree to these conditions she told him he could leave now; naturally, he agreed right away.

To cheer him up that evening Kacey fixed him his favorite dinner of lasagna, spinach, garlic bread and cheesecake for dessert. The big meal seemed to have worked as her son seemed quite a bit happier afterwards. Little did they both know that each of them fell asleep after masturbating while dreaming of each other.

Wanting his mom to feel better about him coming home Matt woke up early the next morning and cooked her a nice breakfast to show her that he was going to earn his keep. The smell of bacon wafted into Kacey's room. She had intended to sleep an hour longer but couldn't pass up this opportunity to be waited on by her son for the first time in several years. Matt wasted no time after serving his mom in asking, "So, what do you need me to do around here today?"

"Well, honey, the gutters are full and the lawn needs to be mowed and after that you can help me in the garden." Kacey smiled devilishly at her son as she knew that was quite a list as cleaning the gutters alone could take the whole day. But, Matt rose to the challenge as he just smiled back and said that he would get right on it.

As Kacey did the breakfast dishes her boy went out and got the ladder and went right to work scooping dead leaves and bird nests out of the gutters. She couldn't help but notice his tight little butt in his skimpy shorts. After about an hour she took him out a glass of lemonade and much to Matt's surprise when he looked down to take the glass he could see straight down her cleavage. The sides of his mom's tits were so round and perfect and amazingly tanned. The sundress barely hid her nipples.

This was driving both of them crazy as Kacey thought about calling the guy from the bar as at least she could have him eat her pussy. And Matt was going through the list of girls he knew from high school as he needed pussy right now. Sighing deeply he continued with the chores at hand as he knew he had to keep mom happy.

He finished with the gutters before lunch much to his mother's surprise and after grabbing a sandwich went to work on the lawn. The sun was now high in the sky and beating down on him soaking his shirt. When Kacey brought him a refill of lemonade he pulled off his shirt and asked her to take it into the house.

For the next hour she watched Matt mow the lawn. She could not help but stare at the rippling muscles in his chest and arms. He had the fucking sexiest biceps she had ever seen. Absent mindedly the older woman began caressing herself first teasing her nipples through her dress and then lightly rubbing her pussy still through the dress. She just had to cum so she ran into the bathroom and finished herself off. She decided after dinner she just had to call the impotent guy as she couldn't touch her son as that would be taboo.

Matt hadn't noticed his mom's show as he was busily doing the lawn but he kept thinking of her sweet boobs. With sweat dripping from his body he put the mower back in the garage and went to find his mom. He quickly found her in that special garden in the backyard. He nearly fell over when he saw her on her knees plucking weeds with her dress up around her waist exposing her bare ass.

Evidently Kacey had been so intent on ridding the garden of those damn weeds that she hadn't noticed that her dress had worked its way up to her waist. Matt pretended not to see this cock hardening sight as he came up to her saying with a huge lump in his throat and his pants, "Hi, mom how do you want me to be of service to you here?"

Evil thoughts entered her head but she quickly put them aside and answered, "Oh hi, well why don't you help pull these fucking weeds? I don't understand why they won't leave this damn garden alone."

Plucking the tiny weeds was the last thing on Matt's mind as he kneeled down beside her. The sight of his bare assed mom amongst all of the flowers was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The situation was too much to comprehend as he inhaled the sweet aroma of the flowers that combined tantalizingly with his mom's sexy perfume. Summoning up all of his self control he put his hands on the ground and found a sprout and ripped it out brushing against her elbow as it pulled free.

"Sorry about that mom," he whispered afraid to say more. If he didn't have enough troubles now looking at her to apologize all that he could see through his lustful eyes were her boobs dangling freely in her dress. Breaking his gaze free he looked her right in the eyes and their glazed over stares became glued to each other as if in a staring contest.

They could feel their hearts beating out of control as their heads came closer and closer together. Matt reached up and put his hand on his mom's mammoth ass. Kacey was frozen in place not sure what to do as his hand felt good back there and she really wanted him but her head was yelling loudly for her not to let anything happen.

Just then their lips touched and Matt put his hand on the back of her head strongly holding his mother in place. She opened her mouth to tell him to stop but instead found his tongue burrow almost to her throat. What amazed Kacey most of all was that she found herself passionately kissing her son back. Just when she thought the kiss would end Matt placed both of his hands on her back and gently shoved her to the ground in the middle of all of her beautiful flowers.

Crazy with lust their hands and mouths worked furiously even as Kacey made a token effort to push her son off of her while at the same time unfastening the snap on his shorts. Matt grabbed and squeezed her boobs through the thin material of the dress but that just wasn't good enough as he took both hands and ripped the dress open right between her breasts exposing her perfect melons.

He sucked each one in turn into his mouth as he ground his pelvis against hers. While running her fingernails down his back Kacey spit out excitedly, "Oh fuck Matt we cant; Oh Christ suck me harder Get your fucking shorts off; Oh no don't; Oh shit what are you waiting for take them off and fuck me!"

It was difficult for Matt to break away from those massive melons long enough to shed his shorts, but somehow he climbed off of her. As her son stood up Kacey looked at her ripped dress and decided it wouldn't be fixable so she finished ripping it down the rest of the way and then yanked it out from under her and tossed it on to the nearby porch.

Standing up between his mothers calves he admired the sight before him as he tugged his shorts down his legs. There was his nude mom laying in a soft bed of pink, white, red, and yellow flowers; it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He thought about running and getting his camera especially when he noticed that long stemmed Carnation that almost seemed to be growing out of her full-bushed pussy.

That Carnation must have been bothering his mom as she reached down and picked it and put it in her hair beside her ear. But, this only revealed more beauty as Kacey spread her legs wider causing her vagina to open like a rare Orchid. He was in awe as he exclaimed, "Oh God, this is the sexiest fucking site I have ever seen in my life!"

"Well then, get back down here," she exhorted her obviously turned on son. Gazing up at his prick she couldn't help but lick her lips as it would obviously fill up her pussy very well, it was one of the biggest ones she had ever seen; just a bit bigger than her husband's had been. Matt fell to his knees and scooted forward placing his hands on her thighs.

She gave her son a seductive smile and then licked her lips. As Matt moved his hands up to her stomach his mother reached up and grabbed his rigid pole and gave it a good yank. Soon, she had both hands there playing with his balls and squeezing his dick. Matt slid his hands up and cupped her boobs and as he twisted them groaned, "Oh shit mom, I've never been so fucking turned on in my life; I want to fuck you."

"What the fuck are you waiting for get this gorgeous piece of cock meat of yours inside of me." Immediately, he let his knees slip down until he was lined up with her dripping wet opening and shoved his cock deeply into her. Her hips came up to swallow in his wonderful erection; she couldn't believe how hot he had made her.

As Matt plunged in and out of his mom he moved his hands under her shoulder blades and pulled her mouth up to kiss him. Her mouth met his in a frenzied kiss which was quickly followed by several more. Tongues danced merrily as the big cock pumped in and out of her hot tight twat. He moaned, "I'm going to fuck the holy hell out of you." "Then do it, you mother fucker, come on and fuck me harder. Come on Matt ram it home; the rougher the better, oh fuck yes give it to me." Like a tiger she clawed her nails across his back. This was a new sensation for the boy causing him to reach back and slam into her as hard as he could. Time after time he pummeled in and out of her pussy. "Oh fucking God; if you want rough I'll give it to you! Oh my God this is fucking fantastic." He released her shoulders letting her fall back in the flowers. Then reaching again for her boobs he smashed them into her chest. Kacey let out a yelp but loved it and bucked her hips up against his wild thrusts almost as if trying to bounce him off of her all the while clawing her nails deeper into his back.

"Oh fuck yes, harder you son of a bitch. Give me your fucking cum, fill me up," she demanded. She wrapped her legs around his ass as she felt her own orgasm approach. Her whole body was in absolute ecstasy. Judging from the look on Matt's face he was close to the edge himself.

"My fucking God, I am cumming Oh mom this is fucking unbelievable." Just then, she felt the boy unload the contents of his balls deep inside her pussy. She held him tightly in place as she came yet again. They both collapsed into the flowers laying side by side cum dripping off of both of their crotches. They laid there just smiling at each other.

Kacey pulled her son into her arms and as he laid on her shoulder he twisted each of her nipples roughly between his fingertips. Looking into her son's eyes she asked, "Matt, do you know why this garden is so special?"

"No mom, I just always knew not to mess with it," he answered as he pinched her boob a little harder.

"This is my fuck garden. Your dad and I loved to come out here and have sex; it was our favorite place. We always liked to think that both you and Beth were conceived right here." She lifted his chin so their mouths met and gently kissed him. For some reason this turned Matt on again and his prick sprang back to life.

"Mom, was this just a one time thing? Do you really like it rough?"

"You can have my pussy, my ass, my lips and any other part of me whenever you want and fuck yes I like it rough." Contented the incestuous lovers laid there and fell asleep in the soft bed of flowers. They awoke several hours later just as the summer sun was setting on the horizon. The sun was a brilliant fiery orange and its rays seemed to dance a sensual dance over their naked bodies. As Matt awoke he noticed how the sunlight seemed to shimmer off his mom's big ass, so, quietly he moved so that his head was by her ass and his feet by her head. Getting up on one elbow he gently pulled her cheeks apart and inhaled the strong pungent aroma of her bowels. Her crack was unfucking believably sexy with her peach fuzz growing along the bottom leading to her tight brown hole. He just could not help himself if an ass was ever asking to be smacked it was certainly this one.

His hand came down with a thunderous slam waking the still sleeping Kacey. As another smack hit her ass she turned her head to face her son's body and there directly in front of her was her boy's big cock. Grabbing his erection and twisting and pulling on it she roared, "Harder, you son of a bitch; give mommy the spanking she deserves."

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