tagBDSMKara Ch. 05

Kara Ch. 05

byMr James©

Gradually, sensation and strength returned to her and Kara was able to heave herself upwad pulled her firmly to him, pressing her body against his own as he thrust his tongue into her willing mouth. Kara felt as though she was melting against him as Andrew gently explored the warm moistness, his tongue probing and entwining with hers as his hands pressed her body against his.

With a smooth, fluid grace, he stood and lifted her to her feet, then took her hand and led her into the bathroom. The double shower warmed quickly and Kara was grateful for the warm caress of the water on her skin as Andrew began to spread velvety lather from the bar of soap in his hand against her skin. His hands lingered over the taut swell of her breasts caressing her skin and gently pulling on her nipples to draw them out from the darker smudges at their bases.

Kara leaned against his chest and ran her hands along Andrew's flanks and down his spine, even as his fingers teased her buttocks apart and he soaped the cleft between them with the most tender of caresses, the touch of his finger against her sore and tender anus making her flinch and then tremble with barely suppressed lust and need.

Andrew carefully rinsed their bodies and, turning the water off, wrapped Kara in a huge, soft bath towel, taking her hand and leading her back into the bedroom. Carefully laying her on the bed, he unwrapped the towel and looked down on her nude body, glistening and sweet smelling from his gentle laving of her skin. Kara closed her eyes and released her breath in a gentle sigh, relaxing as Andrew's hands spread her thighs and positioned her legs, so that she was comfortable on his bed.

Reaching down by the bed, he picked up a can of unperfumed shaving gel and began to spread it over the soft down that covered her mound, working it into a rich foam with the tips of his fingers and spreading it over her pussy and down the cleft between her buttocks, until she was thoroughly 'bearded' with it. Kara seemed to sink into the softness of the mattress, her will stolen by the gentle thoroughness of his massaging fingers and it was all she could do to open her eyes at the gentle snick of him opening an old-fashioned straight razor.

Kara stiffened as she felt the cool kiss of the razor blade against her skin and then Andrew was drawing it over her body in a smooth sweep, the hair lifted away and cut, before she realised. Andrew pulled the skin taut with one hand and guided the razor through the silky curls with his other, making her pussy more and more bald with each stroke. Kara could feel the caress of the air in the room and it was making her pussy moisten in anticipation as Andrew used the razor to remove every trace of hair from around her anus. He laid the razor aside and inspected his handiwork, then used a warm cloth to wipe away the last traces of the foam from her skin.

Kara relaxed again as Andrew laid the razor to one side, her tension evaporating. The new experience, having somebody else shave her, had been unbelievably intimate and, now that she had a bare mound again, in a strange, dark, way liberating. Andrew had not finished, yet as he poured a few drops of lightly scented, soothing oil onto her freshly bared skin. Kara groaned, deep in her throat as Andrew's skilful fingers massaged the oil into her tender mound. Then he sat, looked down, into her eyes, and kissed her mouth, gently, tenderly, feeling her lips part as she opened her mouth to him.

Kara's eyes widened as a glimmer of an idea ignited in her mind and she murmured, indistinctly, into his mouth. Andrew lifted his mouth away and she reached up, pulling him close and placing her lips next to his ear.

"May I return the favour?" she asked, "I'll be careful."

Andrew held her eyes, for a moment, and then nodded, slowly, cautiously.

Kara pushed Andrew onto his back, savouring the ease with which she controlled him, knowing that, without his surrender, at least for the moment, she would have stood not the slightest chance of moving him against his will. Then she took the same gel as he had used on her and began to smear it along his cock and balls. The tingle of the gel, as it foamed, had his cock swelling and stiffening almost instantly and Kara treated him to a devious smile as she used her elegant fingers to spread the resulting foam as thoroughly as he had done on her.

Kara opened the razor carefully and gingerly pulled the skin taut across Andrew's groin, the razor slipped across his skin without effort and cut a swath through the dense curls around the base of Andrews cock. The tip of Kara's tongue peeped from the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on keeping her hand steady, so as not to nick the delicate skin around his cock. His balls felt larger and heavier than she remembered, as she pulled the skin taut, before a deft and delicate sweep of the blade removed the hair.

It took Kara a little longer to shave Andrew, as she was particularly careful not to nick the skin, but soon, too soon for her liking, she had his cock, balls and the cleft of his bottom completely bald. then she covered her palms in the same lotion that he had caressed her freshly shaven mound with and began to massage it into his cock and balls.

Andrew groaned as his cock stiffened under Kara's slippery caresses and she smiled to herself as she felt him hardening with every stroke. Her hands cupped his balls, one fingertip slipping further back to gently caress his anus and then, taking a firm grip on his cockshaft, she stroked her hands along the length of his swollen member. She looked closely at the plum-coloured, swollen head, and flicked her tongue into the slit, collecting the drop of pre-cum that had collected almost from the first touch of her fingers.

Slowly she began to caress and tease Andrew, for Kara was determined to feel his hot sperm shooting into her mouth. She knew the taste of his seed, for she had sucked it off his cock many times, but she had yet to feel the force of it splashing into her throat, and now she needed to make that surrender to him. Her hand slid slickly back and forth along the length of the hard flesh, wrapped in her fingers and she watched carefully, not his face, not the tip of his cock, but the smooth skin of his scrotum, waiting for the tightening of his sac that would herald his climax and the spraying of his thick hot cum.

Andrew could feel the caress of her hand and breath on his cock, the tickle of her silky hair, dry now after their shower, against his thighs. His whole body became a clenched, trembling fist, his balls tightened until he imagined they would burst and then Kara had lunged forward, plunging his cock into her mouth and feeling the first drops of his cum splashing onto the back of her throat.

Her mouth full of the taste of him, Kara lifted her head and Andrew's sperm sprayed onto her face and down across her breasts, like a string of liquid pearls.

Kara fell back against the bed and then, grinning wickedly lifted herself to look across at Andrew and murmur into his ear, "Thank you, but now I need to shower again."

Andrew opened his eyes, rolled onto his side, and spent a moment watching Kara, as she slept. Softly, using only the tips of his fingers, he traced the sensuous bow of her lips, caressing the line of her smile. Her mouth curved in a smiling pout and she sighed, without waking. Andrew leaned over and kissed the corners of her full lips, gently teasing her mouth open and slipping his tongue inside. Still sleeping, Kara responded, relaxing her jaw, and Andrew's tongue explored the warm moistness of her mouth as he stroked his fingers across her firm breasts.

Kara slowly opened her eyes, awake but eager to savour the kiss and accompanying caress of her breasts. Her whole body still felt as though she were glowing with the energy of their tryst the night before, although anus still felt bruised and tender from Andrew's forceful thrusting into her ass. Her pussy ached in a different way, the muscles tender from the force of her orgasms squeezing her empty pussy closed.

Andrew's hand moved lower, as he drew curls and lines against her skin with the tip of one finger. Circling her clit, Andrew ran the tip along her pussy lips, still swollen and engorged from her last night's arousal. She shivered as his finger slid easily inside her, caressing the taut walls of her vagina. She reached for him; her fingers caressing the familiar heat of his cock, feeling him stiffen in her hand as the blood throbbed against her palm. Slowly she stroked the length of Andrew's cock, remembering the weight of it in her hand as they had washed each other before falling into their shared bed and drifting into a deep sleep. Now it seemed heavier, thicker, as her hand moved over the velvety skin, easing the hood of foreskin back from the head. Andrew had his finger deep in her pussy, caressing her from the inside and coaxing a flow of her own juices to coat his finger. She bit her lip, gently, to keep from begging him to fuck her as the caresses and the feel of his cock in her hand, combined to ignite her need for him to take her and use her.

Andrew eased his finger from between the lips of Kara's pussy and moved it a little further back, along the cleft between her buttocks until it rested lightly on the puckered ring of her anus. Kara flinched, as the tip of his finger pressed against the torn flesh where he had rammed his cock into her ass and pounded her into total surrender. Her buttocks were sore and she could imagine that they were bruised with the marks of his body when he had thrust so deeply. Even now, with the memory of the pain she had suffered as Andrew had rammed his cock past any vestige of resistance fresh in her mind, she craved another ass-fucking.

Kara felt the pressure of Andrew's hand upon her leg, gentle but insistent, and obediently shifted her leg a little, spreading her thighs and displaying her smoothly shaven pussy. Andrew looked into her eyes and holding her with his almost hypnotic gaze lifted himself over her, his knees between her thighs, his cock sliding through her grasp. She felt the heat of his body on her skin, as Andrew eased forward, the tip of his cock brushing against the lips of her pussy, before pressing against the hard bead of her clit. Kara shivered again and purred softly in the back of her throat as Andrew rocked back and forth rubbing the head of his cock against her hard button.

Kara felt the bed shift as Andrew reached down between them and adjusted the position of his cock, rubbing the tip between the lips of her pussy. Kara lifted her head and looked down, between her thighs to watch Andrew's thick cock sliding into her wet pussy. Moaning softly, Kara concentrated on the sensation of Andrew's cock as he stretched her wet pussy; to Andrew it felt as though he was easing himself into an oily silken glove that was wrapped around the shaft of cock.

"Aaah," Kara whimpered, "that feels so good."

"Oh yes!" Andrew whispered in her ear, "you are so tight and wet."

Andrew rocked back and then jerked his hips forward, slamming his cock deep into Kara's pussy. She could feel him, inside her, filling her with his hard cock; she could feel the head deep inside, pressed against the opening to her womb. Lifting her head, Kara watched as Andrew withdrew his cock, sliding the glistening length out of her pussy until only the head remained between the lips of her pussy and then slammed the whole length back into her, pinning her to the bed. She watched as he did it again, almost slipping the head of his cock out of her pussy, then driving back into her with a force that pushed all of the air out of her lungs. Kara moaned under her breath, the brutal invasion of Andrew's cock arousing her with every thrust and the slap of their bodies filling the room.

Andrew pulled his cock out of Kara's dripping pussy, making her whimper in protest as her pussy contracted on the emptiness where his cock had filled her, only a heartbeat before. She looked along her body, past her spread thighs, at his cock, jutting straight towards her.

"Please," she mouthed, "fuck me."

"Turn over," Andrew growled, "and get your ass in the air."

Kara scrambled to obey and turned on to her trim belly, lifting her firm rounded buttocks and pressing her small, girlish breasts against the bedclothes. Her nipples were swollen and hard, crushed by her slight weight against the cool linen of the sheets. She waggled her bottom provocatively, tightening her buttocks and arching her back, so that her wet pussy opened invitingly. She heard, rather than felt, the crack of Andrew's palm against her buttock; the slap was more to position her for his thrusting cock than to cause anything more than a momentary sting. Kara felt vulnerable as she waited, obedient, for Andrew to take his pleasure. She bit her lip, anticipating the burning pain in her anus as he sodomised her; instead, she felt her pussy invaded and Andrew drove his cock deep into her pussy. Kara could hear the wet squelching sound as he thrust to the depths of her tender pussy and she felt a hot trickle of her juices, forced out of her as Andrew forced his cock inside. Though she was well lubricated, her pussy was still sore from the orgasms of last night; as Andrew had forced those same orgasms from her without filling her pussy she was still tight and the force of his thrust brought a sob of perverse, pained, lust from her throat. Her fingers clutched the pillow, bunching into fists as she felt Andrew's cock deep inside her, filling her and pounding painfully with every thrust. Andrew's fingers dug into her soft skin, as he pulled Kara back against his thighs, forcing his cock further into her aching pussy. A thin film of slick moisture spread across her shaven mound and the tops of her thighs and she could feel the warmth of his body and the weight of his full balls as they smacked into her bottom with each thrust.

"Oh God," Kara whimpered, "Don't stop, fuck me hard, please fuck me."

She knew that she must sound like a slut, begging Andrew to fuck her and arching her back, so that his cock could spear her deeper with every thrust. Even the stinging slap across her buttock, just as a horseman would position his horse with a swat on its rump, had only added to the excitement recalling the time he had whipped her tender bottom with plaited silken cords. She remembered the prickle of his pubic hair against the fine welts and the memory fuelled her sluttish need for his cock inside her.

Andrew watched the length of his cock, as he slid it into Kara's aching pussy, every stroke added another slick layer of her juices, until he was covered from tip to balls in a thick sheen of pearly liquid. Reaching between her thighs, spread so that he could thrust as deeply as possible, Andrew gently squeezed Kara's clit, making her sob into the pillow as he tormented her with a series of slow, gentle, strokes with his forefinger and thumb. Her nipples were hard, aching where they were pressed harder into the bed with every vicious thrust of Andrew's cock, and they throbbed in time with each thrust. Andrew watched as another wave of excitement rippled through Kara's body and her anus opened a little as he rested his hands on the cheeks of her bottom. He could see the reddened tear in the tight ring, where he had rammed his cock into her ass the night before and the memory of her cry made his cock swell inside her pussy. Kara was pushed beyond endurance by the pounding cock, deep in her pussy.

"Fuck my ass," she begged, "Please, fuck my ass hard, shove your fact dick in my ass."

Andrew heard the desperate plea, as she sobbed out the words and knew that she was almost ready. Easing back, until only the head of his cock was snuggled inside her pussy, he leaned forward and allowed a thin dribble of his spittle to drip onto the puckered ring of Kara's anus. He knew that her asshole was bruised and tender where he had pounded his cock into her last night and, although the lubrication of his spit would do little to make it easier, it would be just enough that she would not faint with the pain. Kara felt the liquid dribbling into her and desperately wanted to squirm, as it tickled her sensitive nerves. Then Andrew was slipping the tip of his cock from inside her pussy.

Before she could protest, or even draw breath, Kara felt the tip of Andrew's cock butting against her asshole and there was a moment when the pain was excruciating as his cockhead stretched her, painfully. She pressed back, panting, trying to ease his entry into her already bruised and torn anus and felt the tip of his cock enter her. Kara almost fainted as Andrew rammed the length of his cock into her ass and tore her again. Tears streaming down her face, Kara felt her belly tighten and her nipples pressing against the sheet, rubbing against the linen with every thrust of Andrew's cock. She tried to relax her ass, to allow him to slip inside her rectum more easily, but the thrill of pain with every jab of his cock kept her anal ring tightly gripped around the shaft of his cock.

"Please, stop," she sobbed, "please?"

Andrew held her totally still and eased his cock out of her ass until only the head remained in Kara's rectum. Her whole body shuddered as she felt the friction, intensifying the burning of her anus and then, blessedly, Andrew was still. He looked down and saw Kara's anus, tightly stretched and bleeding where she had torn as he plunged his cock into her tight ass and the thin smear of blood that shone against the velvety skin, covering his shaft.

A jerk of his hips pulled the rim of his cockhead through the ring of Kara's bruised and torn anus, the pain drawing a scream of agony from her lips, even as her body betrayed her into a wracking orgasm and she shuddered uncontrollably. Andrew flung himself down beside her, his erect cock jutting upwards, and grabbed hold of a handful of Kara's long, silky hair. Gripping tightly he drew her over, pushing her head towards his rigid cock. She balked for a second as she saw the traces of her own blood streaked along the shaft and across the head of his cock, but Andrew was insistent, pulling her closer until she could detect the coppery tang of her blood in her nostrils; her lips were almost touching the pearl of pre-cum that had collected in the narrow slit at the end.

Kara realised how sluttish she must look, if anyone else had been able to see them, her gaping asshole torn and bruised, slowly closing, a thin sheen of her own blood and juices decorating the tops of her thighs. The thought drove any reluctance from her mind and, eagerly now, she leaned forward to envelope Andrew's cock in her hot mouth. The taste of her own pussy, mingled with that of her ass and blood drove her mad with arousal and she busily nuzzled the length of his shaft, her tongue bathing his cock in her saliva. Andrew growled, softly and released his fingers from her hair, stroking her head as she teased his cock with her lips and tongue. Kara could feel Andrew's cock throbbing against as she licked and nibbled at the head, her tongue tracing intricate patterns against his skin.

Kara curled her fingers around the base of Andrew's cock, cupping his tight, heavy balls in her palm and then slowly stroking her hand up to the head. Pursing her lips in a pretty pout, and easing his foreskin back from the velvety head of Andrew's cock, Kara slid him into her mouth, clamping her lips firmly around the tip and pushing her head down onto his cock, caressing the ridge, as she held the pout, so that her mouth was as tight on his cock as her ass had been. Andrew laid back a little, watching his beautiful, submissive, lover sliding her head back and forth on the length of his cock. He could feel the warm caress of her tongue and the touch of his cockhead against her cheeks, as she sucked hard. He could feel the throb of blood in his veins as Kara ran her tongue over his dick and he shivered as he fought down the urge to grab a handful of her silky hair and, holding her head still, ram his cock deep into her throat.

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