Karen Calls on Me


I went into the bathroom and washed my face and hands, especially the middle finger of my right hand, which had given so much pleasure to, and gotten so much pleasure from Karen's ass. I keep condoms and other supplies in several places, including the bathroom and I took one from there and returned to the bedroom and Joined Karen on the bed. After cumming twice she seemed totally blissed out. I kissed her gently and tenderly and lay down next to her. Karen smiled and thanked me for eating her pussy twice and I told her that I should be thanking her, because it is such a pleasure for me to pleasure her. We lay close together on the bed for a long time, basking in each other's presence, until Karen put her hand on my hard cock and told me she hoped it was ready for action. As soon as I got up and put on my condom and got back on the bed, my cock was ready, even eager for action.

Karen lay on her back while I was between her outstretched legs, preparing to slide my cock into her waiting pussy. Rather than smiling in anticipation, however, she seemed to have a look of disappointment on her face. I asked her if she wanted to be on top and she smiled eagerly and nodded her head. "Well, come on", I said, and moved over and lay down on the other side of the bed, my cock sticking up like a fence post. Karen sometimes likes to get on top, and I actually prefer it because I get a chance to stroke her back and her shapely ass and feel her soft, smooth skin. Sometimes I reach between us and fondle her lovely titties. We always use either the missionary position or her on top because we prefer the intimacy of being face-to-face with the full body contact. This also gives us a chance to kiss or to whisper sweet, erotic things to each other.

Karen straddled me then, holding gently but firmly to my cock. She eased the tip into her warm, wet pussy, leaned forward a bit, then sat back so a few more inches of my cock entered her. Then she stretched her legs back and outside mine, lay down on top of me and curled her forearms under my arms so most of her weight was on her elbows and knees. I put my hands on her hips and thrust my cock into her while pushing her pussy on to my rod. I was embedded all the way to my pubic hair in Karen's delightful pussy and I told her how great it felt around my cock. "My pussy is happy because your cock is inside of her", was the response.

Using her elbows for traction, Karen slid forward on top of me then pushed her way back, while I thrust my cock forward all the way into her pussy again. "Mmmmm", she murmured, and slid forward and back again and again. Each time she pushed back I stroked forward to again penetrate her pussy to the maximum. Karen was murmuring delightedly with each stroke, and so was I because her pussy is a really great place for my cock to be. I looked in the mirror but there wasn't much to see, except a naked Karen lying on top of me, equally naked and slowly moving back and forth. I pointed out our reflections and she looked and smiled and then we kissed again.

My hands were also enjoying themselves, caressing Karen's lovely back, starting at the shoulderblades, and going down to her hips and then the flare of her lovely, curvaceous ass. Her womanly curves and her soft, skin are a delight to my eyes and even more to my hands. They rested lightly on her hips to guide her strokes of her pussy back to meet my cock, and I continued to thrust my cock forward to meet her pussy. "I really love it when you put your hands on me like that", Karen told me. "It makes me feel warm and wanted. But your cock in my pussy feels the fest of all." And then we continued the slow, sliding strokes that were putting my cock all the way into her pussy and back out again.

But variety is good too, and Karen likes my cock to massage her entire love hole, over and over again. She started to use a circular motion, slowly moving her hips clockwise. With the circular motion, the angle of entry of my cock into her precious love hole kept changing and my cock was caressing the entire inside of her pussy. I timed the thrusts of my cock for when her pussy was at the one o'clock position to provide maximum contact with the underside of her clit. Karen smiled delightedly and whispered to me how good it felt when my cock caressed her clit like that, and how her whole pussy felt loved. I told her how great my cock felt when it rubbed against her clit, and how her whole pussy was very much loved by me. My hands remained on her hips because I love the feel of her skin so much but I let her control the action except for the thrust of my cock. Karen had been leaning on her elbows but now she placed her hands on the bed and pushed herself up so that she was leaning over me. "Lick my titties", she requested. This was something I was glad to do and I sat up, shifting part of my weight to my hands behind me, and licked those succulent globes, especially the adorable nipples. When I looked in the mirror it was an erotic sight, naked Karen on top of naked me, with her hips moving and me licking her titties. I pointed it out to her and she giggled and leaned her body to her left for a minute to give us a better view, then we straightened out again.

Karen continued with the circular motion and I continued to lick her luscious globes until she wanted to change her motions again. We went back to the position we had started with and I rested my hands on her lovely ass. One nice thing about Karen being tall is that we can kiss while we are fucking and we both like to. These are usually just affectionate kisses with our lips only because there is enough sex going on between her pussy and my cock. Karen continued stroking her pussy back and forth and I continued to plunge my cock deep into her at every stroke until I could feel my climax building. We had been going slowly to make it last a long time but nothing lasts forever. "Karen, I'm getting ready to cum", I told her. "But I can wait until you are ready."

She nodded her head and changed her motion slightly and stroked faster. At the end of her stroke back, when my cock was buried most deeply in her pussy, she flexed her thighs and lifted her pussy up a few inches, dragging the underside of her clit against the base of my cock. When she hadn't been whispering to me, she had been cooing with pleasure but her cooing changed now to moaning as the faster strokes and the increased friction against her clit brought her closer to cumming. I was getting closer too but I wanted to wait until she started. After a few minutes of this new, faster stroke, Karen trilled "I'm cumming. I'm cumming", and her strokes got faster and more erratic. I held on to her ass, as far down as I could reach to keep us together and to keep my cock plunging steadily into her pussy. I ejaculated into my condom just as Karen climaxed with a spasm of her back and hips, and slumped down on top of me.

With my arms around her waist I held her there, most of her weight on top of me. When she was ready, she rolled off, and we lay in each other's arms and kissed. Both of us were tired from some of the best love-making we had ever had and we vowed that we would not go so long without getting together in the future.

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